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 VOL 10: Chapter 94 - "Loyalty to the Bloodline"

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VOL 10: Chapter 94 - "Loyalty to the Bloodline" Empty
PostSubject: VOL 10: Chapter 94 - "Loyalty to the Bloodline"   VOL 10: Chapter 94 - "Loyalty to the Bloodline" I_icon_minitimeFri Sep 16, 2016 10:16 pm

We now transition over to Jaduko and Violouh, who are flying through the sky over the cold ocean below. The water slowly bobbed back and forth as the two Z-Fighters passed over it. Violouh was steadily flying behind Jaduko, following every twist and turn the Saiyan would take, their blue and purple auras flared around them.

"We have been flying over the ocean for nearly twenty minutes, are we close to shore?" Violouh shouted behind Jaduko, the Saiyan didn't turn around. The two had been silent for the majority of their flight.

"I see some rocky pillars up ahead, we can stop there and scout out the area." Jaduko shouted back. Slowing to a halt, the two floated above the rocky pillars that Jaduko had seen, hundreds of pillars extended up from the ocean and all of them were flat on top, making it easy to stand on one. Jaduko dropped from the sky on top of one of the pillars and Violouh landed behind him, the wind blew through Jaduko's hair as he knelt down and placed his hand on the rocky surface.

Violouh lifted his head and looked around, with these pillars extended up from the water, there had to be land nearby. His antennae twitched as he continued to scan across the area, sure enough, he saw a beachy shore a couple hundred yards away from the area where the rocky pillars extended from the water. The beach led into a mountain range covered with green trees, Violouh turned his head and followed the mountains, they seemed to be creating a wall on the North end of the rocky pillars, a waterfall dropped off the side of the mountain that was opposite of where the beach was and small rock platforms resided near the bottom.

"What is this place? These rocky pillars remind me of structures back on my home planet." Violouh questioned Jaduko, who had his eyes closed, his hand was still resting on the rock as if he were trying to sense something.

"The mountain range in front of us is called Hosoi Bojo Peak, the mountain extends towards the North towards North City. The beach you see over there, the waterfall, and these pillars we are standing on are part of Gotabo Heights, it's rumored that these pillars extend from the sea so ships can't land on the beach, which is why most of the landscape is unpopulated until you reach North City." Jaduko replied, he seemed to have known this area well.

"Interesting, how do you know of this place?" Violouh looked around.

"Rukiro used to take me to different places around the world so we could train and not get bored of fighting each other in the same place." Jaduko replied, he stood up and turned around to face Violouh. "He and I used to fight on these pillars and then we'd sit on the beach to enjoy the view of the waterfall. Sometimes, we'd take hikes up through the forests of Hosoi Bojo Peak just to see the view of North City." He gave a slight chuckle.

"That sounds like fun." Violouh replied, Jaduko softly nodded. "I never had the chance to say this, but I apologize for the loss of your brother's life. I am sure he was a good man like you and your father."

"He was pretty cool, just wish I would've known about the Dragon Balls being able to grant wishes sooner than I did, or else I could have wished him back before it was too late." Jaduko crossed his arms.

"You have let yourself be blinded by your goal of reviving him, that you have not been able to think about him living the remainder of his life in peace in the Otherworld." Violouh replied. "He would be proud to see that he helped train the strong warrior you've become. I believe that is all he wanted."

Jaduko silently nodded, he thought about Rukiro's death at the hands of Letish all those years ago, it was what pushed him to become stronger. Was Rukiro truly weak compared to the Saiyans or was he trying to motivate Jaduko? Jaduko closed his eyes after thinking about the death of his brother, he compared it to the death of his father and the death of Future Taisuka. All of these men had not only given their lives to protect their friends, family, and their world, but they also did it to allow Jaduko to become stronger, why did everyone have to die for him?

"Jaduko." Violouh spoke up, he placed his hand on Jaduko's shoulder, causing the Saiyan to look up towards him. "Your brother may be gone, but he has given you the chance to make a new family. One of these days, when we have found the Locket of Nether and restored peace to the planet, I would like to travel here, I would like all of our friends to travel here. It would be nice to hike through the mountains and watch the waterfall." This caused Jaduko to smile, the Saiyan nodded.

Before the two could continue their search for the Locket, a large power surge sparked through their heads, the two Z-Fighters turned their heads towards the source but before they could react, a red blur smacked into Violouh. Jaduko turned his head and noticed a red figure wearing an emerald colored gi kneeing Violouh in the stomach, the two flew through the air until Violouh smashed into the side of one of the rock pillars.

The red figure removed his knee from Violouh's stomach and watched the Namekian hold onto his stomach in pain. Lifting his hands towards the sky, the red figure slammed his fists onto Violouh's head and the Namekian went flying down towards the water below, smacking into it with a loud 'SPLASH'.

Gearing up to fly down towards the water after Violouh, the red figure lifted his head and noticed Jaduko flying towards him. The Saiyan's eyes were wide and he let out a shout as he thrust his fist into the figure's face, he was sent flying through the pillar towards the waterfall, the pillar was torn in half from the force of the punch. Violouh lifted himself from the water and noticed Jaduko flying after the figure who had attacked him, but he also noticed that the top half of the rock pillar he was smacked into was toppling over towards the water below. Violouh grit his teeth and dove back into the water, he managed to get out of the way just as the rocks smashed into the water.

The red figure did a back flip and landed on a small rock platform near the bottom of the waterfall, his back was facing the waterfall. Jaduko landed on a rock platform in front of attacker and the two stared each other down as the water below them slowly bobbed back and forth.

Up close, Jaduko could finally see what the attacker looked like. He looked exactly like Violouh, he was a Namekian. But something was off, instead of having green skin color, his skin was red and instead of having pink flesh on the sides of his arms, the flesh was white. His eyes had no pupils, they were just a single shade of green. Was this guy a Namekian or was he something different? Something more sinister? Jaduko noticed that this red Namekian was relatively larger than both he and Violouh, standing at least eight feet tall.

"Who are you?" Jaduko clenched his fists. The figure gave a slight chuckle and showed his pointy, white teeth. This red Namekian was wearing black boots and black gloves, and a red belt wrapped around his emerald gi pants and emerald shirt. His tone of voice was the exact same as Violouh's except slightly lower, signifying that this hostile was an alternate version of Violouh, just like Taikaus. We will refer to him as Louhvio.

"Who I am is not important. You however, are important." Louhvio replied, Jaduko rose an eyebrow. "You are after the Locket of Nether, correct?"

"Yeah, and I don't have time to pick a fight with you. If you tell me where the Locket is, I'll come find you later on and we can fight then." Jaduko retorted, lifting his thumb up towards the sky as if he had to leave. Violouh slowly lifted his head from the water next to the two rock platforms and watched from afar, he studied Louhvio's appearance.

"That hair.." Louhvio muttered to himself, noticing Jaduko's brown hair that spiked to the side. "You are Jaduko, are you not?"

"I am, what's it to ya?" Jaduko tried to seem threatening, but was curious as to how this person knew his name.

"The man who sent me here told me and my squad to watch out for someone named Jaduko, he made it sound like you and he had spent a lot of time together." Louhvio replied. "Luckily out of everyone in my squad, I am most capable of handling the famous Jaduko."

"At least someone is calling me by my name rather than calling me the Son of Shishito. Who's your boss? How does he know me?" Jaduko questioned. "I don't even know you, or who you are."

"My name is Louhvio." Louhvio replied, Jaduko widened his eyes, knowing that this person was a corrupt version of Violouh.

'Boss? This man may be a version of me, but I would never work under anyone, especially not after the monarchy of King Trom back on Namek..' Violouh thought to himself, thinking about King Trom. (Read Movie 1: King Trom's Tyranny to get the full story about King Trom)

"The identity of my employer is no concern to you." Louhvio continued. "You won't live long enough to find out who he is either."

Before Jaduko could respond, Louhvio's muscles began to bulk up and the air around his body. Jaduko lifted his arms up to shield his face from the wind, the water below him began to move away from Louhvio and furiously bobbed as the red Namekian's power surged. Violouh was bouncing up and down in the waves as he watched Louhvio power up.

"RuuooooAARRR!" Louhvio's voice lowered in tone and veins popped out of his arms, his muscles bulked even further and his legs began to grow, he was getting taller and buffer. Jaduko grit his teeth as rocks began to rise from the platform Louhvio was standing on, the rocks were picked up by the wind.

Jaduko widened his eyes when Louhvio lunged from his platform towards him, the red Namekian's sharp teeth vibrated as a monstrous roar exited his mouth. Louhvio's muscles continued to grow as the rock platform exploded underneath him. The waves around the two grew exploded outwards and the water carried Violouh. Jaduko slowly lowered his arms as Louhvio's body grew twice it's size, the red Namekian was airborne and flying straight towards the small Saiyan.

Louhvio extended his hand towards Jaduko in an attempt to grab him, but before he could grasp onto the Saiyan's hair, Jaduko's body fizzed out of view. Jaduko reappeared in the air about a hundred yards upwards, he looked down as the large waves slowly settled. He noticed Louhvio was gone. Jaduko quickly turned around and saw the gigantic red Namekian flying in the air towards him, spit flying from his mouth.

Before Jaduko could react, a barrage of purple arrows shot upwards into Louhvio's chin, smoke exploded as the beams made contact and once the smoke cleared, Louhvio's body fell down towards the water. Jaduko looked down and noticed Violouh holding his arms upwards, he had fired the arrows.

"Thanks for the save!" Jaduko called down to Violouh as the Namekian hovered upwards in the air, the two looked down and watched Louhvio slam into the water, a large pillar of water arose from where he landed.

"You let your guard down." Violouh replied.

"What in the hell did he transform into?" Jaduko questioned.

"He has become a Great Namek, my people have the ability to enlarge themselves and increase their power in exchange for speed. You can consider it our version of the Saiyan's Oozaru form." Violouh replied, Jaduko opened his mouth and nodded, he remembered how he and Seikyo had to chop off Taisuka's tail when he transformed into an Oozaru.

"Well, at least the Saiyans had a weakness, unless if you Namekians have a tail we can cut off." Jaduko joked, Violouh shook his head. "Can you turn into a Great Namek?"

"Uh, well." Violouh began. "I am afraid I cannot."

"Damn. I guess we're just gonna have to take him down with our fists." Jaduko clenched his fists and smirked. "I'm fine with that."

He and Violouh noticed the water below them start to bubble before it exploded around Louhvio's body. The red Namekian's body had slightly shrunk and he was slightly faster, but not fast enough. Louhvio reeled his fist back and thrust it upwards towards Jaduko and Violouh, but the two Z-Fighters pushed off of each other, allowing the fist to glide between the two of them.

"He's not gonna be able to catch up to us with that speed!" Jaduko shouted towards Violouh, he aimed his hand towards Louhvio's head and began firing a barrage of blue ki blasts, Violouh lifted his hand as well and began to fire a rapid barrage of purple ki blasts to match Jaduko.

"We will need to hold out until he shrinks back to his normal size!" Violouh shouted back, the two Z-Fighter stopped firing their blasts and watched Louhvio shrink, he was still relatively huge but now he was able to maneuver around quicker.

Louhvio's body fizzed out of view and quickly reappeared in front of Jaduko, the red Namekian roared and slammed his fist down towards Jaduko's head. The Saiyan quickly moved backwards, allowing the fist to glide down in front of him, the wind slammed down onto the top of Jaduko's head.

Violouh rushed forward and thrust a punch towards the back of Louhvio's head, but the red Namekian quickly shifted to his left and slammed the back of his fist into Violouh's face. Violouh winced in pain as purple blood spurt from his nose, he flipped backwards in the air and slashed his legs at Louhvio's back. Jaduko lunged forward and slashed his right arm towards the side of Louhvio's head, the two attempted to attack the red Namekian together.

Louhvio took the attacks like nothing and quickly spun around with his arm extended, he clotheslined Jaduko and slammed the Saiyan into the Namekian. Jaduko and Violouh went flying through the air until they caught themselves on top of two different rock pillars.

"There's no point in attacking him head on, Violouh, we have to keep moving!" Jaduko shouted, he noticed a violet colored aura flare around Louhvio's body and violet ki blasts rapidly fired from the red Namekian's gloves. Jaduko and Violouh hopped backwards off of their pillars as the ki blasts smacked into where they once stood, the two rapidly bounced across the top of different pillars, exchanging positions every so often as the ki blasts fired at them. With each ki blast, Louhvio's body shrunk so he could gain speed.

Landing on top of one of the pillars, Violouh's foot slipped off the side, he flipped down the side of the pillar and watched as Louhvio passed over him. With the red Namekian still chasing Jaduko, Violouh rose up into view and began to follow after Louhvio, firing a barrage of purple blasts at the Great Namek.

Louhvio's body shrunk back to normal size so he could quickly dodge Violouh's beams. Jaduko stopped on top of one of the pillars and began deflecting any remaining blasts in the air, sending them flying into pillars. Violouh clenched his fists and watched Louhvio land on top of one of the rocky pillars in front of him.

"Another Namekian? My, it appears that I will finally get a challenge." Louhvio chuckled, clenching his fists so hard that his gloves squeaked.

"Considering that you are a version of myself, I know the mass majority of your attacks." Violouh taunted, Louhvio grinned.

"Then this will be an interesting battle, brother!" Louhvio shouted, he opened his mouth and a violet beam fired from it towards Violouh. Violouh jumped in the air and landed on a pillar to his left, but was caught off guard when Louhvio turned his head and the beam began to turn with it. Violouh grit his teeth and dove forward in the air, letting the beam glide past his chest, Violouh landed on top of a smaller pillar and rolled to his feet, he noticed Louhvio fly down towards him.

Before Violouh could attack, he saw Jaduko flew into view and tackle Louhvio through the air. The Saiyan and the red Namekian struggled with one another, but Louhvio opened his mouth and blasted Jaduko in the face. The Saiyan winced in pain as blood spurt from his nose. Louhvio spun around and kicked Jaduko in the face, sending him flying down towards the sand on the nearby beach.

Jaduko slid in the sand and began to pant, he lifted his hand and looked at the grains of sand in his palm. Clenching his fist, the sand leaked through Jaduko's fingers. The sounds of Louhvio and Violouh engaging in battle exploded in the air behind him, their shouts echoed through the rocky pillars.

"Damn it... I'm too weak to transform into a Super Saiyan.." Jaduko spoke to himself. "This guy is too much... Is he too strong or have I just relied on the Super Saiyan form too much..?" Jaduko panted and thought about what Violouh had told him a few minutes prior.

'He would be proud to see that he helped train the strong warrior you've become. I believe that is all he wanted.' Violouh's words echoed in Jaduko's mind.

"I'm worthless.." Jaduko muttered, gritting his teeth. "They gave their lives so I could get the chance to become stronger, but I can't even handle this Louhvio guy on my own.." Jaduko slammed his fist onto the ground. "I can't let Rukiro, my father, or even Taisuka's death be for nothing, I need to get stronger!"

Louhvio and Violouh hovered into the air above the rock pillars, pockets of air exploding around them. Louhvio pushed off of Violouh and noticed Jaduko kneeling down on the beach, a smile came across his face. Violouh turned his head and noticed Louhvio fire a large violet beam towards Jaduko.

"JADUKO!" Violouh shouted, Jaduko lifted his head at Violouh's voice, but before he could turn it, the beam smashed down onto the beach and a large fiery explosion erupted from the ground.

"Haha! Looks like the famous Jaduko wasn't so powerful after all!" Louhvio taunted. Violouh's eyes widened and his pupils began to shake as he watched the flames from the beach. His mouth was open in shock.

The two Namekians watched the flames in silence for a few moments.

"Well, it appears your friend has met his end, shall we finish our duel?" Louhvio looked at Violouh, but noticed the Namekian's eyes perk up. Louhvio turned his head back down towards the flames and noticed them swirling around in the air.

Within an instant, some of the flames dispersed and the silhouette of Jaduko slowly stood to his feet, his black belt flapping in the wind behind him as the flames continued to burn around him. The Saiyan's gi was torn and burnt, leaving him completely shirtless.

"What?! Impossible!" Louhvio shouted, he watched Jaduko slowly turn around and look up into the sky towards him, angered at the attack, Jaduko glared into Louhvio's eyes. Jaduko was no longer standing on the sandy shore of the beach, the sand was now turned to glass due to the incredible heat erupting from the fire around him. "He's standing in the middle of an inferno, how is he alive!"

Flames swirled in front of Jaduko's face as his blue aura flared around him, he shouted and the flames completely dispersed, revealing himself on top of the glassy surface he was standing on.

"You forgot one thing about me, dude." Jaduko growled up at Louhvio. "You forgot that I am the one and only Jaduko, if your boss told you to fear me, he had a reason to do so!"

"Y-You.." Louhvio growled. Violouh smirked and chuckled.

"My brother, my father, and my friend from the future had all died so I could get stronger." Jaduko clenched his fists. "I won't let myself die here, not after how far I'd come!"

With Jaduko's fighting spirit flaring up like the flames that tried to incinerate him, has Louhvio met his match? Can the red Namekian defeat both Jaduko AND Violouh? Who was the man that sent Louhvio and Taikaus after the Locket of Nether? Find out next time!

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VOL 10: Chapter 94 - "Loyalty to the Bloodline"
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