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 VOL 8: Chapter 71 - "Changing Destiny"

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VOL 8: Chapter 71 - "Changing Destiny" Empty
PostSubject: VOL 8: Chapter 71 - "Changing Destiny"   VOL 8: Chapter 71 - "Changing Destiny" I_icon_minitimeFri Jul 08, 2016 1:10 am

"Y-You... dare touch my face?!" Zerox shouted, staring ahead at Jaduko. The Saiyan's hair flowed upwards and his yellow aura calmly pulsated through the air. Jaduko didn't respond, he simply stared.

"You wish to play games, is that so?!" Zerox was steaming mad, his veins bulged out of his skin as he quickly noticed Jaduko's body fizz in front of him, he widened his eyes noting the Saiyan's intense speed. Lifting his arms to try and block an attack, Zerox was too slow and Jaduko's punch planted itself firmly into Zerox's cheek once more, the tyrant closed his eyes and winced in pain. He was sent sliding across the ground.

Jaduko charged at Zerox once more, he opened his mouth and roared in anger. The roar echoed throughout the sky as Taisuka and Violouh kept their eyes wide open.

"Such speed.." Violouh remarked.

Zerox grit his teeth and lunged forward, he extended his hands and so did Jaduko, the two grabbed onto each other's hands and interlocked their fingers as the ground around them cracked and crumbled, a crater formed underneath the two as small lightning bolts sparked from their hands. Pushing for dominance, Jaduko and Zerox both growled at each other until their bodies fizzed out of view. Taisuka lifted his head and saw the two warriors fighting in the sky, air pockets exploding around them.

"They're... too fast!" Taisuka chimed in, adding onto Violouh's comment.

Jaduko slammed his fist into Zerox's stomach causing blood to spurt from the alien's mouth. Zerox lifted his hand and fired a barrage of finger beams at Jaduko, the Super Saiyan deflected all of them, sending them flying into nearby buildings, mountains, and the ocean which was nearby as well.

Using his beams as a distraction, Zerox quickly burst off higher into the sky, his grey aura flared around him. Jaduko quickly followed after Zerox, the yellow aura flaring around his body as he closed in on Zerox higher and higher into the sky.

"GET HIM JADUKOOO!!!" Taisuka shouted into the sky, Jaduko clenched his fists and his aura exploded around him as he increased his speed towards Zerox. The alien tyrant looked down and saw Jaduko's angry expression.

"ZEROOOXX!!!" Jaduko shouted, he thrust his arm upwards and socked Zerox in the jaw before the alien could react. Zerox flipped in the air and pointed his arm at Jaduko, firing more beams, but Jaduko powered through them. The Super Saiyan raised his hand and fired a barrage of yellow ki blasts, all of them smacked into Zerox and smoke erupted from the damage.

Rushing forward into the smoke, Jaduko thrust his fist forward and the smoke dispersed from around it, Zerox was gone. Quickly looking upward, Zerox rose from the smoke and clenched his hands together, he slammed his fists onto Jaduko's head and sent the Super Saiyan plummeting towards the ground.

"Take this! YOU INSOLENT MONKEY!" Zerox shouted, pointing both of his palms downwards at Jaduko, a gigantic grey beam exploded from Zerox's hands and shot towards the Super Saiyan, who quickly took action.

"KAMEHAMEHA!" Jaduko shouted, thrusting his arms to the side and quickly throwing them forwards, a blue beam shot from his hands and collided with Zerox's grey beam.

"Incredible!" Taisuka muttered as the ground started to shake around he, Violouh, and the rest of the aliens, despite the two warriors hovering in the air, the energy emitting from their attacks was enough to shake the planet.

Zerox's muscles slightly grew as he exerted all of his might into the beam, pushing it against Jaduko's Kamehameha. Jaduko grit his teeth and shouted as the beam pushed against Zerox's. After a few moments of struggling, Jaduko's Kamehameha overpowered Zerox's beam and completely engulfed it.

Zerox's body fizzed out of view and shifted to the left, barely avoiding the Kamehameha as it shot into the sky and continued through space. He was glad he wasn't caught in it.

Jaduko slowly hovered higher in the air until he was face to face with Zerox, the two remained still.

"I'm surprised, you may actually stand a chance against me." Zerox chuckled, scratches and wounds covered his body, he stared at Jaduko who remained silent.

"Not a talker anymore, are you, Son of Shishito?" Zerox questioned, he peered down at the ground and noticed Taisuka holding Kyuti. "Seiyogi's little sister is still alive, is she? Looks like after I kill you, I'll have to finish the job with her and the brat down there."

"Touch her, and I rip your arms out of their sockets." Jaduko threatened.

"Looks like I touched a nerve.. Heh, just because you changed your hair color, doesn't mean you'll be able to beat me." Zerox chuckled and closed his eyes. "I would offer you to join my side, but I doubt you would list-" He was cut off by a swift knee in the stomach, delivered by Jaduko. Zerox opened his mouth and widened his eyes in pain.

Jaduko quickly leaned back and lifted his hand into the air, placing it on top of Zerox's head, he grabbed hold of the tyrant's smooth, glass-like head and lifted him in the air.

"What?! What are you doing?!" Zerox shouted, he tried to wiggle free but couldn't. Jaduko roared in anger as he began flying down towards the ground, thrusting Zerox down below him, the Super Saiyan began pushing the tyrant further and further downwards as they gained speed.

"TSUMETORA FIST!" Jaduko shouted as his yellow aura flared around his body, engulfing Zerox as well. The two screamed with wind brushing past their bodies as they plummeted towards the ground. Jaduko let go of Zerox's head and quickly slammed his fist into the tyrant's stomach, Zerox's back connected with the ground and the rocks began to crumble around the punch as flames erupted from Jaduko's fist. Blood spurt from Zerox's wound and Jaduko pushed harder onto it, the ground shook even harder until the pillar of flames slowly disappeared.

Jaduko lifted himself out of the crater he created, Zerox groaned in pain as he sat up. Shaking his head to regain his senses, Zerox grit his teeth and peered up at the Super Saiyan, who waved his hand and smirked, Jaduko didn't lose completely control of the Super Saiyan form after all.

"Grrr.... RUAGH!" Zerox shouted, bursting from the crater towards Jaduko. The tyrant through a punch at the Super Saiyan's face, but Jaduko was too quick, throwing a punch back at Zerox. The two fists collided and electricity sparked around the two of them, the power sent the aliens tumbling backwards.

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VOL 8: Chapter 71 - "Changing Destiny"
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