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 VOL 11: Chapter 104 - "Dilemma"

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VOL 11: Chapter 104 - "Dilemma" Empty
PostSubject: VOL 11: Chapter 104 - "Dilemma"   VOL 11: Chapter 104 - "Dilemma" I_icon_minitimeSat Nov 05, 2016 2:29 pm

With his arms at his sides, Nitzu stared at K.O.N on top of the mountain near Bridgetown. Nitzu loosened his fists and let his fingers dangle in the air, he didn't feel a hostile presence emit from the smiling Namekian.

"Who are you?" Nitzu questioned, the cool air softly blew through his wet hair and across his clothes, drying them.

"You may refer to me as K.O.N." K.O.N replied.

"K.O.N?" Nitzu questioned. "What do those letters stand for?"

"I saw what you did to help these people." K.O.N ignored Nitzu's question. "You are definitely a morally righteous mortal."

"Hey thanks for noticing, but that doesn't answer any of my questions." Nitzu retorted. "Who are you?"

"I am the Guardian of Earth, the watcher of this land who takes note of all good and evil displayed. I never interfere with Earthly affairs unless if dire times call for dire consequences." K.O.N informed the Earthling.

"Interesting, shouldn't you be, guarding the Earth or something?" Nitzu questioned.

"After watching your display of kindness for the people of Bridgetown and watching you perform feats that no mere Earthling can achieve... I have come here to request your aid." K.O.N remarked. "You train in the art of martial arts, do you not?"

"I do, or at least whenever I can find the time to train. It was a necessity that I get stronger..." Nitzu clenched his fists as he stared at the ground as if something from his past was haunting him.

"I can feel the darkness residing in your mind, you save innocent people so they don't have to endure what you had once gone through." K.O.N replied.

"Yeah.. But I don't want to talk about it." Nitzu turned around as if he was about to fly away, but before he could lift himself from the ground, K.O.N continued to speak.

"I am the creator of the Dragon Balls and I require your aid in destroying a faulty set that I have created, so I can restart from the beginning." K.O.N noticed Nitzu turn his head back towards him.

"Dragon Balls? Never heard of them." Nitzu remarked, fully turning his body around.

"The Dragon Balls are mystical objects that are created by the Guardian of Earth. There are seven of them in total that are scattered across the planet for mortals to find. When all seven are collected and arranged in a specific pattern, those who found the balls can call upon the mystical dragon known as Shenron and grant any wish they want." K.O.N replied.

"I never really believed in magic or mystical stuff, I was always a guy of spiritual energy and reality." Nitzu didn't seem impressed, but he watched as K.O.N firmly grasped onto his wooden staff and tapped the ground a couple of times, the area around the two shifted like water when something was dropped into it and Nitzu was shocked when he and K.O.N were now on top of the Lookout, they had been teleported by magic.

"Now do you believe?" K.O.N questioned with a grin. Nitzu looked around in awe and noticed the large temple behind K.O.N, he also saw Mr. Popo standing next to the seven Dragon Balls and the statue of Shenron.

"W-What?" Nitzu was shocked. "H-How did you.. do that?"

"I figured you training in the art of martial arts would allow you to open your mind to anything, but I figured wrong." K.O.N replied.

"Are those, the Dragon Balls?" Nitzu pointed behind K.O.N at the seven green balls.

"They are supposed to be.." K.O.N waved for Nitzu to follow him and the two walked over to Mr. Popo, who motioned for them to not get too close. "These balls are usually orange with red stars, but something is wicked about them, I sense an evil presence about them.."

"They're green with black stars, that color pattern just gives you an ominous feeling on it's own." Nitzu joked, but realized K.O.N was serious. "What happened when you were creating the Dragon Balls for something to go wrong?"

"He performed the ritual perfectly, but there is something off about these Dragon Balls.." Mr. Popo remarked.

"That is why I need you to aid me in destroying this set, so I can start over and do it once more." K.O.N replied. "You were the strongest Earthling I could find."

"I can try, but step back." Nitzu warned K.O.N and Mr. Popo, the two stepped backwards and watched as Nitzu cracked his knuckles. With a smirk, the Earthling lifted his fist and slammed it down onto the top of one of the Wicked Dragon Balls. The ground vibrated from the force and all went silent, the ball didn't crack but Nitzu's hand started to bleed from the force he exerted.

Raising his fist once more, a green aura flared around Nitzu's fist, he shouted and slammed his hand onto the ball repeatedly with intense force. The entire Lookout began to shake and K.O.N grasped onto his wooden staff to keep his footing.

Panting, Nitzu noticed that the balls were perfectly unscathed. He had done nothing to harm these balls.

"Whatever magic is inside these things... I don't think I can destroy it.." Nitzu spoke inbetween pants. "Have you tried extracting whatever evil energy is within it?"

"I don't think that's possible." K.O.N replied. "I suppose if the Strongest Earthling cannot destroy these balls, it's best to just put them away and never let any mortal tamper with their evil power.."

Mr. Popo nodded and walked up to the set of balls, he picked them up alongside the statue of Shenron and moved them inside of the temple.

"I'm sorry I couldn't help you.." Nitzu muttered, turning away from K.O.N as the breeze blew between the two.

"If you ever need my help with anything, you can come find me." Nitzu lifted his head and peered off towards his right, K.O.N could see his face and the Namekian nodded at Nitzu, who nodded back. The Earthling burst off into a run towards the side of the Lookout, his legs rapidly alternated with quick 'pat-pat' sounds smacking the ground. Nitzu dove head first over the side of the Lookout towards the planet down below and his green aura flared around his body as he burst off into the distance. K.O.N watched Nitzu's aura disappear in the distance and once it was gone, he walked into the temple and all was silent.

But somebody was still there on the Lookout... Peeking from around the corner of one of the neighboring buildings next to the large temple, a female with tulip-colored skin and short, spiky blonde hair was listening to the conversation between K.O.N and Nitzu. This female had pointy, elf-like ears and green eyes, she was wearing purple spandex that was tucked into white gloves and white boots. She had a grey belt wrapped around her waist with a gun-like device holstered onto the side of her leg and a white piece of armor was wrapped around her chest. On the front of her armor was a black symbol, the symbol for the Galactic Patrol.

"Did you hear all of that Churippu?" A high pitched voice called out to the woman, a small green ghost with small, fingerless arms floated next to Churippu. The ghost had no feet, it was just a tail-like bottom that floated in the wind.

"I did, Fantom." Churippu replied, it appeared that this tiny green ghost was her accomplice and the two worked for the Galactic Patrol, the police force of the entire universe.

"Do you think that human and that Namekian are our targets?" Fantom questioned.

"I think so... but those 'Dragon Balls' don't seem to be apart of this world either.. We'll have to hang back and study things from afar for now before we can continue on our assignment." Churippu replied. She and Fantom both nodded and lifted their hands up, Fantom placed his ghost arm on top of Churippu's fist and the two quickly fizzed away from the Lookout.

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VOL 11: Chapter 104 - "Dilemma"
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