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 VOL 8: Chapter 73 - "Unrelenting Will"

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VOL 8: Chapter 73 - "Unrelenting Will" Empty
PostSubject: VOL 8: Chapter 73 - "Unrelenting Will"   VOL 8: Chapter 73 - "Unrelenting Will" I_icon_minitimeMon Aug 01, 2016 8:24 pm

"Are you starting to run out of steam, brat?!" Zerox shouted as he grabbed onto Jaduko's golden hair, the two were hovering in the air a few miles above the City of Alryne and their fight was still going strong after two hours of pure, nonstop fighting. Zerox roared in power as a clear, wave-like gust of wind exploded from his hand that was grabbing onto Jaduko's hair. This attack was called a Kiai.

Jaduko groaned as he flew back in the air, slowly hovering to a stop several feet away from the tyrant.

"Nah.. I never run out of steam." Jaduko chuckled, wiping blood from his chin. Zerox crossed his arms.

Jaduko stopped chuckling and rushed forward as if he was sprinting through the air. Time seemed to slow down when Zerox prepared for the Super Saiyan's attack. Jaduko lunged forward and thrust a punch towards Zerox's head, the alien tilted his head to the left allowing the punch to pass over his right shoulder. Jaduko lifted his other arm up and threw another punch at Zerox's chest, but the tyrant quickly twisted his torso, Jaduko's fist ran cleanly across Zerox's chest. Jaduko quickly threw punch after punch at Zerox, but the tyrant swiftly dodged them all at point blank range, his arms were still crossed and a smirk was spread across his face.

"That's all?" Zerox taunted, he lifted his legs and allowed a kick thrust by Jaduko to pass underneath him. As he spun around, Zerox thrust his left foot into Jaduko's stomach and sent the Saiyan flying through the air.

Before Jaduko could catch himself and retort, he opened his eyes and widened them in pain as Zerox's knee slammed into his stomach. The impact was hard enough that Jaduko slowly bounced upwards from the knee, but before he could recoil, he felt two fits slam into his back. Jaduko's pupils dilated from the impact, the wind was knocked out of him and he was sent flying directly downwards towards one of the skyscrapers in Alryne.

Shaking his head and regaining his senses, Jaduko flipped in the air and landed on his feet. The roof of the skyscraper he landed on cracked from the pressure and the crack quickly spread down the sides of the building. Quickly thrusting his head upwards, Jaduko noticed that Zerox was nowhere in sight, but before he could think, he hopped to his right. Turning his head, he immediately saw Zerox's foot pass next to him, where he once stood. Gaining his footing, Jaduko watched Zerox twist his body, place his left hand and feet on the ground, and skid to a halt. With a growl, Zerox lifted his head and stared at the Super Saiyan.

"Amazing, even after all this time we've spent fighting, you're still incredibly fast." Jaduko remarked, lifting his fists.

"And you're still incredibly annoying." Zerox retorted with a scowl, his hands began glowing in a grew aura and he burst from his position towards the Super Saiyan. Jaduko's hands glowed yellow and he rushed forward as well, the two warriors shouted as they thrust their hands forward and grasped onto each other's hands.

Zerox growled as the aura from his hands spread around his entire body, Jaduko's aura did the same and the two auras struggled against each other as the two warriors pushed towards each other, neither of them letting go of their opponent. Jaduko and Zerox roared in power and the crack in the skyscraper quickly erupted around them, the building shattered underneath them and crumbled to the ground with the two warriors hovering in the air where the roof was once located. The ground shook as the building's rubble slowly halted on the ground below.

"GRAAAH!" Zerox shouted in anger, a redish light erupted from his hands and shot into Jaduko's hands. The Super Saiyan let go of Zerox and quickly hopped back, he lifted his hand and fired a barrage of yellow ki blasts at the tyrant, Zerox hopped back as well and lifted his hand as well, firing grey and red ki blasts at Jaduko. The two quickly flew through the air firing blasts at one another, smoke covering the sky above the City of Alryne.

Zerox extended his free hand and fired a Death Beam at Jaduko, who swiftly ducked underneath the beam. The alien rushed forward and kicked the Super Saiyan in the gut, blood flew out of Jaduko's mouth as he was sent flying through the air, Zerox followed after extending his foot for another kick. Jaduko quickly flipped in the air and lifted his knee, blocking Zerox's kick. The two pushed off of each other and slowly panted, they were now hovering over the ocean that was located next to the city.

"I gotta... admit Zerox... you're definitely the.. toughest opponent I've.. faced" Jaduko muttered through pants, he had a smirk on his face, his gi was torn severely, his bare chest was exposed but his blue gi pants and the bottom half of his orange gi top were still intact.

"You're definitely the Son of Shishito... I always thought you were a myth, along with this... golden form of yours." Zerox replied.

"Guess it just runs in my blood, I'm a naturally tough opponent." Jaduko chuckled. "Say.. I know we've been fighting for a couple of hours now, but you haven't really clarified something with me... What's your connection with my famil-" Jaduko immediately stopped talking as he felt a pain shoot through the right side of his chest. He slowly lowered his head and noticed a grey beam cleanly passing through his chest and fly through his back.

Jaduko's eyes widened, his pupils turned white and dilated as his hair slowly reverted from it's gold color back to his natural brown color. The spikiness in his hair dropped and it returned to it's natural shape, blood spurt from Jaduko's wound and he slowly looked at Zerox, who had a finger extended and a smirk on his face.

Jaduko's vision slowly started to fade until everything went black and he felt his body go limp. He bent backwards and started falling towards the ocean underneath him, slamming into the water's surface. Zerox lowered his hand and watched the water where Jaduko landed, slowly come to a halt.

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VOL 8: Chapter 73 - "Unrelenting Will"
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