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 VOL 9: Chapter 90 - "The Watcher and The Emperor"

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VOL 9: Chapter 90 - "The Watcher and The Emperor" Empty
PostSubject: VOL 9: Chapter 90 - "The Watcher and The Emperor"   VOL 9: Chapter 90 - "The Watcher and The Emperor" I_icon_minitimeSat Sep 03, 2016 5:23 pm

Emperor Morge sat on his throne with Lord Warork and Lord Ender at his sides, he drummed his fingers on the side of his throne as workers below him worked on the ship's control panels. Morge watched stars quickly passing the ship through the front windows as the workers did their best to control the ship, in fear of messing up in front of the Emperor. Any slip up could cost them their lives.

The Locket of Nether from the present timeline was still hanging around Morge's neck, the black gem was still rapidly sparkling white but it did so even faster upon Reybuu being sealed within the Locket back on Earth. Morge looked down at the Locket hanging in front of his armor and noticed the gem sparkling furiously.

"It appears Reybuu was unsuccessful in retrieving the Locket of Nether from the future." Lord Ender spoke up, he too had noticed the Locket sparkling faster than it was before.

"Hmph... I should have never trusted a relic to do a job." Emperor Morge muttered. "If the Demon of Destruction was unable to defeat Shishito, what made me think he would be able to take down the Son of Shishito." Morge shook his head in disbelief.

"Does this mean the Locket is in the hands of the Son of Shishito and the Earthlings?" ord Warork questioned.

"Correct, we must take a field trip to Earth to retrieve it ourselves, and if they don't politely hand it over, we will take it by force." Morge replied. Lord Warork smiled, he liked that idea.

"I have a question, your majesty." Lord Ender spoke up.

"Talk." Morge replied.

"That black gem in the dragon's mouth on the Locket, you too have noticed it sparkling faster as each day passes, what exactly does it mean?" Ender questioned. Lord Warork turned his head, he was curious as well.

"The gem in the dragon's mouth is made out of the same material that was within Reybuu's head, it's why the demon and the Locket were connected with one another." Morge replied. "The two of them were both created by Nether, one of the original gods from millions and millions of years ago. Reybuu can travel in time, where as the Locket cannot, the Locket contains a multiverse within it, which is why I wished to have both the present and the future Lockets in my possession, so I could not only rule over the multiverse, but I could rule over the multiverse in our future as well.." Morge chuckled.

"Very smart plan." Ender replied. "When you summoned the Reybuu from the future to return in the past so he could retrieve the Locket, he also had the Locket from the future with him and the two Lockets reacted with one another is that correct?"

"That is correct." Morge replied. "But nothing of issue had come up due to the Reybuu of the future being free from his containment, however, now that the Son of Shishito and his allies had re-sealed Reybuu away, the two Lockets are now at full power and will conflict with one another, this universe can't contain this much power."

"What are we going to do?" Warork questioned.

"There is nothing we can do, the two Lockets are trapped in this timeline, the power emitting from the two of them at the same time will cause this universe to collapse and merge with different universes." Morge replied. "I personally believe that if I can't rule over the two Lockets, having the universe get destroyed is the next best thing." He chuckled.

"Wouldn't you agree?" Morge questioned, but all went silent. The Emperor slowly lifted his head and looked up towards Lord Warork, who was frozen in place, Morge turned his head and looked at Ender who was also frozen in place. Looking around the room, Emperor Morge noticed that everything had a slight silver tint to it as if someone had glossed over the room.

Standing up from his throne, Emperor Morge adjusted his armor and lifted the Locket from around his neck, he walked around the two frozen Lords and walked behind his throne, he lifted his head towards the doorway exiting the throne room and saw a silhouette standing in front of him. Clenching onto the Locket, Morge noticed the room cracking until it shattered in a Crystal-like pattern.

"Ah. Long time no see, Watcher.." Emperor Morge spoke up, he watched the silhouette walk towards him on top of the cracked crystal floor. "Are things well in Netherworld?"

"Things are not well, Morge, Emperor of the Planet Trade Organization." The Watcher replied, the silhouette slowly lifted from his body as he walked closer to Morge, the Emperor stood several feet taller than The Watcher.

The Watcher was wearing a black cloak that was thrown over his body, he was wearing blank white boots and brown gi-like pants that were tucked into the boots. It appeared as though he was wearing silver armor with a brown and yellow tunic thrown over him, but most of his torso was covered in the black cloak. The Watcher lifted his hand up towards the hood he was wearing and Morge noticed he was wearing a brown glove, The Watcher removed his hood and revealed what he looked like.

The Watcher had olive green skin and pointy ears, a purple mohawk extended over the top of his head and went back down the back of his head, his bangs framed his face and his green eyes. He was a Kaioshin. He also had gold armor plating the sides of his forehead, yellow Potara Earrings were dangling off of his point ears.

"Are you aware of what you have done, Morge?" The Watcher spoke.

"Oh I am, but do inform me of what I have done, it's always interesting to hear how others interpret what I do." Morge cockily replied.

"You have thrown both time and space into chaos with that little stunt you tried to pull." The Watcher seemed upset. "Nether would be displeased with you."

"Last time you and I met, I specifically told you I had no interest in working with Nether, I don't care what he thinks of my job." Morge replied. "My job is to rule the universe, and I am unable to do that with the Saiyans breathing down my neck and the Son of Shishito thwarting my plans."

"I always took you for a smart and tactical leader, appears I have been mistaken." The Watcher replied. "Bringing the Demon of Destruction back in time was a bad move. You're lucky the Son of Shishito and his allies were able to seal him away."

"You are mistaken, but not for thinking I am tactical." Morge replied. "You are mistaken if you believe I didn't know what I was doing when I brought Reybuu back in time."

"Are you saying you knew the Son of Shishito would seal the Demon of Destruction away?" The Watcher seemed surprised. "You wanted the universe to be thrown into chaos..."

"Now that my colleagues are unable to hear me, let me rephrase what I had said earlier. Rather than believing that if I can't rule over the two timelines, having them destroyed would be a good thing... I believe that merging all of them together and ruling them in one place is a great intention of mine.." Morge glared at The Watcher.

"Merging reality together is an incredible crime against time and space, it's incredibly reckless and dangerous. You are psychotic for even attempting to try it." The Watcher replied.

"Psychotic? Or am I just aware of actions that will better the universe in my image?" Morge retorted.

"If this is what you wish, then you will suffer the consequences of your choices." The Watcher replied. "Nether will not have mercy with you."

"So be it." Morge replied, and with that, the white sparkles emitting from the gem on the Locket of Nether exploded, a white light engulfed Morge and The Watcher like it previously had with Jaduko and his friends.

What could possibly happen from here? What did The Watcher's conversation with Emperor Morge mean? Realities merging together... would that be a good thing, or a bad thing? How can our heroes fix time and space itself and return everything to normal?

Find out next time!

Continue Onto Chapter 91:
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VOL 9: Chapter 90 - "The Watcher and The Emperor"
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