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 VOL 10: Chapter 100 - "Tip of the Iceberg - The Warrior Named Kaj!"

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PostSubject: VOL 10: Chapter 100 - "Tip of the Iceberg - The Warrior Named Kaj!"    Sun Sep 18, 2016 2:41 pm

"Your highness, it appears those space vortexes are closing!" A PTO soldier shouted up to Emperor Morge, who was sitting in his throne with Lord Ender and Lord Warork by his sides. Morge lifted his head and opened his bright blue eyes, he noticed that the orange and green vortexes were now half the size they were when they first showed up. The area of space around them was swirling violently as it grew smaller and smaller.

"It appears the Son of Shishito and his allies have found a way to close the portals." Lord Warork muttered, he and Lord Ender watched in amazement as the two vortexes swirled.

"Our plan to rule over the other universes seems to have failed, have we gotten in over our heads, my Emperor?" Lord Ender questioned, but he noticed Emperor Morge softly shake his head.

"Just because the Son of Shishito managed to find the Locket of Nether from the future does not necessarily mean our plan to rule the multiverse is null." Morge growled, sweat started to form on Ender's face. "He has simply delayed his inevitable demise.."

Lifting his hand up to his neck to feel for the Locket of Nether from the present around his neck, Emperor Morge was surprised when the Locket was no longer there.

'What?! The Son of Shishito and his allies destroyed the Locket from the future, freeing this universe from the Locket's grasp... The Locket should still be within my grasp!' Morge thought, patting his armor. 'No.. no.... It can't be... did Nether and The Watcher swindle me...? I had the power... and now it's gone..'

"Is something bothering you?" Warork asked, looking down at Emperor Morge.

"The Locket, it has been stolen from me.." Morge replied.

"By who?" Ender asked.

"I am unaware... but whoever it was has crossed my path in the worst way possible, when I get my hands on them.." Emperor Morge lowered his hand and grasped the side of his throne, his fingers tightened and he crushed the arm rest of his throne in anger. It appears that while Morge and his men were within the Locket of Nether with the rest of the universe, The Watcher had retrieved the Locket and taken it back to Nether... But who was this Nether?

"My power is gone... The hubris I had placed into the Locket had blinded me.." Morge closed his eyes and let out a growl. "I don't need the Locket to win a war... Nunber and his Saiyan monkeys will feel the wrath of my loss.."

Meanwhile on the opposite end of the cosmos, King Nunber is standing in the middle of a hallway outside of his throne room staring out of a window that viewed the capital city of Kuristrak. Looking up into the sky, Nunber could see the vortexes slowly closing.

"Father." A voice called out, Nunber turned his head and crossed his arms, he saw Prince Chives standing in front Captain Runip and Onyo, the three Saiyans bowed in front of their King, who was glad to see his three most trusted warriors standing in front of him.

"Dax told us to report to you that power has been restored to the Planet, Saiyan Pods are able to enter and leave the atmosphere." Onyo reported.

"We made the announcement to the public a few minutes ago, you will be able to see life return to our planet in several minutes." Captain Runip nodded.

"I am glad to hear the news." King Nunber muttered. "Had Dax figured out what was causing the lack of power?"

"His assumption about the vortexes being the cause was correct." Prince Chives replied. "However, everything was mysteriously solved before Dax and his scientists could figure out anything with the layers of the atmosphere. He requested that we told you he was sorry for the inconvenience."

"Report to him that I appreciate his hard work." Nunber replied, much to Chives, Onyo, and Runip's surprise. "I had a lot of time to study these vortexes and I believe it was not natural.. it simply effected our way of life."

"Then what was it, your highness?" Onyo questioned.

"I believe these vortexes were side effects of the Locket of Nether. Morge must have unleashed something he couldn't control and we all had to pay the price." Nunber replied. "He's just lucky someone, or something, stopped him before our entire universe was destroyed."

"We should be glad none of his soldiers attacked us while our defense was down." Captain Runip piped up. "Considering we are in the midst of war, this would have been an excellent opportunity for them to strike."

"Watch your mouth, you mustn't give them any thoughts, you never know if someone is watching..." Nunber retorted as the three Saiyans gulped. Nunber glared out the window in front of him and the vortexes disappeared completely from view, they were too small to see from outer space. "I fear that Emperor Morge and his men are planning something that can change the tide of this war.."

With the vortexes quickly closing, it appeared all would return to normal. But something unexpected happened..

As the green vortex swirled smaller and smaller, a grey space ship burst through the portal just as soon as it had closed. Both the orange and the green portals had disappeared, meaning that whoever was on this ship would have no way to return to wherever they came from.

The grey ship was a sphere with three purple-ish colored glass windows on the front, four spikes extended downwards from the ship for landing purposes and a spike extended from the back. It was a Namekian space ship, but whoever was piloting the ship was anything but a Namekian.

Standing in front of the ship's control panel, a blue skinned man had his arms crossed, he was wearing Namekian tribe clothing hinting that he had been living on a version of Planet Namek for quite some time. Black, hair-like spikes extended from the top of his head in the shape of hair, but unlike it's appearance, it wasn't soft like hair, the spikes were hard. The blue man's grey eyes glared into space as the stars passed him, Planet Kuristrak passed by his ship but he wasn't heading there... It seemed like he was chasing after someone, or something.

This man's name was Kaj Aslolvir, and he was the last remaining member of his entire race, the Potreans. Would he come into conflict with Jaduko and his friends on his journey to find what he was searching for? Only time will tell..

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VOL 10: Chapter 100 - "Tip of the Iceberg - The Warrior Named Kaj!"
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