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 VOL 10: Chapter 97 - "Love That Transcends Reality"

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VOL 10: Chapter 97 - "Love That Transcends Reality" Empty
PostSubject: VOL 10: Chapter 97 - "Love That Transcends Reality"   VOL 10: Chapter 97 - "Love That Transcends Reality" I_icon_minitimeSat Sep 17, 2016 8:08 pm

"You sure you're gonna be alright?" Taisuka shouted over the wind to Kyuti, the two of them were flying through the air over trees and hills. The two of them were heading towards Parsley City, a small city located next to the larger West City. Hopefully someone would be able to help them find the Locket of Nether. "The fight with Reybuu seemed to have really taken it out of you." Taisuka continued.

"Yeah, don't worry about me, I'll be fine after a while. We're Saiyans after all, Zenkai Boosts are a blessing, remember?" Kyuti shouted back. "We can pick up some Senzu Beans after we find the Locket. I'll also need to pick up a new softball uniform, I had a softball game today which is why I wore it during the fight with Reybuu, and well, you can tell how that turned out."

"Good point." Taisuka laughed, the two Saiyans began to descend towards Parsley City once they were within range, their brown and white auras faded as they stopped above the city and found something they weren't expecting.

Rather than being filled with people, cars, and life. Parsley City was empty with fire hydrants broken and water gushing out of them, cracks extended down the roads and into the sidewalks and some skyscrapers even had shattered windows. It's as if the city had been ransacked by something, or someone.

"What's going on here? Did the city evacuate or something?" Taisuka asked, Kyuti's feet dropped onto the street and Taisuka's did after hers, small 'pat-pats' from their boots and shoes echoed throughout the empty city.

"Not sure... I don't feel any life energy here." Kyuti replied, all was silent except for water gushing from the fire hydrants and car alarms going off in the distance. The two Saiyans began to walk through the streets in hopes of finding people, but they had no luck. Nobody was in sight, whether they were all killed or they evacuated was a mystery.

"We were too late, something got here before us, we should head to West City.. Hopefully someone there can help us out." Kyuti turned her head to face Taisuka, but a figure appeared in the corner of her eye. Kyuti quickly spun around and stared at the figure, Taisuka turned his head as well and stood next to Kyuti.

The two stared down the street and saw a man wearing a blood-red martial arts gi supported by a black martial arts belt, the figure had on a black undershirt as well. His gi had the same appearance as Jaduko's with the exception of red replacing blue, and he didn't have any wristbands. His boots were also different, for they were white Saiyan boots with crimson red plates on the toes. The man's face looked exactly like Jaduko's and his hair was spiked out to the side like Jaduko's, except the ends were slightly spiked up rather than rounded, similar to Shishito's. His hair color was coal black rather than brunette.

"Jaduko?" Taisuka asked, the man laughed as Kyuti extended her hand towards Taisuka, she placed it on his shoulder.

"He's not Jaduko, now get behind me." Kyuti ordered.

"B-But Kyuti, I'm a Super Saiy-" Taisuka started.

"You can't control the power, get behind me!" Kyuti barked. Taisuka closed his mouth and stepped backwards, letting Kyuti stand in front of him.

"Did he say Kyuti?" The man spoke up, he began to laugh. "My, my, that is a name I haven't heard in a long while." He looked up towards the two Saiyans. "The boy must be Taisuka, but he looks different." His tone of voice was the same as Jaduko's except slightly lower and more threatening.

"Who are you?" Kyuti asked.

"My name is Dajoku, from my understanding, I am an alternate version of the Jaduko you know. But deep down, we all know I am still Jaduko." Dajoku replied.

Kyuti glared at Dajoku, she knew this wasn't Jaduko, the energy emitting from his body was dark, corrupt, it was evil. Jaduko was anything but those three things.

"If you're looking for the Locket of Nether," Dajoku began to speak, he was looking directly at Taisuka. "It's in the Ontobey Ruins up North. You can find the Locket in there, just search for the grey structure hidden within a large forest, it's hard to miss." Dajoku acted as if he were trying to get Taisuka to leave him and Kyuti alone. "Someone will be waiting for you.." He smirked.

"I'll be fine. Go stop all of this, I'll hold this guy off." Kyuti murmured as she looked back towards Taisuka and nodded. Taisuka's eyebrows dropped and he realized he was the one who had to retrieve the Locket. He was a Super Saiyan, he could handle whatever was thrown at him.

Taisuka floated in the air and his white aura flared around his body as he burst off towards the North in search of the Ontobey Ruins. Kyuti watched her friend slowly disappear over the skyscrapers and the sound of his flying slowly drop to zero.

"How did you know about the Locket? Did you tell Taisuka the truth or did you just want him to leave to get some alone time with me." Kyuti asked.

"Kinda both, my boss told me about the location of the Locket and told me to protect it from anyone who dares to take it or even get close to it." Dajoku replied. Kyuti grit her teeth and ignored the whole 'boss' statement.

"You killed the people in this city, didn't you?" Kyuti looked back towards Dajoku and glared into his eyes, she knew he killed these people simply because they lived close to the Locket's location.

"Aw, you do know me." Dajoku chuckled. "I am the only one capable of clearing a city of it's population and keeping it's buildings looking somewhat spiffy."

"No, I don't know you." Kyuti shut Dajoku down. "You're not Jaduko, the Jaduko I know would never kill any innocent people, ever!"

"So naive, just like the Kyuti I knew." Dajoku sighed. "It's a shame she's gone.. But it appears a new Kyuti has arrived to take her place at my side."

"What are you talking about?" Kyuti questioned. "If you're talking about me joining your side and destroying the world, I stopped doing bad things a while ago. You know, when the real Jaduko showed me how to live a proper life."

"Let me ask you, Kyuti." Dajoku rolled his head and gazed at Kyuti. "Do you believe in destiny?" His mouth slowly curved upwards into a sly smile, he let out a chilling chuckle. "I do... You were meant to join me again, we don't need to come into conflict with each other."

"I don't listen to scum who pretend to be people they aren't!" Kyuti grit her teeth and her body fizzed out of view, she reappeared in the air above Dajoku, she flipped and let out a shout as her fist became engulfed in a brown aura. Dajoku lifted his forearm and blocked Kyuti's punch, her brown aura dispersed around the area and cracked nearby buildings.

"Incredible, you're still as strong as I remember. You should join my Z-Fighters, Kyuti, join Taikaus, Louhvio, Yoksei, and I in our path to spread justice throughout the universe.

"You aren't the Z-Fighters, you're duplicates of the real ones!" Kyuti shouted, she kicked off of Dajoku and flipped over his back, she reeled back and thrust a punch towards his spine, but was caught off guard when the Saiyan twisted his torso and caught her fist from behind his back.

"Duplicate Z-Fighters, huh?" Dajoku asked, he turned around and twisted Kyuti's wrist, causing her to drop to her knees. "I like the ring of that."

Kyuti slowly lifted her head and looked into Dajoku's eyes, her eyes were wide with anger and her teeth grinded against each other.

"What's the matter?" Dajoku asked.

"You don't need to do this.." Kyuti grumbled. "You don't need to live a life of destruction and hatred, just because of your goal of 'justice'."

"Oh but I do, do you not understand? If our world doesn't follow a specific set of rules, it's bound to cave in on itself, it's people have war with each other over disagreements, people must unite and follow the same guidelines. Those who don't, must be brought to justice." Dajoku replied.

"Something the real Jaduko taught me.. was that anyone can live life the way they want.." Kyuti glared at Dajoku, who was still twisting her wrist. She knew she wouldn't be able to handle him in a hand-to-hand fight, he was leagues stronger than her, she had to talk her way out of this. "He freed me from the life I was born into and I learned to be free, I learned to trust, I learned to-" She was cut off.

"To love?" Dajoku asked. Kyuti rose an eyebrow. "Unlike you, I lost the right to be free, the right to trust others, and the right to love when the Kyuti I knew didn't agree with the decisions that the other Z-Fighters and I had made, she was just another mere victim and I hoped you had not been the same."

Dajoku lifted Kyuti up from the ground and tossed her into the air, before she could flip and get out of the way, Dajoku hopped up and kicked her in the hip, spit spurt from her mouth as she went flying upwards into a nearby building, crashing into a window and smashing through one of the floors. Kyuti caught herself on the ceiling of the floor she was on and pushed off of it, she flipped and noticed Dajoku's body fizz into view next to her. She widened her eyes and crossed her arms in an 'X' shape as Dajoku slammed his foot into her forearms. She was sent flying through office desks and chairs, papers and chunks of wood went flying in the air as she smashed out the side of a window and began to plummet towards the ground below.

'Damn! He's too fast!' Kyuti thought as her brown aura flared around her, she burst off in the air around the side of the building. 'Let's just hope he can't transform into a Super Saiyan..'

Noticing her reflection in the windows of the building, Kyuti turned her head and saw something moving inside the building, she opened her mouth and gasped as Dajoku burst through the windows and slammed his foot into her side.

"Yow!" Kyuti squealed, her aura faded and she was sent flying downwards towards the building across the street. She flipped and caught herself by placing her feet on the building's windows, the glass slightly cracked.

"You had your chance, now you will meet your fate like everyone else!" Dajoku shouted, a red aura flared around his body and he began to shout. His aura was the same color as Seikyo's signifying that the Dajoku and Yoksei of this world had opposite roles of Jaduko and Seikyo.

"HIYAAAAH!" Dajoku shouted, his black hair spiked upwards and turned golden as his red aura became yellow, the power emitting from his body caused the glass that Kyuti's feet were resting against to shatter. He had become a Super Saiyan.

'Oh son of a... of course, I had to think about him being one.' Kyuti rolled her eyes.

"You're in for it now, hope you enjoy a second death!" Dajoku shouted, he lunged towards Kyuti and slammed his fist into her stomach, her softball uniform ripped revealing her stomach. The Saiyan was sent flying through the building with enough force that the building caved in on itself. Kyuti flew out of the other end of the building as it began to collapse, she flipped and slid along the ground and quickly flew upwards in the air to avoid being crushed by the building.

Looking down, Kyuti noticed Dajoku's yellow aura fly out of the smoke towards her.

'Jaduko.. you need to snap out of this!' Kyuti thought to herself. 'I know this isn't you, you wouldn't be doing this, If this was you, I wouldn't have fallen in l-' Her eyes widened and her thoughts were cut off as she realized what she was thinking.

Dajoku quickly shot upwards and floated in the air about 50 yards away from Kyuti, the two were hovering in the air above the city.

"Well? No clever remarks, no violent gestures towards me? Does this form bring fear into your head?" Dajoku asked, he extended his arms to his sides and displayed his Super Saiyan form.

"No..." Kyuti muttered. "The form just reminds me of the Jaduko I know."

"Why does it remind you of him?" Dajoku asked.

"The Super Saiyan form was achieved by him on Planet Xerivon when he fought against Zerox.." Kyuti began, Dajoku nodded as if he knew about all of this. "The form reminds me of Xerivon, and Xerivon reminds me of the time Jaduko saved my life from Zerox and his men.. It reminds me of the time I first put my faith into someone else, the first time I learned to trust another and the first time I learned... to love" She looked up at Dajoku and the image of Jaduko's blue gi flashed over Dajoku's red gi.

"... So you did love him? Loved me?" Dajoku's eyes widened as his golden hair reverted back to it's coal black color. "The Kyuti I knew never had these feelings, or at least... she never shared them with me."

"Well I'm sharing mine with you, because you're still a version of Jaduko." Kyuti continued, she lifted her arms and extended them towards her sides as if she was opening herself for a hit from Dajoku. "I trust Jaduko to make the right decisions, and if you believe justice is the right answer, then strike me down."

Dajoku widened his eyes and all went silent as Kyuti closed her eyes, sweat began to form on her forehead. Kyuti was using her admiration and love to Jaduko as a way to trick Dajoku, but would it work?

"If you insist.." Dajoku muttered, he lifted his hand and pointed his palm towards Kyuti, a red aura began to form in front of his palm and a laser seemed to point directly towards Kyuti's nose. Dajoku's hand began to shake as he looked at Kyuti's face, her eyes still closed and her arms stretched outwards.

"Target... FLASH!" Dajoku shouted, a red laser rapidly shot from his palm toward Kyuti's face at lightning fast speed, but it slowly careened to the right, flying past Kyuti's head. Her spiky black hair fluttered in the wind as the beam past her. The beam slowly disappeared but she didn't open her eyes.

"W-What the hell is this...?" Dajoku muttered, stumbling forward. "I missed?!" He growled and lunged forward, reeling a fist back, he aimed it at Kyuti's face, but was caught off guard when she opened her eyes and narrowed her eyes towards him. Dajoku stared into Kyuti's eyes and his fist unclenched itself, he lowered his head and stopped flying, he hovered to a halt in front of Kyuti and pretended to drop to his knees, but the two were hovering in the air so he didn't really fall to his knees.

"I-I can't kill you..." Dajoku muttered. "I was able to moments ago... but why can't I now..?" He closed his eyes and stared down at the ground below, the two of them were hovering hundreds upon hundreds of yards above Parsley City.

"Because deep down, you're still Jaduko, you're experiencing a thing called love, and I realized I was experiencing it all this time as well." Kyuti muttered, Dajoku began to lift his head but was caught off guard when Kyuti karate chopped his neck, his pupils disappeared and he was knocked unconscious. He slumped forward and began to fall towards the ground but Kyuti grabbed onto the back of his gi before he fell.

"But you're not my Jaduko." She murmured, thinking about the Jaduko we all know and love, the brunette haired one with the blue gi. She softly smiled and realized what she would do the next time she saw him, for this was the first time she learned something new.

Jaduko had taught her not only to live, to trust, or to have fun, but he also gave her the chance to learn how to love.

Kyuti's thoughts were cut short when a blinding yellow light shot up into the sky in the distance, it was North of Parsley City, the pillar of light was shining out of a forest. Was it coming from Ontobey Ruins?

'Taisuka!' Kyuti thought, she quickly dropped towards the ground so she could drop Dajoku off, and once she did, she burst off in the direction of the pillar of light.

Across the planet, Jaduko, Violouh, Konno, Lori, and Seikyo had all seen the same pillar of light, they began to fly towards it, was the Locket finally found?

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VOL 10: Chapter 97 - "Love That Transcends Reality"
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