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 VOL 10: Chapter 92 - "Netherworld"

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PostSubject: VOL 10: Chapter 92 - "Netherworld"   VOL 10: Chapter 92 - "Netherworld" I_icon_minitimeSat Sep 03, 2016 11:02 pm

With a groan, Jaduko slowly opened his eyes as he was laying face down on the ruined concrete of The Lookout. His vision blurry and his legs shaking as he got to his feet, Jaduko shook his head and was surprised when he felt his power nearly restored from the fight with Reybuu. Clenching his fists, Jaduko looked around and noticed his friends laying on the ground around him. Taisuka and Violouh got to their feet just like Jaduko, Konno and Lori helped Seikyo his feet, but Kyuti was still struggling on the ground near the edge of the Lookout.

"Kyuti!" Jaduko shouted, he hopped over a chunk of concrete and ran to her side, he grabbed onto her arm and softly helped her to her feet. She groaned and slowly opened her eyes. "Are you alright?"

"Y-Yeah.. what happened?" Kyuti asked, holding onto the side of her head. "How long were we out?"

"Not sure, some kinda light blinded me and I just barely woke up from whatever it was." Jaduko replied. He noticed the others slowly hobble towards him, they were each regaining their strength from the fight with Reybuu but they were all still badly damaged.

"Hold that thought Jaduko." Konno piped up, Jaduko turned his head over towards Konno as he wrapped Kyuti's arm around his neck. "Look up at the sky.." He pointed upwards.

Jaduko and Kyuti lifted their heads up towards the sky, instead of the sky being bright blue like it was earlier, it was now grey and foggy, it was overcast. Seikyo rose an eyebrow as he looked into the sky, he noticed something out of the corner of his eye and turned towards it.

"What's that up there?" Taisuka asked, he had seen the same thing that caught Seikyo's attention. What the two Saiyans saw was a small orange circle floating in the sky. "It's not the sun is it?"

"No.." Lori muttered. "The sun isn't a bright orange... But it is far enough out to be in space.." The wind picked up on top of the Lookout and began to blow through everyone's hair with the exception of Violouh. She winced her eyes and noticed that the orange circle was swirling, it was the same vortex that King Nunber and his men had seen in the distant corner of the universe.

"There's one over there too." Konno pointed in the opposite direction and saw a slightly bigger circle, it was colored green and the heroes could now see it swirling around like a vortex.

"Any ideas on what they are?" Jaduko lifted his head and stared at Violouh and Seikyo, the two shook their heads.

"Maybe sealing that demon away in that Locket created something that we shouldn't have known about." Seikyo responded. Jaduko widened his eyes, he almost forgot about the Locket.

"That Locket.. Future Taisuka had it.." Jaduko muttered, he lifted his head and looked at Violouh, the Namekian tilted his head towards the Saiyan. "Where is it now?"

"Taisuka has it in his possession." Violouh replied, lifting his hand and pointing back towards Taisuka. The group turned their faces to stare at the young Saiyan. Lifting his hands into the air, Taisuka realized he no longer had the Locket in them, he patted his gi and neck to try and find it, but it was nowhere to be seen. Jaduko's eyes began to shake as he watched Taisuka shrug his shoulders.

"Must have been destroyed?" Taisuka questioned.

"Well... it doesn't matter what those things in the sky are, as long as the Locket's gone for good, we don't need to worry, right?" Konno questioned. "The Taisuka from the future saved us and did what he wanted to do, he destroyed that monster. Everything should be all better now."

"Those vortexes in the sky must have opened up due to Taisuka sealing Reybuu in the Locket. Did that happen when Shishito sealed Reybuu away?" Kyuti questioned.

"No, I don't believe it did." Violouh muttered, looking around the overcast sky.

'Konno's right.. everything should be all better now, but why isn't it?' Jaduko thought to himself as his friends continued to converse about the vortexes in the sky. 'My father gave his life to seal that demon away... Taisuka gave his life to seal that demon away as well.. He may not have been the Taisuka I know... but he's still Taisuka, he and my father were my family, they sacrifices their lives so others important to them could live theirs..' Jaduko grit his teeth.

Kyuti lifted her head and noticed Jaduko gritting his teeth, he was staring at the ground and was deep in thought.

'Did Rukiro know about what happened to our father? Did he base those stories he told me off of my father's legacy or did he make them up, not knowing that our father had sacrificed his life so Rukiro and I could grow up and enjoy those stories together?' Jaduko closed his eyes. 'That Locket that Future Taisuka used to seal away Reybuu was from his timeline... from the future, that must mean there's another Locket in our timeline. If it's on Earth, I have to find it, it's the only thing linking back to my family, and if I can't revive Rukiro with the Dragon Balls, at least I can have the Locket to hold onto for the sake of my father's sacrifice.'

That's when it hit him, Jaduko remembered what the spirit of his father had told him about the Locket of Nether back during his fight with Zerox.

'Find the Locket of Nether, it's the key to defeating the evil who dares stand in your way' Shishito's voice echoed in Jaduko's mind. 'Morge and Nunber both know you're my son and that's why you're the prime target..'

Jaduko lifted his head into the sky as Shishito's words echoed in his mind, he stared at the two vortexes and realized what was going on. It was Morge who had sent Reybuu to Earth to retrieve the Locket from Future Taisuka's timeline, Morge was trying to attack people close to him..

"The Locket is still here on Earth.." Jaduko mindlessly spoke as he stared into the sky, the others stopped talking and looked at him. "It has to be, at least the one from our timeline. We have to find it and shut these vortexes down somehow, before... before bad things happen.."

"Tch.." Seikyo muttered, he knew what Jaduko was talking about based on the tone in his voice. He knew that Jaduko was talking about Morge and Nunber. "I'll find it myself." He muttered before bursting off into the grey sky with his red aura flaring around him, he flew down over the side of the Lookout.

"Are you sure the Locket is here on Earth?" Lori looked at Jaduko, the Saiyan nodded. Lori gave a concerned look and thought about what Jaduko had done for her and the rest of their friends. "I'll trust what you think.. I guess we better get to searching." She bumped Konno on the arm and Konno nodded. The two burst off into the sky in the opposite direction of Seikyo, their green and white auras mixing together as they flew.

"You understand what the secrets of the Locket truly are." Violouh looked at Jaduko, the two locked eyes. "You know, just like your father, that the Locket cannot fall into the wrong hands."

"Yeah.. I'm just going off of a hunch, assuming it's on Earth. It has to be considering it was in the future for Taisuka and his friends." Jaduko replied. "I gotta get it before Morge and Nunber do, for my father." He clenched his fist.

"Morge.. I have not heard of that name in a long while." Violouh replied. "I'll search with you, those vortexes in the sky don't look safe for someone to travel alone."

"I'll go too." Kyuti piped up, removing her arm from around Jaduko's neck. But Jaduko shook his head.

"I want you to stay here and rest, if those vortexes are due to the effects of sealing Reybuu away, it could get dangerous if we find the Locket, I don't want you hurt." Jaduko replied.

"But I'm a warrior, like you.." Kyuti replied with a somewhat flustered tone. "I can handle myself, you don't need to worry about me getting into trouble like we did on Xerivon."

"I know." Jaduko replied. His blue aura flared around his body and he burst off into the sky without anything else to say. Violouh followed behind with his purple aura flaring around him.

Kyuti knew that Jaduko was trying to protect her, but she was a Saiyan, she wasn't going to sit back and let Jaduko and Seikyo do everything on their own.

"Hey, Kyuti." Taisuka piped up, he was still on the Lookout. Kyuti turned her head towards him. "I'll go with ya, don't worry about what Jaduko says, he doesn't have to find out." With a grin, Taisuka closed his eyes and laughed as he lifted two fingers up towards the sky. His attitude had returned to normal, and it's a good thing. We wouldn't want a psychotic Taisuka running around after what he had gone through learning about his father and Reybuu.

Kyuti nodded and the two burst off into the sky, their white and brown auras flaring around them.

Our heroes were now on the hunt for the Locket of Nether in the present timeline. Was it even on Earth or were the words from Shishito echoing through Jaduko's mind without any meaning? Will Jaduko and his friends find the Locket before something bad happens...? Find out next time!

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VOL 10: Chapter 92 - "Netherworld"
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