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 VOL 11: Chapter 103 - "The Strongest Earthling"

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VOL 11: Chapter 103 - "The Strongest Earthling" Empty
PostSubject: VOL 11: Chapter 103 - "The Strongest Earthling"   VOL 11: Chapter 103 - "The Strongest Earthling" I_icon_minitimeFri Nov 04, 2016 11:53 pm

As K.O.N searched the world for any mortal who could aid him in destroying the Wicked Dragon Balls, the dark storm clouds down below the Lookout began to violently spark as bolts of lightning struck the Earth and thunder clapped through the air all along the west coast of the planet.

With rain violently bombarding the Earth, residents of multiple cities and towns were forced to remain in doors until the storm resided. The storm was relatively calm in most places with the exception of a certain location near West City.

Bridgetown, a small agricultural town located on the slopes of two neighboring mountains with a large river rushing through the center of both mountains, was being tormented the worst by this storm. Thunder exploded in the air above Bridgetown and rain poured faster and harder, smacking into the houses and buildings located on small cliffs on the sides of the mountains, water trails ran down the cliffs into the river down below and the river slowly rose with the amount of water it was receiving.

"Mommy! The river is rising!" A young girl shouted as she stared out of a window of her home, her house was on the riverbanks next to the river and she watched as the water rose over the sides and began seeping onto the ground, leaking towards their house.

"Oh no, this storm is getting insane.." The girl's mother rushed to her daughters side and watched the river water approach their house as well as their neighbor's houses, the water was also rushing towards the houses on the other side of the river. "Gerald! The storm is causing the river to overflow!"

"Son of a bitch.." Gerald, the father of the little girl, rushed into the room and noticed the rain was pouring even harder, the water pushed against their house and began to seep in through the cracks of the doors. Gerald's wife picked her daughter up and watched as the water slowly engulfed her foot.

"What do we do? Our river has never flooded over?" Gerald's wife was in shock as she watched the water slowly rise in her home.

"I need you two to get out of the house and begin climbing up the cliffs towards the top of the mountain, this storm isn't gonna let up anytime soon, we'd be sitting ducks staying here." Gerald replied. "I'll salvage anything I can carry, just take Ruby and go!"

Gerald's wife looked down at her daughter, Ruby, and a tear ran down the side of her face. She burst out of the front door and water gushed into her home until she was waist deep in river water. Without looking back, she used all of her might to run through the water. Her neighbors had the same idea as Gerald, she noticed families exiting their homes, frantically trying to carry as much belongings as they could. Mothers were crying as their homes were being destroyed by the river water and fathers were desperately trying to keep their kids calm as every single family rushed towards a slope extending up the side of the cliff towards another group of houses.

Back inside of their house, Gerald managed to grab a couple of jackets for himself, his wife, and their daughter. He tossed the jackets over his shoulder and grabbed onto a book knowing that his wife would be happy if he managed to save it. The book was a photo album containing all of the memories that their family had in the past. But before Gerald could rush towards the door, the water was now pushing against the ceiling of his home, he was completely underwater. Gerald had never learned how to swim so all he could do was float as water pushed him towards the ceiling of his home. Closing his eyes, Gerald knew he had to fight the water to survive, his mind began to wander as he was losing consciousness.

But reluctantly, Gerald felt pressure relief off of his back, he opened his eyes and realized that something had destroyed the roof of his home so he could float to the surface of the water. Pushing his head into the open air, Gerald let out a gasp and opened his eyes, he winced and noticed a man floating in the sky above his home with his arm stretched out as if he had blown the roof off.

"Take my hand, I'll get you out of here!" The floating man shouted as he extended his arm out towards Gerald, who clasped onto the man's hand. The man lifted Gerald out of the water and noticed he was carrying three jackets and a photo album. Gerald let out breaths of air as the man floated upwards towards the next cliff where people were scrambling to leave their homes.

"GERALD!" A womanly voice shouted, the man lifted his head and noticed Gerald's wife and Ruby come rushing towards him, they dropped down and hugged the soaking wet Gerald.

"Daddy, you're alright!" Ruby shouted, giving her father a hug. Gerald smiled and lifted one of the jackets up into the air, he squeezed the water out and gave it to his daughter to dry.

With tears in her eyes, Gerald's wife looked up towards the man who saved her husband. The man was wearing a black martial arts gi with navy blue padding on his thighs and blue lining on his chest, he had on a blue undershirt underneath his black gi with a white dogi belt wrapped around his waist. Gerald's wife noticed the man was wearing black and white, fingerless gauntlets and he was also wearing white boots with black lining on them. The man had long coal-black hair that rested on his shoulders and extended down his back, his bangs were wildly spiked away from his forehead and eyes so he could see, he also had a small scar on his right cheek.

"Thank you... thank you so much... but who are you..?" Gerald's wife questioned.

"My name is Nitzu Hikaru, and don't thank me, just get to safety." Nitzu replied, he smiled and floated into the air so he could scan the area for anyone else who needed help.

Watching these events unfold from the Lookout, K.O.N was surprised to see Nitzu's selfless actions. A mere mortal who was putting his life on the line to keep these people safe and to keep these families together. Nitzu continued to rescue people so they could get to the top of the cliffsides, considering that was the only place they could be safe. The nearest town or city wasn't for miles so the people of Bridgetown were forced to head upwards to remain safe from the flood.

K.O.N watched Nitzu carry people to safety one after another, he watched the human lift large pieces of rubble underneath the water so people trapped underneath could swim to safety. It was amazing that a human was this strong and yet so compassionate.

After a couple of hours of rescuing people and making sure everyone made it to the top of the cliffsides safely, Nitzu lifted his hand into the air and noticed that the rain was lightening up. He was soaking wet and watched as the dark storm clouds dispersed and the dark sky slowly turned into a light grey, it was overcast and the storm was over.

Nitzu landed on top of one of the mountains and peered down at the people located on the highest cliff of Bridgetown, some houses were unharmed from the flood, but houses on the lower cliffs such as Gerald and his family's house, was completely destroyed from the water.

"I wonder how long it will take for all of this water to drain away.." Nitzu muttered to himself as he stood on top of the mountain, some of the survivors down below looked around to see if they could find Nitzu and thank him, but Nitzu stayed out of sight.

"The authorities of West City should be aware of the situation, they can surely send help out to these families." Nitzu continued to talk to himself, he lifted his head and turned around to head off on his way, but was caught off guard when someone was standing behind him.

K.O.N had teleported down to Nitzu's location from the Lookout, he held his wooden staff in his hand and smiled at Nitzu, who nervously exchanged glances with the Guardian of Earth.

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VOL 11: Chapter 103 - "The Strongest Earthling"
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