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 VOL 11: Chapter 107 - "The Next Frontier"

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PostSubject: VOL 11: Chapter 107 - "The Next Frontier"   VOL 11: Chapter 107 - "The Next Frontier" I_icon_minitimeTue Nov 22, 2016 9:50 pm

Rushing down the stairs and into the foyer, Konno rushed towards the front door as the knocking continued. Jaduko, Taisuka, and Violouh quickly followed behind Konno as the others slowly walked down the steps and turned on the light in the foyer.

Konno swung the door open and widened his eyes as lightning flashed behind the muscular figure's head revealing his purple skin and the golden top of his head.

"Vitalus?" Taisuka seemed surprised to see his friend, Konno motioned for Vitalus to step inside and he closed the door behind the Metamoran.

"You're soaking wet! Yitoro, would you mind going to the upstairs bathroom and getting a towl for him?" Lori turned her head and watched Yitoro rush up the stairs. Kyuti and the others descended down the steps and into the foyer as Jaduko placed his arm on Vitalus' shoulder.

"Is something wrong? You don't seem as upbeat as you usually are." Jaduko questioned. Yitoro rushed down the stairs and handed Vitalus the towel, the Metamoran wiped the rain off of his face and began to dry himself off, he stayed silent until he was completely dry.

"Vitalus.. We haven't seen you for a couple of weeks, what's wrong?" Konno questioned.

"My apologies, friends." Vitalus spoke out, letting everyone sigh in relief that their friend wasn't harmed.

"First of all, where have you been? Have you found a place to stay?" Lori questioned, she was holding Yamada in her arms.

"I have been staying in Bridgetown for the past several weeks." Vitalus walked over to Lori and lifted his hand up to Yamada, who playfully smacked the muscular Metamoran's hand. "But recently I have been forced to find a new home, as there was a major flood that destroyed my home as well as the homes where my neighbors resided.

"Man, that sucks.. You can stay here until you find a new place.." Konno replied.

"Thank you, but I have not come here to talk about finding a place to stay." Vitalus replied, lifting his hand away from Yamada, he pointed it towards Jaduko. "I have decided to travel here to speak with you in particular, Jaduko." Jaduko lifted his hand and pointed to himself in curiosity.

"What's up?" Jaduko questioned.

"When Bridgetown flooded a few days ago, people would have died, but there was someone wearing a black and blue martial arts gi who saved innocent people who would have otherwise drowned." Vitalus replied.

"Black and blue martial arts gi... was it Seikyo?" Kyuti questioned, but Vitalus shook his head.

"This man had black hair, much like Seikyo, but he was no Saiyan. He was a mere Earthling with long hair that rested on his back and a scar that extended down the side of his cheek. He saved those people and didn't ask for anything in return, I saw him with my own eyes.." Vitalus replied, scanning the group of his friends.

"So why did you want to see me?" Jaduko questioned.

"He was able to fly and I could sense that he had a pure heart similar to yours. I figured you had made a new friend that I was unaware of. Is he a Z-Fighter alongside you and the others?" Vitalus asked but Jaduko shook his head.

"What was this man's name?" Lizz questioned.

"I'm glad he saved those people..." Charles muttered.

"I saw him save a man from drowning inside his house and reunite him with his family. He stated that his name was Nitzu Hikaru. Are you familiar with him?"

Jaduko, Taisuka, Konno, and Violouh shook their heads.

"Is he a friend of Seikyo?" Violouh questioned.

"You think Seikyo has friends?" Konno retorted.

"He has us." Taisuka spat back.

"I haven't met this guy, but if he dedicates his life to saving someone, that means he's alright in my book." Jaduko crossed his arms. "You said he could fly?"

"He is also capable of blowing the roof off of a house with ease and he is fast, very fast." Vitalus replied.

"Heh.." Jaduko chuckled, slamming his fist into his hand. "I bet that means he's capable of fighting.. I wanna try finding this guy, he could be a fun challenge."

"Maybe you could get him to join our group." Taisuka chimed in.

"Nitzu would be a valuable asset to the Z-Fighters, I along with the other residents of Bridgetown and possibly other towns as well owe our lives to him." Vitalus replied.

"Save the fighting for later, it's getting late and you and I are needing to head home if we're going to make it to Lizz's tournament next week." Kyuti walked up to Jaduko.

"You think this Nitzu guy will be in the tournament?" Jaduko lifted his head and stared at Lizz, who shrugged. "I sure hope he is.. I wanna see what he's capable of!"

The group spent the next few minutes saying their goodbyes before they all left for their homes to rest up for Lizz's tournament. Little did they know that next week would be the beginning of one of the most stressful days in their lives..

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VOL 11: Chapter 107 - "The Next Frontier"
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