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 Season 1: Episode 6 - "A Warrior from New Namek"

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PostSubject: Season 1: Episode 6 - "A Warrior from New Namek"   Season 1: Episode 6 - "A Warrior from New Namek" I_icon_minitimeFri Jul 08, 2016 12:59 am

[The scene opens on Jaduko flying through the sky, when he suddenly senses a small but reasonably strong power coming towards the earth, halting and flying towards the power]
"Who, or what is giving off this energy?

[The scene opens back up to Jaduko flying towards the power at incredible speeds]
"Just what the hell is this power? It's rather odd, could it be the the ones Pickollo warned us about?" Jaduko muttered to himself as he came across a ship, in the middle of touching down, it looked as though it was from Namek.

The ship landed with a sudden stop, as a door slowly opened and a black clothing figure emerged from the ship, looking around at their surroundings. Jaduko quickly landed in front of the figure, "Who are you?" He asked sternly, taking a serious tone in his voice. The figure was wearing just about all black, black shoes, a black hoodie with a red undershirt, a Yellow belt,and black pants with Red patches at the knees.
 The figure spoke with a low tones voice that resembled a teenager "I could ask the same" as the figure slowly took off his hood, revealing a face with blue skin and spikes for hair that stood up as soon as the hood came off completely.
     Jaduko replied "Are you a Namekian?" The figure shook his head,"I am no Namekian, though I was raised by a warrior tribe, I'm here because legend spoke of a Namekian on this planet that could train people to become even stronger than possibly thought"
    Jaduko instantly thought of Pickollo "This Namekians name wouldn't happen to be Pickollo would
It?" The figure nodded "yes, I'm here to seek his training and see if the legend is true"
     Jaduko smiled, knowing that this person wasn't one of the PTO members, and replied, "Ah, he is quite a strong Namekian, I know because I'm his strongest disciple"
    The figure's eyebrow arched as he
Looked Jaduko up and down, "You do have a high power emitting from your aura, but you aren't exactly what I imagined one of his disciples to look like,I wish to see Pickollo" Only for Jaduko to wave his Index finger with a smile on his face "Not until you tell me your name."
    The figure seem flustered by Jaduko's behavior, hesitantly stating his name, "The names Kaj, Kaj Shizauke Aslolvir" Jaduko took down his hand "Alright, if you really want to see Pickollo so bad, I'll take you to him" as Jaduko started hovering, only for Kaj to stop him, "Hold it!"
     Jaduko turned around with a puzzled look on his face "What? Didn't you wanna see him?" Kaj nodded.
     "Yes, but first I want to see what his strongest disciple is capable of, and decide whether or not he is as strong as the legends say" Jaduko landed back down, "Alright, I accept your challenge then, Kaj" With a confident smirk across his face
     Kaj got into a fighting stance
as Jaduko got into his as well, "Come at me, Kaj" Jaduko shouted as his eyebrows arched, and got serious

    Kaj flew at Jaduko, rapidly punching and kicking as they traded blows, it felt as though Jaduko was holding back, as Kaj fell to the ground, dodging Jaduko's punch, and countering it with a kick into the air, followed by rapid punches to the stomach, knocking Jaduko back, but barely hurting him.
      Jaduko leapt backwards, gaining some distance from Kaj, and tossed some ki blasts his way, only for Kaj to smack them away, forming a few craters in the ground, as Kaj charged a red ki orb in his palm and slammed it into Jaduko's stomach, and flipping him onto his back, and making the Ki orb explode.
        Jaduko got up as the smoke cleared, his Gi shredded, but it seemed as though Kaj's attacks weren't doing anything to him "You're gonna have to try harder than that!" Jaduko shouted as he vanished, "What the?!" As Kaj stood there, keeping his guard up and looking around, hearing dash noises come from all around him.
       "Quit running around and fi-!!!" Kaj got cut off as he felt a sharp pain hit his abdomen, as he looked down to see Jaduko had kneed him, causing him to stagger back and cough up some blood, only making him get frustrated, as his pupils quickly vanished for a second, with his teeth gritting.
    "Huh?" Jaduko had noticed Kaj's pupils momentarily vanish, but shook it off as it only being his imagination, and focused his attention back on the fight. Kaj ran towards Jaduko, kicking at him, as Jaduko dodged, then catching his foot and tossing him into the air.
     "Why the hell can't I hit you?!?!" Kaj yelled as he started getting irritated with Jaduko barely hitting him, but doing a lot more damage. Jaduko only smiled with a confident look on his face "Well when you've had as much training as I have"
  "Damn it!!" Kaj shouted as he pulled back one of his arms, and lifted his other hand, as though he was aiming at Jaduko with a gun, as his left arm became enveloped with red Ki, and his aura flared up
      "Demonic Blast!!!" Kaj yelled at Jaduko as he thrusted his left arm forward, sending a large red beam in his direction, only for Jaduko to fly into the beam and emerge in front of Kaj, and kicking his cheek, as the beam hit the ground, causing a large crater.
     Kaj went flying into a large set of rocks, only for them to get sent flying in all directions, as Kaj's aura was raging now, Jaduko could sense his rage, feeling as though it was similar to the first time he had turned super saiyan, but this rage was far more violent and aggressive, Jaduko knew he had to end it before it got out of control, as Kaj ran towards Jaduko for one last attack.
    It seemed as though time had slowed down as Kaj readied his fist to punch Jaduko, only for Jaduko to dodge by ducking under his arm and delivering an uppercut to his Jaw, knocking Kaj out cold.
   Jaduko Sighed, patting off parts of his Gi, then reached to his side and pulled out his bag of senzu beans, with only three left, he swallowed the first one himself, and put one in Kaj's mouth, healing the both of them, though Jaduko had barely taken damage.
     Kaj awoke, the pain across his body gone as he stood back up, "what did you just do? All the pain in my body is gone." Jaduko replied, "It's called a Senzu bean, whenever you're severely injured, you just eat one of these bad boys and you'll be as good as new instantaneously."
  Kaj dusted himself off and looked down at his torn up clothing, "Well, you've shown that you're quite strong, I'll admit, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't impressed by how strong you were, even though you were holding back."
    Jaduko chuckled, "Well, maybe when you've gotten stronger, we can fight and both of us can go all out, but for now I think it's time I took you to Pickollo" Kaj nodded as Jaduko flew up and lead the way, as Kaj followed behind

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Season 1: Episode 6 - "A Warrior from New Namek"
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