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 VOL 11: Chapter 108 - "Unexpected Super Warrior!"

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VOL 11: Chapter 108 - "Unexpected Super Warrior!" Empty
PostSubject: VOL 11: Chapter 108 - "Unexpected Super Warrior!"   VOL 11: Chapter 108 - "Unexpected Super Warrior!" I_icon_minitimeTue Nov 22, 2016 10:23 pm

A week would pass ever since Vitalus' message to our heroes about Nitzu Hikaru's presence and the announcement of Lizz in the Semi-Finals of the World Martial Arts Tournament.
It was Friday evening, nearly an hour before the matches would begin on the island where the tournament takes place. Jaduko, sitting on the roof of his home in North City, had his eyes closed and his legs crossed as he tried sensing for Nitzu's presence. For a full week ever since learning of the Human's strength, Jaduko has done nothing but strain his mind in order to find a trace of Nitzu's ki, however the Saiyan has had no luck.

"Jaduko, you haven't eaten in days. I'm worried about you lately." Kyuti was standing on the roof behind Jaduko, she had been watching him for several minutes. The wind blew through her hair and Jaduko's hair, but Jaduko didn't stand up. "You haven't even visited Konno and Lori's newborn baby like I have." She giggled as she thought of the cute baby who was starting to gain a liking for Kyuti, almost as if she was his aunt.

"Kyuti, you're a Saiyan like me. Hasn't that Nitzu guy crossed your mind at least once?" Jaduko spoke out, not turning around. "Vitalus said he was strong, incredibly strong for a Human.. I don't think I've ever been this excited just hearing a guy's name before."

"I've learned that the only fighter I need to think about is you." Kyuti replied. "You haven't had any luck finding him, it's best to let him find you whenever he feels like he wants to challenge you. You're a Super Saiyan afterall, so is Taisuka and you two hang out all the time so I don't think it would be tough for him to find you. If he can sense ki and is as strong as Vitalus said."

"Lizz's tournament is tonight isn't it?" Jaduko questioned, opening his eyes. He turned around and saw Kyuti nod her head. "You think he'll be there?!"

With a sigh, Kyuti shrugged her shoulders. "You should get ready, we need to meet up with the others soon so we can go support Lizz." Kyuti turned around and began walking back into the house, Jaduko jumped to his feet and clenched his fist as a lightbulb went off in his head.
He was already wearing his blue martial arts gi so if he ran into Nitzu at the tournament,
he would be able to fight with no worry at all.

A half an hour would pass until Jaduko and Kyuti landed on the shore of the World Martial Arts Tournament Island. Looking around, Kyuti noticed Violouh in the distance, it wasn't hard to spot a Namekian in a crowd afterall.

"Violouh!" Kyuti shouted, waving as the Namekian turned around. Kyuti grabbed onto Jaduko's wrist and pulled him through the crowd of people who were attempting to walk through the front gates to get into their seats.

'There's a lot more people from what I remember..' Jaduko thought to himself as his shoulder bumped into someone, causing them to drop their Zeni. The civilian flipped Jaduko off and the Saiyan awkwardly shrugged his shoulders as he remembered the tournament several years ago where Lizz entered and won the Grand Prize for him. It was a Dragon Ball..

"Kyuti! Glad you made it!" Lori shouted out, she and Konno were standing next to Violouh.
The two were wearing regular civilian outfits rather than martial arts gi's. Kyuti wrapped her arms around Lori and the two women hugged as Jaduko walked towards Konno, who was holding onto his baby, Yamada. He and Lori had brought him along.

"His first tournament eh?" Jaduko questioned, lifting his finger up to let Yamada play with it.
"He's gonna grow up and be a fighter with us?"

"Maybe, Lori wants him to become an engineer or a scientist like her family. But I'm gonna lift weights with the boy when he's old enough." Konno smirked and snickered alongside Jaduko.

"Hey Violouh, have you seen Taisuka around?" Kyuti interrupted the conversation and looked at the Namekian.

"Taisuka is inside of the Stadium holding onto our seats with his girlfriend, Vitalus, and Klio." Violouh replied. He was wearing his martial arts gi pants, but had on a civilian shirt to cover his chest.

"Taisuka brought Yitoro? Glad to see she'll have fun with us." Kyuti laughed.

"It's time for us to head to our seats, let's go!" Lori shouted, taking Yamada out of Konno's arms. She and Kyuti led the charge into the stadium with Jaduko, Violouh, and Konno close behind.

Inside of the stadium, our heroes made their way to their seats. Konno lifted his head and saw Taisuka and Yitoro waving them over. Jaduko pushed through his friends so he could sit next to Vitalus. Kyuti followed after and sat down next to him, knowing what he was trying to do.

"Any sign of Nitzu?" Jaduko whispered into Vitalus' ear. The Metamoran shook his head and tried to talk over the roaring crowd. The tournament would begin in a few minutes.

"I don't believe he entered in the tournament. It's a shame." Vitalus replied. Jaduko frowned and stared down onto the arena after Kyuti bumped him in the arm, he could hear Lori several seats over shout as Lizz walked onto the stage. The announcer shouted into his mic and Lizz walked onto the stage, her red hair tied up into a ponytail and she tightened the black belt on her turquoise and white martial arts gi. Yitoro was playing with Yamada in his mother's arms and the two stared up at Lori who kept shouting to keep Lizz pumped up.

Konno was sitting next to Klio and Violouh and smiled as he noticed Lizz's confidence. It had improved since the last tournament that he saw her enter. Klio began to shout down after Lizz.

"Beat 'em up a pulp, Lizz!" Klio shouted as the announcer introduced Lizz's opponent. Her opponent was a male wearing a brown martial arts gi with no belt and no undershirt, he had no shoes but had long blonde hair as if he was a surfer. He winked at Lizz as if he wanted to hook up with her, but Lizz scoffed and ignored him.

"So what's it like attending your first Martial Arts Tourmament, Violo-..." Konno turned his head and noticed Violouh's antennae twitching and his eyes were pointing in a different direction.
Turning his head to stare off in the direction of Violouh's gaze, Konno saw a quick glimpse of a floating green ghost hiding behind a pillar on top of the stadium's seats as it overlooked the arena.

"Did you notice that?" Violouh looked at Konno with one eye, Konno nodded but decided Violouh would have a good eye on whatever it was, he just wanted to enjoy the tournament.

The announcer hopped off of the Tournament Stage as he started the match between Lizz and her opponent. Lizz burst from her position as a gust of wind kicked back from her feet, she spun in the air and slashed her leg towards her opponent's face. Her opponent bent backwards,
letting Lizz's leg slide over his chest and face. He reached up and grabbed onto her leg, doing a quick spin, he used all of his strength and shouted as he lifted Lizz back up and slammed her into the ground in front of him. The crowd moaned as Lizz got back to her feet and spun around, sweeping her opponent's legs out from under him.

Jaduko, began to get hyped up by Lizz's match. He hadn't seen her fight this well in so many years that it was a rush to see her embrace her fighting talent yet again. Lizz was very acrobatic and was able to jump in the air, wrap her legs around the opponent's neck, and slam him down onto the ground. This match was truly a spectacle of agile fighting. Jaduko watched as Lizz's opponent placed his hands on the ground and pushed from it, sliding into Lizz's feet and kicking her up. Lizz widened her eyes as her opponent then pushed upwards from the ground and aimed his foot at her stomach, she grabbed his foot and pushed off of it, gliding horizontally into the air. She landed on her feet and kicked her opponent in the side of the stomach, sending him flying across the ring.

Before Jaduko could cheer louder than the crowd in front of him, something sparked in his mind that caused him to completely turn his neck and torso towards the West. He had sensed something. His body was aiming towards Kyuti as she caught a glimpse of Jaduko out of the corner of her eye.

"What's wrong?" Kyuti questioned but immediately knew what Jaduko had sensed. He had a smile on his face and a burning flame of passion was burning in his eyes as he concentrated on the ki blaring off in the distance. The amount of ki was high enough to cause Taisuka, Klio,
and Konno to all turn their heads as well. Violouh didn't move his eyes away from where he saw the green floating ghost, because he knew he hadn't been hallucinating.

"Got him!" Jaduko shouted, causing the others to turn their heads knowing who he was talking about. Vitalus smirked as a blue aura swarmed around Jaduko's body and he burst off into the sky from the stands, wind exploded from where he took off causing the civilians who were sitting in front of Jaduko to angrily turn around as their popcorn and drinks were spilled everywhere.

Lizz turned her head and noticed Jaduko flying off, she knew he was heading somewhere important and so she used the rest of her strength to knock her opponent out of the ring with a quick backhanded slap as he tried to surprise her. Lizz had won the match!

"I've got you Nitzu. Stay where you are!" Jaduko shouted as he burst across the ocean towards Nitzu's ki. Water splashed upwards into the sky as he rushed towards the location.

Meanwhile back at the stadium, Lizz and her opponent had successfully been escorted off of the ring as the next round was about to begin. Sensing the mass amount of energy eminating from a silhouette that was walking out of the Tournament building that led onto the stage, Konno and Taisuka widened their eyes as the strong warrior stepped into view.

The warrior had bright blue skin and black hair-like spikes that extended upwards from his head like hair. He was wearing a black, long-sleeved shirt that had red stitching around the neck.
The shirt was tucked into black pants with red lining that was supported by a brown and yellow belt. The warrior was wearing black boots with a white patterned design and he had black fingerless gloves on his hands.

"Everyone please welcome...! Erm... Kaj Aslolvir onto the stage!" The announcer announced as Kaj walked up the steps of the arena.

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VOL 11: Chapter 108 - "Unexpected Super Warrior!"
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