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 VOL 10: Chapter 91 - "Binded by Fate"

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VOL 10: Chapter 91 - "Binded by Fate" Empty
PostSubject: VOL 10: Chapter 91 - "Binded by Fate"   VOL 10: Chapter 91 - "Binded by Fate" I_icon_minitimeSat Sep 03, 2016 6:14 pm

Starting off this new adventure into the unknown, we see a familiar face who we haven't seen in quite some time..

After being blinded by a white light, King Nunber slowly opens his eyes, a sharp pain shoots through the back of his neck. Lifting his gloved hand to rub the back of his neck, Nunber slowly gets to his feet.

"Ugh... W-What happened here...?" King Nunber spoke to himself he noticed he was laying at the bottom of the staircase extending up towards his throne. He couldn't possibly had fallen off of his throne, he was a Saiyan, and he wasn't old. Flapping his red cape out behind him, Nunber heard the doors to the throne room quickly open up, turning his head, Nunber saw his son enter the room with the Saiyan Empire Royal Guards behind him.

"Father, are you alright?" Prince Chives questioned, he held his arm out to his side and ordered the Guards not to move. King Nunber dusted off his armor and began walking towards the group of Saiyans.

"I am fine, no need to worry, my son." King Nunber replied. "Are you aware of what happened?"

"No, we have Dax in the Labs working on it now, the entire planet is out of power, no Saiyan Pods have been able to enter or exit orbit for the past half an hour." Chives replied.

"W-What?!" Nunber was shocked. "All of Kuristrak's power is cut off?! Are we being invaded by Morge and his men?!"

"We don't believe so, but Dax wishes to meet with you." Chives replied and without a second thought, Nunber nodded. "Captain Runip, lead the way!"

Captain Runip, the captain of the Royal Guards saluted and led the way, his men opened up a pathway so King Nunber and Prince Chives could follow after Runip. The group of Saiyans ran down the hallway extending out from Nunber's throne room towards Dax's Laboratory.

Looking out of windows of his castle as he ran towards Dax's Laboratory, King Nunber noticed that the capital city of Planet Kuristrak was completely still and silent, and everything was dark. The Planet truly was out of power, but what was happening?

"Dax! I demand to know the meaning of this!" Nunber shouted as he burst through the doors of Dax's Laboratory with Prince Chives and the Royal Guards behind him. The scientists in the lab tensed up and saluted their king, some of them dropped important serums and others stopped writing up formulas for whatever they were working on.

"Y-Your highness, I'm glad to see you could make it." Dax muttered as King Nunber marched up to him. "I assume Prince Chives informed you of our planet's loss in power?"

"He did, and I order you to tell me why my men aren't able to head into or return from battle with the Planet Trade Organization." Nunber ordered.

"Well I can assure you that whatever is disrupting our power flow, it has nothing to do with Emperor Morge and his men." Dax responded, he motioned for King Nunber to follow him and he motioned for Prince Chives to come along, the Royal Guards walked into the laboratory and watched different scientists continue their work. "My scientists and I firmly believe that something of a natural cause has made it's way into Kuristrak's atmospheric levels, and whatever this natural cause is, it's blocking the power we receive from the sun and ultimately it has stopped us from using Saiyan Pods, to both exit or leave the planet."

"So if it's something of a natural cause, why can't Saiyan Pods enter the atmosphere if they're returning from a mission?" Prince Chives questioned. "I can understand pods not leaving due to the lack of power, but pods already out on a mission should have plenty of power to return."

"Well you see.." Dax continued, he pointed towards a computer screen in the center of the laboratory, Nunber and Chives looked at the screen and noticed that it was a simple image of the space outside of Kuristrak's atmosphere. But something was off, rather than being a pitch black sky with stars scattering the screen, an orange vortex and a green vortex circled in space around the planet. They were immense, way larger than Kuristrak or any planet in the solar system.

"We believe these vortexes are the cause behind the disturbance in our atmosphere, they are reacting with one another it seems and they are emitting electromagnetic fields that echo throughout the universe. With our power being cut off from the Saiyan Pods already out in space... The Pods are unable to read coordinates to our planet.." Dax continued.

"So these vortexes messing with Saiyan Pod coordinates and some type of disturbance in our atmosphere..." Chives spoke up.

"The two of these forces are cutting us off from the rest of the universe." Dax added on.

"Whatever these vortexes are, they don't seem natural... I want you and your scientists to figure out and pinpoint just exactly what these things are." Nunber ordered. "I also want you to study what's going on with our atmosphere, I don't care what's going on in the troposphere or even the exosphere, you study every single layer until you figure out what exactly is going on."

"Y-Yes sir.." Dax gulped.

"My son, you and the Royal Guards are to go out to the different cities across the planet and make sure no one is in harm from whatever those electromagnetic fields the vortexes are emitting. Make sure the people know that the world is not ending." Nunber looked towards Chives. Chives nodded.

"What will you do, my lord?" Captain Runip questioned.

"I plan on figuring out of Morge is behind this or not.." Nunber replied and with that, Nunber exited the laboratory and headed back to his throne room and when he was out of earshot, he continued to speak.. "Or if the Son of Shishito is responsible..."

Our scene then transitions to Emperor Morge and his men back in his throne room. Blinking from the white light, Morge peered ahead, he realized that The Watcher was gone from where he once stood. Shrugging it off, Morge turned around and noticed Lord Warork and Lord Ender laying on the floor. The two of them moaned and slowly got to their feet.

"Your majesty, what happened?" Lord Ender questioned, rubbing his green head.

"We're on the verge of a universal catastrophe.." Morge replied, he couldn't tell them about the conversation he had with The Watcher. He walked around his throne and sat down in the seat, Lord Warork and Lord Ender exchanged glances, they weren't sure what the Emperor was talking about, but upon looking out of the front windows of the ship, all was explained...

The same orange vortex and green vortex that Nunber and the Saiyans had seen were slowly circling in front of them, the workers down below got to their feet and continued working on the panels, unsure of what to do about the vortexes.

"Emperor Morge... what are those things?" Lord Warork questioned, he gazed out of the window and shifted his eyes back and forth between the two vortexes, they were massive.

"They appear to be energy vortexes made out of time and space itself, they are connecting this universe to two different ones, it seems.." Morge replied, he lifted his hand to grasp onto the Locket of Nether but was surprised when he noticed it wasn't around his neck.

"The Locket!" Lord Ender noticed it was gone as well. "What happened to it?"

"Tch... With Reybuu being sealed away, it must have caused the present Locket and the future Locket to react with one another, to the point of a catastrophical explosion.." Morge responded.

"You're saying... we were sucked into the Locket itself?" Lord Ender questioned.

"I believe so. Now that I put two and two together, these different vortexes actually are portals to different universes after all.. we're in the center of the multiverse known as Netherworld." Emperor Morge replied.

"Netherworld? That's the name of the multiverse within the Locket, correct?" Lord Warork questioned.

"Indeed. If we were effected by the Locket.. I can safely assume the rest of our universe was as well, the Saiyans and the Son of Shishito included." Emperor Morge chuckled.

"I guess things worked out in our favor then, we have portals open to alternate universes, more areas for us to rule!" Lord Ender laughed.

'Oh you have no idea, my loyal subject..' Morge thought to himself as he peered into space at the two massive vortexes.

Little did Emperor Morge know, that not only were portals open to alternate universes in this so called 'Netherworld', but reality itself was merging together! Were these vortexes behind Kuristrak losing power or was it something bigger and more sinister? Find out next time!

Continue Onto Chapter 92:
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VOL 10: Chapter 91 - "Binded by Fate"
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