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 VOL 8: Chapter 79 - "Master and Student"

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Jaduko Masurao
Jaduko Masurao

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VOL 8: Chapter 79 - "Master and Student" Empty
PostSubject: VOL 8: Chapter 79 - "Master and Student"   VOL 8: Chapter 79 - "Master and Student" I_icon_minitimeWed Aug 03, 2016 10:53 pm

Back in the present timeline, three years have now passed since the battle on Planet Xerivon and the defeat of Zerox (and two years since the defeat of Shiver). Jaduko Masurao, now a 17 year old teenage boy, has taken it upon himself to train his young friend and ally, 13 year old Taisuka Mouretsu. The Earth has been a peaceful place for these past few years, allowing the two Saiyans to train in peace, their strength has increased exponentially.

However, neither of the Saiyans have seen their close friends and companions since splitting up back on Kame Island. Kyuti occasionally locates and trains with Jaduko and Taisuka but spends most of her time living among the Earthlings to experience what they act like with her brother, Seiyogi, who has renamed himself Seikyo. However the two siblings parted ways to embark on their own journeys when Seikyo decided to train by himself, and Kyuti aspired to get an education in a college in East City.

"You know Jaduko, sometimes I miss the others, don't you?" Taisuka questioned one day, he was sitting on a boulder in the middle of a lush green forest, the forest was named 'Bonbon Forest', his gi was now updated sporting the same style as the Turtle Gi, but instead of being orange and blue, the gi was all black with a yellow inner shirt, yellow belt, yellow wristbands, and yellow boots.

"I do. But you remember what they said, about being killed by aliens and stuff. The whole Zerox thing kinda freaked them out, and if they met Shiver... hoo boy." Jaduko replied with a whistle, like Taisuka, he had received an upgraded gi as well. Jaduko was now sporting his signature look, a navy blue gi with a black inner shirt, black belt, black wristbands, and black boots. Both Jaduko and Taisuka's gi had the Turtle School emblem sewn into the gi's chest over their heart so they could always remember where their family resides.

"Yeah but we've been training non-stop for the past three years with the exception of sleeping, eating, and traveling from city to city. I understand Lizz went on her journey to honor her sister, but don't you think we could've stopped by Central City to visit Konno and Lori?" Taisuka questioned. "You don't think... they forgot about us?"

"They didn't forget about us, and we've been training for a good purpose, both of us are stronger than we could have ever imagined and I can feel you're close to becoming a Super Saiyan." Jaduko lifted his finger in the air.

"You've been saying that for the past two weeks." Taisuka grumbled.

"Alright look, We can go to Central City and visit Konno and Lori after today's training session, that sound good?" Jaduko questioned, trying to please his student and friend.

"Yeah!" Taisuka was eager, he lifted himself off of the boulder as Jaduko tightened his belt.

"Alright, today's lesson is about Wild Sense, I know we've been practicing that over the past week but today I want you to master it." Jaduko began. "It's important to use Wild Sense in a fight, since in the past we've usually just allowed ourselves to take the hits when in a fight."

"I understand." Taisuka nodded.

"Attack me for as long as you can until I say stop." Jaduko ordered. Taisuka clenched his fists and lunged forward, he threw a punch at Jaduko's face, but was caught off guard when Jaduko's body fizzed out of view and appeared behind him. Taisuka quickly spun in the air, placing his hand on the ground and using the momentum to thrust a kick towards the back of Jaduko's head. Jaduko fizzed out of view again and appeared to the side of Taisuka. Taisuka flipped off of the ground and rapidly fired a barrage of white ki blasts at Jaduko, who fizzed in and out of view as he hopped and dodged each blast, letting them destroy the trees and boulders behind him.

"Alright stop." Jaduko ordered, he landed on the ground in front of Taisuka. The younger Saiyan stopped firing ki blasts and looked up at Jaduko. "See how I did it? I know you're an expert at sensing ki and energy, so use that to your advantage by avoiding by attacks exactly how I avoided yours, are you ready?"

Taisuka nodded and within an instant, Jaduko rushed forward, thrusting his leg towards Taisuka's hip. Jaduko grinned when he saw Taisuka's body fizz out of view. Jaduko flipped and fired a ki blast behind him, he saw Taisuka's body fizz into view and immediately disappear, allowing the blast to smash into the dirt behind where he once stood. Jaduko hopped backwards and turned around, he began throwing a barrage of punches and kicks as Taisuka's body fizzed in and out of view like he did before. Jaduko smirked as he stopped punching, he thrust his hands towards the sky and shouted as a blue aura erupted from his body.

"OOF!" Taisuka shouted, Jaduko noticed Taisuka's body fizz into view as it was sent skidding across the ground to his left.

"You're getting closer, but anticipate attacks like the explosive wave I just demonstrated, it's not always a one-way offensive." Jaduko walked over and helped Taisuka to his feet. "Alright training ov-" He was cut off by a bright white light shining in the sky. The two Saiyans winced and looked up towards the source, a few seconds passed until the light slowly vanished.

"You see that?" Taisuka pointed up towards a silhouette of a person that was falling from the sky, it was small but the two could feel the energy emitting from the silhouette's body.

"Yeah I see it.." Jaduko muttered, he watched the silhouette slowly plummet towards the ground, but it slowly disappeared behind the trees of the forest. "We need to get over there and help whoever that was, come on!" Jaduko shouted, waving for Taisuka to follow him. The two floated into the sky and burst off towards the direction where the silhouette fell.

Several minutes would pass as the two Saiyans traveled for miles, they eventually flew over the massive rocky valley known as Gizard Wasteland.

"He's down there!" Taisuka shouted, pointing down at the silhouette, who was laying on top one of the rocky pillars that extended into the sky. Jaduko flew downwards towards the man alongside Taisuka, the two came to a halt and dropped on the rocky platform next to the man.

"He's out cold." Taisuka continued, kneeling down next to the man, he quickly widened his eyes as if he had seen a ghost.

"He's wearing Saiyan armor... but it doesn't have those shoulder plate things." Jaduko mumbled, kneeling down next to the man, who was laying with his face pointed away from Jaduko.

Taisuka fell backwards onto his butt and started crab walking backwards away from the man, his face was pale and sweat started dripping from his forehead. Jaduko lifted his head and looked at Taisuka.

"What's wrong?" Jaduko asked. Taisuka pointed at the man's face without saying a word. "Did he get disfigured from the fall or what? I wonder if he survived."

Jaduko grabbed onto the man's shoulder and pulled him over so he was facing upwards, Jaduko widened his eyes and opened his mouth in shock as he stared down at the man with brown spiky hair, who had a scar on the left side of his face. A golden locket was around his neck and rested on his chest, the orb in the center of the locket was rapidly sparkling white.

"It's... it's you..?" Jaduko mumbled, looking at the younger Taisuka and then at the older Taisuka, then back at the younger Taisuka.

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VOL 8: Chapter 79 - "Master and Student"
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