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 VOL 9: Chapter 89 - "Inevitable Mortality - Violouh's Guidance"

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VOL 9: Chapter 89 - "Inevitable Mortality - Violouh's Guidance" Empty
PostSubject: VOL 9: Chapter 89 - "Inevitable Mortality - Violouh's Guidance"   VOL 9: Chapter 89 - "Inevitable Mortality - Violouh's Guidance" I_icon_minitimeSat Sep 03, 2016 2:14 pm

Taisuka slowly opened his eyes and the bright blue sky caused his vision to go blurry. Wincing, Taisuka sat up and rubbed his eyes, he shook his head and his vision slowly returned to normal, he realized he was sitting on the ground, broken square tiles scattered all around him.

"Geez... my head feels like it got squashed by a boulder.." Taisuka muttered, rubbing the back of his head, he slowly raised his eyes and noticed his bangs were brown, his hair had reverted back to it's base brown color.

"You alright kid?" Seikyo spoke up, Taisuka lifted his head and turned around, he noticed Seikyo standing behind him with his arms crossed, his black gi was torn and ripped but he seemed to be doing just fine.

"Yeah, I think so, what happened?" Taisuka questioned, lifting himself off of the ground.

"You were out cold for nearly half an hour. Reybuu knocked the Super Saiyan out of you." Seikyo replied.

"Super Saiyan? I went Super Saiyan?" Taisuka questioned. Seikyo rose an eyebrow.

"You don't remember the power?" Seikyo questioned in a weird tone, Taisuka shook his head. "Hmph.. your anger must have blinded you completely. The others might be glad to see that you're alright." Seikyo lifted one of his arms and pointed over towards the center of the Lookout.

Taisuka looked around, the entire Lookout was trashed and broken from the fight with Reybuu, trees were broken and torn in half, the temple was in ruins and nearly destroyed, and a lot of the square tiles were picked up and torn apart from the fight.

Jaduko was sitting down on the ground looking into the bright blue sky away from the Taisuka and Seikyo, he was also quite a distance from Lori, Kyuti, and Konno who were standing together as if they were talking.

'I can't believe that even a kid could surpass my strength.' Seikyo thought to himself. He tilted his head and motioned for Taisuka to run over to the others, which he did. 'But I can't deny he's got the potential to be strong as him... I will reach that level soon enough.' Seikyo turned his head and stared over at Jaduko, the wind blew through his hair.

"Lori! Konno! Kyuti!" Taisuka shouted as he ran and stumbled over chunks of conrete, the three looked over at him and smiled. Sliding to a halt, Taisuka was surprised when Lori bent down and wrapped her arms around him. "What's wrong? Where's Violouh? Where's future me?"

"Violouh will be fine, he's inside the Lookout helping Mr. Popo give a proper burial to Dende." Konno replied. "But... your future self.." He looked at Kyuti and nodded, Kyuti was holding onto the Locket of Nether, she tossed it over to Taisuka, who caught it in his hand, he looked at the golden dragon design and noticed the gem was rapidly sparkling, more so than it was when he first saw it.

"You'll grow up to become a brave warrior, Taisuka." Kyuti continued for Konno. "Your future self had to do what he knew was right."

Taisuka's pupils dilated and his mouth opened in shock as Lori unwrapped her arms from around him, Taisuka looked down into the Locket's gem and clenched onto the Locket. Future Taisuka risked his life to seal Reybuu away, just like Jaduko's father once had.

"You gonna be alright?" Lori asked.

"Yeah.. I'll be fine, just give me a while to take this in." Taisuka replied, he turned around and walked over towards the edge of the Lookout. Lori lifted her hand and began to walk after him, but Konno put his hand on her shoulder and shook his head. The two of them watched Kyuti make her way over to Jaduko, she sat down next to him and the two looked up into the sky in silence, Jaduko was thinking about his father's sacrifice and was trying to let everything sink in.

Several minutes passed of silence, the group of heroes remained on the Lookout staring into the sky, glad they could see it once more, Taisuka's legs dangled off of the edge of the Lookout as he sat in silence, staring into the Locket. Violouh exited from the temple with Mr. Popo behind him.

"I thank you kindly for your help Violouh, if you ever need a home, the Lookout can be yours, the Earth is without a Guardian now." Mr. Popo spoke up.

"It was no issue at all, I am not fit to be the Guardian of a Planet, but I will come by the Lookout and help you replant all of your trees, it is the least I can do." Violouh grinned, Mr. Popo grinned back. The two walked out into the open air towards the group of heroes, but Violouh noticed Taisuka sitting on the edge of the Lookout. Mr. Popo began to talk with Jaduko and the rest of the heroes for a few minutes before going back inside of the Lookout, Violouh slowly made his way over to Taisuka.

Hearing footsteps behind him, Taisuka didn't turn around to see who it was, he just began to talk.

"He died.. I died." Taisuka muttered. "My future self sacrificed himself... to defeat that monster.. the monster that killed my father.. does this mean I'm destined to die now that I know my future..?"

"Death is inevitable for all living things." Violouh replied, looking down at Taisuka, the wind blew across his bald head and his antenna softly fluttered from the wind in the same direction as Taisuka's hair. "We will all experience it, some people will meet their end sooner than later, and some will embrace it braver than others."

Taisuka sat in silence, he continued to stare at the Locket. Violouh moved forward and sat down next to Taisuka, letting his feet dangle off the side as well.

"Your father was a good man, and a brave one, Taisuka." Violouh continued. "He would be proud to see that both you as a child, and you as a man, would be willing to fight for others and sacrifice yourself for the greater good."

"Lizz and my father both died because they knew they wouldn't be able to stop the monster they were facing, Lizz sacrificed herself so I could beat Sono, and my father sacrificed his body so Jaduko's father could get a few extra hits in on Reybuu... I don't want my family's legacy to be there just so we can hold something off until someone stronger comes along to clean up what we can't." Taisuka replied, looking up at Violouh.

"There is more to sacrifice than you think." Violouh replied, Taisuka rose an eyebrow. "Anyone can hold someone off, but it takes someone with immense bravery to put their life on the line for any reason. Lizz and Retasu, your father, are brave people. Your future counterpart, is also brave, for he knew what the meaning of a sacrifice truly was. He did not do it to hold Reybuu off for someone stronger, he did it because it was the right thing to do."

"You're saying, my family is strong in it's own way?" Taisuka asked.

"Your family is indeed strong, you are strong, we are all strong." Violouh replied. "But to believe you are strong, you have to know what guides you." He lifted his hand and pointed at Taisuka's chest towards his heart.

Taisuka looked down and slowly smiled, he finally understood it all, his father didn't risk his life just so Shishito could get a few extra hits in on Reybuu, he sacrificed himself for the family he would soon have, for Shishito's family, for every family on Earth. Taisuka was glad to have finally figured out what happened to his father, but whatever happened to his mother was still a mystery, only time will tell what truly happened to her. At least Lizz was there to fill in for family.

"Thank you." Taisuka muttered to Violouh.

But before Violouh could reply, the black gem on the Locket began to glow white, Taisuka and Violouh winced as the light grew brighter and brighter. The light exploded from the Locket and engulfed Taisuka and Violouh. Jaduko, and the others turned their heads to see a huge white ball of light expanding towards them the light engulfed them as well and the entire Lookout.

A few moments passed until the light slowly faded, everyone had disappeared off of the Lookout, and the Locket was nowhere to be found..

Continue Onto Chapter 90:
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VOL 9: Chapter 89 - "Inevitable Mortality - Violouh's Guidance"
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