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 VOL 8: Chapter 78 - "A Future In Peril!"

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VOL 8: Chapter 78 - "A Future In Peril!" Empty
PostSubject: VOL 8: Chapter 78 - "A Future In Peril!"   VOL 8: Chapter 78 - "A Future In Peril!" I_icon_minitimeTue Aug 02, 2016 10:33 pm

'This isn't happening... This isn't happening.. This CAN'T be happening!' An adult man thought to himself. He was kneeling on the ground behind a large chunk of rubble laying on the ground, it was part of a skyscraper that had been completely destroyed.

The man lifted his head over the rubble and stared into the sky, the sky wasn't blue but it was instead an ashy red as if the world itself was burning, smoke rose into the air all around the area as other buildings had been destroyed just like the one this man was hiding behind. Squinting, the man could see a grey figure zig-zag through the sky, the figure was leaving as if it had finished it's job on destroying this city. Taking the chance to get away, the man lifted himself off of the ground and began running as fast as he could.

Scratches and open wounds were scattered across the man's face, his brown eyes confidently glanced ahead of him as he ran, he didn't want to make the wrong move and run into whatever that figure was, a massive scar ran down the side of the man's face from his forehead, over his eye, and down to his left cheek. This man was no ordinary man however, he was wearing black spandex that covered his entire body from neck to toe, the spandex was tucked into white gloves and white boots. He also had white Saiyan armor over his chest, one that was complete with gold plating, however this Saiyan armor isn't similar to the ones seen before, instead of shoulder plates, it simply had gold straps extending up and over the shoulders. The man's hair was spiked up to the sky with two bangs framing the sides of his face, his hair was brown and appeared to be shaped exactly like Taisuka's.. just who was this man?

The truth is, this man actually was Taisuka, the once young Saiyan boy who was raised by Lizz and mentored by Jaduko was now an adult, on the run from something he couldn't overcome, but where were Jaduko and the others when the apocalypse seemed near?

'They're dead... They're all dead!' Taisuka thought to himself as he ran along the rubble filled streets of whatever city he was in, taking a quick glance to the left, he noticed a sign that said "Welcome to Central City!"... A city populated with nearly a million people, completely destroyed, all of it's people, dead..

Stopping to catch his breath, Taisuka dove behind more rubble and looked into the distance, he could see smoke rising from a building that was still standing. The Saiyan quickly burst off into a sprint towards the building, he was forced to run along the ground because if he flew, it would risk giving away his position, whatever that figure was that Taisuka was running from could sense energy so Taisuka needed to lower his power as low as it could get.

'All clear..' Taisuka thought as he peered into the ashy sky, no sign of the grey figure. He picked up speed and ran through the open doorway into the building with smoke inside.

He ascended up the stairwell with quick bounds and hops until he reached the roof, the building was one of the only buildings left standing in the city, he could use it to look out for any surviving people in the city. There was bound to be a few, he had to save anyone he could.

'I have to find Yitoro, God please don't let her be dead.' Thoughts of a woman with long and beautiful, bright brunette hair flashed in Taisuka's mind. Taisuka grit his teeth and closed his eyes, he tried sensing for any energy emitting from life forces within the city, or what was left of it anyway.

Yitoro was a girl that Taisuka had met many years prior to the events happening right now, the two had been married for nearly three years now, living a happy life.. Until disaster struck the city they lived in, Central City.

Taisuka quickly opened his eyes and jumped off of the side of the building he was on, he could sense multiple sources of energy on the far end of the city, he just had to make it there in one piece.

'What were we thinking, Jaduko and I should have never taken the locket into our own hands, the power behind this thing is beyond anything a mortal could control!' Taisuka thought to himself, ducking behind rubble every city block, checking to make sure the grey figure didn't appear in the sky.

Reaching inside of his Saiyan armor, Taisuka pulled out a gold, oval shaped locket with a dragon design on the front of it, gold chains rattled together as he pulled the locket out of his armor. It was the Locket of Nether, but how did he have it? What did he mean when he said he and Jaduko shouldn't have taken it into their own hands?

Clenching the locket in his hands, Taisuka slid the gold chains over his neck so he was wearing the locket around his neck, it bounced in front of his chest as he ran across the city. Luckily, the grey figure didn't reappear. Could it be that whatever this grey figure was, it wanted the locket?

Taisuka quickly knelt down and slid on his knees towards a pile of rubble, he easily lifted chunks of concrete and shards of glass to get to the people underneath, after a few moments of digging, Taisuka's heart felt like it dropped to his stomach as he saw the body of a bright brunette haired girl laying face down under the rubble. It was Yitoro, the girl he saw in his thoughts from earlier. Taisuka slowly leaned forward and brushed rubble off of Yitoro's body, he pulled her out from under a slab of concrete and lifted her chest up to his ear, he had to see if he could hear her breathing.

It was useless, he couldn't hear a heartbeat, no breathing, nothing. Yitoro was dead. Taisuka closed his eyes and tears started leaking from them as he wrapped his arms around his dead wife and held her close. All was silent for a few moments before Taisuka heard more rustling underneath the rubble. Opening his eyes, the Saiyan saw a man crawl out from the rubble Taisuka had thrown around a few moments earlier, after the man, a woman crawled out and then two children.

"What's going on..?" The man asked, helping the woman to her feet, the two were married and the two kids were their children. The man looked up into the sky and dropped his jaw in shock, he looked around the destroyed city. His wife closed her eyes and tried not to sob as she looked at Yitoro's body in Taisuka's arms.

"You.. you're alive.. But how?" Taisuka questioned, looking at the family in front of him. One of the children walked up to Taisuka and looked up at him, it was a little girl.

"She saved us!" The little girl said, pointing at Yitoro. Taisuka widened his eyes.

"I assume she was your wife?" The little girl's father said, walking up to Taisuka with his wife, who was drying her tears. Taisuka nodded. "I-I'm sorry... All I remember was the building coming down.. we were the only ones inside and she... she threw herself into the rubble, trying to block it so it wouldn't harm me or my family.." The man closed his eyes and looked down at the ground. "I'm so sorry.."

"Don't be." Taisuka muttered. "I'm glad your family gets to live another day, she wanted you to be happy with your loving wife and kids." Taisuka lifted his frown into a smile. The family in front of him were shocked at what Taisuka had said, but they smiled as well.

However Taisuka's glance quickly shot to the sky as he felt a strong surge of energy in the distance.

"But it's not safe here, you have to leave this city, stay alive!" Taisuka shouted at the man. Without a word, the man nodded and grabbed onto his wife's hand and the little girl's hand. The three ran off and the second child, a young boy, ran up to Taisuka.

"Thank you mister, without you, we wouldn't be able to escape. Nice necklace by the way!" The boy said, pointing at the Locket of Nether. Taisuka nodded and the boy chased after his family. Taisuka lowered the body of his wife onto the ground and kissed her on the forehead, he stood up and looked into the sky. In the horizon, he could see a grey figure zig-zagging across the sky towards Central City, he was coming back.

'Reybuu...' Taisuka thought to himself with a scowl on his face. 'He must have sense the power of the Locket..' Taisuka lifted his hand and gripped onto the locket. He floated up into the air and burst towards the figure now known as Reybuu.

"YOU KILLED MY FAMILY AND MY FRIENDS, YOU BASTARD!" Taisuka shouted at the top of his lungs, a white light emitted from his right hand, he thrust it forward and shot it at Reybuu, the figure zig-zagged around the beam and flew directly towards Taisuka with intense speed. Taisuka widened his eyes, knowing he would die going up against this thing, he couldn't do it alone, not without Jaduko, not without Seikyo... nobody could help him.

Once Reybuu was within close range, Taisuka could finally see what the monster finally looked like, it had a strong resemblance to Rif, the bubblegum monster he and his friends had fought many many years ago back on Planet Xerivon. But rather than being pink, Reybuu was grey with black and gold plating on his chest, wrists, and ankels, much like Zerox or Shiver. Reybuu opened his mouth and a long, pointy tongue drooped out of the monster's mouth, his eyes were pure black and had piercing red pupils, a long tendril extended down the back of Reybuu's head over grey spikes that extended outwards from the back of it's head. On the front of the monster's head there was a golden gem just above his eyes.

Taisuka grit his teeth and his body fizzed out of view, Reybuu quickly pounced the air where Taisuka once floated, only to turn around and reach for the locket around the Saiyan's neck.

"GET OFF!" Taisuka shouted, he was about to attack but was surprised when Reybuu wrapped his fingers around the locket, a white light began to pulsate around the monster's hand, growing brighter with each second. Reybuu stopped moving and looked at his hand in fear. Taisuka noticed that the gem on Reybuu's forehead was glowing as if his body reacted to the locket somehow.

'What's happening?!' Taisuka thought to himself.

In an instant, the white light exploded around the two, Taisuka screamed alongside Reybuu as the two seemed to be sucked inside of the Locket, reality seemed to be manipulating itself as the air around the locket swirled, and with a feint 'whirring' sound, the locket disappeared within itself, leaving nothing behind. Taisuka, Reybuu, and the Locket of Nether were gone.

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VOL 8: Chapter 78 - "A Future In Peril!"
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