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 VOL 11: Chapter 106 - "Reunion"

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PostSubject: VOL 11: Chapter 106 - "Reunion"   VOL 11: Chapter 106 - "Reunion" I_icon_minitimeTue Nov 22, 2016 8:08 pm

Several days would pass after the birth of Yamada. Lori was now home from the hospital and was taking care of Yamada alongside her husband. Konno held onto the photo that Lori's father had taken in the hospital room and he softly slid it into a new folder of the Kureno Family Album. He smirked after taking a glance at his son in the picture and closed the book, as he slid it into a cupboard, the front doorbell rang throughout the Macadmi Technology Building.

"I got it!" Konno shouted to Lori as he rushed up the stairs to the front door. Sliding throughout the large foyer, he opened the door and saw a 19 year old Jaduko and a 22 year old Kyuti standing in the doorway.

"We heard the big news and wanted to come see the baby for ourselves." Kyuti spoke up before Konno could even greet them, she seemed excited to see Yamada as she stepped in past Konno.

"Nice to see you guys too," Konno chuckled and motioned for Jaduko to step in, he closed the door and noticed that both Jaduko and Kyuti were wearing bulky hoodies and mittens. "What's with the bulky clothing? It's not winter yet."

"Kyuti and I decided to move out of my house in the forest and into a house up in North City about a week or two ago." Jaduko remarked. "Turns out she likes the cold weather, and the people of North City were grateful to welcome us to their community, especially after Taisuka and I helped them with that guy named Shiver a while back."

"About time you decided to move out of your old place, I feel like it was so secluded and all it did was remind you of Rukiro." Konno replied.

"I'm fine with living wherever, just gotta get used to the cold." Jaduko shrugged, he noticed Lori walk down the staircase into the foyer with a baby in her arms. Kyuti lifted her head and a smile spread across her face as she laid eyes on Yamada.

"Oh man, he's so cute!" Kyuti shouted as she met Lori at the bottom of the stairs, she lifted her hand and watched as Yamada began playing with her fingers. "I haven't seen one of these things in a long time! Jaduko, can we have one?"

"Uh.. babies aren't animals, Rukiro always told me it was hell to take care of kids." Jaduko scratched the back of his head and turned his head towards Konno, who had a sly smirk on his face. The Earthling chuckled and smacked Jaduko on the back.

"You guys don't have Seikyo with you?" Lori questioned, Kyuti lifted her head and softly shook it.

"He's still off training, we haven't seen him for months." Kyuti replied. "Ever since our wedding, I don't even think he's spoke a word to any of us."

"He's letting his Saiyan heritage bother him. The fact that Taisuka and I are both Super Saiyans, yet he isn't... makes him remember bad thoughts that he doesn't want to relive." Jaduko retorted as he put his hands in his hoodie pockets. "He can't stand being below Taisuka or I.."

Before anyone could reply, the front door swung open causing Konno and Jaduko to turn around. Taisuka stood in the doorway with his girlfriend, Yitoro.

"I heard my name, and thus I have been summoned." Taisuka chuckled. He and Yitoro were both 15 at this time.

"Yitoro, come look at how cute this baby is!" Kyuti shouted over to Taisuka's girlfriend. Kyuti and Yitoro had bonded over the span of the past two years considering Taisuka would train with Jaduko very often so they could control their Super Saiyan transformations.

"He's so adorable, what did you name him?" Yitoro asked, she and Kyuti both played with the boy in Lori's arms as Taisuka shut the door behind him.

"His name is Yamada, pretty name isn't it?" Lori replied, Yamada laughed as he slapped both Kyuti and Yitoro's hands.

"It's masculine, not pretty." Konno scoffed, but Lori stuck her tongue out at him. "How's it hangin' Taisuka?" Konno turned his head towards his friend with a chuckle.

"It's been alright, I came over as fast as I could once I heard you had a kid. Yitoro wanted to come as well, I'm just glad we're too young to be talking about having a kid." Taisuka let out a sigh of relief.

"Enjoy it while you can." Jaduko grumbled as he looked over at Kyuti. Taisuka and Konno chuckled as they teased their friend.

"What's with the hoodie?" Taisuka questioned. "You do know it's not winter yet, right?"

"Why does everyone keep saying that, don't I look cool in just a hoodie?" Jaduko retorted. Taisuka closed his eyes and playfully grinned.

"If you guys want to talk, my father has been making dinner for the past hour or so, it should be ready soon. We'll leave you three boys alone to do whatever you boys do." Lori shouted out throughout the room. She lead Kyuti and Yitoro up the stairs towards the kitchen.

"Are Lizz and Klio stopping by?" Konno questioned as he motioned for the two Saiyans towards the stairs.

"I think so. Lizz told me would stop by." Taisuka replied, and as soon as he finished his sentence, someone knocked on the front door. Jaduko and Taisuka stopped on the stairs and turned around to watch Konno open up the door. Lizz and Klio were standing in the doorway with huge smiles.

"What's up guys?" Konno chuckled and motioned for them to step in, Lizz wrapped her arms around Konno and Klio chuckled as he patted his adopted little brother on the back.

"I can't believe you're a father!" Lizz shouted.

"I can't believe someone LET you be a father." Klio remarked. He was wearing a button up shirt and jeans.

"Laugh it up, man." Konno rolled his eyes and noticed Lizz was wearing her white and turquoise martial arts gi.

"Lori said her father was makin' dinner, so let's save the chat for later. I'm starved!" Jaduko shouted, he ran up the staircase with Taisuka chasing after him. The two of them may have gotten older but they still acted childish. Konno decided he would ask Lizz why she was in her gi over dinner, he lead her and Klio up the staircase and into the kitchen.

Dinner would be served by Lori's father nearly a half an hour later. Charles, being an excellent chef, made a delicious plate of Chashu Pork with a side of ramen and vegetables for everyone to eat. Everyone grabbed a plate and began to sit down at the table.

Charles sat at the head of the table with Lori sitting on his left and Klio on his right, Yamada was sitting in a baby dining chair in between he and Lori. Konno sat next to Lori and Taisuka sat next to him, Yitoro sat on the opposite end of the table across from Charles.

Lizz sat next to Klio and Kyuti sat next to her, leaving two chairs open for Jaduko to pick from. Placing his plate on the table in front of the chair next to Kyuti, Jaduko realized this was the same seat that Future Taisuka had sat in when they all had dinner together a couple of years ago. Jaduko's smile dropped to a straight face and he softly shifted the plate over to the next chair next to Yitoro, he would sit next to her to respect Future Taisuka's passing.

The group happily ate dinner together, laughing at jokes and adoring Yamada's presence as he ate a small plate of Chashu Pork. Plates gathered on the table in between Jaduko and Taisuka as the two Saiyans competed for who could eat the most food. The plates rose high enough to block Yitoro off from the rest of the group, causing everyone to laugh.

As Lori fed a spoonful of food to Yamada, she noticed a figure enter the room, she lifted her head and noticed Violouh wearing civilian clothing.

"Violouh! You're looking pretty good!" Lori shouted out to her Namekian friend, causing everyone to look over towards him.

"What's got you all dressed up, pal?" Klio turned around in his chair and waved Violouh over to the table.

"I had heard of Konno and Lori having a child. Being well dressed for the time I met the baby was top priority of mine." Violouh smiled as Konno nodded his head towards his friend, he motioned for him to see Yamada. Violouh walked over to the baby and lifted a hand towards the baby, who carefully stared up at the tall, green skinned Namekian. Yamada laughed and began slapping Violouh's hand.

"At least he's not scared of you." Charles chuckled. "Looks like you have a little buddy now!"

"Pull up a chair, there's plenty of food left." Yitoro spoke out to Violouh.

"No thank you. My people can survive on water, we have no need to consume food. But thank you." Violouh replied. "How have you all been doing."

"Pretty well, what about you, Vio?" Jaduko spoke up.

"I have been well, I have spent the past few weeks trying to find Seikyo, but I have had no luck in finding him." Violouh replied. "Lizz, why are you in your martial arts gi?"

"Oh right! I got sidetracked by the delicious food to ask that same question." Konno remarked.

"I was actually going to bring that up after dinner. As you all know, I have been taking part in martial arts tournaments for the past few years in honor of Yui. I have been participating in the World Tournament for the past week and next week on Friday Night, I am one of the contestants in the semi-finals." Lizz replied, leaving everyone in awe.

"Wow really?" Lori questioned. "I'm so proud of how far you've come!"

"Good job, Lizz! Glad I helped you discover your passion in fighting." Jaduko gave Lizz a thumbs up.

"I wanted to ask you all to come and watch me participate." Lizz blushed.

"Of course we will, we wouldn't miss it." Klio remarked, placing his hand on her shoulder. Everyone else agreed.

"We'll make it an event next Friday, we'll be supporting you from the stands." Kyuti smiled. But before anyone else could talk, rain started to hit the nearby windows and a loud knock echoed throughout the building.

Someone knocked on the front door, over and over...

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VOL 11: Chapter 106 - "Reunion"
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