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 VOL 10: Chapter 95 - "Butterfly Effect"

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VOL 10: Chapter 95 - "Butterfly Effect" Empty
PostSubject: VOL 10: Chapter 95 - "Butterfly Effect"   VOL 10: Chapter 95 - "Butterfly Effect" I_icon_minitimeSat Sep 17, 2016 5:18 pm

"You bastards... just don't die... is that correct?" Louhvio growled, turning his head away from Jaduko and towards Violouh, the Namekian nodded.

"You just added fuel to a fire you cannot extinguish." Violouh threatened. "Once Jaduko gets fired up, you'll burn."

"Enough of the fire analogies already, I don't think you're funny, and I'm you." Louhvio retorted, but was caught off guard when Violouh flashed forward towards him, the Namekian was distracting his enemy with small talk.

"Hiyah!" Violouh shouted, he flipped and slammed his foot into the side of Louhvio's neck, the red Namekian went flying downwards in an angle towards the beach where Jaduko was standing.

"DIVINE FLASH!" Violouh shouted, he aimed his palms down towards Louhvio and began firing a barrage of purple beams towards him. Each beam exploded from Violouh's hands just like a shotgun firing bullets.

Louhvio, still flying towards the beach, began to flip over each beam, he maneuvered himself through each beam until he flipped and slid along the glassy surface of the beach.

"Nice try, I know all of your attacks!" Louhvio taunted up at Violouh.

"He pushed you down here to face me, let's dance!" Jaduko shouted causing Louhvio to turn his head to the left, he saw the Saiyan jumping in the air towards him. Slashing his leg horizontally through the air, Jaduko's foot made contact with Louhvio's cheek. Purple blood spurt from the red Namekian's mouth as he spun across the glassy beach, slamming his foot onto the ground, Louhvio caught himself before he fell into the ocean waters, but before he could attack, fists slammed down on top of his head. Louhvio's antennae rapidly vibrated from the attack, Louhvio winced in pain and looked up realizing it was Violouh who had attacked him.

Violouh jumped backwards and quickly slammed his left fist into the side of Louhvio's cheek, spinning the red Namekian around. Groaning from the attack, Louhvio was swept off his feet by Jaduko, who rushed up and kicked his leg underneath Louhvio's legs.

"Are you... double teaming me?!" Louhvio shouted in anger as he flipped over Jaduko and landed on his feet. Looking down towards the Saiyan, Louhvio was caught off guard when Violouh lunged forward and threw an uppercut into his jaw. Blood spurt out of Louhvio's mouth as he went flying into the air. Jaduko's body fizzed out of view and reappeared in the air above Louhvio, the Saiyan clenched his fists together and slammed them down onto Louhvio's stomach.

The red Namekian was sent sprawling back down towards the ground at an incredible speed. Violouh stepped aside and quickly spun in the air, he kicked Louhvio in the hip and sent his duplicate flying across the glassy beach. Louhvio slid to a halt in front of the water and quickly got to his feet, he roared and his muscles bulked up as if he was about to transform into a Great Namek, but Violouh lifted his hand and blasted Louhvio in the face. The red Namekian's muscles shrunk and he went flying backwards onto the ground, the ocean water began to splash over his defeated body.

Jaduko landed on the ground to the right of Violouh and placed his hands on his hip, Violouh crossed his arms and the two stood in silence to make sure Louhvio was down for the count.

"Nice job, man!" Jaduko chuckled and lifted his left fist up next to Violouh for a fist bump. Violouh turned his head in confusion and looked at Jaduko's fist.

"What is this?" Violouh asked.

"Er, a fist bump, you bump your fist into mine. It's a way to congratulate each other after a victory." Jaduko awkwardly laughed and rubbed the back of his head with his free hand. Violouh lifted his right arm and bumped it into Jaduko's fist with incredible force.

"Let us interrogate this duplicate of mine to find out what he knows." Violouh spoke up, he walked forward and left Jaduko standing with his fist in pain from the fist bump. Slight tears began to form in Jaduko's eyes as he held onto his fist in pain.

Walking up towards the red Namekian, Violouh grasped onto the collar of Louhvio's shirt and lifted him up from the water. Louhvio's eyes were closed and he mumbled in pain.

"HEY! WAKE UP!" Violouh shouted into one of Louhvio's pointy ears and the red Namekian's eyes shot open. Jaduko walked up behind the two and crossed his arms.

"You don't need to yell." Louhvio taunted, despite being beaten.

"What do you know about the Locket of Nether? Who sent you to find it, to find us?" Violouh interrogated.

"Wouldn't you like to know." Louhvio scoffed.

"I'd recommend answering him, unless if you wanna start round two of our fight." Jaduko threatened.

"Ah, good cop bad cop routine?" Louhvio chuckled. He looked back towards Violouh. "I'll answer you, somewhat."

"Answer my question about the Locket of Nether, what is it?" Violouh asked.

"The Locket of Nether is a mystical object containing different universes and timelines, I assumed you knew that considering you tampered with it like it was nothing." Louhvio taunted.

"That doesn't explain why you're here or how you're here in our world." Jaduko chimed in.

"Actually, you all are the ones trespassing. This world you're in is my world, inside of the Locket of Nether. You all were sucked into it, and ended up in my world." Louhvio chuckled.

"What?" Violouh was surprised. "But if this is an alternate reality from our own, why are you different from myself?"

"Have you ever heard of the Butterfly Effect?" Louhvio asked, Jaduko shook his head but Violouh nodded. "The Butterfly Effect is what happens when someone tampers with time and changes something from the past, their change will create a different timeline with it's own outcome. You are standing in a reality created by the Butterfly Effect."

"You are saying that the Taisuka from the Future created this world where everything is twisted and corrupt?" Violouh asked.

"Indeed. He tampered with time and now here we are, in a world effected by the Locket of Nether from his future." Louhvio remarked. "Or to put it in Jaduko's terms, we're evil here, you're good over in your world."

"I don't understand, how are we in the Locket if Reybuu was sealed away? The Locket is still on Earth, I just know it." Jaduko muttered.

"You may be thinking about the Locket from the future, that still remains on Earth, but we are all within the Locket from the present." Louhvio replied.

"Where is the Locket?" Jaduko growled.

"Somewhere in the Western portion of the Planet, that's all the information my employer gave me." Louhvio replied.

"Who is your employer?" Violouh asked.

"I already answered that earlier, he is someone who knows Jaduko personally." Louhvio sadistically grinned. "But I cannot say who it is.."

With a growl, Violouh lifted his head and slammed it into Louhvio's forehead, the red Namekian let out a shout of pain and was knocked unconscious. Violouh let go of Louhvio's shirt and dropped him back onto the ground as water splashed over his body.

"So we're inside the Locket itself... someone sent that guy here to find the Locket of the future, and that Locket of the future created this reality due to Future Taisuka coming back in time?" Jaduko asked as Violouh got to his feet.

"From my understanding, that is correct. We must find the Locket and figure out how to return to our own reality. Hopefully the others don't encounter our duplicates." Violouh replied, Jaduko nodded. The two hovered into the air and burst off into the sky in search of the Locket of Nether.

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VOL 10: Chapter 95 - "Butterfly Effect"
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