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 VOL 8: Chapter 75 - "End of a Tyrant"

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VOL 8: Chapter 75 - "End of a Tyrant" Empty
PostSubject: VOL 8: Chapter 75 - "End of a Tyrant"   VOL 8: Chapter 75 - "End of a Tyrant" I_icon_minitimeMon Aug 01, 2016 10:26 pm

"ZEROOOOXX!" Jaduko shouted as the ocean water beneath him loudly splashed onto the ground, some of it flooded through the City of Alryne but Jaduko didn't stop, he flew higher and higher into the air with bloodlust in his eyes. Zerox widened his eyes in fear and thrust his hands down towards Jaduko, who was approaching faster and faster.

Some of the aliens at Zerox's ship stared out of a nearby window that faced the City of Alryne, they had been watching the fight ever since they had arrived on the ship. They could see a gold figure slowly rising into the sky towards a figure engulfed in a grey aura. The two were in front of one of the three moons that orbit the planet of Xerivon, it was a beautiful and exciting scene to see the hero take on the villain for the final fight. The aliens roared as they watched Jaduko approach Zerox in the distance.

"Stop! How are you alive?!" Zerox shouted. "I shot you and dropped you in an ocean, you son of a bit-?!" Zerox was cut off as Jaduko's fist slammed into his stomach, blood spurt from Zerox's mouth and his pupils turned white from the impact of the punch.

"My name is Jaduko! And I am the Son of Shishito!" The Super Saiyan's aura fluttered around him as he smirked. He then roared in anger and quickly spun in the air, kicking Zerox in the neck, the tyrant went flying through the air.

With a flip, Zerox lifted his hands and fired a rapid barrage of grey Death Beams with red aura spiraling around them towards Jaduko, Zerox was still flying through the air as he fired the beams. Jaduko rushed forward and his body seemed to duplicate as he moved from spot to spot towards Zerox, the beams fired through Jaduko's duplicates, he was too quick for any of them to make contact.

"YOU DIE NOW, I'VE HAD ENOUGH!" Zerox shouted, pointing both hands towards Jaduko. A red wall-like beam exploded from his hands as he shouted, "ZEROX BARRIER!"

"You named an attack after yourself? Cute." Jaduko taunted, his body fizzed out of view, the red wall beam flew past where he once floated. Zerox caught himself in the air and blinked, he looked around for Jaduko but was caught off guard when he felt the Super Saiyan's knee land on the back of his neck. With a snap, Zerox could feel the bones in his neck snapping but he didn't let this stop him, with a quick spin, Zerox kicked Jaduko in the stomach. But Jaduko was unfazed by the attack.

"What?!" Zerox grumbled. "What happened in that water?!"

"I realized something." Jaduko replied, he remained still while Zerox slowly removed his foot from the Super Saiyan's abdomen.

"I swear if you say you realized you were the Son of Shishito." Zerox remarked in fear.

"No, but I realized my father looked a lot like my brother." Jaduko replied, he had a frown on his face.

"What does that mea-GURK!" Zerox was cut off as Jaduko punched the tyrant in the throat. Zerox stumbled back and lifted his hands up to his throat. He was unable to say anything for a few moments, but Jaduko lunged forward and grabbed onto Zerox's feet.

Throwing Zerox up into the air, Jaduko hovered up and grabbed onto the alien's feet once more, he did a few spins and quickly threw the alien in the air at an immense speed. Zerox grit his teeth and flipped, using the momentum to fly forward towards Jaduko.

Jaduko lowered his hands to his side and charged a Kamehameha in between his two palms, he waited for Zerox to get closer. However instead of firing a Kamehameha wave into Zerox at point blank range, Jaduko clenched his right fist and let the blue orb dissolve itself into his fist.

"YOU DIE TONIGHT!" Zerox shouted, he was now a few feet away from Jaduko. He lifted his hand and threw a punch at Jaduko's head.

"Not tonight, Zerox!" Jaduko shouted, he lunged forward and thrust his right fist into Zerox's abdomen, releasing his fist and extended his fingers so his palm was facing Zerox. "KAMEHATSU!" He shouted, the blue beam erupted from Jaduko's fist and shot directly through Zerox's stomach, the tyrant widened his eyes as the beam passed cleanly through, after a few seconds, it slowly disappeared and there was now a massive hole where Zerox's stomach and chest once were. The tyrant's heart was destroyed in the blast as well.

Jaduko leaned back and caught Zerox by one of the arms. He slowly hovered down towards the ground and dropped Zerox on the shore next to the ocean. Even though he may have ended this tyrant's life, the tyrant who murdered his friends in cold blood, he was willing to give the alien a burial at the bottom of the ocean. Jaduko tossed Zerox into the ocean waters and watched as he floated to the bottom. Whether this was inhumane or was the right thing to do, Zerox deserved it.

With his hair still golden and spiky, Jaduko turned his head and realized Seiyogi's body was still laying on the ground a couple of yards away. The Super Saiyan quickly rushed over and picked Seiyogi off of the ground. He winced in pain and looked down at his chest, the hole that Zerox had fired through it was still bleeding, but somehow it was slowly healing, he'd live.

'Don't worry pal... I'll make sure to bring you back... you're one of the only people I can bring back, actually...' Jaduko remembered what his father had said about the Dragon Balls and how he or Rukiro couldn't be restored. Jaduko floated up into the air and noticed Zerox's ship in the distance, he grinned and flew off towards the ship, the hardships were finally over.

Several minutes had passed but Jaduko eventually made it to the ramp that extended into Zerox's ship. Landing on the ground in front of it, he looked down at Seiyogi who he carried in both of his arms, giving a sigh, he began walk up the ramp and as soon as he entered the ship, the ramp lifted off of the ground and latched shut. Violouh had started the ship and was preparing for takeoff just as soon as Jaduko had appeared.

Jaduko could feel the ship lifting into the air so he remained still as the ship blasted off, upon leaving Planet Xerivon's atmosphere, the ship was now stable and everyone could freely move. Jaduko began walking through the halls as blood dripped from his skin onto the metallic floor, he had been on this ship before so he headed straight for the control room.

'Hopefully Kyuti... and everyone made it here alright..' Jaduko thought to himself as he walked. The alien slaves that were freed rushed out of the rooms they were in and watched the Super Saiyan walk down the hall carrying Seiyogi in his arms. Slowly, one by one, the aliens began clapping and cheering at Jaduko, he had saved them.

"You rock man!" One of the aliens shouted over the hollers.

"Sorry about your friends, they saved us!" Another alien yelled.

"You saved us as well, Golden Miracle!" Another shouted.

Jaduko grinned and shouted back. "Don't thank me, we all had to fight, you guys did a good job!" He chuckled as he walked, the aliens continued to clap as he passed them all, his chuckle slowly faded as he reached the control room. The doors opened and he stepped inside.

Taisuka and Vitalus turned their heads towards the door and their eyes widened, Violouh turned the throne around as well. Taisuka grinned and laughed as he ran down the steps towards Jaduko, who looked around the control room. He could see the lifeless bodies of his friends in the corner of the room, laying on small benches. Normally he would be saddened to see their bodies but now that they were headed home, he was glad they all were here and they could be revived later on.

"You're alive!" Taisuka shouted with a laugh, tears formed in his eyes. Jaduko nodded and handed Seiyogi to Taisuka, who carried him over to the rest of their friends' bodies.

"I made it just in time too, you tryin' to leave me, Violouh?" Jaduko questioned with a laugh.

"My apologies Jaduko, I had finally figured out these controls and made sure we were headed to Planet Earth, but I couldn't stop the ship in time, luckily you made it on." Violouh replied, Vitalus was at his side.

"It's no trouble." Jaduko chuckled, he walked up the steps and noticed the purple skinned Vitalus walking towards him. "I don't think we've met, have we? Sorry if I forgot, kinda fought Zerox and all."

"My name is Vitalus of the Metamoran Race, I thank you deeply for defeating Zerox, I assume you finished the job?" Vitalus replied. Jaduko nodded. "You haven't met me directly but I helped bring your friends onto this ship along with Taisuka and Violouh."

"Thank you.. for everything." Jaduko muttered, he extended a hand towards Vitalus who did the same, the two shook hands. Vitalus nodded.

"Your hair is golden, that's so cool!" Taisuka muttered, walking up the steps behind Jaduko.

"Heh.. I guess it is pretty neat, but I don't think I have it fully controlled.. I nearly lost it back in the battle with Zerox." Jaduko replied, as soon as he said that, his hair reverted back to normal color and shape. "My dad told me I need to get stronger, maybe if I do that, I can control the golden form."

"You gonna train me too?" Taisuka questioned with a smirk. Jaduko grinned and nodded.

Violouh perked up and looked down at Jaduko.

"Did you say, your dad?" He asked. Jaduko nodded. "You... you spoke to Shishito..?"

"You know my dad's name? Who am I kidding, everyone does." Jaduko replied with a chuckle, scratching the back of his head.

"No.. I knew him personally." Violouh replied, Jaduko stopped chuckling and looked up at Violouh in shock. "I was one of the travelling companions next to your father, Shishito, his wife, and even Taisuka's parents."

Jaduko and Taisuka stared up at Violouh in awe.

"I.. I was, indirectly, the reason they made it to Earth safely, and it was those actions that put me under the enslavement of Zerox and his men." Violouh lowered his head. He almost immediately looked up and noticed Jaduko and Taisuka smiling. "... You aren't surprised?"

"Look I'm willing to believe anything after tonight, I just had a chat with my dead dad. If you say you knew him, then you know just as well as I do that he was a cool dude." Jaduko remarked. Violouh widened his eyes in shock and nodded his head. "Maybe... we can talk about him on our way to Earth, so I can get to know more about him." Jaduko continued, and with that, the ship continued flying through space, approaching Earth with each passing second.

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VOL 8: Chapter 75 - "End of a Tyrant"
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