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 VOL 9: Chapter 86 - "Battle for The Locket"

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PostSubject: VOL 9: Chapter 86 - "Battle for The Locket"   VOL 9: Chapter 86 - "Battle for The Locket" I_icon_minitimeSun Aug 07, 2016 9:42 pm

Nearly an hour after waking the others up, Future Taisuka quickly burst through the sky and flew through the clouds underneath the Lookout, sweat dripped from his forehead as he ascended through the air towards the floating Lookout. Earlier that morning, he, along with his past self, had sensed Reybuu's presence arrive on the planet, a power that was all too familiar to him. Jaduko and Taisuka followed through the air behind Future Taisuka with Konno, Lori, and Kyuti following close behind, they pushed against the wind and were stunned to see the Lookout, they never knew it existed. The group flew past the front portion of the lookout, flying next to a ladder that extended down from the edge towards the underside of the Lookout.

Ascending over the ladder and landing on the edge of the Lookout, Future Taisuka landed on the square tiles with his feet making quick 'pat-pat' sounds, the others landed behind him. Looking forward towards the Lookout's temple in betwen two rows of palm trees, Future Taisuka let out a shocked gasp and grit his teeth when he spotted Reybuu holding Seikyo by the throat, and a bloody Violouh on the ground next to him. Reybuu turned his head towards the group when he heard their feet landing on the concrete tiles. The Lookout was torn up as if there had previously been an intense battle... or a massacre.

"Oh my god.. are they dead..?" Lori muttered, lifting her hand up to cover her mouth, blood was everywhere, splattered along the square tiles. Jaduko and Konno clenched their fists, from their position, it appeared as though they were too late to save their friends.

"LET GO OF HIM!" Kyuti looked at Seikyo and shouted at the demon, she took a step forward as if she was going to charge at Reybuu. Future Taisuka extended his arm and held it in front of Kyuti, he didn't take his eyes off of Reybuu.

"I can sense that they're still alive... but barely.." Taisuka muttered.

'Reybuu hasn't killed them yet.. nor has he destroyed the Lookout...' Future Taisuka thought to himself, glaring at Reybuu, the demon's piercing red pupils glared back and the two made eye contact. Reybuu recognized Future Taisuka, causing him to growl. 'There's no doubt that this is still the same Reybuu from my timeline, but something's off.. he feels weaker... could it be that him traveling back in time reduced his energy? Or does it have something to do with the Locket...?' Future Taisuka widened his eyes, realizing that he had given the Locket to Dende and Mr. Popo, making them prime targets for Reybuu's attack.

"He's here for the Locket!" Future Taisuka barked back at the group, they turned their heads towards him in confusion. "Whether he's here to destroy it, or use it to travel back to our future.. We can't let him have it..!" Future Taisuka quickly stepped forward until he was about 20 yards away from the group of heroes, Reybuu lifted his arm and a yellow orb began to form in his palm causing Future Taisuka to freeze in his tracks. The group watched as Reybuu lowered his hand and silently laugh.

Clenching his fists, a golden aura erupted from Future Taisuka's body and his hair spiked up and his brown hair quickly transitioned into a golden color. The golden aura flared into the sky as his hair fluttered with it. Konno, Kyuti, and Lori widened their eyes, this was a Super Saiyan?

"Getting into the action already? I like the way you think." Jaduko smirked, he hopped forward in the air and landed on the ground next to Future Taisuka. Jaduko clenched his fists and shouted as his hair spiked up, turning golden as well. His aura flared just like Future Taisuka's and his hair fluttered even harder than his future student's. "Lori, make sure Seikyo and Violouh are alright, we'll deal with Reybuu!"

Lori, shocked at seeing the Super Saiyan form for the first time, confidently nodded her head, she watched as Reybuu kicked Violouh away from him and chucked Seikyo in the air in the opposite direction, the Saiyan groaned in pain as he went sliding across the concrete towards the edge of the Lookout, stopping just before the drop-off.

"DON'T LET HIM LEAVE THE LOOKOUT!" Future Taisuka shouted, knowing what would happen if they lost this fight. He and Jaduko burst from their position towards Reybuu, who began running towards the two Super Saiyans. Taisuka, Konno, and Kyuti rushed forward behind the two while Lori ran along the edge of the Lookout towards Seikyo.

Reybuu thrust his fist forward towards Future Taisuka, the Super Saiyan swiftly spun to his right, allowing the fist to glide past his back, a crack appeared in the Saiyan armor he was wearing. The demon's fist continued past Future Taisuka's back and cut through the air with enough intensity that sent a wind cloud bursting towards Konno, Taisuka, and Kyuti, the concrete cracked underneath the wind. The two Saiyans hopped to the side and the wind slammed into Konno, ripping his gi and sending him flying backwards. Konno rolled backwards and slid along his feet, Taisuka and Kyuti quickly floated into the air and began firing white and brown ki blasts at Reybuu while Jaduko and Taisuka began exchanging punches and kicks with the demon.

Lori lifted her hands to block the wind fluttering around the lookout and tried to balance herself as she ran along the edge of the Lookout, gusts of wind, stirred up from the fight, continued to smack into her, she had to fight against it or else she would be blown off of the Lookout. Turning her head to stare towards the fight, Lori could see chunks of concrete flying through the air as Taisuka and Kyuti's ki blasts smacked into the ground, Reybuu was swiftly dodging them, all while fighting two Super Saiyans. This guy was no joke, he was stronger than not just one Super Saiyan, but two! Zerox wouldn't have stood a chance against Reybuu if the two were pitted to fight against one another.

Kneeling down and sliding along the concrete, Lori had made it to Seikyo, who was lying face down and slowly breathing as his head peered over the edge of the Lookout, Lori gently lowered her hands and turned Seikyo over so he could stare up towards the sky. The Saiyan winced in pain as blood began dripping out of his mouth and over the side of the Lookout towards the Earth below.

"Try not to move, Seikyo." Lori muttered, lifting Seikyo up so he was sitting upright. Seikyo groaned in pain and panted as he held onto his stomach to block blood from leaving his wounds.

"You all... are fools... I-It's... no use.." Seikyo muttered, Lori reached in her work belt and pulled out a rag that she used to work on machinery back at Macadmi Technology, she wrapped it around Seikyo's stomach and the blood stopped gushing out of the wound, she had no Senzu Beans so this dirty rag had to work for now. "It...It's to-too strong.. Beat Violouh and I... to a pulp.." Seikyo continued.

"Try not to talk too much, reserve your energy, you don't need to worry." Lori tried comforting Seikyo. "We have two Super Saiyans out there fighting that thing, they'll win. Jaduko beat Zerox remember?" She peered back towards the fight and was uncertain with what she said, a barrage of yellow blasts flew out of Reybuu's hands and shot towards Taisuka and Kyuti, two blasts smacked into the two Saiyans and sent them spiraling down towards the ground. Luckily, Konno lunged in the air and grabbed both of them before any more of the blasts could strike them again, he flipped in the air as blasts flew past him, the Earthling swiftly flipped through the air with chunks of concrete smacking into him.

"The G-Guardian... He's dead..." Seikyo growled, watching the fight, wishing he could get back into it. Lori turned her head and looked at Seikyo with a look of confusion. "You need.. to get me and Violouh.. into the Lookout, through that temple. N-Need to get the locket..." He pointed up towards the largest temple. "It's not safe.. out here."

Before Lori could respond, she heard a loud 'CRACK' echo in the air behind her, turning her head back towards the fight, she saw Reybuu smack Future Taisuka in the face, sending the Super Saiyan hurling through the air towards her and Seikyo. Lori quickly wrapped her right arm around Seikyo's back and her left underneath his legs, she lunged forward as Future Taisuka slammed into the concrete where they once were, he bounced off of the Lookout but caught himself in the air. Lori could see that his spandex was torn and his armor was cracked.

"Glad to see he's safe.." Future Taisuka floated over to Lori and wiped blood from his mouth. Seikyo scowled at the golden haired Future Taisuka.

'Another Super Saiyan...' Seikyo thought to himself. 'I've been fooled into thinking I was strong by living on this Planet with these Earthlings... but no matter what, I always get outclassed by the Saiyans..' He scowled at Future Taisuka, who curiously stared back. Lori looked at Seikyo, expecting him to tell Future Taisuka what he had told her, but the Saiyan was lost in thought.

"Before you get back into the fight, Seikyo told me something that you may want to hear... He said... He said the Guardian of Earth was dead.. what does it mean?" Lori informed what Seikyo had told her, Future Taisuka widened his eyes and looked at Lori as the fight with Reybuu continued in the center of the Lookout, explosions rang out in the background as Future Taisuka, Lori, and Seikyo's hair fluttered from the wind.

"W-What...?!" Future Taisuka muttered. "I... I killed him.. the balls are gone in this world.." He looked down at the ground with his eyes widened, his pupils vibrated as he realized what he had done.

"What balls, what are you talking about? Who is he..?" Lori questioned.

"The Guardian of Earth... the creator of the Dragon Balls.." Future Taisuka mumbled. He looked down at the ground with his eyes wide, his body seemed to be shaking in fear. "If he's dead.. the Dragon Balls are gone.. he's a Namekian, like Violouh... the magic in his body was connected to the magic in the balls, they don't exist anymore if he's gone.." Lori and Seikyo both widened their eyes after hearing this news, Future Taisuka sharply turned his head and looked at the injured Seikyo in Kyuti's arms.

"Where is the Locket?! Dende had it, where is it?!" Future Taisuka shouted in Seikyo's face.

"Dende's assistant, the man who looked like a genie... he has the locket, inside that temple..." Seikyo replied, pointing at the temple.

"Lori, you need to go get Violouh, take him and Seikyo inside of the Lookout and find the locket, you need to guard it incase Reybuu gets past us." He leaned forward towards Lori, who had no clue what was going on. "Can I trust you to do that?"

"Yeah.. But... how do I get to the other side of the Lookout with all the fighting?" Lori asked.

"Fly underneath the Lookout, slowly, it'll be safer that way, as long as you don't drop him." Future Taisuka looked at Seikyo, who scoffed.

Lori nervously nodded her head and without any further instruction, Future Taisuka burst from his position back towards the fight with Reybuu, his golden aura trailed behind him. Lori tightened her grip on Seikyo and floated in the air, she carefully floated off the edge of the Lookout and slowly descended to fly underneath it.

Back in the fight, Reybuu placed his hand on Jaduko's face, he placed his foot on the ground behind Jaduko's feet and pushed back, Jaduko winced in pain as he tripped over Reybuu's foot and went flying across the torn up ground. Reybuu quickly lifted his head and noticed Future Taisuka flying back into the battle. With a yell, Future Taisuka clenched his fists and a golden aura began to emit around them, his body fizzed out of view and fizzed back into view in front of Reybuu in a kneeling down position. Reybuu slowly lowered his head and placed his palm forward as Future Taisuka thrust a punch towards the demon. With a quick vibration, Reybuu caught Future Taisuka's punch, but the Super Saiyan's fist softly slid across Reybuu's palm. Future Taisuka's golden aura sparked against Reybuu's yellow aura as the two struggled with one another.

Reybuu karate chopped the back of Future Taisuka's neck, the Super Saiyan stumbled behind the demon and went rolling across the ground, but before Reybuu could continue attacking his opponent, he noticed three figures rushing towards him. Turning his head, Reybuu noticed Konno, Taisuka, and Kyuti rushing towards him. The three warriors rapidly circled around Reybuu, moving fast enough that multiple versions of themself appeared around the demon. Reybuu quickly spun his head around, his bubblegum-like neck twisting around and around as he followed the movements of the three. Rushing forward, Reybuu opened his mouth, revealing his sharp teeth and long red tongue as it drooped out of his mouth, he clenched a fist and blindly thrust it upwards. His fist slammed into Konno's stomach and Konno stopped dead in his tracks, blood exploded from the Earthling's mouth, Taisuka and Kyuti jumped in the air to attack Reybuu as the demon quickly lifted his foot and kicked Konno in the stomach where his fist once resided. Konno went flying through the air, smacking into one of the trees planted on the Lookout.

"RAHH!" Taisuka shouted, he and Kyuti lunged towards Reybuu and the two threw punches towards the demon's face. With his tongue still hanging out of his mouth, Reybuu lifted his arm so it was laying horizontally across his face and he miraculously blocked both punches with the same forearm. Taisuka rose an eyebrow in disgust as he and Kyuti's fists slowed down, and Reybuu's arm bending with their punches.

"What the..?" Taisuka muttered, he and Kyuti pulled back from their punch and Reybuu's arm flung forward like a slingshot, the two Saiyans ducked underneath the arm but had to quickly react to Reybuu's next attack.  Reybuu stepped forward and headbutted Taisuka in the forehead, the impact was so hard that blood flew out of Taisuka's nose, Reybuu's tongue swung forward from his mouth and caught the blood that dripped out of the boy's nose. Taisuka let out a shout of pain as he flew backwards in the air, smacking into the side of the Lookout.

"The hell? That's a little gross, man." Kyuti winced as she watched Reybuu open his mouth and pull his tongue back into his mouth with the blood still on it. Reybuu smiled. "Do you not talk or something? I feel like this fight would be more interesting if you could at least talk or something."

Before Kyuti could get back into her fighting stance, Reybuu lunged forward and thrust a punch towards her face. Kyuti swiftly lifted her arm up to block the punch from her face and lowered her left shoulder, Reybuu's fist ripped at her shirt as his fist cleanly passed over her shoulder. Kyuti stumbled to her right and jumped upwards, with a spin, she thrust her foot towards Reybuu's neck. Without blocking, Reybuu's neck bent with her foot and rapidly fired back like a slingshot, pushing her foot through the air. Kyuti spun backwards in the air and crossed her arms, time seemed to slow down as she spun to face Reybuu, the demon thrust a kick towards Kyuti's chest, but her arms blocked the kick. Kyuti flew backwards in the air and slid along the ground, Reybuu lunged forward but before he could attack, Kyuti threw a rapid barrage of punches and kicks, each of them dented Reybuu's skin. A few seconds passed and Kyuti began to pant, she noticed the indents in Reybuu's skin but before she could react, they all shot forward and smacked into every inch of her body, she screamed and began to rapidly roll backwards across the Lookout as chunks of concrete picked up underneath her, she rolled into a nearby tree and she slumped over to the side in pain.

Future Taisuka picked himself up from the ground and looked over at Reybuu. He wiped blood from his mouth.

'He's definitely weaker in this timeline... all of us are able to take him on in hand to hand combat, but he's still an amazing force to go up against.. he's indestructible, but not completely overpowered.. Lucky us..' He thought, he noticed Lori and Seikyo float over the edge of the Lookout, Reybuu didn't notice them. She ran across the ground and helped Violouh to his feet, she looked over at Future Taisuka and quickly rushed towards the temple, the three of them disappeared inside.

'We'll have to hold Reybuu off until the three of them find Mr. Popo and the Locket... hopefully he and Dende figured out what we can do to stop this monster.. I won't let this timeline face the same fate that mine had faced..'

"Pick a fight with someone your own size, pal!" A voice shouted behind Reybuu, Reybuu turned his head and quickly lifted his hand to block a punch thrown by Jaduko, aimed for the demon's stomach. Reybuu rose his eyebrows, surprised at Jaduko's speed. His arm began to shake as Jaduko's punch began to overpower him, the two stared at each other and Reybuu noticed something odd about the Super Saiyan.. He stared into Jaduko's eyes and saw something within them that reminded him of something..

'You recall the Saiyan known as Shishito, correct?' A voice echoed in Reybuu's mind, it was Emperor Morge's voice. 'I fear the Son of Shishito is on Earth with the second locket. You will travel to Earth and slay him.' He remembered the instructions that Morge had given him.

'Son of Shishito.... Shishito...' Reybuu thought, he was unable to speak, but his mind wasn't void of thoughts. He remembered the name Shishito and what the Saiyan had done to him. Reybuu grit his teeth as he glared into Jaduko's eyes, this boy was definitely the Son of Shishito, the man who had stopped Reybuu in the past..

Lifting his free hand, Reybuu thrust it towards Jaduko's cheek. The Super Saiyan swiftly lifted his arm and blocked Reybuu with his forearm. Reybuu let go of Jaduko's other hand and clenched a fist, he reeled back and noticed Jaduko was doing the same with his now freed fist. The two slammed their fists together and began throwing punches and kicks as if they were mirroring each other, each attack quickly slammed against one another and gusts of wind swirled around them. Jaduko and Reybuu both pushed off of each other and lunged forward at each other to try and get in an open shot. Their fists slid past each other and smacked into each other's cheeks. Jaduko winced from the pain and Reybuu's tongue drooped out of his mouth. Reybuu overpowered Jaduko and sent the Super Saiyan flying backwards.

Before Reybuu could lunge forward to continue his attack on Jaduko, he felt a foot kick him in the cheek, he went flying upwards into the sky and flipped to catch himself. Peering down, Reybuu noticed Future Taisuka flying towards him. Jaduko lifted himself up and looked up at the two, the fight was now in the air.

"HIYAAH!" Jaduko shouted, flying towards Reybuu and Future Taisuka, he fired yellow ki blasts at the demon, who deflected all of them before he caught a punch thrown by the Future Super Saiyan. Jaduko and Future Taisuka rapidly threw a barrage of punches at Reybuu, but the demon swiftly dodged each and every punch thrown by the two Super Saiyans..

Reybuu, a demon of destruction, brought to this world in a ruckus that distorted time itself. Can our heroes defeat the demon or will they fail, sending this timeline into chaos? What is Shishito's connection to Reybuu and the Locket of Nether? Find out next time!

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VOL 9: Chapter 86 - "Battle for The Locket"
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