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 VOL 8: Chapter 77 - "Birth of Earth's Defenders - The Z-Fighters!"

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VOL 8: Chapter 77 - "Birth of Earth's Defenders - The Z-Fighters!" Empty
PostSubject: VOL 8: Chapter 77 - "Birth of Earth's Defenders - The Z-Fighters!"   VOL 8: Chapter 77 - "Birth of Earth's Defenders - The Z-Fighters!" I_icon_minitimeTue Aug 02, 2016 3:21 pm

After rejoicing with their friends, Jaduko and Violouh embarked on another journey to find the Dragon Balls once more so they could wish all of the aliens back to their home planets. While the two continued their journey, Taisuka and the rest of the Turtle School led Seiyogi, Kyuti, and Vitalus towards Kame House so the three of them could meet Master Krillin and his family and so those who died on Xerivon could get proper rest and eat a good meal. Jaduko and Violouh would meet them at the Island once they found the Dragon Balls.

Master Krillin was sitting on one of the beach chairs in front of Kame House, he was looking out into the ocean, enjoying the calm and serene water as it splashed against the shore of Kame Island. He let out a yawn and was about to fall asleep when something on the horizon caught his eye. Leaning forward in his seat, Krillin adjusted his sunglasses and widened his eyes as he saw Lizz, Lori, and Konno flying towards the island with their aura flaring around them. Behind the three, Taisuka flew at the same pace but he was carrying a muscular, purple alien in his arms as if the alien couldn't fly. Behind Taisuka, two people with black hair followed closely behind.

"18! Marron! Get out here!" Krillin shouted, falling out of his chair as the sounds of feet landing on grass was heard behind him. Krillin turned around and a smile came across his face as he saw most of his students standing in front of him with smiles on their faces. Krillin lifted himself off of the ground and stumbled forward, Lori stepped forward and extended her arms as if she was trying to catch her master but Krillin waved her off.

"You... You guys are alright... Where have you been?" Krillin asked, taking his sunglasses off completely. He turned his head and looked at all of his students and their guests. "Where's Jaduko? You guys have been gone for over a week!"

"It's kind of a long story, master." Lizz chuckled and scratched the back of her head. Vitalus stood next to her and noticed two women exiting out of Kame House, it was 18 and Maron. The two women ran up to the group with smiles on their faces.

"Yeah, we'll tell you all about what happened over dinner, Jaduko should be around by then." Konno chuckled. "But as you can see, we've made a couple of friends on our journey." Konno lifted his arms up and extended his right towards Vitalus, who waved at the group. Konno then extended his left hand towards Seiyogi and Kyuti, Seiyogi crossed his arms and Kyuti waved.

"So you and Jaduko managed to make friends with those Saiyans rather than kill them?" A voice called out from inside Kame House, everyone turned their heads, Konno and Lori widened their eyes as they saw Klio step out of the front door with bandages wrapped around his arms and abdomen.

"KLIO! You're alive!" Konno shouted, he burst off towards his brother-like friend and quickly wrapped his arms around him. Klio winced in pain as Konno tightened his grip, he let out a chuckle and noticed Lori running up to him as well with tears in her eyes.

"Not so tight, buddy." Klio joked and waved over at Lizz and Taisuka, who waved back. He shot a glare at Seiyogi and the Saiyan returned the glare. Klio walked alongside Konno and Lori back to the group without taking his eyes off of Seiyogi.

"Don't worry Klio, Seiyogi's a good guy now!" Taisuka piped up, he didn't want anyone to start a fight or anything. Klio looked down at Taisuka and looked back up towards Seiyogi, who was slowly walking towards him. Konno and Lizz backed away, letting the two men confront one another.

"My sister and I apologize for what our brother did to you and the others, over the past week we've been working together to stop a greater evil and we've realized our wrongs, I assure you that we are not the man who killed you. We're your allies from this point on." Seiyogi extended his hand to Klio, the Earthling lowered his head and looked at Seiyogi's hand, all was silent for a few moments before Klio lifted his hand and placed it in Seiyogi's.

"I was just kiddin' man, I could feel the power emitting from you for miles and I could tell you changed your ways. Guess that's what happens when you're around Jaduko huh?" Klio chuckled and the two men shook hands as Seiyogi nodded. Lizz let out a sigh of relief and pretended to brush sweat off of her forehead.

The group would spend the rest of the day interacting with each other inside Kame House, Vitalus would introduce himself to everyone and Seiyogi would have conversations with Krillin about the Saiyans he had met in the past. 18 and Kyuti would prepare dinner with one another since the two seemed to get along very well, and Maron would question Konno, Lizz, and Taisuka what exactly happened on Xerivon and everyone would listen in as dinner finished cooking. They all had a fun time as they waited for Jaduko and Violouh to return.

Nearly two days would pass before Jaduko and Violouh landed on the shores of Kame Island. The two had the Dragon Balls in their arms and they quickly sorted them out into a pattern on the grass. Jaduko lifted himself up and nudged Violouh, telling him to follow him up to the door into Kame House.

"Yo!" Jaduko shouted as he walked onto the front porch and knocked on the front door, Violouh stood behind him. The two patiently waited until the door opened, Jaduko grinned when he saw Maron in the doorway. Maron widened her eyes and gave a large grin as she wrapped her arms around Jaduko and pulled him into the house. Violouh widened his eyes jokingly as if he were in fear of what would happen if he stepped inside.

"You're alive!" Maron shouted in glee with her grip on Jaduko tightening. Jaduko chuckled and tried pushing her off, gasping for air. Everyone in the house rushed to the foyer and greeted Jaduko with open arms.

Master Krillin slowly walked down the stairs into the foyer and walked up to Jaduko, the others dispersed so he could walk up to his student. Krillin stopped a few feet in front of Jaduko and looked into the young boy's eyes, the two were about the same height with Jaduko being just a little taller.

"I hope you know that what you did was highly irresponsible and reckless.." Krillin scolded as Jaduko dropped his head in shame. "You're lucky that you managed to get off of that planet alive or else none of you would be here right now."

"I know Master, I'm incredibly sorry and ashamed at my mistake, but I was just trying to do the right thi-" Jaduko was cut off when he felt Krillin's arms wrap around him. Jaduko closed his mouth and wrapped his arms around his Master as the two hugged one another.

"I'm glad you made it back alive... you're becoming just like your father every day.. and you're beginning to remind me of an old friend I had." Tears started forming in Krillin's eyes.

"Master... I spoke with my father when I was on Xerivon.." Jaduko spoke up.

"Are you glad you got to meet him?" Krillin asked. Jaduko nodded. "The beings in Otherworld must have let him communicate you in a time of need, I can see they made the right choice by allowing him to see you."

"Otherworld?" Jaduko questioned.

"Don't worry about it for now, just be glad we're all safe and sound." Krillin turned his head and noticed Violouh standing behind Jaduko. Krillin widened his eyes and Jaduko noticed him looking behind him.

"Oh you haven't met him huh?" Jaduko questioned, backing up next to Violouh, the Saiyan lifted his arm and put it on the Namekian's shoulder. "His name's Violouh, he's a Namekian that helped us out on Xerivon." Violouh bowed towards Krillin, who bowed as well.

"I apologize for cutting things short, but we should probably summon that big dragon so we can get everyone back to their home planets." Vitalus spoke up from the corner of the room. "You did get all of the Dragon Balls, correct?" Jaduko nodded and waved everyone out of the house towards the Dragon Balls on the shore of Kame Island.

Once everyone was out of the house with the exception of Krillin and 18, the two slowly walked towards the door and stared out at Violouh.

"He looks a lot like Piccolo, doesn't he?" 18 questioned. Krillin nodded and smiled as he saw Violouh step forward to the Dragon Balls next to Jaduko. Krillin could feel the ki and power emitting from the two of them and immediately thought of old friends he and 18 used to have, he knew the two of them were destined for great things.

"Do the honors this time? I'm afraid Shenron would get annoyed if I called him out for a third time." Jaduko joked with Violouh, who smirked and lifted his arms over the Dragon Balls.

"Eternal dragon of Earth... by your name, I summon you forth, Shenron!" Violouh shouted, he stepped back next to Jaduko and in front of the rest of the group as the Dragon Balls began to glow, the sky began to change color and became pitch black as a pillar of light shot up from the 1 Star Dragon Ball and shined up into the sky, the pillar of light started to shake as lightning erupted from the 7 Dragon Balls, the light dispersed and Shenron was in the sky above the group. Seiyogi stared up in awe as the lightning formed a dragon-like appearance since this was the first time he'd seen the Dragon Balls being used. Kyuti bumped him in the arm and smirked.

"Those who have summoned me." Shenron spoke in a low tone. "I will grant you your... you guys again?" Shenron seemed a little irritated. Taisuka laughed alongside Jaduko and Maron, but Lizz, Lori, Kyuti, and Konno stared up in fear at Shenron, they didn't know he could get angry. Vitalus and Seiyogi smirked as Violouh began to speak.

"We apologize for bothering you so much, Shenron, but heed my wish because it's important." He paused for a second and looked back at Vitalus, who nodded. "We would like for you to return all of the alien slaves we rescued from Zerox and his slaves back to their home planets so life can return to normal for those involved in the transit. But the purple alien behind me, alongside myself, would like to remain on Planet Earth."

"Very well.." Shenron called out. The dragon's eyes began to glow and a loud sound rang out through the area just like it had before. "Your wish has been granted." Shenron disappeared into a pillar of light that shot down into the Dragon Balls. The 7 of them floated up into the air and circled around each other as they flew higher into the air, they halted and were shot off to different corners of the world.

The aliens had been scattered across Earth, discovering new things. One of the aliens was in a shoe store buying shoes before he simply disappeared, dropping the shoes he was once holding. Another alien was sitting at a dinner table across from a young lady, the two were sharing a smoothie with two straws but the alien disappeared just like the previous one, leaving the girl alone, but she quickly found someone to finish the drink with. One by one, all of the aliens that were rescued from Xerivon and brought to Earthy slowly disappeared and teleported to their own home worlds where they would reunite with their friends and family.

The blackness in the sky dispersed and the blue sky returned once more. Violouh lowered his hands and Vitalus lifted a thumbs up. Jaduko looked around in confusion at the two.

"Don't you two want to return to your home planets?" Jaduko asked. Violouh and Vitalus both shook their heads.

"My planet is no more, it was destroyed by Zerox a long time ago, and I have nowhere to call home other than this planet, if I can stay that is." Vitalus scratched the back of his head.

"I wish to not return to Namek because I made a promise to myself a while back, I promised Shishito and Retasu that I would look after their families, so that's why I choose to stay. It's best that I become your trusted ally and close friend just like I was with your fathers." Violouh looked at Jaduko and looked down at Taisuka.

'He knew Shishito and Retasu?' Krillin thought to himself as he stood on the front porch and listened into the conversation. 'But he looks extremely young... No... It's not possible is it?' He closed his eyes and continued to think.

"Then I guess, welcome home!" Taisuka laughed and ran forward to Violouh, everyone began laughing as the young boy slipped and fell on his face in front of the Namekian, who lifted the boy to his feet.

"Wait a moment, I thought the Dragon Balls deactivated after each usage, how did you use them to teleport to Xerivon, and then revive all of us... and now return everyone home..? Master Krillin told me they turned to stone.." Klio asked, he questioned Violouh and Jaduko, scratching his chin.

"I explained this to Jaduko a few days ago, about how Namekians can locate Dragon Balls easily due to the magic within our bodies being connected to the magic within the Dragon Balls. When I tracked down the Earth Dragon Balls, the magic in the balls reacted to the magic in my body and I guess you could say it destroyed the whole, stone effect." Violouh explained.

"Makes sense I guess? I don't know Namekian anatomy so you do what you gotta do. Thanks for making them work so I could get revived." Klio laughed and Violouh scratched the back of his head.

"I guess since everyone's returned home and everything is solved, what's gonna happen now?" Jaduko questioned, he looked over at Seiyogi and Kyuti. "You guys wanna join the Turtle School?" He then looked at Vitalus and Violouh. "What 'bout you two?"

"Jaduko... there's something we have to tell you.." Lori muttered, Konno wrapped his arm around her as she talked. Jaduko looked over at the two.

"When you and Violouh were out looking for the Dragon Balls, we kinda.. um... we decided to leave the Turtle School and go our separate ways.." Lizz continued. Jaduko dropped his jaw in shock and widened his eyes.

"WHAT?!" Jaduko shouted, looking at Lizz. "But we're a family! What do you mean everyone's leaving?!"

"We're still a family, moron." Konno retorted. "We just felt like, getting killed by aliens and possibly being forgotten in the vacuum of space wasn't our style so we just want to take a break for a while, that's all." Lori nodded.

"But what do you plan on doing... if we don't train..?" Jaduko questioned.

"Lori and I are gonna try this whole dating thing out, see how it goes." Konno replied.

"On top of that, I'm gonna use the knowledge I gained from those MetalMen back on Xerivon and help my dad create new technology for future usage." Lori smiled.

"I'll train here and there, but I want to travel the world and honor Yui's death by following in her footsteps as a martial artist." Lizz piped up.

"I ain't got nowhere to go so I'll just stay here with the Master and his family." Klio replied. Jaduko turned his attention towards Krillin and 18, who were standing on the porch.

"But what if someone threatens the planet again? We need to be prepared and we need to be together." Jaduko pleaded.

"If that happens, we'll stay in touch." Konno remarked, he and Lori floated up into the air and waved at everyone as if they were saying their goodbyes. "We gotta live our lives Jaduko, hopefully you get to live yours, if you do, you know where to find us!" The two then burst off into the sky.

"Sorry Jaduko, but you remember how I said a few years ago how I was only apart of the school to take care of Taisuka?" Lizz questioned, Jaduko nodded. "Now that he's a strong young fighter who can take care of himself, I figure it's time I let him live on his own, let him make his own decision to train with you. I can trust him with you." Lizz smiled at Jaduko, who grinned back.

"Thank you for everything Lizz, good luck on your journey!" Taisuka added in. Lizz smiled and nodded. She waved at Jaduko and hovered into the air. "Thank you for training me to be the way I am today, I'll make sure to stay in touch with you and Taisuka!" She then burst off into the sky, opposite of where Konno and Lori went.

Klio patted Jaduko on the back and led Maron over to the front porch of Kame House, the two of them entered into the door alongside 18.

"If you ever need any help from me Jaduko, or you simply want to have a meal with my family, drop by anytime. I've taught you all that I could teach, I'm proud to see where you'll go from here." Krillin called out, he nodded his head to Seiyogi and Kyuti, only to disappear into the house.

"What do you plan on doing, Vitalus?" Jaduko asked. Vitalus shrugged his shoulders.

"I might travel around the Earth, learn what it's like to live here so I can become one of the inhabitants of this planet." Vitalus responded. "If you ever need my help, I'll always be there to help you."

"I'll drop you off on the mainland if you want." Taisuka spoke up, then he along with Seiyogi and Violouh walked over to Jaduko and caught his attention. "You were right Jaduko, we need to train and get stronger, so people don't try to terrorize our planet anymore. I want you to train me like you promised!"

"Now that you're a Super Saiyan, and after he realizes that Kyuti and I have abandoned our duties to live in harmony on this planet, Nunber and the rest of the Saiyans will no doubt come here to find you. We need to be ready, you need to hone your skills." Seiyogi clenched a fist. Violouh nodded in agreement.

"I'll train with you guys too!" Kyuti piped up behind Seiyogi. Jaduko grinned and looked around at Seiyogi, Taisuka, Violouh, Kyuti, and Vitalus.

"They can come to Earth if they want, but now that you guys are here with me, I don't need to bother with their little war." Jaduko chuckled and lifted a fist into the air. Taisuka did the same and Violouh lifted his as well, Kyuti walked over to Jaduko and bumped into him with a smile on her face, she lifted her fist into the air next to him. They all stared at Seiyogi, who crossed his arms and looked at Jaduko.

"What was that name you called me during our battle?" Seiyogi questioned. Jaduko rose an eyebrow and thought for a moment.

"S..Seiyo.. OH I remember! It was Seikyo!" Jaduko replied. "Why?"

"From here on, my new name will by Seikyo. I don't wish to be associated with the Saiyans or King Nunber any longer, Seiyogi will be no more." Seikyo grinned and lifted his fist into the air next to the others. He looked at Kyuti who seemed a little embarassed.

"I'll uh.. actually keep my name, Kyuti is a good name don't you think?" She questioned Seikyo, who nodded.

"Alright, now that we're all officially banded together, let's head off and train for the future! Konno and the others will come around eventually and join us." Jaduko continued.

"Besides, he said we're all family. The others will help us if it's needed." Kyuti added in. Jaduko nodded and hovered into the air, the others followed behind, Taisuka picked Vitalus up and followed Jaduko into the air.

"Let's get started!" Jaduko shouted and burst into the sky, the others grinned and followed close behind, they would train day after day so they could be prepared for whatever may cross their path and threaten the wonderful planet they inhabit, the planet known as Earth!

From this point on, the Z-Fighters have officially been assembled and little do they know, the future will hold perilous events, some sooner than they think!

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VOL 8: Chapter 77 - "Birth of Earth's Defenders - The Z-Fighters!"
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