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 VOL 9: Chapter 87 - "The Timewatch Crystal - Father's Legacy"

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PostSubject: VOL 9: Chapter 87 - "The Timewatch Crystal - Father's Legacy"   VOL 9: Chapter 87 - "The Timewatch Crystal - Father's Legacy" I_icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2016 8:22 pm

Noticing Lori taking Seikyo and Violouh entering the temple, Reybuu growled and pushed Jaduko and Future Taisuka off of him with incredible force that sent them flying through the air, he slowly began to float down towards the ground so he could follow after Lori. The two Super Saiyans flipped in the air and caught themselves, they peered down at Reybuu who slowly lowered himself towards the concrete below.

"Incredible..." Jaduko began to speak in between pants. "You had.. a tough time with this guy in the future? He's definitely stronger than Zerox, but not by much."

"Reybuu was a major issue in my timeline, an issue that you, and the rest of our friends couldn't handle. In this timeline, something is making him weaker, weak enough for us to be able to hold him off." Future Taisuka replied, he was panting as well.

"Hold him off for what? I just wanna defeat him." Jaduko retorted. He made it sound as if this whole thing as a game, and it upset Future Taisuka.

"You don't understand, you can't defeat him! This is NOT A GAME!" Future Taisuka shouted. "This monster is indestructible, nothing we do can harm him, we have to hold him off until Lori retrieves the Locket!"

Future Taisuka lowered his head and noticed Reybuu quickly descending to the ground, he couldn't continue the chit-chat.

"We're losing time. Take to the ground and attack from underneath, I'll attack from above." Future Taisuka ordered, his body fizzed out of view before Jaduko could respond. Jaduko narrowed his eyes down towards the Lookout. Jaduko did a backflip and his golden aura flared as he burst off towards the ground.

Reybuu's tongue fluttered in the wind as he dropped closer and closer to the ground, a sadistic smile on his face. His smile disappeared when Future Taisuka's body came into view in front of him, the two exchanged a quick glare but before Reybuu could react, Future Taisuka lunged forward and threw his fist into the demon's cheek. A small scratch mark appeared on Reybuu's grey cheek causing the demon to close an eye and wince. Future Taisuka grunted and shouted as he threw punch after punch into Reybuu's cheeks, the demon's head bobbing back and forth as scratch marks appeared where the punches made contact, Reybuu kept his eyes open as each punch smacked into him. Each of Future Taisuka's punches carried the weight of his anger and the pain that Reybuu had given him in his future.

'He killed them all, he killed my family..' Future Taisuka thought as he put more and more effort into each punch, he noticed Reybuu wasn't being affected by the punches but it didn't matter. 'This bastard... he killed my wife... my unborn son... I won't let him live!'

Getting irritated at the punches, Reybuu leaned back and let one of Future Taisuka's punches swiftly glide past his left cheek, Future Taisuka widened his eyes as the demon grasped onto his Saiyan glove. Shifting his weight and turning his torso, Reybuu lifted Future Taisuka up and threw him over his back down towards the ground below. Before Future Taisuka could react, Reybuu's body shot down towards the Super Saiyan and with a sadistic grin, the demon kicked the Super Saiyan in the back of the neck. Future Taisuka felt something snap in his neck, his eyes went white as blood exploded out of his mouth and he was sent flying down towards the ground with incredible speed, the Super Saiyan crashed into the concrete as dust exploded around him, once the dust settled, Future Taisuka was laying in the center of the crater he created. His hair transitioned from golden back into it's brown base form, his body slowly twitched.

Reybuu let out a demonic laugh and burst down towards the ground, a yellow aura blade formed around his hand as he aimed it towards Future Taisuka's chest, he was going to kill him. Closer and closer, the demon's laugh grew louder, but before his aura sword could make contact with Future Taisuka, a foot slammed into the demon's side. Reybuu widened his eyes as his body slowly bent from the kick and he was sent flying through the air across the concrete.

Getting to his feet, Reybuu still had his aura blade around his arm as he looked up towards the crater. He noticed Jaduko floating above Future Taisuka with his golden aura steadily flowing.

'This isn't a game!' Future Taisuka's words repeated in Jaduko's head, Jaduko tilted his head and looked down at Future Taisuka, who was still twitching in the ground, unable to speak. Jaduko lifted his head and stared across the lookout, everything was torn up and destroyed, Konno rested against one of the tall palm trees, panting from his wounds, Jaduko then noticed Taisuka still within the crater inside of the side of the temple, Kyuti was off in the distance laying on the ground. The two of them were panting just like Konno. Future Taisuka was right, this wasn't a game, this wasn't a training session.

'We're fighting for our lives.. just like our future counterparts..' Jaduko glared at Reybuu, who was gritting his teeth. Jaduko finally understood why Future Taisuka was fighting so hard, he wasn't simply trying to return to his future like he once had, he was fighting for the friends he lost.

"It's just you and me now, pal, bring it on!" Jaduko shouted, throwing his hand towards the sky, he formed a fist and pointed his knuckles towards the sky. A golden orb appeared in his hand and small lights shot off of it like a disco ball. "TAKE THIS!" He shouted, throwing his fist forward, the golden orb fired towards Reybuu, who slowly stood up straight. The concrete from the Lookout cracked underneath the ki attack as it increased speed towards Reybuu.

Jaduko widened his eyes as Reybuu jumped in the air and placed his left hand on the orb as it passed underneath him, the demon vaulted over the attack and pushed it down towards the ground. Reybuu landed on his feet and the orb smacked into the ground behind him, a massive explosion erupted behind him and wind exploded around the explosion. Jaduko winced as the wind smacked into his face, he lifted his arm block the wind so he could open his eyes. The Super Saiyan was thrown off guard when he noticed Reybuu quickly flying towards him, he was no less than a few yards away.

"Er.. It's just you and me now, pal?" Jaduko repeated his words as Reybuu's tongue flopped out of his mouth. The demon thrust a punch towards the Super Saiyan's cheek. Jaduko winced in pain as the punch made contact and he was sent flying backwards across the Lookout. The Lookout shook from the force of the punch.

Meanwhile inside the temple, Lori slowly escorted Seikyo and Violouh down the stairwell that descended into the heart of the Lookout, Seikyo and Violouh had their arms wrapped around Lori's neck and she had her arms wrapped around their waists so she could carry them.

"Whoa!" Lori muttered as the Lookout shook from Reybuu's punch making contact on Jaduko's cheek, she lost her balance but quickly regained it, she hopped down the stairwell.

"He is close.. I can hear him.." Violouh, talking about Mr. Popo, muttered his first words ever since he was knocked out during the fight he and Seikyo had with Reybuu, he opened his eyes. Purple blood ran down his face and body.

"Violouh, you're alright!" Lori let out a sigh of relief as she continued down the stairs. "Try not to speak, you're losing a lot of blood."

"Bottom floor... first doorway on the left.." Violouh muttered, he softly closed his eyes, Lori looked down at her Namekian friend and a frown came upon her face, her expression turned into a serious and urgent one, she needed to find the Locket.

A few minutes passed until Lori made her way to the final staircase in the Lookout, a she peered over the railing of the stairwell and looked down below expecting to see something at the bottom, but all she saw was a black abyss. Gulping, Lori quickly stumbled into the doorway that Violouh had talked about, she noticed a black deity in genie clothing standing with his back faced away from her, it was Mr. Popo. He was standing in front of a large table that had Dende's dead body on top of it. Hearing Lori stumble in, Mr. Popo quickly turned around in fear of it being Reybuu, but he quickly eased up when he noticed Lori, Seikyo, and Violouh. Seikyo lifted his head and noticed tear streams rolling down Mr. Popo's face.

"Oh my, you're alive! Let me help with them." Mr. Popo eagerly rushed towards Lori and lifted Violouh out of Lori's arm, he led Lori towards another table in the room, Lori looked around and noticed weird Dragon designs etched into the walls and ceiling, all of the dragons had the appearance of Shenron. Mr. Popo lifted Violouh onto a table and turned around to grab Seikyo.

Seikyo pushed himself away from Lori and Mr. Popo, the Saiyan stumbled onto the ground and let out a grunt of pain as he slammed into the ground. Mr. Popo opened his mouth and lifted his hands, he slowly moved towards Seikyo and tried to help him up but the Saiyan refused by pushing the deity's hands away.

"Seikyo what are you doing?! You're hurt, let him help!" Lori was angered at Seikyo's rude gesture in front of Mr. Popo. "You're being incredibly ignorant."

"I'm a Saiyan, I don't need help.." Seikyo grunted as he pushed himself off of the ground and onto his knees. Mr. Popo watched.

"No, you're being a baby. What's gotten into you all of a sudden?" Lori questioned. "You've been nothing but selfish and ignorant since I've seen you, did that training over the past several years do something to your brain?"

"I am sick of being fodder for an opponent until someone 'stronger' than me arrives." Seikyo was jealous about Jaduko and Taisuka's future counterpart being able to transform into Super Saiyans. "It's all I've ever been, fodder to my fellow Saiyans. I took Jaduko's offer to live on this planet in hopes of creating a new life, where I don't have to worry about being weak. But it's all I ever think about!"

Lori slowly opened her mouth to speak but no words came out, Mr. Popo looked down at Seikyo with concerning eyes, the Saiyan shot a glare up at Mr. Popo.

"The locket, I need it." Seikyo struggled to stand, but he fought the pain. His legs trembled as they tried to support his body.

"Dende... told me to keep it safe, those were his last wishes... I can't give it to anyone.." Mr. Popo shakingly replied.

"The Guardian was a brave man, risking his life for the Locket." Lori calmly spoke up, she was trying to be nice to Mr. Popo to balance out Seikyo's rude tone. "We have to figure out a way to kill that monster out there, there's not much time. What can we do?"

"I-I'm not... sure.." Mr. Popo reached inside of his genie vest and pulled out the Locket of Nether, he held it in his palm out towards Lori and Seikyo, they admired the locket's designs. The gem was still rapidly sparkling.

"You don't know how to stop this thing?" Lori questioned, Mr. Popo shook his head.

"We spent days studying the Locket, but all we could gather from it was that a whole multiverse resided within it, a multiverse with worlds and timelines just like our own." Mr. Popo began, Lori and Seikyo widened their eyes. "This Locket is unable to time travel.. it should not even be in our time period, nor should your future friend or that demon out there.."

"A whole multiverse?" Lori was shocked, something as tiny as a Locket contained something larger than she could comprehend. It was fascinating.

"Indeed, this Locket is the key to something bigger than we can control, someone or something sent that demon back in time to retrieve, but whether it was for a good cause or a bad one, Dende and I were not sure." Mr. Popo replied.

"Tch... I think I understand what's going on.." Seikyo muttered. "Morge wants it... He must have sent Reybuu to come and fetch it for him.."

Lori turned her head and looked at Seikyo.

"This Morge person you speak of must want the power of the Locket to himself, if he could potentially could find a way to grab hold of the Locket, he could control the entire multiverse." Mr. Popo continued. Lori blinked in confusion, Seikyo and Mr. Popo seemed to understand each other.

"No one on this planet, not even my sister Kyuti, knows Emperor Morge better than I do. This whole time travel issue is because of him, he won't be able to get a hold of the locket if I have it. You have to trust me.." Seikyo extended his hand towards Mr. Popo, the two stared at one another, studying each other. Mr. Popo slowly extended his hand towards Seikyo's, Seikyo grabbed onto the Locket and Lori watched the two hold onto it.

Back in the fight on the Lookout's surface, Jaduko rapidly rolled along the concrete, his gi ripping in the process. His hair softly dropped from it's spiky form and reverted back to it's base form and color, he still wasn't in full control of the Super Saiyan form even after all of these years of training.

"Damn it!" Jaduko muttered, picking himself up, Reybuu slowly walked towards him with scratches appearing on his grey skin and black and gold plating. "Not now, come on Super Saiyan!" He clenched his fists and shouted, trying to transform back into the form, but he was simply too weak to transform.

Reybuu's tongue swayed in the wind as he walked, Jaduko closed an eye and panted in pain as he looked toward the demon, who stopped in his tracks. Jaduko was hunched over in pain, he stared up at Reybuu who slowly lifted his fist into the sky, his arm was still engulfed in the yellow aura blade from before. He was ready to slash the blade down and cut Jaduko in half.

The demon quickly shouted as he was about to slash down, but before he could move, he heard something in the distance. Lifting his head and turning it around, Reybuu widened his eyes as he saw the young Taisuka flying through the air down towards him. Taisuka's arms were at his sides and his legs were stretched, he was flying towards Reybuu as fast as a bullet.

"HIYAAAGGH!" Taisuka shouted, he flipped and used the momentum he gained up to slam his feet into Reybuu's neck. Jaduko rolled out of the way and was glad Taisuka recovered from his battle fatigue. Taisuka grit his teeth as his feet caused Reybuu's neck to bend towards the ground, Reybuu's eyes were still wide from the attack, but a grin quickly flashed over his face as his neck flung forward like a slingshot, his neck smacked into Taisuka's face and the Saiyan boy went flying back into the sky.

Jaduko lifted his head and noticed Konno hovering in the air, he extended his arms and caught Taisuka. Reybuu burst from his position up towards the two with immense speed. Before Konno could react and pull Taisuka out of the way, the two were tackled out of the air by Kyuti, Reybuu slowed to a halt and looked downwards towards the ground as the three fell towards the ground. They had spent the entire battle regaining their energy, but they were forced to use it all in order to evade Reybuu's attacks.

Angered at him not being able to hit his victims. Reybuu dropped towards the ground and wind pushed away from him as he fell. The wind smacked into Kyuti, Konno, and Taisuka, sending the three skidding across the ground away from Reybuu, who stood in the center of the Lookout with the Z-Fighters looking at him. Gritting his teeth, Reybuu's anger began to build as the Z-Fighters continued to stare at him, as if they were mocking him.

"GROOOOOUUUWH!!!" Reybuu's anger exploded, he threw his fists towards the sky and a yellow aura emitted from his body, within an instant, a yellow barrier exploded around him and quickly began to grow. Jaduko lifted his arm over his head so he could block the barrier, but it was no use. The barrier engulfed him and wind smacked into him like crazy, he noticed Konno, Kyuti, and Taisuka struggling to keep their footing as they were being pushed away as well.

Future Taisuka's body lifted out of the crater and flew over towards Kyuti, who quickly extended her arm and grabbed onto his foot. She struggled to hold onto him. Jaduko winced as the wind smacked into him, he stumbled backwards and his feet slid across the concrete. Leaning forward and placing his hands on the ground, Jaduko did his best to grasp onto the ground as Reybuu's barrier continued to grow and engulf the entire Lookout. The sky turned yellow and everything had a yellow hue to it as if they were inside the sun itself.

Konno and Taisuka lifted their heads, they noticed the trees bending from the wind and chunks of the Lookout slowly start to roll along the ground. Cracks began to form in the temple as the barrier grew stronger, within a few minutes, everything on the Lookout would be destroyed.

But then it happened...

As soon as Seikyo placed his hand on the Locket, Reybuu's barrier was engulfing the tower at the same time. The yellow hue that the barrier was emitting quickly turned into a silver-ish hue and the wind immediately stopped. Jaduko lowered his arm and looked around, he looked over at Konno, Taisuka, and Kyuti but was shocked when he realized they were frozen in place, their bodies were the same silver color as the rest of the area he was in.

Jaduko lifted himself off of the ground and looked around, he noticed Reybuu was frozen as well..

'What the hell?' Jaduko thought to himself, looking around. Was he alone? Was this one of Reybuu's tricks?

Meanwhile, Konno slowly opened his eyes and lifted himself up, he had seen the exact same thing Jaduko had seen, everything was silver and frozen. He looked over at Jaduko, but instead of seeing Jaduko move, the Saiyan was still kneeling on the ground like he was before.

Time itself was stopped, and it seemed as though each of our heroes were sucked into different pockets of time where they are unable to interact with one another. What could this mean, what has happened?

Everything was quiet, too quiet.. our heroes, in different time pockets, looked around and noticed everyone frozen. They were about to move around when the grey sky began to crack, shards of glass-like shards fell from the sky as the crack slowly expanded, until everything exploded in a burst of light. Our heroes covered their eyes and opened them up to realize that the ground and sky were now cracked in a random pattern, everything sparkled with green, purple, and white sparkles, almost as if our heroes were inside of a crystal.

"Do not be afraid." A voice called out to each of our heroes in their different time pockets. "The Demon of Destruction known as Reybuu has been freed from his chains in Netherworld, and I have come to reclaim him, your assistance has aided me greatly in doing this duty, Son of Shishito and Son of Retasu.. I am The Watcher.."

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VOL 9: Chapter 87 - "The Timewatch Crystal - Father's Legacy"
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