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 VOL 7: Chapter 67 - "Seiyogi's Obliteration Bazooka!"

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VOL 7: Chapter 67 - "Seiyogi's Obliteration Bazooka!"  Empty
PostSubject: VOL 7: Chapter 67 - "Seiyogi's Obliteration Bazooka!"    VOL 7: Chapter 67 - "Seiyogi's Obliteration Bazooka!"  I_icon_minitimeWed Jul 06, 2016 6:57 pm

"How are you getting stronger?!" Zerox shouted as he recoiled from a kick thrown by Jaduko. The tyrant flipped in the air and thrust his arm towards Jaduko's face, a grey aura emitted from his hand as he tried to stab into the Saiyan's face.

Jaduko dodged to the right and slapped Zerox's hand away, the aura faded.

"The question is, why won't you just give up?!" Jaduko shouted back, Zerox glared into Jaduko's eyes as the Saiyan lunged forward. He remembered Jaduko's eyes quickly turn from blue to cyan and then back to blue. Zerox let his thoughts get in the way of his fighting as Jaduko spun in the air and kneed him in the throat. Blood flew from Zerox's mouth as he realized the Saiyan was getting stronger as he got angrier.

Jaduko's body fizzed out of view and back into view as he spun around, kicking the alien in the side of the neck, Zerox went sliding across the ground with rocks kicking up into the air under his feet. Jaduko's body disappeared once more and reappeared in front of Zerox, he was squatting with his hands placed together in front of Zerox's stomach, palms facing each other. Zerox looked down and noticed a blue light emitting from Jaduko's hands.

Opening his mouth to shout, Zerox was engulfed in a humongous blast that was fired from Jaduko's hands. Zerox flew backwards in the air and flipped, recoiling from the attack, but he was unprepared for Seiyogi, who came up behind the tyrant and kneed him in the back.

Zerox grit his teeth as his anger and impatience fueled him, he was having trouble with these two Saiyans but if he could only separate the two of them, things would be much easier.

Turning around, Zerox grabbed Seiyogi by the hair and swung him around, throwing him with enough force that sent the Saiyan flying through several buildings before plummeting to the ground on the opposite side of the city. Zerox dropped to the ground and watched Jaduko regroup with Seiyogi, the two of them were at least 200 to 300 yards away from the tyrant.

"I'm surprised.... we managed to live this long..." Seiyogi muttered through pants, he and Jaduko were shoulder to shoulder, watching as Zerox slowly walked towards the two of them.

"What.. do ya mean..?" Jaduko questioned with a laugh, he was panting as well. "He's been reacting.. to our attacks, I think we got him in our grip."

"Fool, he's playing you, trying to get you to drop your guard!" Seiyogi retorted, Zerox was now sprinting towards the two, slowly picking up speed. "We have to work together.. once he picks up speed, charge with me and attack him head on.." Seiyogi continued, Jaduko nodded. Red and blue auras sparked around the two Saiyan bodies.

The two watched as Zerox continued getting faster and faster, he was now gliding along the ground. Jaduko and Seiyogi burst from their positions, flying side by side as their speed slowly increased.

200 yards.. 150 yards.. 100....  The two sides were getting closer to each other by second.

"NOW!" Seiyogi shouted, the auras around he and Jaduko exploded as the two increased their speed and rocketed towards Zerox. The two Saiyans lifted their fists and thrust them towards Zerox's face once he was only a mere five feet away. Time seemed to slow down, Zerox smirked as he quickly turned his body and allowed the two Saiyans to fly past him, he kept gliding in between the two of them but dropped his smirk when two cuts appeared on both of his cheeks. They actually managed to scrape him!

Sliding to a halt, Zerox grit his teeth and huffed as he lifted his hands up and aimed them at Jaduko and Seiyogi, who slid to a halt as well and quickly turned around. The three warriors fired beams at each other as grey clashed with red and blue.

"DIE!!!" Zerox shouted in anger as his muscles bulked up and his beam overpowered the two beams shot from the Saiyan's hands. Jaduko and Seiyogi lifted their arms and blocked the beam, but it was no use as the beam completely engulfed the two in it's light.

Kyuti and Violouh were on the opposing side of the city, but the light from the attack was too blinding, the two of them raised their arms to block the light, wind slammed into their faces. The aliens were still watching the fighting from behind the safety of the destroyed buildings, they cheered for Jaduko and Seiyogi.

Once the light vanished, Jaduko opened his eyes and turned his head.

"You alright Seiyogi?" He asked, but realized Seiyogi was no longer next to him. Quickly turning his head, he jumped back as Zerox's foot slammed onto the ground where he once stood. Jaduko lifted his arm and blocked a punch thrown by Zerox, the two engaged in an exchange of punches and kicks as the rocks rose from the ground around the two of them. Little did they know, that Seiyogi was far away from the two, holding his hands above his head, his fists clenched. Seiyogi's body trembled as he tried to draw out all of his remaining power, a red orb started forming above his fists as sweat started to drip from his forehead.

"ZEROX!" Seiyogi shouted, Jaduko and Zerox stopped their fighting and turned their heads towards Seiyogi. Their eyes widened when they saw the huge red orb forming above Seiyogi's head.

"OBLITERATION BAZOOKA!" Seiyogi's voice echoed as he thrust his fists forward, the red orb moved along with his fists until a gigantic beam exploded towards Zerox with immense speed and power. The ground shook as the beam shot towards Jaduko and Zerox.

"Cya!" Jaduko taunted, waving at Zerox as he hopped into the air and lifted his arms to block the impact of the beam. Zerox lifted his arms and grabbed onto the beam with his hands, he tried to deflect it but it was simply too powerful. With a shout, the light of the beam engulfed Zerox and he was sent flying along with the beam. The Obliteration Bazooka blasted through buildings behind Zerox and it traveled over the ocean that was next to the city, the ground continued to shake as rocks rose into the air until the attack slowly faded. The rocks dropped to the ground and Jaduko dropped as well, he ran over to Seiyogi and caught him before he fell. Seiyogi realized that he had destroyed the buildings that were in the way of his attack and now that end of the city was just a complete wasteland.

"Whoa, don't faint now buddy, you did it!" Jaduko shouted in glee, he laughed and smiled at Seiyogi, who smirked.

'Buddy?' Seiyogi thought to himself, he began to chuckle alongside Jaduko, but their laughter didn't last long.

The two Saiyans heard chuckling erupt from thin air, causing the two of them to lift their heads and stare into the open area where Seiyogi's beam had been fired. The two of them widened their eyes and dropped their jaws in shock as Zerox stood there, with minor scratches on his body.

"Didn't think that would be enough to end me, did you Seiyogi?" Zerox continued to chuckle as Jaduko helped Seiyogi get to his feet. The two Saiyans clenched their fists and were prepared to attack Zerox with everything they had... again

Continue Onto Chapter 68:
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VOL 7: Chapter 67 - "Seiyogi's Obliteration Bazooka!"
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