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 VOL 8: Chapter 72 - "Golden Miracle"

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VOL 8: Chapter 72 - "Golden Miracle" Empty
PostSubject: VOL 8: Chapter 72 - "Golden Miracle"   VOL 8: Chapter 72 - "Golden Miracle" I_icon_minitimeFri Jul 08, 2016 2:14 am

The climactic duel between Jaduko and Zerox continued to erupt throughout the air as gusts of wind rapidly slammed into the ground and nearby buildings over the city of Alryne. Chunks of the ground started to shake and rocks lifted into the air as the evil overlord tyrant exchanged punches and kicks with the Super Saiyan who opposed him.

"Taisuka!" Violouh shouted as he hovered in the air, he was still holding onto Konno's lifeless body. Taisuka turned his head and looked over at the Namekian who called his name, he held Kyuti in his arms. "Is Kyuti still breathing?" Violouh questioned.

Taisuka looked down at Kyuti and could see her chest slowly moving, she was breathing. Turning his head back towards Violouh, Taisuka nodded.

"Listen to me, everyone!" Violouh shouted down at the crowd of surviving aliens below him, they were unable to fly and were forced to stand on the shaking ground. "We must continue on foot to find Zerox's spaceship before it's too late." He then pointed up at Jaduko and Zerox, the aliens were unable to see the two since they were moving rapidly through the air.

"That Saiyan is the only one capable of distracting Zerox long enough for us to find his ship, we mustn't let his or his friend's sacrifices be for nothing!" Violouh turned his head and could see a massive, metallic ship over the horizon, it was no doubt Zerox's ship but it was at least a few dozen miles away. If these aliens wanted to leave this planet alive, the time to move was now.

"Let's go!" Taisuka shouted as he and Violouh flew towards Zerox's ship, the aliens running along the ground underneath them. The muscular alien who held onto Lizz and Lori's lifeless bodies led the charge. Violouh turned his head back towards the battlefield, he saw Jaduko and Zerox floating in the air as if they were talking to one another. A golden aura emitted from Jaduko's body.

'There's no doubt about it, that aura reminds me of my friends from long ago... Shishito's son truly exists and is willing to help these people just like his father would... he's the miracle these people needed!' Violouh thought to himself, Jaduko and Zerox's bodies disappeared as their auras shot towards each other, the two continued their clash. The aliens frantically escaped from the battlefield with no more casualties.

Passing through the bright green grasslands, the aliens were in awe of the planet's beauty, but none of them stopped running to admire the plants or lakes they passed. It had taken a little over two hours for Violouh and Taisuka to reach Zerox's ship with the aliens stopping as soon as they saw dead bodies scattered all over the ground outside of the ship, all of the bodies were wearing Saiyan-like body armor.

"Did someone beat us here?" Taisuka questioned as he dropped to the ground in front of the horrified aliens.

"Either that.... or Zerox killed them all..." Violouh muttered, he landed next to Violouh and the two looked around. Violouh noticed a ramp extending from the ship down onto the ground. "Over there!" He shouted, he burst off into a sprint with Konno's body in his arms, Taisuka and the aliens followed behind until they reached the ramp, it was the entrance to the ship. It was still open after Zerox left a few hours prior.

"We must be quiet, there might still be survivors on this ship." Violouh warned, taking a step onto the ramp. He slowly walked into the ship with everyone following behind him. Footsteps echoed throughout the metallic hallways as the heroes and aliens slowly searched the ship for survivors, everywhere they went, there were dead bodies littered across the ground, all of them had holes in their bodies similar to the ones Zerox made in Seikyo during their fight.

"You were right, Zerox must have killed them." Taisuka mumbled, aliens whispered to each other in fear and shock at the tyrant's evil deeds. "I'm sure since we've found nothin' but dead bodies, everyone can make themselves at home. Violouh and I can try and find the control room so we can return to Earth." Taisuka chuckled as the aliens chattered amongst themselves. Most of them dispersed to travel around the ship, but the muscular alien who held onto Lizz and Lori's lifeless bodies stood in place, he walked forward to Taisuka and stopped a few feet in front of him.

Taisuka lifted his head and looked up at the muscular alien, he was easily six or seven feet taller than the little Saiyan, but rather than being nervous, Taisuka was confused. The muscular alien remained silent for a few seconds before kneeling down and bowing his head in front of Taisuka who was now the same height as the bowing alien, Lizz and Lori were still in his arms as he bowed. Violouh watched out of curiosity.

"I thank you and your friends for your sacrifices displayed over the course of the past week." The alien had a deep voice, Taisuka widened his eyes since this was the first time he ever heard this alien speak despite him being the most helpful of the alien slaves.

"It's no issue at all, we're just doing what we felt was right." Taisuka replied as the alien lifted his head to face the young Saiyan.

"I, along with the rest of the slaves you helped rescue, owe our lives to you. I have been wanting to repay my debt to you and your friends for the past several days but I have been unable to come up with anything." The alien stood up and peered down at Taisuka, then his glance shifted over to Violouh. "That's mainly why I've been so silent, yet so helpful to you all. So silent that I haven't even been able to give you my name."

"You have been a great help to us, my friend." Violouh remarked.

"But now that you mention it, what is your name?" Taisuka questioned.  

"My name is Vitalus, of the Metamoran race." Vitalus replied. Violouh lifted an eyebrow.

"I have heard stories of your race, but I thought your people had died out a while ago. Your planet... it's destroyed.." The Namekian remarked. A frown drifted onto Vitalus' face.

"My race has been living on the brink of extinction for the past several hundred years, but recently our numbers have began to multiply, until the majority of my people were captured, killed, and sold off to different plants. by Zerox and his men. I was one of those people.. It's no surprise that Zerox ordered the destruction of my planet, my family, my friends, they were all killed by that sickening madman.. I was forced into slavery and forced to comply underneath Zerox's rule until you all came along." Vitalus explained.

"Like I said, it was no issue at all." Taisuka cut in.

"I promise you, I will accompany you until the end of this journey. For I have no home to return to, it's the least I can do." Vitalus responded to Taisuka, Lizz and Lori were still in his arms.

"Well then we mustn't waste any time, this journey's about to end, we just need to find this ship's control room." Violouh remarked, he turned around and began walking down the hallway with Taisuka and Vitalus following behind.

After a few minutes of searching the ship for the control room and finding nothing but lifeless corpses, Violouh stumbled upon a closed door that slid open once he walked in front of it. Stepping inside, the Namekian could see stairs extending upwards towards a throne, monitors were scattered throughout the room but none of them were working. Bodies were littered up and down the stairs as well. He began walking up the stairs until he reached the throne.

Vitalus followed Violouh up the stairs and Taisuka followed as well, but he lowered his head as he noticed a blue skinned body laying on the stairs, it was Blast.

The Namekian lowered Konno's lifeless body next to the throne and sat down on Zerox's seat, a hologram appeared in front of him, it was the coordinates to the ship, but only he could see them considering he was the only one sitting on the throne. But before he could begin working on the hologram, a feint laser sound shot off behind him, Violouh quickly spun the throne around to see what was going on.

"You will not leave this planet alive, in the name of Zerox!" A alien wearing Saiyan-like armor shouted as he shot a green beam from his right hand, it was one of the bodies laying at the bottom of the staircase, he had survived Zerox's attack from hours prior. The beam shot upwards towards Taisuka, who turned around in shock.

Dropping Lizz and Lori onto the stairs, Vitalus rushed forward and pushed Taisuka to the side, who, along with Kyuti, went sprawling to the ground next to the Metamoran. Time seemed to slow down as Vitalus waved his hands around, bending his fingers in some sort of pattern as if he was performing a magic spell, time completely froze around the Metamoran as he finished his magical spell and pointed his fingers to the left. Time returned to normal as the beam shot towards the direction Vitaulus was pointing, missing him by a few inches. The beam quickly flew towards the side of the room but quickly spun around and aimed itself at the soldier who fired it in the first place, Vitalus continued his finger movements as the beam shot into Zerox's soldier with a loud scream.

An explosion erupted from the soldier's body and wind pushed against Taisuka's face until it slowly calmed, the soldier disintegrated from the attack and Vitalus lowered his hands.

"Whoa!" Taisuka shouted as he picked Kyuti up in one arm and got to his feet. "Was that magic?!" Vitalus nodded.

"Have you never seen magic before?" Vitalus questioned.

"Nope, on Earth, we only know something known as ki. See?" Taisuka lifted his free arm and pointed it at the side of the room, he fired a small, white beam towards the wall. "Is magic the same as ki?"

"No, they're actually quite different from each other. The attack you just fired was ki which is something I cannot use. But when I manipulated time and redirected the soldier's attack, that was me using magic." Vitalus responded.

"You should teach me how to use magic sometime." Taisuka smirked.

"It will have to wait until we return to your Planet Earth, I think I have figured out how this ship's controls work." Violouh muttered as he peered down at the hologram in front of him.

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VOL 8: Chapter 72 - "Golden Miracle"
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