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 VOL 11: Chapter 105 - "Welcome to the Family, Yamada!"

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VOL 11: Chapter 105 - "Welcome to the Family, Yamada!" Empty
PostSubject: VOL 11: Chapter 105 - "Welcome to the Family, Yamada!"   VOL 11: Chapter 105 - "Welcome to the Family, Yamada!" I_icon_minitimeSat Nov 05, 2016 4:06 pm

With Nitzu leaving the Lookout after failing to aid K.O.N in destroying the Wicked Dragon Balls, K.O.N was forced to hide the Wicked Dragon Balls away so no mortal could ever come into contact and misuse their evil power. He would spend the next several days watching over the planet, hoping there would be someone similar to Nitzu who was capable of helping him..

Several thousand miles away from the Lookout, in Central City, we see inhabitants of the city walking on the streets and driving in cars in both the air and on the ground. Life was normal and peaceful for these people as we slowly make our way to the Macadmi Technology building, which seems to be vacant with the exception of a single person..

Konno Kureno, now a 23 year old man, slowly opens his eyes as a blinding light causes him to wince. Sitting up in his bed, Konno shook his head to gain his senses and noticed that Lori, his wife, was not in the bed next to him. Letting out a yawn, Konno yanked the covers off of him and got to his feet, he was wearing a grey tank top and red boxers that matched the highlights in his hair.

'Man... what time is it? Lori probably woke up early..' Konno thought to himself as he stretched, he turned his head and noticed the clock on his nightstand. It was 2:37 in the afternoon. 'Oh shit, I slept in too late!'

Quickly putting on pants, Konno rushed out of his room and began hopping down the large staircase of his home, he entered the kitchen and noticed a note sitting on the counter next to a bowl of fruit. Picking up the letter, Konno began to read the note out loud.

"Good morning, Konno!" He read out loud, it was Lori's father's handwriting, he lived the Macadmi Technology building alongside Konno and Lori. "You probably noticed you were home alone already, Lori and I decided to head out into the city so we could find some parts to buy for the Contrax Fluctuator that the three of us are working on. Lori wanted me to leave a note for you before we left to tell you to clean out the cupboards, drawers, and closets in the workshop so we can have space for the parts. I'm sure you can get it done fast!"

"Gee.. thanks for the letter pop." Konno muttered. "I have chores now?" He let out a sigh and grabbed a fruit from the fruit bowl and tossed it into the air. He folded the note and slid it into his pants pocket and caught the fruit, taking a bite before he ventured down into the workshop.

Konno began to clean out the workshop so they would be clean by the time Lori and her father got home. He worked fast and hard for nearly an hour before he opened up a cupboard and a stack of books came crashing down on top of his black and red haired head.

"Ow! What the hell?" Konno muttered as another book smacked him in the eye, he peered down at the ground and noticed the book that hit him in the eye was a photo album with the words 'Kureno Family Album, Ages 847 - 849'

Realizing that this photo album was full of photos taken over the past two years ever since the defeat of Reybuu, Konno picked up the album and opened up to the first page.

A slight smile came across Konno's face as he noticed a group picture consisting of him, Lori, Lori's father, Jaduko, Kyuti, Taisuka, Seikyo, Violouh, Vitalus, Lizz, Klio, Master Krillin, 18, and Marron. The group looked happy as they were all gathered there for Konno's 21st birthday. Konno noticed another picture of himself blowing out candles on a cake and part of the frosting onto Jaduko's face with Lizz and Lori chuckling in the background.

Flipping through the next few pages, Konno noticed several pictures of Jaduko and Taisuka training together, the two of them were able to control their Super Saiyans over the past two years. He also saw pictures of himself and Lori working on several parts with a few pictures of Lori's father and Lori showing off finished projects that they had worked on and completed together.

"I should get back to work.." Konno muttered, but before he closed the book, he flipped the page and saw a picture of Taisuka and his girlfriend, Yitoro, standing together in a park enjoying ice cream. With a chuckle, Konno remembered taking that picture with Jaduko and Violouh about a year ago. The three of them were stalking Taisuka to make sure he didn't mess up on his date, and Violouh was curious as to what dating was.

Turning the page once more, curious to see what was next, Konno noticed a picture of Jaduko standing in a tuxedo next to Taisuka, Klio, Violouh, and himself dressed in tuxedos as well. The four of them were Jaduko's groomsman and Konno was his best man. Konno looked at the picture on the next page and saw Kyuti in a wedding dress being escorted down an isle by her brother, Seikyo, who wasn't wearing a tuxedo but was instead wearing his black and blue gi. On the next page, Konno saw Jaduko and Kyuti holding hands in front of Master Krillin, who was the man who oversaw the two getting married. Lizz, Lori, Yitoro, and 18 were wearing dresses as they were Kyuti's bridesmaids.

"This picture was taken nearly a year ago... Can't believe my little buddy has been married for nearly a year." Konno muttered, seeing a picture of Jaduko and Kyuti kissing on their wedding day, with the next picture showing the two of them shoving cake in each other's faces. Another picture showed Jaduko and Seikyo playfully fighting with each other over Kyuti on the wedding day as Taisuka and Yitoro danced in the background.

"I swear it was just the other day that I remember Jaduko arriving at Kame House.." Konno muttered, he chuckled and remembered the day he and Jaduko first met. "Now he's married, and is one of the strongest people I know. Crazy.."

As Konno continued to turn the pages after the wedding, Konno noticed Seikyo not appear in as many pictures, the Saiyan was too busy trying to become stronger day after day. He was ashamed that he was unable to become a Super Saiyan, so he shut himself off from the group to dedicate himself to training.

Konno also noticed pictures of Lori throughout the album, her belly was slowly expanding in each picture. Over the past nine months, she had become pregnant with her and Konno's child.

With a smile, Konno stared at the two final pictures in the album, the first picture was of an ultrasound revealing that their baby would be a boy. The last picture was taken not too long ago, it was of Konno standing next to Lori and her large stomach. The two of them were excited because their son could be born any day now.

Closing the album, Konno heard a loud ringing echo throughout the workshop, it was a phone. Getting to his feet, Konno rushed over to the nearest phone and answered the call.

"What's up?" Konno muttered, lifting the phone up to his head.

"Konno? Where have you been? I tried calling you earlier this morning!" It was Lori's father and he seemed out of breath.

"I slept in, what's wrong? Did something happen?" Konno seemed uneasy after hearing Lori's father run out of breath.

"It's Lori, she went into labor earlier this morning, I'm calling you from Wujing Hospital. You have to get here!" He shouted. Konno's eyes widened as he dropped the phone on the ground. "Hello?" Lori's father shouted.

"Charles, tell the doctors I'll be there soon!" Konno shouted, picking up the phone.

"The baby's almost here!" Charles, Lori's father, shouted just before Konno hung up the phone. Konno rushed up the stairs towards his bedroom, he put on a black jacket over his tank top and noticed a camera sitting on Lori's nightstand. He rushed over and grabbed it before rushing over to the window. Opening up the window, a white aura flared around Konno's body and he burst out into the blue sky towards Wujing Hospital.

'Hopefully I get there in time, Wujing Hospital is on the other end of the city!' Konno's mind rushed, he was about to become a father. He was so excited and nervous that he forgot to put any shoes on, his bare feet were cold from the wind as he flew through the air.

Lifting his hands to tighten his jacket, Konno accidentally let go of the camera he grabbed before leaving.

'Oh man!' Konno burst down in the air and managed to grab the camera before it crashed on top of a rooftop, he continued flying through the air and lifted his head to see that he was headed straight for the side of an apartment complex. With a shout, Konno twirled through the air and managed to dodge the building.

After a few minutes of flying, Konno rushed into the hospital and made his way up to the room where Lori was giving birth. Panting, Konno ran into Lori's father who was sitting outside of the room they were in.

"Thank god you're here in time Konno." Charles seemed impatient and scared.

"What's wrong? You seem nervous." Konno muttered as he handed the camera to Lori's father. "I'm here now, everything's fine."

"You have to be in there for her and keep her calm, I don't want her to end up like her mother." Charles remarked, silence struck between the two and Konno softly nodded. The two of them could hear Lori inside of her room as a doctor wearing a face mask opened the door.

"Are you the patient's husband?" The doctor looked at Konno.

"I am." Konno muttered.

"Follow me, she's in here." The doctor waved Konno into the room.

Charles sat down on a chair and watched as Konno entered the room..

Several hours would pass before the doctors exited Lori's room. Charles clutched onto the camera in fear of the silence, the doctors all went their separate ways without speaking a word to him. With his heartbeat rapidly increasing, Charles saw the doctor that talked to Konno slowly exit the room.

"Is she alright?" Charles asked. "I'm her father and I just want to make sure she's safe.."

"She's doing just fine. Come on in.." The doctor motioned for Charles to step into the room.

Standing up from his chair, Charles walked into the room and the doctor closed the door behind him. Konno was kneeling next to Lori's bed and he turned his head to see Charles. Lori lifted her head and smiled as tears formed in her eyes. She was clutching a baby in her arms, the baby had small tufts of black hair, the same color as his mother's, and his eyes were closed, he was softly sleeping.

"W-Wow..." Charles was stunned at the sight of the cute baby. He was speechless

"You're a grandpa now, dad." Lori smiled and sniffed. Konno waved Charles over to get a closer look at the baby.

"We named him Yamada. Awesome name isn't it?" Konno questioned, but he noticed tears start to form in Charles' eyes.

"I'm so glad... I'm so glad I can call myself a grandfather and still have you here... I wish your mother could be here, she would be so proud of you.." Charles muttered, clutching onto Lori's hand.

"She would be proud.. wouldn't she be, Yamada?" Konno playfully spoke as Lori softly looked down at her baby, who opened his eyes. They were a beautiful grey color, just like his father's.

Charles lifted the camera that Konno had given him, he got to his feet and stepped back so he could get Konno, Lori, and Yamada all in the same shot. With a quick click, he took a picture of the happy family of three.

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VOL 11: Chapter 105 - "Welcome to the Family, Yamada!"
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