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 VOL 11: Chapter 101 - "Who is Nether?"

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VOL 11: Chapter 101 - "Who is Nether?" Empty
PostSubject: VOL 11: Chapter 101 - "Who is Nether?"   VOL 11: Chapter 101 - "Who is Nether?" I_icon_minitimeSun Sep 18, 2016 10:41 pm

It appears that peace has once again returned to Planet Earth as Jaduko and his friends begin to live their lives in harmony once more upon the defeat of Reybuu and the destruction of the Locket from Future Taisuka's timeline. However, with the Locket of Nether in the present timeline no longer in the possession of Emperor Morge and the war between King Nunber's Saiyan Empire and the Planet Trade Organization on the brink of heating up, is the universe truly safe once more?

With Jaduko and Taisuka truly finding out about what had happened to their fathers thanks to the aid of The Watcher's Timewatch Crystal, it appears that the two Saiyans will be more united than ever before, but will anything ever be the same after Netherworld?

We now transition to an unknown location within the universe. A figure wearing a black cloak walked along a dirt path leading through a series of hills covered in bright green grass. Trees scattered the hilly landscape with one giant tree that towered over the others extending from the ground at the end of the dirt path. The sky above was a pale orange with white clouds slowly moving, the sky was glossy however as if the entire planet was covered in a glass ball, white orbs were floating in the sky as if they were far-off planets. Removing his black hood, a breeze of fresh air tapped against the figure's green skin and purple hair. It was The Watcher

"I am glad to see you have returned, Watcher." A soft and peaceful voice called out behind The Watcher as he stepped up to the gigantic tree, a small white podium with ancient markings was placed in front of him with a black gem placed on the top, it was softly sparkling white just like the black gem on the Locket of Nether. "Did you retrieve the Locket of Nether like I had requested?"

The Watcher turned around and behind him stood another figure who had the appearance of a Kaioshin just like him. But rather than green skin and purple hair, this figure had bright blue skin and white hair, his green eyes softly gazed at The Watcher. The Kaioshin was wearing a sleeveless, bright orange spandex suit similar to what Saiyans wear underneath their armor, a golden belt was wrapped around his waist and a golden cloth extended down the belt towards his feet. He was also wearing golden boots and golden gauntlets with ancient markings on them. This Kaioshin was also wearing golden earrings similar to what The Watcher was wearing and a golden halo floated above his white hair, golden sparkles sparkled from the halo.

"Nether, I have fulfilled your request." The Watcher placed his arm in front of his stomach and bowed to the man known as Nether. "The Locket of Nether is safely out of Emperor Morge's hands and was safely returned to the Sacred World of The Kais without any trouble."

"Wonderful news, that fiend Morge has crossed me one too many times, he didn't deserve to have possession of the Locket." Nether gave a soft smile. "The two young Saiyan boys.. Did you inform them of what happened to their fathers?" Nether asked, The Watcher nodded. Nether let out an approving chuckle as he walked past The Watcher and stared at the black gem on top of the podium, all was silent until The Watcher decided to speak up.

"Uh, Nether, there is some news I accidentally left out." The Watcher twiddled his fingers as Nether turned his head. "It concerns the Locket of Nether from the Future."

"Proceed." Nether turned around and crossed his arms behind his back.

"The Locket was seemingly destroyed alongside the Reybuu from that future." The Watcher replied. "The entire multiverse in that timeline.... it all was wiped away."

"Interesting.. it appears that the timeline has taken a curve that I hoped would happen." Nether replied in a soft tone, much to The Watcher's surprise.

"B-But... did you hear me, Nether?" The Watcher asked, Nether nodded. "An entire multiverse, wiped away like it was nothing. What would happen if the Kaioshins or even the Gods were to find out about this mess?"

"It was their mistake to seal an entire multiverse away in a tiny, easily disposable object." Nether retorted.

"Y-You said... you had hoped for this to happen, you didn't have a hand in paving the way for this to happen, had you?" The Watcher questioned.

"I did, I sent Reybuu there to coax the youngest Saiyan child into destroying the Locket." Nether replied, The Watcher widened his eyes and gasped. "Don't worry, don't worry, he is still held captive in his shackles."

"That's incredibly irresponsible of even you to do, tampering with fate like that." The Watcher responded. "Why do you want time and reality to shift in your favor?"

"To prove a point to the Gods that they have not yet taken away my power." Nether lifted one of his hands and clenched his fist, a orange aura began to form around his hand but something was off about the aura, instead of being pure orange, the outer orange slowly darkened until the aura was black in the center. "In due time, Jaduko shall come into conflict with the heroes of Netherworld.."

"Jaduko.. the Son of Shishito?" The Watcher questioned.

"Indeed. His meeting with Netherworld's heroes will spark an opening for my return to the universe." Nether replied.

"I understand now... you shaped fate in your favor so you could have a chance at escaping this world.. to defy the Gods?" The Watcher questioned.

"Correct, but I just have to wait for time to take it's course... Jaduko must naturally meet those who have come from Netherworld... and he must face the challenges that come with meeting these strong warriors!"

The scene slowly pans out from the two Kaioshins and reveals that the planet they are on is located within a small crystal ball located in the center of a vast and open space filled with stars and galaxies galore.

Nether... the Kaioshin who had shifted fate for an opportunity to roam with the Gods once more has revealed himself, but what exactly does he have planned? What does he mean by Jaduko coming into conflict with heroes from Netherworld, who are these heroes? Will they band together with Jaduko and his group of friends to fight the greater evil? Find out next time!

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VOL 11: Chapter 101 - "Who is Nether?"
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