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 [Spinoff] Dragon Ball Universe 93 Gaiden: "Turtle School" *WRITING*

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Jaduko Masurao

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PostSubject: [Spinoff] Dragon Ball Universe 93 Gaiden: "Turtle School" *WRITING*   Fri Jul 08, 2016 3:49 pm

Dragon Ball Universe 93 Gaiden
Spinoff #1: Turtle School

Chapter 1
"Boiling Bloodline":

Chapter 2
"The Turtle Destruction Wave":

Chapter 3
"Training Mates WRITING":

Chapter 4
"Lori Macadmi - Heir to the company! WRITING":

Chapter 5
"The Macadmi Technology Controversy WRITING":

Chapter 6
"Dark Days WRITING":

Chapter 7
"Family Virtues WRITING":

Chapter 8
"Blood is thicker than Water WRITING":

Chapter 9
"Best Friends WRITING":

Chapter 10
"Stepping out of the Dark WRITING":

Chapter 11
"Developing a bond of legacy WRITING":

Chapter 12
"Krillin's Dilemma WRITING":

Chapter 13
"A Turtle's Journey WRITING":

Continue Onto Chapter 11:
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[Spinoff] Dragon Ball Universe 93 Gaiden: "Turtle School" *WRITING*
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