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 VOL 7: Chapter 68 - "Evacuate!"

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VOL 7: Chapter 68 - "Evacuate!" Empty
PostSubject: VOL 7: Chapter 68 - "Evacuate!"   VOL 7: Chapter 68 - "Evacuate!" I_icon_minitimeWed Jul 06, 2016 8:04 pm

"We must get everyone out of here before the three of them tear this city apart!" Violouh shouted as he looked down at Kyuti. "Where is Zerox's ship?!" Kyuti quickly lifted her hand and pointed off in the direction opposite of where Jaduko and Seiyogi were having their duel with Zerox.

"You take Konno and get the aliens to the ship, I'll try to help Taisuka to his feet so the two of us can follow after you." Kyuti instructed, Violouh nodded, lifted the deceased Konno into his arms, and hovered into the air, he flew over towards the aliens and shouted orders, all of the aliens had remained in the city, watching the fight. They were sad it had to end so soon, but they followed Violouh off in the direction Kyuti pointed.

Kyuti burst off into a sprint as the ground around her shook, it was Seiyogi firing his Obliteration Bazooka. Stumbling to keep her balance, Kyuti rushed through the city until she found Taisuka lying in a pile of rubble.

"Taisuka!" Kyuti shouted, rushing over to him and helping the young boy get to his feet, Taisuka stumbled and fell forward, but Kyuti managed to catch him before he hit the ground. "Get a hold of yourself, we have to leave!" She grabbed onto Taisuka's arm and tried to pull him away, but Taisuka wouldn't budge.

"He.. he killed our friend.." Taiuska mumbled. "I.. I need to get back in the fight and avenge him!" The little Saiyan broke free of Kyuti's grasp and rushed down the street towards the fight, he hovered in the air and burst off towards Jaduko's location.

"You can't, you'll die!" Kyuti shouted, running after him, she too burst into the sky and flew after him.

Kyuti chased Taisuka through the city until she managed to tackle the little boy to the ground before he arrived at the battlefield. The two scanned the area and realized that part of the city was obliterated, completely gone. Kyuti widened her eyes as she looked up and saw pockets of air exploding, it was Jaduko and Seiyogi trading blows with Zerox. Taisuka's head rapidly jerked around trying to watch the fight.

"We can't be here, we have to leave!" Kyuti tried reasoning with Taisuka, but Taisuka wouldn't listen.

"You can go, I'm not.." Taisuka stated as he continued watching the fight, Kyuti rose an eyebrow as Taisuka continued to speak. "I don't think Jaduko and Seiyogi can handle this guy.. if they get in trouble, I'll be here to jump in and help.."

"But.." Kyuti continued, she was cut off.

"You care about Jaduko a lot, but you also care for your brother, don't you?" Taisuka questioned, turning his head towards her. Kyuti shifted her eyes towards the ground and softly nodded. "Then we can't leave them behind. Violouh can handle the aliens by himself, our positions are here, as backup."

Kyuti sighed, figuring it would be no use to fight Taisuka at this point, the two of them looked up at Jaduko and Seiyogi, who flew through the air towards Zerox, more pockets of air exploded around them and gusts of wind rapidly flew into nearby buildings, cracking the stone.

'You also care for your brother, don't you?' Kyuti listened to Taisuka's repeat in her mind. She couldn't keep her eyes off of the fight. Jaduko and Seiyogi were a perfect team, the two of them matching Zerox blow for blow, blast for blast, and to top it off, they were all moving incredibly fast as if they were beams of light shooting across the sky.

'He's been there for me... through thick and thin.... all I've done was ignore him over all of these years...' Kyuti thought to herself, she saw Zerox kick Seiyogi in the head, the Saiyan was sent flying down to the ground, but quickly flipped and caught himself, dodging to the right as Zerox slammed his foot down onto the ground where he once stood.

'The two of us have been putting on this act for too long.. trying to act like our Saiyan brethren, I let it blind me, I believed I was a Saiyan who wanted to bring harm upon others... but we weren't that..' Kyuti continued to think as Jaduko dropped to the ground and attacked Zerox from the front, while Seiyogi attacked from the back, blood flew from the three of them as the battle heated up.

'Seiyogi has cared for me since the day I was born... but I let myself be blinded by my Saiyan Heritage, he tried his best to act like a Saiyan but he didn't ever let it blind him like it did to me.. He always treated me like his little sister, when I treated him like a Squadron partner!" Kyuti grit her teeth as she watched Zerox jump in the air and spin around, kicking Jaduko to the ground and sending Seiyogi flying through the air. Jaduko remained on the ground as Seiyogi stood up and lifted his arms up to block an attack from Zerox.

'This past week on this planet has taught me something.... I'm not a Saiyan! I'm a little sister who cares for her brother, and I need to show it!' Kyuti's voice shouted in her mind, she watched Zerox point his palm at Seiyogi, a grey light emitted from his palm. The ground started to shake and Kyuti realized this blast was powerful enough that it would kill a weakened Seiyogi.

Quickly bursting from her position, Taisuka dropped his jaw in shock as he watched Kyuti dash into the battlefield, sprinting towards Seiyogi as the beam fired from Zerox's hand. Jaduko shouted but everything went silent for Kyuti as she slid in front of Seiyogi and stretched her arms to make sure the attack didn't touch her brother. Seiyogi opened his eyes and widened them in horror as he heard Kyuti scream, the beam engulfed her and her armor tore completely off, her spandex began to tore as her scream slowly stopped. After a few seconds, the beam disappeared leaving Seiyogi unscathed, but Kyuti was fatally wounded as she fell forward. Seiyogi dashed forward and caught his sister before she hit the ground, tears streamed out of his eyes as Taisuka rushed onto the battlefield towards Kyuti and Seiyogi.

"BASTARD!" Jaduko shouted as he struggled to get to his feet. Taisuka rushed towards Seiyogi, but the older Saiyan lifted his hand and halted the younger Saiyan as he stared down at his younger sister, he could still see her chest moving. She was still breathing!

"Thank god...!" Seiyogi wrapped his arms around his sister and quickly stood to his feet, leaving her on the ground. Seiyogi glared at Zerox as Taisuka slowly stumbled forward and picked Kyuti up from the ground.

"TAISUKA, TAKE HER TO VIOLOUH QUICK! WHILE SHE'S STILL ALIVE!" Jaduko shouted as he stumbled to his feet. Taisuka opened his mouth to say something as he realized Jaduko's eyes quickly transition from blue to a bright cyan, and then revert back to blue, but Jaduko cut him off. "GO!" The older Saiyan's hair started to flutter in the wind in anger.

Taisuka hovered in the air and burst off in the direction of Zerox's ship, where he hoped to find Violouh. Zerox lifted his hand and planned to shoot Taisuka out of the sky, but Seiyogi quickly rushed forward and punched Zerox in the stomach, halting his attack. Blood flew out of Zerox's mouth as he looked down and smiled in a sadistic way at Seiyogi. The alien was sent sliding across the ground, causing Jaduko to roll out of the way.

"Your fight is with me, you bastard!!!" Seiyogi shouted, he was pissed.

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VOL 7: Chapter 68 - "Evacuate!"
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