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 VOL 7: Chapter 69 - "Flames of Regret"

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VOL 7: Chapter 69 - "Flames of Regret" Empty
PostSubject: VOL 7: Chapter 69 - "Flames of Regret"   VOL 7: Chapter 69 - "Flames of Regret" I_icon_minitimeWed Jul 06, 2016 8:37 pm

"How dare you?!" Seiyogi shouted at the top of his lungs, Zerox rose an eyebrow at the enraged Saiyan. "HOW DARE YOU?!" He shouted louder.

"How dare I what?" Zerox questioned, wondering why Seiyogi was screaming so loud.

"HARM MY FAMILY!" Seiyogi lunged forward as his red aura flared around his body, he roared at Zerox, who clenched his fists. Seiyogi reeled back and clenched his fist, he threw it towards Zerox's stomach, but the alien lifted his hands and blocked the punch with his forearm.

"I don't fall for the same trick twice, kid!" Zerox shouted, Seiyogi leaned back from his attack and hopped in the air, with a quick spin, he threw a kick towards Zerox's head, but the alien was too quick and threw his right arm up into the air, blocking the kick with his forearm. He grinned as Seiyogi tried the same attack but on the opposing side. Lifting his left arm to block the kick again, Zerox recoiled and lunged forward, striking Seiyogi in the stomach with his fist.

"Hurgh!" Seiyogi muttered, wind exploded around the two from the force of the punch, causing Seiyogi's aura to fade away. The Saiyan went flying back from Zerox's fist, but Seiyogi managed to catch himself as he placed one hand down on the ground and pushed himself back up into the air.

However, Zerox was too quick, the tyrant rushed forward and kicked Seiyogi in the stomach as soon as the Saiyan lifted his head, blood flew out of Seiyogi's mouth and he went flying back. As he slid across the ground, Seiyogi lifted his arm and blocked a punch thrown by Zerox, who was attacking at full force now, a grin on the tyrant's face. Almost an instant after he threw the punch, Zerox lifted his leg and tried kicking Seiyogi in the face, but the Saiyan blocked the kick with his same arm. The two warriors exchanged punches and kicks as they slid across the ground, smashing into nearby buildings as if they were dry wall.

Jaduko picked himself up from the ground and hovered in the air, flying after the two. He remembered he still had a Senzu Bean in his belt, he could have given it to Kyuti. Gritting his teeth, Jaduko decided he would trust Violouh in healing her, he needs to save this Senzu Bean for Seiyogi incase he gets in too over his head during this fight.

"HAA!" Zerox shouted as he lifted his foot and kicked Seiyogi in the face, the Saiyan back flipped in the air and slammed back first into the wall of a nearby building, creating a small crater in the wall.

"Gwoh!" Seiyogi groaned from the attack, he was insanely pissed, he wouldn't lose, not for Kyuti's life on the line!

Zerox lunged forward and slammed his foot into Seiyogi's stomach, pushing him further into the wall and causing the crater to grow slightly bigger. Jumping back, Zerox lifted his hands and fired several grey ki blasts into the Saiyan's stomach, smoke erupted around his body as Jaduko managed to arrive on the scene and watched as the smoke cleared around Seiyogi's body.

Seiyogi winced in pain as he lowered his hands and clenched onto his stomach, it was throbbing in pain. He quickly looked up and noticed Zerox aiming a beam at him, without saying a word, the beam blasted into Seiyogi and sent him flying through the building, Jaduko and Zerox chased after Seiyogi.

Running out of building to smash through, Seiyogi's body exited the city and landed on the ground just outside of the city boundaries, he was just a few hundred yards away from the crowd of aliens who had spent the past few minutes escaping the city. The aliens stopped and turned around in fear as they saw Zerox land on Seiyogi's body, kicking him so he was facing upwards.

Zerox slammed his foot onto Seiyogi's face and rubbed the Saiyan's head into the ground, Seiyogi groaned in pain as he kept one eye open and peered through one of Zerox's toes up towards his face.

"I think I've had enough of this, Damn this planet to hell and everything on it, I just want to leave." Zerox muttered as he aimed his hand down at Seiyogi's motionless body, pointing a finger down at it, a grey beam started glowing at the end of his fingertip. The tyrant fired a beam into Seiyogi's leg, the Saiyan's eyes widened in pain as he tried to scream, but the screams were muffled by Zerox's foot.

Jaduko halted in the air as he caught up to the scene, he noticed Taisuka and Violouh off in the distance, everyone was halted as they watched Zerox continuously fire beams into Seiyogi's legs, arms, stomach, and chest. The Saiyan screamed in pain as his body jerked back and forth from the attack, blood spurt from all of the wounds on his body.

"How does it feel, to be a Saiyan turned into a slice of cheese with holes in it!" Zerox shouted. Jaduko grit his teeth, normally he would make a joke and this case would be about swiss cheese, but he was horrified by the deeds performed in front of him. Zerox removed his foot from Seiyogi's mouth and he turned his body away from the Saiyan. He began walking away.

Jaduko quickly dropped to the ground and rushed over to Seiyogi, kneeling down and lifting his head out of the crater in the ground. Blood rushed out of Seiyogi's wounds and he started to feel weak.

"Seiyogi, that burst of energy you had was put to waste, don't die here, not now!" Jaduko shouted, there were at least fifty to sixty finger beam holes scattered throughout Seiyogi's body. Jaduko grit his teeth and turned his head towards Zerox, who began to talk.

"I wouldn't waste your energy on him, he'll be dead within a matter of seconds." Zerox talked with his back turned to the two Saiyans as he slowly approached the crowd of aliens, who did their best to back away from the monster. "Now if you don't mind me, it appears I have to clear all of these animals out of my way before I return to my ship.."

"He won't die, cause I got this!" Jaduko shouted, causing Zerox to turn around. Jaduko reached in his pocket and pulled out the last Senzu Bean he had, it was the one left over from his days of training with Kyuti. "Here, Seiyogi, quickly eat this before you bleed out!" Jaduko lifted the bean into the air and started to move it towards Seiyogi's mouth.

Zerox frowned and quickly lifted his arm up, pointing a finger at Jaduko's hand. A grey finger beam shot towards Jaduko and struck the bean out of his hands, it began to burn on the ground next to the two Saiyans.

Jaduko widened his eyes in shock as he watched the bean slowly burn to a crisp. Tears welled up in Jaduko's eyes as his body trembled, he slowly turned towards Zerox who began laughing hysterically.

"Jadu...Jaduko.." Seiyogi muttered, Jaduko widened his eyes and softly opened his mouth in shock as he turned back to look at Seiyogi, who was still able to talk despite the holes in his body.

"You.. You called me by my name?" Jaduko asked.

"T-Thank you... for protecting Kyuti." Seiyogi muttered. Jaduko closed his eyes and lowered his head.

"No, she's on the brink of death.. I didn't protect her... I should be the one thanking you for doing your best to protect my friends..." Tears dripped out of Jaduko's eyes and fell into Seiyogi's wounds, causing the Saiyan to wince.

"T-Tell me... that you will l-listen... to what I have to say.." Seiyogi muttered as he did his best to hang on to life for just a little longer. Jaduko nodded as Seiyogi continued to speak. "You must... you must kill Zerox... you're the only one capable.... of doing it!" He winced as he tried to raise his voice, it was getting harder to talk.

"I will." Jaduko stated, Seiyogi cut him off and continued talking.

"Y-you... are the key to our victory... you have to beat Zerox... for your friends!" Seiyogi stated, Jaduko rose an eyebrow in surprise.

"And... I have to win for the Saiyans right? That's the reason you want me to beat this guy.." He seemed confused. Seiyogi shook his head.

"I could care less... about them anymore... you earthlings have t-treated my sister and I with more respect... and kindness in just a week... than our entire race has our entire lives." Seiyogi tried to smile but it hurt him too much to do so. "I'm glad.. you and Kyuti bonded, because I bonded with.. your friends... and it truly stung my heart.. when I couldn't protect them.. so I wonder how you feel. Use your anger.. beat him!" Seiyogi tried to sit up, but couldn't. he grabbed onto Jaduko's gi, his fist clenched onto the Turtle School emblem on the front of his chest and Jaduko looked down.

"Take your anger.. out on him!" Seiyogi muttered, Jaduko nodded and it was the last thing Seiyogi saw before he closed his eyes and his head dropped to the ground. His hand released itself from Jaduko's gi and fell onto the ground, a small dirt cloud erupted around his hand and flew up into the air.

Jaduko closed his eyes and grit his teeth as his tears dripped into Seiyogi's wounds.

"I promise I'll beat him... I am the Son of Shishito... I'll kill this guy.. for you, buddy!" Jaduko tightened his grip on Seiyogi's hand.

"What a drama queen." Zerox muttered as he turned his back to Jaduko and Seiyogi. Jaduko twisted his neck to look at Zerox, his veins bulged from his body as the rocks around him slowly started to float. The wind picked up and it rustled his hair as he watched Zerox lift his hand and point it at the group of aliens.

Jaduko loosened his grip on Seiyogi's hand and silently stared down at his fallen comrade, former enemy and now newfound friend. First it was Rukiro who had been killed, and then Klio, now Lizz and Lori were dead, along with his best friend Konno and the man who put his life on the line for his family, Seiyogi was now dead... why?

It was all because of the Son of Shishito, Jaduko knew he caused all of these deaths indirectly and deep down, it stung him on the inside, this anger had been building up after all of these years, he tried to contain it but he couldn't anymore.

Jaduko has had enough of the death and despair in his life, it was time to do something about it. Jaduko softly lifted his head and looked at Zerox with bloodlust in his eyes as the air around him slowly picked up and the rocks continued to float by as his power skyrocketed through the roof, he huffed in anger as he glared at the evil tyrant, who smirked back at him.

Jaduko has had enough.

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VOL 7: Chapter 69 - "Flames of Regret"
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