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 VOL 10: Chapter 99 - "Aftermath"

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PostSubject: VOL 10: Chapter 99 - "Aftermath"   VOL 10: Chapter 99 - "Aftermath" I_icon_minitimeSun Sep 18, 2016 2:01 pm

Jaduko, Violouh, Konno, Lori, Kyuti, and Seikyo all stopped in the air above Ontobey Castle, glad to be reunited with each other once more. They had arrived at the yellow pillar of light only to realize it had disappeared, restoring the blue sky from it's dark overcast.

Dajoku, Louhvio, Taikaus, and Yoksei's bodies along the entire planet all began to fade away, signifying that the destruction of the Locket from the future was sending them all back to their appropriate realities. Jaduko and his group watched as the ground around them slowly faded and reappeared, they were back in their own reality.

Dropping in front of the drawbridge leading into Ontobey Castle, Jaduko and Violouh watched Konno and Lori land after them, Kyuti and Seikyo landed as well. All of them were tired from the battles they had just fought.

"Glad to see some familiar faces that aren't trying to kill us." Konno chuckled. Violouh looked at his friend and smirked.

"Seikyo, you look horrible, what happened?" Lori walked over to Seikyo and took a work rag out of her belt and began to wipe Seikyo's blood, but the Saiyan tried to push her off.

Jaduko laughed at Seikyo but noticed Kyuti running over to him.

"I told you not to leave the Lookout, I didn't want anything bad to happen to ya." Jaduko began to speak, but he widened his eyes when Kyuti didn't slow her speed, she wrapped her arms around him. Jaduko's cheeks turned red as Konno and Violouh turned their heads towards the two of them.

"It's you this time.. the real you.." Kyuti muttered, her face pushed into Jaduko's bare chest, his gi was still torn from the fight with Louhvio. "I never had the chance to say this before, but... thank you for everything."

Jaduko's cheeks returned to normal and his expression softened, he lifted his arms and wrapped one around Kyuti's back, he placed his other hand on the back of her head.

"Don't thank me, just know that I'm glad you're safe.." Jaduko softly spoke, Kyuti lifted her head and looked up into Jaduko's eyes, Jaduko grinned and tears began to form in her eyes, but she leaned up and kissed Jaduko on the cheek. Jaduko widened his eyes. Konno smirked and gave Jaduko a thumbs up, Violouh chuckled. "Never thought you'd be the hugging, kissing type of girl." He chuckled.

"Don't get used to it." Kyuti retorted, she leaned back and jokingly punched Jaduko in the arm. "I just learned that's how humans give affection." She winked.

"Better not try anything with my sister, Masurao." Seikyo called Jaduko by his last name, everyone's attention turned towards him and they all chuckled.

"Don't worry man, I won't." Jaduko scratched the back of his head and chuckled, he lifted his finger to his mouth and 'shhed' Kyuti. It seems the two of them had finally figure out their true feelings for one another after all of this time.

Seikyo stared at Jaduko, who was chuckling and scratching the back of his head with his arm wrapped around Kyuti's shoulder. The image of Yoksei quickly flashed over Jaduko and Seikyo narrowed his eyes at his upbeat and go-lucky friend. He wasn't willing to change his attitude to get stronger, but he finally knew what made Jaduko tick, he knew where his strength came from..

"Nice to see them finally get together, huh?" Lori muttered, walking over to Konno, Konno leaned down and kissed the top of her head.

"Yeah, guess that means they'll be able to come over for dinner every so often." Konno joked.

"I could go for some food, I could eat a horse, or two... or maybe even three." Jaduko's stomach growled. Violouh turned his head up towards the roof of the castle and Kyuti noticed him looking up there as well.

"Are we forgetting Taisuka? He was with you, was he not, Kyuti?" Violouh asked, his arms were crossed.

"He should be somewhere in there... let's see if we can find him, maybe he found the Locket." Kyuti muttered, she led the group inside Ontobey Castle in search of Taisuka.

Meanwhile on the roof of Ontobey Castle, Taisuka was now on his feet and standing in the center of the gazebo. He noticed Reybuu had disappeared and that the sky was now blue, everything had returned to normal. The orange and green vortexes were still there, but they were slowly shrinking, they were closing.

Clenching his fist, Taisuka looked up into the blue sky and wondered if he had actually freed his reality from the Locket or if he simply caused the genocide of the multiverse..

"I hope you're proud, father.." Taisuka muttered, looking up into the sky, a faded image of his father appeared and stared back at him, a smile spread across his face. "Your son is a Super Saiyan, and he just avenged you.."

'He's more than proud.' A voice echoed in Taisuka's mind, causing the young Saiyan to widen his eyes. The faded image of his father in the clouds stepped to the side and the image of Future Taisuka stepped in next to him.

"Y-You're speaking to me..?" Taisuka muttered, staring up at his father and his future self.

'You did the right thing by destroying the Locket from the future, that reality was freed from it's suffering thanks to you.' Future Taisuka replied.

"I shouldn't have done it... I just couldn't let your sacrifice be for nothing!" Taisuka shouted.

'It wasn't for nothing. You even thought of it yourself..' Future Taisuka smiled. 'You and your friends taught me to cherish life again, something I couldn't have done in my timeline. I was grateful for you all and I didn't want you guys to meet the same fate my friends did.'

"Thank you.. I would revive you with the Dragon Balls so you could live here with us, but... Dende's gone.." Taisuka muttered.

'No thank you, and don't worry about reviving me.' Future Taisuka replied. 'There doesn't need to be two Taisuka's in a world together, just like there doesn't need to be two Locket of Nether's right?' He grinned and chuckled.

"Heh.. yeah.." Taisuka sniffed and tears began to form in his eyes.

'You've grown up to become a powerful warrior with powerful friends, now live your life with the people you care about. You've earned it, my son.' Retasu's voice spoke out to his son, and Taisuka lifted his head. The two smiled at each other, glad to have finally had the chance to speak with each other.

"I will, thank you both for everything!" Taisuka shouted, Retasu and Future Taisuka gave Taisuka one last smile and they slowly faded away into the blue sky, but something caught Taisuka's eye before the two faded. The images of Future Jaduko, and all of Future Taisuka's friends slowly appeared and faded, the image of Yitoro as an adult woman even came into view much to Taisuka's surprise. All of them were now able to ascend to heaven and spend the rest of eternity in happiness. Yitoro rubbed her pregnant belly and looked down at Taisuka before fading away, a frown spread across Taisuka's face, it was the first and most likely the last time he would ever speak with his father.

Taisuka wiped the tears from his eyes and heard footsteps on the roof to his left, Taisuka turned his head and saw Jaduko and the group standing in front of the hatch. Violouh and Seikyo stood with their arms crossed while Konno and Kyuti smiled up at him. Lori winked and gave Taisuka a thumbs up as Jaduko jumped in the air and cheered, glad to be reunited with everyone as peace was restored to their world. He appeared as though he didn't care if Taisuka had destroyed the Locket or not.

'You've grown up to become a powerful warrior with powerful friends, now live your life with the people you care about..' Retasu's words echoed in Taisuka's mind as he stared down at his friends, Taisuka's frown slowly lifted into a smile, he had risked the existence of an entire multiverse for these people, and it had all worked out. Peace was restored to the universe..

Or had it? Taisuka stepped out of the gazebo and reunited with his friends, all of them oblivious to the fact that the vortexes were slowly closing... ever so slowly..

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VOL 10: Chapter 99 - "Aftermath"
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