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 VOL 9: Chapter 85 - "Everything Changes From Here"

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PostSubject: VOL 9: Chapter 85 - "Everything Changes From Here"   VOL 9: Chapter 85 - "Everything Changes From Here" I_icon_minitimeSat Aug 06, 2016 10:11 pm

Waking up from his nightmare the next day, Future Taisuka looked around and realized he was still stuck in the past, these past few days have been a nice change from the future he's used to, however reliving it all again simply reminded him of the loved ones he failed in his own timeline. Clenching his fist, Future Taisuka felt the strong power approaching Earth that he and the younger Taisuka felt yesterday after Kyuti's baseball game. With it getting closer, Future Taisuka knew for certain that it was Reybuu, he was coming for the locket.

'Oh no...' Future Taisuka's eyes widened and he quickly hopped out of bed, putting on his spandex and Saiyan armor. 'Dende has the locket! He's in danger just like he was in my future!' Future Taisuka burst out of his room and ran to the others to wake them up.

Meanwhile on the other end of the world, Seikyo followed Violouh through the air, the two flew through clouds until they looked up and noticed the Lookout hovering in the sky above them.

"Never noticed that before." Seikyo was surprised to see a huge, ancient platform floating in the sky. "You sure this is where you heard Jaduko and Taisuka's voices a few days ago?"

Seikyo was wearing something entirely different from the Saiyan armor he used to wear, he was now wearing a dark grey gi with a blue innershirt and blue belt wrapped around his waist. Instead of wearing wrist bands, he had black Saiyan gloves with blue, iron plated fingertips, blue lines extended out from his fingertips and ran up towards the top of the glove. He was also wearing blue Saiyan boots with black plates on the end of the toes, black lines extended from the plates and ran up towards the top of the boots similar to how his gloves were patterned.

"Indeed, the two of them were talking with the Guardian of Earth about the Locket of Nether, I fear Jaduko and Taisuka have gotten themselves into something that they won't be able to dig themselves out of." Violouh replied, he had heard Jaduko and Taisuka, along with Future Taisuka talking about the locket with Dende a few days prior, so he managed to find Seikyo and the two decided to head to the Lookout to figure out what was going on for themselves.

Violouh also had a new outfit change, instead of wearing the brown cloth he wore as a slave, Violouh was now wearing red gi pants that were supported by a black belt, he was topless however. Violouh also had brown Turtle School boots that were given to him by Master Krillin shortly after the group separated three years ago, the red bottom of his red gi was tucked into black cloth that wrapped around his boots to add that classic martial arts style to the uniform. He was also wearing brown wristbands.

"You Namekians have pretty good ears if you could hear what they were saying clear across the planet." Seikyo mumbled as the two floated over the edge of the Lookout.

"It's a trait my people have, we can adjust our ears to listen in on certain conversations across the planet." Violouh replied, he landed on the square tiles of the Lookout and began walking towards the main temple with Seikyo at his side.

Wind softly blew through Seikyo's black spiky hair and the only sound that could be heard was their footsteps tapping against the concrete. Walking through the tunnel that connected to the entrance of the Lookout's temple, the two stepped through the doorway leading into the temple.

"We better not be wasting any time looking around here." Seikyo crossed his arms as he followed Violouh into a doorway that led to two sets of stairs, one stairwell led upwards to the top of the tower, while the other led downwards into the Lookout itself.

"We are here to have a talk with Dende and see what the Locket of Nether is capable of doing." Violouh lifted up his finger and motioned for Seikyo to be quiet. Closing his eyes, Violouh listened for the sound of voices, he heard Dende and Mr. Popo talking with one another down in the Lookout. "They are down this way." Violouh motioned for Seikyo to follow and the two descended down the spiraling staircase that led to the Lookout's core.

The scene transitions to a brightly lit room with a swinging pendulum hanging from the ceiling in the Lookout's core, where Dende had hung the Locket of Nether up on a wall to study it's design and effects. Dende's hand softly caressed the Shenron design on the locket, which seemed odd to him that Shenron was on the locket. The gem inside the dragon's mouth was still rapidly sparkling.

"Dende, it's been two days since you told those Saiyans that you would have the answers they seeked, have you figured anything out?" Mr. Popo questioned, he was standing behind Dende who studied the locket's gem carefully.

"That boy from the future... Taisuka was his name right?" Dende questioned, looking back at Mr. Popo who nodded. "He said that Reybuu was unsealed from the locket in his timeline, correct?"

"That is correct." Mr. Popo replied.

"This locket is from his future, but it doesn't have Reybuu sealed within it like the locket in our timeline.." Dende began to talk. "Reybuu must have traveled back in time alongside the Taisuka from the future... I'm afraid the gem implanted in this dragon's mouth is acting strange due to the magical balance in this universe being thrown off course due to having two Locket of Nethers within close proximity.. Reybuu must want it."

"Why would Reybuu travel back in time to retrieve the locket if he's no longer sealed within it? I can understand him coming back, retrieving our timeline's locket, and freeing his past self but why the future locket? What could he possibly want from it?" Mr. Popo asked.

"I've studied this locket nonstop for the past two days and I've come to the conclusion that this locket holds something beyond our comprehension, Reybuu doesn't want it... someone else must want it, they must have forced him into retrieving the locket from the future and it must be why Reybuu even came back in time to begin with." Dende began. "The locket itself is unable to travel through the fabric of time and space, but Reybuu can.. it's very coincidental that both Taisuka and the Locket came back in time along with the demon, unless if it was planned all along..."

"With him not being in the locket, the Netherworld dimension is missing a very important chunk of it's being, that entire dimension is in chaos without the Demon of Destruction, Reybuu, balancing out the dimension with the God of Peace in their dimension." Dende continued.

"So moral of the story is, this Reybuu guy needs to be sealed back into that Locket, and we'll need to figure out a way to throw it back into the future along with Taisuka so things can return to normal?" Seikyo chimed in, Dende and Mr. Popo rapidly turned around and saw Seikyo standing next to Violouh in the doorway, both of their arms were crossed.

"W-Who are you..? Friends of Jaduko and those two Taisukas?" Mr. Popo questioned, shocked that people had made their way onto the lookout.

"Pleasure to meet you... uhh.." Dende muttered.

"Seikyo. This is Violouh." Seikyo replied, pointing at Violouh.

"It's nice to meet another fellow Namekian, I am Dende, the Guardian of Planet Earth." He smiled at Violouh, who gave a slight grin back, Seikyo rose an eyebrow as Dende continued to talk. "You and your friends weren't supposed to retrieve the locket until tomorrow." Dende replied.

"We're just here to figure out what's going on with this whole locket thing, we heard the whole conversation." Seikyo replied. Violouh nodded.

"So you heard that the two lockets and two Reybuus co-existing with one another isn't a good thing?" Dende questioned.

"We did, have you figured out a way to seal this demon within the locket?" Violouh asked, Dende shook his head.

"All I know is that... if Reybuu gets his hands on this locket and returns it to whoever ordered him to retrieve it... It could possibly tear apart our world and the Netherworld.." Dende grabbed the locket off of the wall and held it tightly in his grasp.

'Netherworld? What could he possibly mean by that?' Seikyo thought to himself, he was about to continue asking questions before the Lookout began to shake. Seikyo and Violouh both widened their eyes as they felt a massive power level surging on top of the Lookout.

"It must be Reybuu, quick! You must head to the surface and stop him!" Dende and Mr. Popo began rushing towards the door to the stairwell. Seikyo and Violouh nodded, quickly dashing up the stairs towards the entrance of the Lookout with Dende and Mr. Popo slowly following behind, the locket in Dende's hands.

Quickly rushing out of the front entrance of the temple, Seikyo and Violouh slid along the square tiles of the Lookout, the two of them raised their fists and looked out in between a row of trees that were planted in front of the temple. Reybuu was standing at the edge of the Lookout, peering down over the planet, turning his neck, the demon noticed the two warriors standing in front of the temple.

"He reminds me of Rif.." Seikyo muttered, thinking about the pink bubblegum member from Ender's Armored Squadron.

"The power emitting from him is incredible, I doubt the two of us will be able to take him on and win." Violouh replied, Reybuu began walking towards the two.

"I'm sure Jaduko and the others will sense our power rising, and knowing him, he'll come to check it out. We'll be able to take out this freak that way." Seikyo smirked. "I know we'll be able to hold our own against this guy if he's anything like Rif."

"Let us hope you are correct." Violouh seemed unsure, the two burst from their positions as red and purple aura flared up around the two of them. With their shouts mixing together, the two warriors clenched their fists and thrust them towards Reybuu's face, the demon rapidly lifted his arms and caught both of the fists.

"Huh? He's quick!" Seikyo shouted, with a shot, he leaned forward and thrust his knee into Reybuu's stomach, the Saiyan let out a shocked gasp when Reybuu's stomach began to crawl around his knee, as if it were sucking him in.

"PIERCING RAY!" Violouh shouted, he formed a fist with his free hand and extended his index finger and middle finger, a purple beam shot from the fingers and smacked into Reybuu's head. The demon roared in pain and stumbled back as a hole was left gaping in his forehead. Seikyo's knee was freed and the Saiyan went stumbling backwards.

"Take this!" Seikyo shouted as he clapped his hands together, he spread his fingers apart and ten different beams shot out from each finger tip, it was the move he used to cut off Taisuka's tail a few years ago when he first arrived on Earth. The beams fired into Reybuu's stomach, tearing the monster in two.

"Heh.. Guess he was just an overhyped piece of bubblegum, like Rif was." Seikyo taunted, but was surprised when he saw Reybuu's body reform itself and stand back up as if nothing had happened. The demon smiled as Violouh and Seikyo stepped back with their mouths open in shock.

"Kikiki!" Reybuu chuckled and lunged forward, his body fizzed out of view and reappeared in front of the two heroes. Before they could react, Reybuu placed his hands on Seikyo and Violouh's faces, he slammed them down into the ground and began dragging them through the concrete, the square tiles that were torn apart from the attack lifted up as the two warriors pushed out of Reybuu's grasp, the jumped away from the demon with red and purple blood dripping from their faces.

Reybuu was about to attack once more, but quickly twisted his neck to see Dende and MR. Popo exiting from the lookout entrance, a smile came across the demons face when he noticed Dende holding the Locket of Nether.

"Mr. Popo, head inside. Now!" Dende shouted as he realized the position he was in, he tossed the Locket of Nether into Mr. Popo's arms before the deity could react, looking up Mr. Popo watched as Reybuu fired a yellow beam straight through Dende's forehead, the beam shot out the back of the Namekian's head and purple blood went flying. Seikyo and Violouh widened their eyes and let out a shocked gasp as the Guardian of Earth fell backwards onto the ground, blood poured out of his wound. He was struggling for life but he wouldn't live for long with a hole in his head.

Reybuu turned his head towards Mr. Popo, who nervously made eye contact with the demon as he clenched the locket in his arms. But before the demon could raise his arm and fire a beam at Mr. Popo, Seikyo and Violouh lunged forward, grabbing onto Reybuu's arms and slamming him onto the ground. Mr. Popo reached down and picked up Dende's body, he ran into the Lookout with the Locket in one hand and Dende in the other, tears forming in his eyes.

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VOL 9: Chapter 85 - "Everything Changes From Here"
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