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 VOL 8: Chapter 76 - "Come and Gone"

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VOL 8: Chapter 76 - "Come and Gone" Empty
PostSubject: VOL 8: Chapter 76 - "Come and Gone"   VOL 8: Chapter 76 - "Come and Gone" I_icon_minitimeMon Aug 01, 2016 11:47 pm

Three full days had passed since Jaduko and his friends departed from Planet Xerivon, Zerox's ship wasn't in top condition due to the generator room being destroyed a few days prior, which made the journey much slower than it could have been. Violouh piloted the ship all the way to Earth with Jaduko at his side, the two would talk about Shishito and the adventures he had with his wife and Taisuka's parents. Taisuka and Vitalus attended to their friend's dead bodies and also kept the alien people in line during the trip. Kyuti had healed from her wounds from the battle with Zerox, and she felt more powerful than before thanks to the Zenkai Boost she would receive. Jaduko and Kyuti hugged each other upon realizing they were safe and that everything with Zerox had been concluded.

However after three days had passed, Zerox's ship finally entered Earth's atmosphere and descended towards the ground. Everyone was anxious to get off of the ship and return home. Violouh did his best to land the ship, and when he did, the ship landed in an open spot within the Tsumisumbri Mountain Range, a mountain range  towards the North of the Planet covered entirely in snow. Opening the hatch to the ship, a ramp extended down towards the snowy ground and all of the aliens rushed out to embrace Earth's fresh air.

"So this planet is Earth? Shishito and Retasu wanted to live here?" Violouh questioned, looking around at the snowy mountains, a cool breeze brushed past his chest.

"It's usually not covered in snow, we must be up North." Jaduko replied, walking out of the ship behind Violouh, Taisuka, Kyuti and Vitalus followed behind with the bodies of their dead friends in their arms.

"How are we going to find the Dragon Balls?" Taisuka questioned, lowering Lizz onto a soft patch of snow next to the ship. Vitalus lowered Konno and Lori onto the ground next to Lizz and Kyuti placed Seiyogi down as well.

"I'm not sure, the last wish we made was to be teleported to Xerivon so the Dragon Balls are probably scattered all around the planet.. it would take days, weeks, or even years that we don't have... to find them all" Jaduko spoke over the chatter of the aliens who were playing in the snow, as this was the first time they'd ever seen it.

"You don't have a.. Dragon Ball locator or anything?" Vitalus questioned. Jaduko shook his head, but before the Saiyan could speak, Violouh began to talk.

"Your Dragon Balls are very similar to the ones on Namek, I assume?" Violouh questioned.

"I guess? I've never been to Namek, but Dragon Balls are all Dragon Balls." Jaduko shrugged.

"Being a member of the Namekian Race, my people have a deep connection with the magic inside of the Dragon Balls, a magic strong enough that allows us to track them with ease." Violouh continued, Jaduko and Taisuka brightened up after hearing this, Violouh continued, "If your Earth Dragon Balls are the same as the ones on my planet, I should be able to track them all if you were willing to accompany me."

"Of course! Let's go right now!" Taisuka spoke up, he hovered into the air.

"You sure you can track them all down?" Jaduko questioned, looking up at Violouh who stood about two or three feet taller than he did.

"It will take us a day or two to find them all but it's the best thing we can do right now, since you do not have a Dragon Ball locator." Violouh responded.

"Alright then, pal, let's go find us some Dragon Balls." Jaduko chuckled and gave a thumbs up. Violouh smirked and hovered up into the air next to Taisuka. Jaduko turned his attention to the alien people who were playing in the snow. "Hey everyone! We're gonna be here for a few days so if you want to travel around and see what Earth is like, now's the time to do it!"

All of the aliens excitedly got to their feet and started their travels around the planet where they would learn about Earth and it's people. Jaduko looked over at Vitalus, the Metamoran was sitting on the ground next to the bodies of his friends, he would keep them safe until everyone made it back with the Dragon Balls. Vitalus noticed Jaduko staring at him, so he lifted his hand up and gave the Saiyan a thumbs up, something he had seen the boy do countless times. Kyuti smiled and waved, she was next to Vitalus as well, she would keep the Metamoran company. Jaduko grinned and returned the thumbs up, he then bent his knees and burst off into the sky after Taisuka and Violouh, the search for the Dragon Balls had began.

As Violouh had said, it would take a day and a half to recover all of Earth's Dragon Balls, which were scattered all over the planet, on glaciers, in deserts, rockylands, and even some cities where they would also stumble upon the alien people who were travelling around, communicating with the humans (who were slightly afraid of big aliens walking around as if it were no big deal). The three would return to the Tsumisumbri Mountains after gathering all 7 Dragon Balls. Violouh placed them on the ground in front of Zerox's ship and arranged them in the same pattern that Jaduko had did when he made his wish a week or so prior.

"Do the honors?" Violouh looked back at Jaduko, who nodded. Jaduko stepped forward and Violouh stepped back. The Saiyan stared down at the Dragon Balls and lifted his hands into the air as he began to speak.

"SHENRON! Arise!" Jaduko shouted, he stepped back as the Dragon Balls began to glow, the sky began to change color and became pitch black as a pillar of light shot up from the 1 Star Dragon Ball and shined up into the sky, the pillar of light started to shake as lightning erupted from the 7 Dragon Balls. Taisuka, Violouh, and Vitalus stared up in awe as the lightning formed a dragon-like appearance, the light dispersed and Shenron was in the sky above the group.

"Those who have summoned me." Shenron spoke in a low tone. "I will grant you your wish, speak it to me." Jaduko grinned as he heard the 'whirring' sound emitting from the Dragon Balls.

"Alright Shenron, we've met before and I'm sorry for wastin' your time last time, but this wish is very important!" Jaduko spoke out. "Can you revive my friends who were killed by the Saiyans, Zerox, and his men, alongside all of the innocent aliens killed by Zerox and his men or is that too much for a single wish?"

"Very well.." Shenron called out. The dragon's eyes began to glow and a loud sound rang out through the area. "Your wish has been granted." And with that, Shenron disappeared into a pillar of light that shot down into the Dragon Balls. The 7 of them floated up into the air and circled around each other as they flew higher into the air, they halted and were shot off to different corners of the world.

"Only a single wish? Back on Namek, we had three wishes." Violouh retorted as he stared up into the sky. Jaduko turned around and shrugged, but before he could speak, he widened his eyes and saw the bodies of his friends slowly start to move next to Vitalus. Taisuka and Violouh turned their heads as well, noticing that Konno was sitting up, the hole in his chest was gone. Lizz and Lori got to their feet as well and so did Seiyogi, the holes in his body were gone as well.

"Ergh.. what happened? My head is killing me.." Lori muttered, holding onto the back of her head, her body was no longer burnt from the conflict with Rif.

"SEIYOGI!" Kyuti shouted with tears forming in her eyes, she lifted herself from the snowy ground and ran towards her brother, wrapping her arms around him and tackling him to the ground.

"Jaduko..!" Konno was surprised when he opened his eyes and saw his friend standing next to him. Jaduko extended his hand and grasped onto Konno's arm, he pulled his friend up to his feet and grinned. "You... you... I knew you could kick his ass." Konno smirked and chuckled, Jaduko did the same. Konno noticed Taisuka behind Jaduko, he was glad the little kid made it out alive as well. Taisuka lifted his hand and pointed over towards Lori, who was standing next to Jaduko and Konno.

"I'll let you two have your alone time." Jaduko elbowed Konno in the gut and stepped back, he and Taisuka walked over to Lizz and helped her to her feet. Konno moved his glance over to Lori, who was standing a foot away from him, she had a smile on her slightly blushed face.

"You're.. you're alive.." Konno muttered, he was surprised, shocked, and glad.

"You remember what happened?" Lori questioned. Konno nodded.

"Do you?" Konno questioned, Lori didn't nod, she simply stepped forward and wrapped her arms around Konno. Konno returned the hug and the two tightened their grips on one another in silence. Lori lifted her head and closed her eyes, she pursed her lips and was about to kiss Konno's lips but before the two could make contact, Vitalus walked over to the two and put his hands on their shoulders.

"HEY! You're alive, that's great!" Vitalus patted Konno's back and did the same to Lori, the two Earthling's faces were as red as tomatoes in embarassment. Vitalus introduced himself to Lori and explained how helped bring them back to Zerox's ship. He also talked about Jaduko's transformation and the final battle, which kept Konno interested.

We now travel a few yards over to where Taisuka and Lizz are standing.

"Taisuka!" Lizz shouted, she wrapped her arms around Taisuka's head and pulled the boy in towards her, Taisuka wrapped his arms around Lizz and tears started leaking from his eyes. "I'm so glad you're safe!"

"It was terrible, you died, I almost died, I'm glad you're back mom!.... I mean, Lizz.. sorry." Taisuka was letting his emotions take over.

"Don't worry, you're safe, it's all better now... I'm so proud of you." Tears formed in Lizz's eyes as she embraced her son-like friend.

"I... I defeated the guy who killed you, he won't mess with us anymore..." Taisuka tightened his grip around Lizz and began informing her about what happened after she had died.

With everyone reuniting, the snow crackled underneath Jaduko's boots as he walked towards Kyuti and Seiyogi who were still laying on the ground after Kyuti tackled him. Kyuti had tears streaming down her face and had no words to speak, Seiyogi patted her back and looked over at Jaduko, who stopped next to the two. Kyuti lifted her head to stare at Jaduko, who lifted her to her feet.

"Thank you.... Really.. I can't thank you enough for keeping her safe.." Seiyogi muttered, he sat up and remained sitting in the snow, he stared up at Jaduko.

"Like I said back on Xerivon, it was no issue at all man. I look out for my friends." Jaduko replied.

"Zerox... he's gone isn't he?" Seiyogi questioned. Jaduko nodded. Seiyogi let out a sigh of relief and turned his head to stare at his behind, his tail was still gone but at least the monster who ripped it off was gone. "I knew I could trust you in defeating hi-" Seiyogi turned his head and noticed Jaduko extending a hand towards him.

"Remember what I said when you left Earth after our battle?" Jaduko asked, he had a serious look on his face as his hand hovered in the air over Seiyogi, who looked up at him. "I spoke with my father, he told me that Nunber guy wasn't a good guy."

Seiyogi lowered his head in shame, Jaduko was right. Nunber meant well, he was the proud King of the Saiyans but he despised Seiyogi, for being weak. But little does Nunber know that after the events on Xerivon, Seiyogi has never felt stronger, he now has a purpose to fight, he fights for his sister, the last family member he had left.

"You and Kyuti belong here, Seiyogi. Earth is your home and it always will be, you're welcome here." Jaduko continued, silence struck the two. Realizing that Jaduko and his friends cared about him and Kyuti more than Nunber ever had, Seiyogi slowly lifted his head and placed his hand in Jaduko's, the two grasped onto each other and Jaduko lifted Seiyogi to his feet.

"We will take your offer, but you'll regret it when I become stronger than you." Seiyogi retorted.

"I like the challenge." Jaduko replied with a grin.

"You sure about this? We could give you trouble." Kyuti had a slight smirk on her face.

"Once you get to know us humans, we'll be the ones giving you trouble." Jaduko chuckled. The group of friends would spend the next hour talking about the events on Xerivon and everything that went down. Jaduko would be hounded about the Super Saiyan form but since he wasn't angered and didn't have control over the form, he would be unable to show his friends the feat he achieved.

Meanwhile on the opposite end of the planet, Klio's body slowly twitched, he sat up and rubbed the back of his head. Looking around, Klio's eyes widened at the destruction that Konno created back during his fight with Yamu. Klio got to his feet and stretched.

'I'm... I'm not dead! Or.. was I dead and they revived me? How long as I dead? If I was dead, the others must have revived me, I knew I could count on them.' Klio smiled and floated into the air. 'They're probably at Kame House, I should go and freak them all out, saying I'm a ghost or something.'

With that, Klio burst off into the sky towards Kame House.

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VOL 8: Chapter 76 - "Come and Gone"
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