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 VOL 9: Chapter 83 - "Field Trip to Macadmi Technology"

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VOL 9: Chapter 83 - "Field Trip to Macadmi Technology" Empty
PostSubject: VOL 9: Chapter 83 - "Field Trip to Macadmi Technology"   VOL 9: Chapter 83 - "Field Trip to Macadmi Technology" I_icon_minitimeThu Aug 04, 2016 10:15 pm

Jaduko led the two Taisukas through the air as mountains and valleys passed underneath them, as the three Saiyans flew over a small village, the villagers waved up at them, as if they had seen people fly before. Waving back, Future Taisuka lifted his head and saw a massive city appear over the horizon, it was Central City.

Images of the destroyed Central City from his future flashed in Future Taisuka's mind, millions dead, skyscrapers collapes and smoke rising from the rubble, people screaming as their city collapsed around them.. Future Taisuka grit his teeth, following Jaduko and Taisuka over the city's buildings, people wandered the streets below on foot and flying cars passed underneath them.

"It's been a long time since I've seen this many people in a city like this.." Future Taisuka muttered to himself, staring down into the city streets. Taisuka slowed his speed so he was flying side by side with his future counterpart.

"It's nice seeing the city thrive, isn't it?" Taisuka spoke up, Future Taisuka lifted his head and stared at his younger self.

"Yeah, it is." Future Taisuka replied with a chuckle. The two Saiyans followed Jaduko through the air towards the heart of Central City towards a massive building with the words 'Macadmi Technology' written on the side. Future Taisuka widened his eyes, recognizing the name.

Jaduko slowed to a halt and dropped onto a balcony extending off of the building's rooftop, Taisuka and Future Taisuka landed behind him. The three Saiyans walked onto the rooftop towards the doorway leading into the building's stairwell.

"Shouldn't we have been invited in first?" Taisuka questioned, he watched Jaduko open the doorway to the stairwell before turning around.

"I'm sure they'll be glad to see us, don't worry 'bout it." Jaduko chuckled and began descending the stairwell into the Macadmi Technology Building, Future Taisuka followed close behind and Taisuka did as well, both of the Taisukas had unsure looks on their faces.

The three Saiyans descended the stairwell, stealthily making sure not to get caught by the building's security or scientists that roamed the halls. After a few minutes of sneaking around, the three stepped into the dark and cold basement of the building, Jaduko flipped on a light switch and lights began turning on one by one, revealing a large collection of technology in a large room.

"Whoa!" Future Taisuka muttered, stunned at all of the metallic parts, wires, and technology scattered throughout the room. Computers lined themselves along the basement walls with beeping lights. The three Saiyans split apart and began to tinker with the electronics they found.

Jaduko picked up a small metallic box that was colored purple, he tapped a button and a large holographic map of Central City shot into the air above him, displaying all of the city's famous locations as if it were a GPS system. Jaduko smirked knowing that Lori built this based on the coordinate systems found inside the MetalMen back on Xerivon.

Taisuka and Future Taisuka moved from electronic to electronic, picking up scrapped wires and robotic limbs. Minutes passed after the two goofed off, Future Taisuka grabbed onto a small, green colored cube and tapped a button in one of the sides. The cube dissolved into small, holographic rays that shot onto his torso, wrapping around it. With a gasp, Future Taisuka was surprised when the holographic rays formed a brown leather jacket that placed itself over his arms and Saiyan armor.

"Do I go into your basement and goof off with scrapped metal?" A female voice called out from the stairwell. Both Jaduko and Taisuka dropped the electronics that they were holding and looked towards the direction where the voice came from, Future Taisuka ducked beneath a pile of scrap metal. Jaduko and Taisuka grinned and laughed when they saw Lori standing in front of the stairwell with a smirk on her face and a hand on her hip. She was wearing a red, long-sleeved shirt with a Macadmi Technology logo sewn on the front, the shirt was tucked into black gi-like pants that were supported with a yellow belt and buckle. The pants were tucked into yellow working boots.

"Lori!" Taisuka shouted in glee, he dropped what he was holding and made his way through the rows of scrap metal towards her.

"Long time no see, you've been busy?" Jaduko grinned, making his way towards Lori as well, Taisuka wrapped his arms around Lori and the two hugged. Future Taisuka stealthily snuck closer to the three, making sure he was hidden behind the piles of scrap metal.

"Just a tad, my father and I have been trying to re-create robotic servants that work like the MetalMen we met on Xerivon, but we haven't had any luck yet. On the bright side, we've made a lot of side inventions on our path to create a MetalMan." Lori chuckled and walked past Jaduko towards the purple device he held earlier. "You've seen the new GPS system we made?"

Jaduko nodded. "Amazing job. I'm impressed."

"Thanks, glad you like it. You guys just been training for the past three years then?" Lori replied, Jaduko nodded. Lori lifted her head and heard rustling in the corner of the room as scrap metal quickly fell to the floor.

"Lori! Who's down there with you?" A male voice called out from the stairwell, Jaduko and Taisuka turned their heads and noticed a man with black and red hair descending the stairwell.

"Konno! What are you doing here?" Jaduko grinned. He noticed that his Earthling friend was wearing a gi similar to his, but it was slightly different. Konno's gi consisted of black gi pants tucked into black boots with white buckles. A grey gi top was worn over a white inner shirt, a grey belt wrapped around his gi top and gi pants, supporting the two. Jaduko also noticed Konno wearing grey fingerless gloves.

"I live here, doofus." Konno replied, walking up to his friend. "Man, you two have grown up a bunch." He chuckled and lifted his fists into the air, Jaduko and Taisuka both gave him a fist bump. Before Jaduko could continue speaking, he heard metal clang against the floor in the corner of the room, the three men turned their head and saw Lori holding Future Taisuka by the ear, a brown leather jacket was wrapped around his Saiyan armor and spandex from the electronic he found earlier. Future Taisuka winced in pain as Lori dragged him over to the three.

"Who's this? He looks awfully familiar, doesn't he, Konno?" Lori questioned, dropping Future Taisuka to the floor in front of Jaduko and Taisuka. Konno stepped back and looked at the older version of Taisuka with a hand on his chin.

"I can't put my finger on it.." Konno stared down at Future Taisuka, causing Lori to facepalm. Sweat started forming on Jaduko and Taisuka's foreheads.

"He looks like Taisuka, can't you tell?" Lori lifted Future Taisuka to his feet and pointed at the two Taisukas.

"Oh I see it now, how is that possible?" Konno questioned. "Long lost twins or somethin'?"

"Uh actually.." Jaduko began to speak, but Future Taisuka opened his mouth.

"Taisuka and I are actually the same person.. I'm from-" He was cut off by Lori.

"From the future?" Lori questioned. Future Taisuka nodded his head. "Incredible.. did you come back in a time machine or anything that my father and I can try to experiment on?"

"He actually came back in time from a locket." Taisuka piped up.

"Well that's not entirely true, remember we gave the locket to Dende so he could figure out what happened." Future Taisuka looked at his younger self. Jaduko and Konno were standing off to the side listening to the three talk.

"You smell that?" Konno questioned, sniffing the air. Jaduko turned his head and looked at his friend in curiosity, Konno quickly leaned over and smelled Jaduko's gi. "Man, when was the last time you guys were in civilization? You reek."

"Taisuka and I last visited Kyuti in East City about three or four weeks ago, but we've been training in the forest since then. We were gonna wash ourselves in a river and come visit you guys earlier, but we kinda ran into 'Future' Taisuka over here." Jaduko lifted his thumb and pointed at Future Taisuka.

"Well you guys can take a shower upstairs and join the two of us for dinner. You don't have anywhere to stay?" Lori questioned, leading the group towards the stairs.

"We usually just slept in the forest, it's quite comfortable out there actually." Taisuka replied. Lori would lead Jaduko, Taisuka, and Future Taisuka up the stairs, leading the three of them to individual showers where they got themselves clean. Konno washed the Saiyan's gis and armor, leaving them out for the them when they were all clean.

Hours passed and the scientists and security members who worked for Macadmi Technology quickly left the building to return to their homes, Konno and Lori stayed in the building since it was their home, dinner would be prepared by Lori's father and the three Earthlings joined the three Saiyans, sitting down for the meal in the dining room on the third floor of the building. Over dinner, Future Taisuka explained his situation about Reybuu and explained how he was trying to return to his future timeline. Jaduko and Taisuka were insanely hungry, they scarfed down plates upon platefuls of food as Future Taisuka told his story to Lori, Konno, and Lori's father. Plates slowly began to pile on the table as the two Saiyans seemed to never fill up.

"So you think.." Konno took a bite of his food and continued to talk with food in his mouth. "That Reybuu guy is the one behind the time travel incident?"

"I do, I just wanted to warn you guys of the impending doom that Reybuu may cause, I fear he's in this timeline with me.." Future Taisuka mumbled.

"Thank you for looking out for us, but we just want you to make it back to your timeline safely. You're still Taisuka after all, so we wish the best for you." Lori added in as she bit onto her food.

"You said this Dende guy needed three days to study the locket?" Konno questioned. Future Taisuka nodded. "Well then kick back and enjoy yourself in our timeline, you'll need it." Konno grinned. Jaduko swallowed the food that was in his mouth and looked at Konno, he remembered what he was about to ask before Lori found Future Taisuka back in the basement.

"How is it crashing here, Konno, you enjoying the rich life?" Jaduko took another bite of food. "I'm surprised Lori let you crash here for the past three years."

"Well, we are married." Lori muttered, causing Taisuka to do a spit take with the water he was drinking, the water splashed on Lori's father.

"You're WHAT?!" Taisuka questioned. "How long has it been?"

"A little over a year." Konno replied.

"We were invited to the wedding?" Jaduko questioned, Konno shrugged his shoulders and let Lori continue.

"Well we were gonna invite you guys, everyone else as well but my dad wanted the wedding to be private, so we just invited family." Lori shrugged and nervously chuckled.

"Klio came though, he's technically my family." Konno replied.

"Did you know about them being married?" Jaduko turned his head and looked at Future Taisuka, who was politely sipping water from his cup with his eyes closed. Future Taisuka nodded and smirked behind his cup.

"Speaking of Klio, how's he doing lately?" Taisuka questioned. "What about Krillin and his family?"

"Klio and Krillin are doing fine, they're living with 18 and Maron on Kame Island like they said they would, they occasionally drop by and have dinner with us every so often."

"What about Lizz?" Jaduko added onto Taisuka's question. Konno nodded towards Lori's father, who lifted a remote out of his pocket and aimed it up at the ceiling, the ceiling panels started to shift as a large television screen descended from it. The television turned on and with a push of a few buttons, Lori's father put video clips of Lizz on the screen, she was fighting a man in a martial arts gi in a city street with crowds of people watching.

"She's honoring Yui like she said she would, she's gotten quite famous lately." Lori spoke. The group could see Lizz with her red hair tied into a pony tail, she knocked her opponent on the ground and the crowd roared with applause. Lizz was wearing white gi pants that were tucked into cyan Turtle School boots. She was also wearing a cyan Turtle School gi with a black undershirt, a black belt supported her gi top and gi pants.

"Glad she's training." Jaduko grinned and watched Lizz on the screen.

"How's everything going on your end? How are Seiyogi, Violouh, and Vitalus?" Konno questioned, a grin spread across his face. "How are things with Kyuti, eh? You two dating yet, Jaduko?"

"Seiyogi changed his name to Seikyo a few years ago, he didn't wanna be called Seiyogi anymore, but I'm not sure where he is, he went off to train alone a few years ago. So did Violouh... Vitalus is just doin' his own thing." Taisuka replied.

"Kyuti's doing fine, we're not dating." Jaduko awkwardly blushed thinking about it. "But she did enlist in a college to learn about Earth and it's education a little while back." Jaduko replied.

"Good for her, I'm glad she's so enthusiastic about learning about our people and what we do." Lori replied, finishing her food. "What college does she attend?"

"I'm not sure, some kinda college in East City." Jaduko replied. "We planned on visiting her tomorrow, you two wanna come with?"

"Sure, we don't have anything better to do, right?" Konno nudged Lori. The group of friends finished their dinner and spent the rest of the night watching Lizz on television, having fun and goofing around like children. After everything was said and done, Lori led the three Saiyans towards spare rooms where they would be sleeping. Future Taisuka entered his room alone and removed the Saiyan armor he was wearing, a pair of spare pajamas were laying on the bed he was supposed to sleep in.

'I may have been a little negative about being stuck in the past... but it's actually not quite bad.' Future Taisuka thought as he changed into his pajamas, he got into bed and rested his hands behind his head as he stared up at the ceiling. A nearby window was open and the moonlight illuminated itself into his room.

'It's been years since I've been able to laugh and have a good time with my friends.. Jaduko, Konno, Lori...' Future Taisuka sighed and turned his head so he was staring out of the room's window, a smile slowly crept onto his face.

'I'm glad, that out of all of the timelines I could have ended up in, I ended up in this one where there was peace... Everyone here has been having a good life..' Future Taisuka thought about his life back in the future, before Reybuu attacked. Watching how Konno and Lori interacted with one another as loving husband and wife, Future Taisuka remembered himself living happily with his own wife, Yitoro, the two had been married for two years and were expecting a baby boy. But unfortunately, the baby boy wouldn't have the chance to be born..

'It's gonna be horrible when this timeline deals with Reybuu just like mine did..' Future Taisuka grit his teeth, he knew he had to stop Reybuu from destroying another timeline, he just had to.

Closing his eyes, Future Taisuka softly drifted to sleep, happy that he got the chance to spend an evening with his friends, just one more time.

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VOL 9: Chapter 83 - "Field Trip to Macadmi Technology"
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