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 VOL 10: Chapter 98 - "Our Legacy"

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PostSubject: VOL 10: Chapter 98 - "Our Legacy"   VOL 10: Chapter 98 - "Our Legacy" I_icon_minitimeSun Sep 18, 2016 1:20 am

Hearing Kyuti and Dajoku's battle commence in the distance behind him, Taisuka gulped as he flew through the air out of Parsley City and towards Ontobey Ruins.

"Hopefully Kyuti's doing alright, if that guy is anything like Jaduko, she can't hold anything back." Taisuka spoke to himself, trees rustling below him as he began to descend towards the ground. In the distance, he saw a tall, castle-like structure in the distance. His white aura flared around him as he increased speed.

Getting closer to the structure, Taisuka dropped to the ground in front of the castle and noticed it was deserted, holes and cracks decorated the grey stone that made up the once beautiful castle and a small moat surrounded the castle with a drawbridge leading through the main doors.

"A castle? Out here in the middle of nowhere?" Taisuka scratched the back of his head. "I wonder how long it's been here, maybe the trees grew in around it and nobody has been able to find it.." He shrugged his shoulders and began to walk towards the drawbridge, hesitating to walk across it in fear of it collapsing.

Taisuka walked along the drawbridge and noticed a large plaque placed against the grey stone near the entrance, he walked over to it and wiped dust and dirt off it it.

The plague read "Welcome to Ontobey Castle, home of King Nekinu Ontobey! Proud ruler of Planet Earth's government from Ages 230 to 254"

Taisuka whistled, realizing he was stepping into the ancient home of the ruler of the planet. Hopefully the Locket was in here or else he'd be trespassing.

Upon entering the large castle, the draw bridge slowly raised up behind Taisuka, seemingly locking him in. But Taisuka didn't bother too much considering the castle had enough holes in it to escape through. Taking a step inside the castle, Taisuka's footsteps echoed throughout the grey and empty foyer. A red carpet was laying on the floor underneath his feet but it was torn after being walked on for so many years.

Taisuka lifted his head and stared around, noticing that the furniture the King and his family owned was still within the castle walls. Paintings of King Nekinu and his family were still sitting on cabinets and were placed on walls, Taisuka walked over to a family portrait and dusted it off. King Nekinu was a pudgy grey dog and his wife was a slim blue cat, the two of them were wearing beautiful royal clothing from their time period. They were standing behind their two children, one was a grey cat with blue spots and the other was a blue dog with grey spots, they were all wearing crowns signifying that they were the King, the Queen, the Prince, and the Princess of planet Earth.

"Well, I guess the King we have now is a descendant of these guys, considering they're all animals." Taisuka chuckled and blew the dust off of his fingers. He began to tour through the castle, looking at all of the ancient artifacts out of curiosity, but none of them were the Locket of Nether.

Taisuka walked up the staircase leading to the upper floors of the castle, he looked through all of the living quarters and found no Locket of Nether, but there was still more castle to explore. He looked and looked around on all of the floors, including the basement and dungeon, but found nothing, there was only one more place to look.

"The roof.." Taisuka muttered. "Either that Dajoku guy lied to me or it's up there..." He gulped and began to walk up the stairwell leading to the rooftop of the Ontobey Castle.

Opening up the hatch to the rooft, a gust of wind blew through Taisuka's spiky hair, he rubbed his arms upon stepping into the fresh air, it had gotten significantly colder than it was just a few minutes ago. On top of the castle roof, four pillars were located on each corner of the roof with a large gazebo in the center, small bushes were planted near the gazebo indicating that the rooftop was used as a garden. A podium was placed inside the gazebo and Taisuka noticed something shimmering on it.

"Is that..." Taisuka muttered, walking through the rooftop garden and stepping up to the podium. "The Locket?!" On the podium, the golden Locket of Nether was peacefully resting with the dragon design facing upwards. The black gem in the dragon's mouth wasn't rapidly shimmering like it was earlier, it had returned to normal speed. Taisuka extended his arm to pick up the Locket but as he placed his fingers could touch the slick gold surface, the sound of footsteps echoed behind him.

Taisuka grabbed onto the Locket and quickly spun around, the hatch to the inside of the castle was wide open and a grey figure slowly walked up the steps. Taisuka's eyes widened when he saw a tendril-like head pop into view followed by grey spikes on the back of the figure's head, piercing black eyes with red pupils stared him down and black and gold plating placed on his grey body.

"R-Reybuu...?!" Taisuka muttered, Reybuu's full body came into view and the hatch closed behind him. Taisuka's body began to tremble, but something was off. Reybuu wasn't attacking him?

Reybuu growled as he grit his pointy teeth and slowly lifted his hands into the air, they were cuffed together in orange cuffs and bright blue chains, gold buttons blinked with light on the orange cuffs signifying that something of mystical power was keeping Reybuu in check. The demon's feet were also locked in the orange cuffs and connected with bright blue chains. It appears sealing Reybuu away in his containment worked after all, since he was unable to attack anything. The demon's entire body was scratched and torn as if he had just been a fight.

"I can't even sense energy from you, what's going on?" Taisuka asked, he eased up and stared at Reybuu, he was kind of sympathetic towards the demon, who was forced to be locked up. Taisuka wasn't expecting an answer from Reybuu considering the demon hadn't talked during their entire fight, but he was thrown off guard when he heard a voice emit from the orange cuffs.

"M-My energy... is stored within these cuffs... I am bound to the Locket of Nether by these cuffs, I am what powers this world, this universe, I power the Locket.." A gritty voice echoed from the cuffs, it was a low and gritty tone of voice like a monster. Was it Reybuu speaking?

"H-How are you talking..?" Taisuka asked.

"These cuffs around my wrists and legs were created by Nether, the same god who created my very being." Reybuu replied. "I am usually not allowed to speak my mind, but when I am forced into these locks, I am able to speak my mind... You are Retasu's boy... am I correct?"

"I am.. I'm surprised you recognized me. You remember him, don't you?" Taisuka asked.

"I remember him, I remember Shishito, I remember all of them." Reybuu replied.

"Why did you do it." Taisuka muttered, his fingers clenched onto the Locket of Nether. "Why did you have to take the life of my father, why did you take the life of Jaduko's father... You ruined our lives."

"Ruined is not a term I would use. Gave you two opportunities, is what I would say. But initially, I am a Demon of Destruction, I don't believe in prophecies or peace or even creation. I just believe in destruction. Retasu and Shishito were caught in the crossfire." Reybuu retorted, Taisuka grit his teeth.

"What about me... the future me?" Taisuka asked. "He risked his life to seal you away in here!" Taisuka lifted up the Locket and pointed it at Reybuu, the demon tensed up. "But yet you're standing in front of me, acting as if his death meant nothing!"

"I believe you are confused, my boy." Reybuu remarked. "The Taisuka from the Future gave his life to seal away the Reybuu from the Future who had broken free of his containment, who was creating havoc in his timeline. The Reybuu you met, is still inside that Locket. He can no longer harm anyone in that timeline."

"Then... what does that mean..?" Taisuka asked.

"I am the Reybuu from the present, I was the one who directly came into conflict with your father and Shishito." Reybuu retorted, Taisuka widened his eyes.

"But you were sealed away, you hadn't broken free yet. You're in your cuffs right now, why are you here on Earth, if you power this Locket, why aren't you in the middle of space, why are you here?" Taisuka was confused.

"Correct, I still am locked away in the Locket of Nether, from the present. Your universe was sucked into the Locket as a result of two fully powered Lockets residing in the same time period. Those vortexes in the sky are portals to neighboring universe, your world fits right in with the others.." Reybuu informed Taisuka, he continued to speak. "I am usually am at the center of the Locket, providing power to all of the multiverses, but today I am here on Earth because my creator, Nether, knew someone would find the Locket from the future, and I was ordered to stop anyone from taking it."

"You can't stop me if you're locked up." Taisuka muttered. He began to put all of the pieces of information together. "This is the Locket of the Future, the Reybuu we fought is in here... You're still locked away in the Locket of Nether from the present, yet you're standing in front of me, we're in the Locket..." His head began to spin with all of these thoughts.

"You're a slow learner, aren't you?" Reybuu taunted.

"How do we get out of the Locket, how do we return everything to normal?" Taisuka shouted.

"You can't, with two fully powered Lockets residing with one another, it's not possible to free yourselves from the Locket." Reybuu replied.

"There's a way, there's always a way.." Taisuka looked down at the Locket and stared into the black gem. Future Taisuka's face flashed into view on the gem but quickly faded away. "He saved his timeline, his universe... now it's time to save mine.." Taisuka's grip on the Locket tightened and his hair spiked upwards as a yellow aura erupted from his body. His hair turned golden and a large gust of wind exploded around him, blowing the bushes away from him.

"W-What are you trying to accomplish?! This is your new home, you can't destroy the Locket or else you'll throw the multiverse into chaos!" Reybuu shouted, his mouth was wide open in fear.

"It's a risk I'm willing to take!" Taisuka shouted as he powered up, the ground began to shake and the roof of the gazebo exploded upwards, a pillar of yellow light shot into the sky as the white sparkles emitting from the Locket's black gem turned golden to match Taisuka's yellow aura.

"Whatever happens, my friends and I will fight it, together!" Taisuka shouted, his eyes glared at Reybuu as the pillar of light grew brighter and brighter.

"You'll destroy the Locket and send the multiverse into chaos just for that? You'll destroy yourself, you'll destroy me!" Reybuu shouted.

"You deserved to be destroyed when you destroyed the life of Taisuka from the future!" Taisuka shouted, memories flashed in his mind, he remembered he and Jaduko finding Future Taisuka, he remembered being taken to the Lookout and meeting Dende. He remembered how he and his friends had taught Future Taisuka that life was worth living and that not everything was dark and gloomy. He remembered teaching his future self to love, to cherish life, and to preserve it, no matter the costs... even if it meant taking your life.

"You're insane, risking the existence of billions and billions of universes!" Reybuu shouted over the wind. "Don't be selfish!"

"I have learned that being selfish is a necessity in life and it's best to sacrifice what's important! Sometimes in order to achieve better things, you have to be selfish and work off of your mistakes!" Taisuka shouted. The gem on the Locket began to crack and a white light shined from it.

"IF THIS DESTROYS THE MULTIVERSE, SO BE IT! IF I CAN'T LIVE WITH MY FRIENDS IN PEACE, THERE IS NO POINT OF LIVING!" Taisuka shouted, he opened his mouth and let out a monstrous roar that echoed throughout the Planet, Reybuu's body began to fade, he knew he couldn't be this close to the Locket of Nether or else he too would be destroyed.

"Consider yourself lucky that you aren't destroying the Locket of Nether from the present, or else your life would never be the same.." Reybuu muttered as his body slowly continued to fade, he was returning to his place in the center of the Locket. "The dark future within that Locket has been liberated because of you.. Taisuka.." Reybuu then completely faded.

As Taisuka continued to shout, he thought of his Future self and of his father, they had both died because of Reybuu, he wouldn't allow anyone else to have to deal with the Locket and go through the hardships he had to go through. The yellow pillar of light burst through the grey sky as Taisuka's muscles bulged, the young Super Saiyan ripped the Locket of Nether from the future in half and the grey sky dispersed, revealing the blue sky.

Taisuka's hair reverted back to it's base form and he dropped to his knees as yellow sparkles rained down around him, he held two parts of the Locket in his hands and watched as they faded into nothing.

Had he saved the future or did he just destroy it..? Would destroying the Locket of Nether from Future Taisuka's timeline free his reality from the Locket of Nether's grasp or would they forever be stuck in the Locket? Only time will tell..

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VOL 10: Chapter 98 - "Our Legacy"
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