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 VOL 9: Chapter 88 - "Taisuka's Metamorphosis - The Next Super Saiyan!

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PostSubject: VOL 9: Chapter 88 - "Taisuka's Metamorphosis - The Next Super Saiyan!   Fri Sep 02, 2016 10:18 pm

"You are all located inside of the Timewatch Crystal." The Watcher's voice continued to speak, Kyuti lifted her head and looked around, noticing everyone frozen in place similar to what Jaduko and Konno had seen. She noticed that The Watcher's voice was all she could hear, he wasn't in sight. "You may be asking yourselves what the Timewatch Crystal is."

"No, i'm wondering why the hell we're in here! If we're going to die anyway, just let us get it over with!" Konno shouted back, but The Watcher ignored him.

"The Timewatch Crystal is a living entity created out of time and space itself. The Crystal's purpose is to serve as the barrier between different time periods, blocking them from interweaving with one another. Ever since my birth, I have been one with with the Crystal, I am the one who has been chosen to wield the Crystal's power into my own hands, allowing me to control who or what gets to be within the Crystal. You all are fortunate to be within the Crystal." The Watcher explained.

"So what if you can control time?" Taisuka shouted out, just like the others, he was the only one able to move and speak in his own little time pocket. "Are you a god or something?"

"A God? No. But you could consider me the next best specimen." The Watcher responded. Jaduko, Konno, and Kyuti rose an eyebrow, they could hear The Watcher's response to Taisuka but they couldn't hear Taisuka himself. Future Taisuka was also in his own time pocket, he was laying on the ground behind a frozen Kyuti, he softly twitched as pain shot through his neck and down his spine.

"I would have not interfered with this issue if the time disorientated Demon of Destruction were not involved in this matter." The Watcher continued. "I am the only one who has the knowledge needed to beat him." These words caused Future Taisuka to widen his eyes.

"Really?! How can you beat him?" Jaduko shouted in glee.

"I physically would be unable to best the Demon of Destruction in combat, nor would I even be able to do harm." The Watcher responded. "But you have the Locket of Nether from the future in your custody, do you not?"

"We do!" Taisuka shouted out.

"Excellent, then that is all you need. I trust you all to restore balance to time in honor of the Timewatch Crystal." The Watcher spoke.

"But how will we be able to take him down?" Taisuka questioned, but The Watcher didn't respond. All went silent for a few moments, Taisuka looked around and noticed everything was still frozen. The Crystal began to crack even further as the green, purple, and white sparkles shined even brighter.

Within an instant, the different shards of the Timewatch Crystal changed scenery, Taisuka was no longer looking at his friends and the destroyed Lookout, he could now see a bright blue sky in each of the different shards. Jaduko, Konno, Kyuti, and Future Taisuka could see the same events, it's almost as if the Crystal was showing them something from the past.

Taisuka opened his mouth to ask what was going on, but as he talked words were not able to make any sound. He closed his mouth and a loud demonic shout echoed throughout his ears. Wincing from the shout, Taisuka lifted his head and noticed a grey and black demon flying through the blue sky in the different shards of the Crystal, all of the shards were displaying the same image.

The demon was Reybuu, the demon's yellow aura flared around his body as he flew through the sky, but someone kicked him in the neck. Reybuu went flying down towards an island in the middle of the ocean. The scene in the shards slowly panned up to the face of the person who kicked Reybuu, the man was wearing black boots with white lining, he had on a brown gi that was supported by a black and white belt. The man's undershirt was sleeveless and black, his shoulders had black plating similar to Saiyan armor. He was also wearing black and white gloves.

Future Taisuka widened his eyes and his pupils began to shake as he noticed the man's face and hair. The man's hair was brown just like Taisuka's, but it was styled differently. Rather than having two bangs framing his face, the man's hairline formed a 'V' down his forehead with his bangs spiked up and outwards from his face, the back of the man's hair was spiked upwards like Taisuka's. The man's face looked gruff and very similar to Taisuka's..

"Nice kick, Retasu. That'll teach the son of a bitch!" A voice called out behind the man. Future Taisuka and Taisuka both dropped their jaws in shock, the man wearing the brown gi was named Retasu.

'Retasu... That's my father's name..!' Taisuka thought to himself as he watched a man in an orange gi and black spiky hair float up behind Retasu. 'I remember Master Krillin and Lizz telling me about my father's name... and how he was killed before I was born, I never got to meet him..' Tears started forming in Taisuka's eyes as he peered up at his father, who had a smirk on his face.

Jaduko widened his eyes when he saw the man in the orange gi float up behind Retasu, it was Shishito, his father. The stories that Rukiro had told him were true after all. Their parents had known Taisuka's parents, and it appears they were actually close friends.

"Now would be a good time to power up, Shishito." Retasu replied. "The bastard's getting up again." The two Saiyans looked down towards the island they were floating above and they could see Reybuu flying up towards them with his tongue flapping in the wind as it hung out of his mouth. Jaduko and Taisuka watched as their fathers fought Reybuu side by side, the two of them were in their base forms but they were easily keeping up with the demon. Kyuti and Konno watched the scene as well, amazed at how strong the two Saiyans were, Kyuti had never seen what Shishito looked like, but she could see the resemblance between him and Jaduko.

As the Saiyans fought with Reybuu, the view of the event slowly fizzed out of view and transitioned into another event that seemingly took place a few minutes after the previous.

Shishito's hair was now golden and standing on end, he was a Super Saiyan. His hair looked exactly the same as Jaduko's whenever he turned Super Saiyan. Reybuu lifted his arm and pointed it at Shishito, a yellow beam rapidly blasted out towards Shishito. The Super Saiyan ran along the ground towards the beam but quickly bent his torso backwards, allowing the beam to glide over his chest. Shishito continued to slide along the ground on his knees as the beam blasted into an island that was near the one they were on, the island exploded and water flew into the sky as the ground shook. The scene panned up towards Retasu who was holding a golden locket in his hands, the locket had a dragon design on it and a black gem was located in the dragon's mouth.

It was the Locket of Nether. Reybuu lifted his head and noticed Retasu holding the Locket, gritting his teeth, the demon punched Shishito in the mouth and sent the Super Saiyan skidding across the ground as dirt and rock lifted up underneath him. Reybuu burst from his position up towards Retasu.

"Shishito, catch!" Retasu shouted, he clenched onto the Locket and hurled it down towards the ground, Shishito got to his feet and caught the locket. Looking up, Shishito noticed Reybuu throwing a barrage of punches and kicks into Retasu's stomach and chest. "I'll... I'l hold him off! Just end this!" Retasu shouted through the attacks, blood exploded from his body and his gi ripped from the impact of each punch.

Taisuka watched the event unfold and his skin went pale, he was watching his father have the life beat out of him.

"Retasu hold on!" Shishito shouted, he burst from his position up towards the two with the Locket in his hands, but before he could reach his friend, Reybuu placed his hand on Retasu's stomach, a yellow aura emitted from the demons hand as Retasu's blood leaked onto his hand.

With a demonic shout, a yellow explosion fired from Reybuu's hand and into Retasu's stomach, the explosion ruptured through Retasu's body and flew out behind the Saiyan as blood exploded from the wound with the beam. Retasu's pupils turned white and dilated as blood dripped from his mouth, the yellow explosion slowly faded and a large hole was left in Retasu's stomach.

"RETASU!" Shishito shouted, he watched as Retasu's body slowly fell towards the ground until it landed on the dirt down below. Future Taisuka and Taisuka both dropped their jaws as tears streamed down their faces, their father slowly twitched on the ground, he was still alive!

The scene slowly fizzed away and transitioned into another. Jaduko, Kyuti, and Konno watched as an angered Shishito fought with Reybuu over his fallen friend. The fight was bloody and brutal, blow for blow, Shishito as a Super Saiyan was no match for Reybuu, but his anger pushed him forward. Jaduko watched his father's amazing tactics in battle, realizing that his fighting style was similar to his own, Rukiro had been the one to teach him the basics of martial arts before he even joined the Turtle School. Was Rukiro teaching Jaduko the tactics of their father all along?

As the fight continued, Jaduko watched as Reybuu pushed his father to the ground, the two remained still until Shishito slowly turned his head to face Jaduko, the many different shards of the Timewatch Crystal all had Shishito staring at his son. Jaduko and Shishito's eyes made contact and Jaduko noticed his father slowly lifting his hand as if he were calling out towards him. Jaduko lifted his hand and extended it towards his father as well, wondering if the two could see each other, but the scene of Shishito slowly faded away. The two hadn't actually seen each other afterall... But why did it seem like Shishito was calling out towards him?

Shishito and Reybuu's fight continued but it eventually ended with Shishito clenching onto the Locket and placing the black gem onto the golden, diamond shaped gem on Reybuu's forehead. The white sparkles inside the black gem on the Locket grew brighter as Reybuu shouted in pain, the gem on his head was connected to the black gem in the Locket and upon contact, the two reacted with one another. Jaduko watched as Shishito gave his life to seal Reybuu away inside of the locket.

Jaduko's jaw dropped when he finally put two and two together about what happened with his father's death. Looking down at the ground, Jaduko blankly stared onto the shards of the Timewatch Crystal. Shishito hadn't given his life to protect the world or even the universe.. he was doing it for his family, his sons, he was doing it for Jaduko, the child that his wife was pregnant with. Shishito sacrificed his life to seal the demon away so his sons could live a peaceful life.. His father really was a hero, all of the stories that Rukiro had told him as a child may have been fake, but the actions that Shishito would do were real.. Jaduko closed his eyes and tears slowly formed under his eyelids.

What had truly happened to Jaduko and Taisuka's fathers were now revealed (and the events will be explained in Movie 3, go check it out). But one question still remained... what had happened to their mothers? Only time will tell..

Future Taisuka slowly closed his eyes after watching Shishito defeat Reybuu at the cost of his own life. Thoughts swirled in Future Taisuka's mind until he finally realized what he needed to do.

Thinking about his own parents, Jaduko was completely oblivious to the events that continued to play in the shards of the Timewatch Crystal, the scene slowly transitioned to Retasu, who managed to survive the wound he received from Reybuu. But as the scene continued, Taisuka and Future Taisuka learned that their father was paralyzed from the waist down due to the wound he had and was slowly dying day by day, he would die shortly before they were born. Konno and Kyuti watched the events unfold as well, wondering how Jaduko and Taisuka were handling it all.

Taisuka closed his eyes and fell to his knees, everything that was shown to him was happening so fast, what was the actual story behind all of this? Why was The Watcher showing them this? Tears streamed out of Taisuka's eyes and dripped down onto the Crystal Shards, the tears bounced and dispersed upon making contact with the Crystal.

'Why... Why does it always happen?!' Taisuka thought to himself, he slammed his fist down onto the Crystal and shards of it slowly broke off around his fist. 'People I love always sacrifice themselves or put themselves in harms way for someone else.. Why can't we all just live and be happy?!'

Thinking back to his fight with Sono on Planet Xerivon, Taisuka remembered Lizz giving up her life for Taisuka, so he could continue fighting, she knew he was the only one who would be able to beat the man who had killed her. Then, Taisuka thought about Retasu, getting the life beat out of him just so Jaduko's father could deliver the finishing blow.

Slamming his fist down onto the Crystal once more, a small crack extended outwards from his fist, a white aura flared around his body and slowly turned golden, but then faded back to white.

'My family has been nothing but second place to Jaduko and his family for all of these years! They've sacrificed their lives and for what?! So people stronger than them could simply live on for a few more minutes?!' Taisuka opened his eyes and his pupils dilated, they slowly turned a light cyan color but then faded back to brown.

'That son of a bitch killed my father... My father was forced to live a paralyzed life because of him, only to die from the wounds he received before I was even born!' Taisuak's hair slowly fluttered upwards and turned golden but then dropped back down and reverted back to it's brown color. 'He killed my friends in the future... I won't let him do the same to my friends in the present, I won't let him! I won't let him win!'

Using the anger that slowly built up from his pain as well as the pain from his future counterpart, Taisuka clenched his fists and threw them to his sides, he lifted his torso upwards and remained kneeling on the ground as he let out a blood-curdling scream, streams of tears were still rolling down his cheeks. His eyes trembled as a golden aura swirled around his body, his hair stood on end and turned golden, the tears rolling down his cheeks lifted upwards and started flying in the air from the power emitting from the Saiyan's body.

With Taisuka's power erupting around him, the cracks in the Timewatch Crystal began to grow larger and larger, until everything around him shattered. The Watcher had succeeded in what he intended on doing, he showed Jaduko and Taisuka what had really happened to their fathers and now, it was up to them to use this newfound knowledge to defeat Reybuu.

Upon having the Timewatch Crystal shatter, Jaduko lifted his head and looked around, everything had returned to normal, he could see everyone move again! Konno and Kyuti lifted their heads and looked around, Reybuu's attack was even stopped by the Timewatch Crystal, the demon grit his teeth and looked at Taisuka.

Turning their heads, Konno and Kyuti widened their eyes as they saw the young Taisuka standing a few yards away from Reybuu, his hair was standing on end and a golden aura flared up into the sky. Reybuu turned his body so he was standing directly in front of the young Super Saiyan. The two glared into each other's eyes, with Reybuu standing several feet taller than Taisuka.

'I-Impossible!' Future Taisuka thought, looking at his younger self, now transformed into a Super Saiyan. 'I didn't transform into a Super Saiyan at this point in time.. that means I truly did mess up the timeline... that means this timeline is destined for something different... something better than the one in mine..'

Jaduko widened his eyes when he saw Taisuka. The once young and childish Saiyan he took under his wing was now a strong and independent warrior, molded by the knowledge he had gained about his past. Jaduko grinned when he thought back to the day that Taisuka had killed Shiver, and how his power had to be unleashed. His student had succeeded in unleashing his hidden power afterall, and nothing could've made Jaduko happier at the moment.

Meanwhile back inside of the Lookout, Seikyo, Lori, and Mr. Popo blinked in surprise, they had also been caught in the Timewatch Crystal, the three of them watched the events about Shishito, Retasu, and Reybuu unfold as well. Seikyo grit his teeth after realizing that Jaduko's father was a Super Saiyan as well.

"Stay here and stay safe, Seikyo and I will head up top with the Locket so we can finally put an end to Reybuu." Lori urgently looked at Mr. Popo, who nodded. Lori lunged forward and ripped the Locket of Nether out of Seikyo and Mr. Popo's hands, she then burst off into a sprint out of the door, Seikyo followed after her and the two rushed up the stairwell.

Back in the fight, Reybuu's tongue swayed in the wind as he glared down at Taisuka, all was silent with the exception of his golden aura creating a slight 'whirring' sound. With a shout Reybuu lifted his arm and thrust a punch towards Taisuka's face, the young Super Saiyan's body fizzed out of view and fizzed back into view behind the demon. Before Reybuu could turn around, Taisuka slammed his foot into the back of Reybuu's neck, but instead of his neck bending and flinging back into Taisuka, Reybuu was sent skidding along the ground. Future Taisuka opened his eyes and noticed the kick, he slowly smiled and chuckled as it was technically payback for Reybuu kicking him in the neck.

'He did it, he finally learned Wild Sense!' Jaduko clenched his fist and grinned.

"Alright, get em Taisuka!" Konno shouted, raising a fist to the sky. "Show Reybuu what it's like to mess with not two Super Saiyans, but three!" He smirked as Taisuka rushed past him, Reybuu rolled to his feet and slid to a halt, he crossed his arms and blocked one of Taisuka's punches. Kyuti rushed over to Future Taisuka and carefully placed her arms underneath his neck and legs.

"Tell me if I hurt you, I'm slowly gonna pick you up." Kyuti muttered. She lifted Future Taisuka off of the ground and the Saiyan winced in pain. "You have a broken neck and a broken spine, how are you still alive?"

"I-.." Future Taisuka tried to speak but he winced in pain, his voice was hoarse. "I'm not sure." Kyuti slowly turned around and backed up away from the fight, she knew that Taisuka had everything under control.

"I'LL KILL YOU!" Taisuka shouted, clencing a fist and reeling back, he thrust forward and Reybuu quickly dodged to the right, and recoiled by throwing his own punch towards Taisuka's face. The Super Saiyan ducked and the demon's fist glided through his golden hair. Reybuu widened his eyes, surprised at Taisuka's speed. Without saying another word, Taisuka reeled back for another punch and thrust his fist into Reybuu's stomach creating a massive indent. Spit spurt out of Reybuu's mouth as he went sliding across the ground.

Using the momentum from the punch, Reybuu lifted his foot and spun backwards, lifting his foot higher into the air as Taisuka rushed towards him. With a demonic scream, Reybuu slammed his foot down towards Taisuka's head, the young Super Saiyan lifted his arms and crossed them, blocking the kick before it could make contact. The ground around the two cracked and an air wave exploded around them from the impact of the kick.

Reybuu lifted his leg and thrust a punch into Taisuka's chest, but instead of sliding backwards, the Super Saiyan placed his foot behind him and slammed it into the ground, catching himself. Reybuu grit his teeth and placed his hand around Taisuka's neck, a yellow explosion erupted from his hand and the Super Saiyan winced in pain as he went flying into the sky.

Flipping to catch himself, Taisuka was surprised to see Reybuu follow him up into the sky, the demon slammed his knee into Taisuka's stomach, blood spurt out of his mouth. Spinning around, Reybuu slammed his fists into Taisuka's back and the Super Saiyan went spiraling down towards the ground, landing on his back on the concrete.

Before Taisuka could get to his feet, Reybuu flew down and slammed his foot into Taisuka's chest, pushing him into the concrete, creating a body imprint in it. Four different cracks extended from around Taisuka's body and extended towards the side of the Lookout as small chunks of rock lifted off of the ground at the edge of the Lookout where the cracks ended.

Taisuka's eyes were wide and Reybuu slowly lifted himself up off of the ground, the demon looked down at Taisuka with his piercing red eyes.

'Oh no..' Jaduko thought, he trembled as he saw Taisuka laying motionless in the ground.

"He may have transformed into a Super Saiyan but that didn't diminish the fact that Reybuu is still indestructible.." Future Taisuka muttered, Kyuti looked down at the Saiyan in her arms and her body began to tremble, what were they going to do.

Before anyone could make any movement, the sound of hands smacking together was heard, everyone turned their heads in the direction of the noise and they noticed Konno standing with his hands placed together, his right hand on top with his fingers pointing to the sky and his left hand with his fingers pointing downwards on bottom. His palms were facing towards Reybuu.

"You're gonna die here, today!" Konno shouted at Reybuu, his face was tight and had scratches on it as he grit his teeth and glared at Reybuu, he looked incredibly angry. It looked as though he was about to fire a Kamehameha wave with the way his hands were placed but instead of a blue orb forming in his hands, an orange orb with white sparkles began to form in his hands.

'What attack is that...? I've never seen a multicolored attack emit from an Earthling's hands!' Kyuti thought to herself, the Lookout began to shake as Konno's white aura flared around him. Reybuu's attention was focused on Konno, which allowed Taisuka to sit up from his position, his hair was still golden. Konno tilted his head and motioned for Taisuka to slip out of the way. Taisuka nodded and rolled out of the crater he was in, causing Reybuu to look at him. But before the demon could attack, Konno let out a shout of power.

"SHERBET FLAAAAREE!!" Konno shouted, an orange beam blasted from his hands and white beams of light spiraled around it until it slammed into Reybuu. The demon widened his eyes and quickly thrust his right hand towards the beam to try and catch it. But he was engulfed by the beam and was slowly being pushed away, the beam flew off of the side of the Lookout and shot through the sky, but Reybuu was doing his best to push against it.

Wind pushed into Kyuti and Future Taisuka, Kyuti did her best to keep her footing as she winced her eyes.

'I'm amazed... everyone here has been holding their own against Reybuu, doing their part in this fight..' Future Taisuka thought to himself, he watched as sweat began to drip from Konno's face, he was using every ounce of energy he had. 'They're protecting each other, even if they know they aren't able to win..'

"C'mon Konno, use everything you got!" Jaduko shouted over the wind, Konno's shout grew louder and the veins in his arms bulged out of his skin, Reybuu uncrossed his arms and stared directly at Konno, the beam was weakening.

Taisuka lifted his right hand and formed his fingers into a gun, he aimed his fingers at Reybuu and began firing yellow beam after yellow beam. Each beam fired into Konno's blast and pierced through Reybuu's skin, the two of them were working together to keep the demon at bay, but even Taisuka's newfound Super Saiyan powers would not be enough.

'This world has taught me so much... so much that I have lost in my world...' Future Taisuka thought. 'I forgot what it was like to laugh, or to even live... I can't let this world end up like the world I lived in... They don't deserve the horror that I have gone through.'

A few moments passed and Konno's beam slowly disappeared, the Earthling fell forward onto the ground. Reybuu turned his attention towards Taisuka and fired a yellow blast into the Super Saiyan's face, Taisuka winced in pain and went flying backwards. Jaduko jumped in the air and caught Taisuka before he went flying off of the edge of the Lookout. Reybuu floated up into the sky high above the Lookout.

Lori and Seikyo ran out of the temple and noticed Reybuu ascending towards the sky. Kyuti and Future Taisuka lifted their heads and noticed Lori holding onto the Locket.

"L-Lori..!" Future Taisuka shouted, he fought the pain coursing through his broken neck and got out of Kyuti's arms, he stumbled onto the ground and screamed in pain, but slowly got to his feet. Lori turned her head and ran over to Future Taisuka.

"My god, are you alright?" Lori questioned.

"Give me the Locket.." Future Taisuka extended his hand out towards Lori, but all went silent. Kyuti and Lori exchanged glances and looked down at Future Taisuka. "DO IT!"

"You're not going to risk your life.." Lori muttered.

"It's the only way we can end this!" Future Taisuka responded.

"You're our friend, we're not going to let you do something so rash." Kyuti muttered, despite knowing that risking his life was the only way Future Taisuka could defeat Reybuu.

"My life has been hell, I don't want yours to be hell." Future Taisuka grunted, tears formed in his eyes. "You all died because of my incompetence to protect you, my wife, my unborn child.. all dead!" Lori and Kyuti slowly opened their mouths in shock.

"Trust me... I need... I need to do this... for my friends, my family... my father... his father..." Future Taisuka slowly lifted his finger and pointed over towards Taisuka, who was knocked unconscious from Reybuu's attack, Jaduko was holding onto him and Seikyo made his way over to the two of them.

Lori closed her eyes and clenched onto the Locket, she extended her hand out towards Future Taisuka, who grasped onto the Locket.

"Thank you.. I'm sorry for the trouble this monster and this Locket has caused.." Future Taisuka muttered. He used every ounce of strength he had left to fly into the sky towards Reybuu, the Saiyan fought the pain in his neck.

Reybuu looked down at Future Taisuka, who shouted as he thrust the black gem on the Locket onto the golden gem on the demon's head. White beams of light exploded from around the two as Future Taisuka's screams mixed with Reybuu's demonic shouts.

With one last glance down at his friends, Future Taisuka stopped screaming and smiled.

'Thank you all, for giving me the chance to live again.' Were his last thoughts before the white light engulfed both he and Reybuu.

Jaduko and the others covered their eyes with their arms and hands, they blocked out the light until it slowly faded away. Looking up into the sky, Future Taisuka and Reybuu were gone, but the Locket was still intact. The black gem was sparkling furiously, even harder than before now due to the fact that Reybuu had once again been sealed within the Locket.

Our heroes closed their eyes and mourned the loss of their friend as all went silent, the Locket slowly fell down towards the ground, landing on the ruined concrete below with a loud 'clang'.

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VOL 9: Chapter 88 - "Taisuka's Metamorphosis - The Next Super Saiyan!
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