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 VOL 9: Chapter 84 - "Kyuti's Pitch"

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VOL 9: Chapter 84 - "Kyuti's Pitch" Empty
PostSubject: VOL 9: Chapter 84 - "Kyuti's Pitch"   VOL 9: Chapter 84 - "Kyuti's Pitch" I_icon_minitimeFri Aug 05, 2016 6:49 pm

The next day, our heroes wake bright and early so they can head to East City to find Kyuti and introduce her to Future Taisuka. Getting into his blue gi, Jaduko waited for the rest of the group to join him on the rooftop of the Macadmi Technology Building, once everyone was dressed and ready to head off, Jaduko burst off into the sky with Taisuka, Future Taisuka, Konno, and Lori following close behind.

Flying at intense speed, the five made it to the East City boundaries within 20 minutes.

"You know where her college might be?" Jaduko called back to Lori as he slowed to a halt until he hovered high above the city. Taisuka and Konno stopped behind him and looked around, East City was significantly smaller than Central City, it's population only consisted of about 500 to 600 thousand people, which isn't much compared to Central City's 3 million.

"Should be over in this direction." Lori replied, flying past Jaduko so she could lead the group towards Kyuti's college. In the distance, Future Taisuka could see hills of grass on the outer edge of the city, a large tower extended up towards the sky and overlooked the city it neighbored. Approaching the tower and going around the back, the group could see smaller buildings connected to the tower using small glass tunnels so people could get from building to building, it was a college campus, battleball fields, baseball diamonds, and tennis courts were scattered throughout the landscape. Flying above the buildings towards the baseball diamond, Future Taisuka raised an eyebrow as he heard a baseball bat smack into a softball, followed by a crowd erupting in shouts of both glee and anger.

"Taisuka! Er.. Future Taisuka, look out!" Konno shouted, he leaned forward to try and pull Future Taisuka backwards, but before he could grab onto the future counterpart of his close friend, a softball smacked Future Taisuka in the bottom of the chin, sending him flying upwards.

"Ouch! What the hell was that?!" Future Taisuka shouted, rubbing his chin in anger.

"Looks like everyone's down there watching a game of softball." Lori giggled and watched the softball that hit Future Taisuka slowly fall to the ground below.

"You think Kyuti is watching the game?" Taisuka looked at Jaduko.

"She might be, and if not, a softball game is a softball game, we can watch it for a few minutes." Jaduko childishly grinned at Taisuka and waved for the others to follow him, he dropped downwards from the sky and slowly hovered over towards the roof of the bleachers that looked onto the field. The group rested above the bleachers and watched the game with no one noticing them there. There were only female softball players on the field, meaning that this was a College Women's Softball game.

Looking at the nearby scoreboard, Future Taisuka could see that the East City Magicians were playing against their rivals, the Satan City Sirens. The Magicians were demolishing the Sirens with a score of 9 - 3.

'Baseball huh?' Future Taisuka rubbed his chin where the softball hit him. 'I haven't seen one of these games in years. This could be interesting.'

"You guys in the future still have softball, right?" Konno asked, crossing his arms and looking at Future Taisuka.

"Yeah but isn't this baseball?" Future Taisuka asked, he wasn't aware of the differences between baseball and softball.

"Well it technically is, but considering this is a school sport for a college team, the girls play softball, don't ask me why, I always thought it was dumb as to why we didn't play baseball." Lori replied with a scoff.

"I never got into sports in the future, usually spent my time with my family, or training." Future Taisuka watched as the pitcher for the Sirens struck out the batter for the Magicians.

"Well now you get a few days to kick back and relax, that's pretty nice, right?" Taisuka questioned. Jaduko was heavily concentrated on the game and widened his eyes in shock when he saw a particular female walk onto the field as the two teams changed sides.

"Is that Kyuti?!" Jaduko muttered, catching everyone's attention. Konno knelt down next to Jaduko and peered down onto the field towards the pitcher's mound. Sure enough, the girl standing on the pitcher's mound had spiky black hair, it was Kyuti.

"Lucky you, you got a girl who can play some sports." Konno elbowed Jaduko in the side. "Not quite as good as a girl who can do technology but it'll do." Lori smirked at Konno's comment.

"Yeah yeah, just watch the game." Jaduko waved Konno off and studied Kyuti down on the field, she was wearing the uniform for her team which was a white and black softball uniform with a blue undershirt. Kyuti was also wearing a white visor cap that wrapped around her black spiky hair.

"Isn't she gonna kill someone if she throws that ball hard enough? She's a Saiyan like we are." Taisuka questioned, Future Taisuka looked back at him and shrugged his shoulders.

Kyuti slowly juggled the softball in her brown softball glove, watching the batter slowly lift the bat up in anticipation. Kyuti closed her eyes and lowered her head so a shadow was cast over her eyes from her visor. Taking a deep breath, she did her best to sense the energy emitting from the batter's body. With a smirky grin, Kyuti lifted her head and a twinkle sparkled out of her right eye as the sun shined into her face. Quickly lifting her hand that was holding the softball, Kyuti confidently took a step forward and threw the ball towards the batter with an incredible speed, she didn't even blink. Before the ball reached the batter, who quickly swung as quick as she could, the ball downwards underneath the bat, the umpire swiftly caught the ball in her glove and held out a finger. Strike one!

"Guess she knows how to control her strength, that's good, we don't want anyone dead." Lori nervously chuckled.

The game would continue for the next two and a half hours with each team switching sides, striking out, and even scoring homeruns. Once the final score was tallied up, the Magicians took the win, beating the Sirens with a score of 24 - 6.

"You know, that was pretty fun to watch, makes me wish baseball... er.. softball still existed in the future!" Future Taisuka chuckled, Konno and Taisuka grinned at him.

Jaduko and his group of friends hovered off of the bleachers where they sat, watching the game, landing on the ground near the entrance as people started to leave the baseball diamond, talking about the star pitcher for the Magicians. Jaduko crossed his arms and grinned as he listened to people talk highly of Kyuti.

Watching people flood out of the front entrance to the baseball diamond, Taisuka jumped in the air to see if he could find Kyuti among the crowd but had no luck considering he was shorter than the rest of his friends. But something did catch Taisuka's eyes however. Future Taisuka noticed Taisuka softly watching someone walk past and widened his eyes as he recognized who his younger self was staring at.

A young girl that looked around Taisuka's age at the time walked past, she had long and beautiful, bright brunette hair that bounced against her back as she walked. The girl was with her older sister who was wearing a sweatshirt with the Magicians logo on the front, she most likely attended this college. Turning her head, the young girl saw Taisuka staring at her and quickly turned away as if she was embarrassed.

'That can't be... it is... it's Yitoro...!' Future Taisuka's voice muttered in his head, he watched the young girl walk away with his eyes wide in shock. 'I've been too busy having fun in the past that I should've recognized all of this... I remember meeting Yitoro outside of a baseball field when I was younger..' Future Taisuka quickly glanced up and realized they were still outside the baseball field waiting for Kyuti. 'Oh my god.. Let's hope I don't screw the timeline by doing this.'

Future Taisuka stepped forward and elbowed his younger self in the arm, catching Taisuka's attention and turning him away from the girl.

"Go talk to her. I saw you lookin' at her all googly eyed." Future Taisuka played around, he would exchange glances with Taisuka and the young Yitoro as she walked away.

"W-What're you talkin' about?" Taisuka embarrassingly scratched the back of his head.

"I'm you, I know how you think and act." Future Taisuka smirked and knelt down in front of Taisuka. "Go introduce yourself, become her friend, get her name, get her number, just do something." Future Taisuka looked into Taisuka's eyes as if he was sending a message, Taisuka widened his eyes and softly nodded his head, he burst off into a sprint towards Yitoro and her older sister, shouting out for the two of them.

"Where's he going?" Lori asked Future Taisuka, watching Taisuka's mouth move as he talked to the young Yitoro, her older sister patiently watched the two talk realizing what Taisuka was trying to do.

"Making a decision that would change the rest of his life." Future Taisuka replied with a smile, Lori stared at Future Taisuka and softly opened her mouth as if she about to say something, but she smiled once she realized what he meant.

A few minutes would pass and the last of the people cleared from the stadium, girls with gym bags and softball bags left the field as they laughed and talked amongst each other. Eventually, Kyuti walked out behind a group of girls, keeping to herself. She was no longer wearing her softball uniform, but was instead wearing a white tank top and blue jeans, her gym bag and softball bag were wrapped around her back.

"What's a Saiyan doing playing softball, I thought a sport like battleball would be our kinda thing." Jaduko teased, catching Kyuti's attention as she exited the stadium. Within an instant, a smile formed on Kyuti's face and she lunged forward, wrapping her arms around Jaduko.

"I would play battleball, but I figured if you ever got into sports, I wouldn't want to seem manlier than you." Kyuti taunted. "Don't tell me you watched the game, I didn't think you could keep your mind off training for that long." Shechuckled, releasing her arms from Jaduko.

"Well on top of me wanting to drop by, say hi, and watch you play amazingly well in a softball game. I brought everyone along so they could say hi." Jaduko grinned and extended his arm towards Konno, who waved at Kyuti. Lori and Future Taisuka stood next to Konno.

"Geez, it's been forever since I've seen the two of you, how've you been?" Kyuti stepped forward and wrapped her arms around Konno and Lori's neck, pulling the two of them into a hug.

"We're doing pretty fine, got married recently and just wanted to stop by and say hi alongside Jaduko and Taisuka. Surprised you didn't kill anyone during your softball game." Konno chuckled and Lori did her best to breath as Kyuti tightened her grip.

"I wish we weren't restricted to softball, the balls we use in games are too.... soft? At least for me, I have to hold back a lot." Kyuti replied. "Anyway enough about my game, married huh?" She snickered at Lori, who did her best to explain what happened over the past three years with her and Konno.

'Kyuti...?' Future Taisuka thought to himself, crossing his arms and staring at the Saiyan girl. 'She's so cheery compared to what I'm used to... that makes me assume that nothing's happened to Seiyogi quite yet..'

"Who's this?" Kyuti rose an eyebrow, letting go of Konno and Lori as she stepped forward, crossing her arms in front of Future Taisuka, the two Saiyans stared at each other for a moment before Kyuti's eyes widened. "You've grown since I've last seen you."

"Uh actually, the real Taisuka is over there." Jaduko walked over and put his hand on Kyuti's shoulder, he pointed off in the distance towards Taisuka, who was still talking to Yitoro and his sister. Kyuti's mouth dropped in shock as she changed glances between the two Taisukas.

"It's a long story so I'll keep it short.." Future Taisuka began, he would spend the next couple of minutes explaining his situation about Reybuu and the future to a straight faced Kyuti, who nodded as if she completely understood everything.

"So we just dropped by to tell you that we're getting everyone back together, incase this Reybuu guy shows up." Jaduko looked at Kyuti, who looked at him. "Where's Seikyo or Violouh, do you know? I heard they were training but we don't know where."

"I'm not sure where they are, but I'm sure if this Reybuu thing shows up, they'll show up to help us out if there's a conflict." Kyuti clenched her fist, Taisuka quickly ran over to the group with a big grin on his face. Future Taisuka lifted his head and stared out at the young Yitoro, who was walking away with her sister. Yitoro turned around and looked at Taisuka with a blush on her face.

"Thanks for the advice, man." Taisuka lifted his hand into the air and high fived Future Taisuka. "I introduced myself and had a nice talk with her, her older sister just kinda laughed at us though."

"You got yourselves a girlfriend? What's her name?" Konno chuckled. "I underestimated you Saiyans and your dating skills." Jaduko crossed his arms and scowled at Konno, who grinned.

"Her name's Yitoro and she's not quite my girlfriend, but she gave me this list of numbers, said it was her phone number. I said I didn't have a phone but I could get one." Taisuka scratched the back of his head.

"I can give you a phone when we get back to Macadmi Technology so you can call her." Lori chuckled, thinking it was cute of Taisuka being so excited.

"It was nice seeing all of you again." Kyuti looked around at her group of friends and looked at Jaduko. "But I should probably head to my dorm room and put all of my gear away until next week's game."

"You wanna drop by for dinner tonight? These three are staying over until this whole future stuff blows over." Konno asked.

"Sure! I'll stop by." Kyuti replied.

"Great! That means there's gonna be four Saiyans to feed so there better be a lot of food." Jaduko chuckled, looking at Lori. "You wanna invite your girlfriend over, Taisuka?" Jaduko looked over at Taisuka, who was silently staring up at the sky, Future Taisuka was staring into the sky as well. Both of them had serious faces.

"Something wrong?" Konno questioned.

"No.. it's nothing.." Taisuka muttered, he knew Future Taisuka had felt what he had felt. "Let's just head back to your house." Everyone shrugged it off.

'It can't be... I was right...' Future Taisuka continued to stare up at the sky. 'He IS in this timeline with me... Reybuu is coming..'

That's all that Future Taisuka could think of when he and the others returned to Macadmi Technology. Reybuu and his future were the only things on his mind through the rest of the day, continuing to plague his mind as he went on to eat dinner with his friends, were still in his mind when he helped give Taisuka advice when he talked to Yitoro over the phone, and they were the last thoughts he had before going to bed.

That night, Future Taisuka wouldn't be able to sleep, instead of having dreams that could keep him calm, he would relive a nightmare of what truly happened in his future..

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VOL 9: Chapter 84 - "Kyuti's Pitch"
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