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 VOL 11: Chapter 109 - "Kaj's Ruthless Power"

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VOL 11: Chapter 109 - "Kaj's Ruthless Power" Empty
PostSubject: VOL 11: Chapter 109 - "Kaj's Ruthless Power"   VOL 11: Chapter 109 - "Kaj's Ruthless Power" I_icon_minitimeThu Apr 20, 2017 10:02 pm

The crowd lowered in volume as Kaj stepped onto the stage, they were quiet enough that the blue-skinned Potrean was able to hear his feet clack on the concrete below, it's as if the crowd was waiting for his move. He looked up into the sky and tilted his gaze backwards towards the entrance of the ring, where he saw a billboard in the distance that showed the remaining fighters in the tournament. Lizz had made it into the finals and now Kaj was the one who had to defeat his opponent if he wanted to fight her. But why would he want to fight Lizz in particular?

"That man... He's so intense.." Taisuka was frightened. "I haven't sensed a power as high as that aside from Jaduko and Seikyo.."

"I thought it was Seikyo, the black spiky hair from the guy's silhouette gave it away." Klio chimed in, he was also surprised at Kaj's strength. Kyuti exchanged glances with Lori and the two women stared down at the ring towards the man. Yamada and Yitoro were confused as to why the others were surprised, considering the two of them were the only ones unable to sense ki.

"Speaking of Seikyo, that man down there has the same attitude as he did when he first landed on Earth several years ago.. He may even have a higher power level than both Jaduko and Taisuka as Super Saiyans... What do you think Violouh?" Konno questioned, looking at his Namekian friend.

"Power means nothing if you are not skillful or elegant in battle, remember that." Violouh responded, he was still staring of into the distance. Vitalus nodded his head from several seats over. Lori widened her eyes after hearing Konno say that this man would be able to best all Jaduko, Taisuka, and Seikyo in combat.

"He's not going to throw the match is he?" Lori questioned, Kyuti and Klio looked at her. "He'll kill Lizz if he doesn't hold back!" The group widened their eyes and began to tense up as Kaj's opponent stepped onto the ring. Kaj's opponent was an anthropomorphic green furred cat who stood as tall as the Potrean. Duve was wearing a bright blue martial arts gi with a white belt that matched his chest fur and he also had on white gloves.

"Are ye ready to get yer teeth kicked in, mate?" Duve spoke in a southern accent, he was clearly from a village next to South City. "I been trained in the art of martials ever since I was 4 years old! I bet ye can't beat that!" Kaj glared back at his enemy.

"You should surrender while you can." Kaj calmly replied as the crowd began to roar in excitement, the announcer was shouting in the background getting everyone ready for a match.

As soon as the announcer had begun the match, Kaj's body fizzed out of view from his position and reappeared in front of Duve, the green cat widened his eyes as Kaj's fist slammed into his face. Slamming his fist down towards the ground, Kaj slammed Duve's face into the concrete so hard that a crack extended on all sides of the arena floor. The crowd roared but Lori and the others were in shock at Kaj's speed.

"I don't want to waste time on trash like you any longer, just forfeit already!" Kaj shouted as he lifted his fist off of Duve's face. The green cat was bleeding out of the nose and had one eye closed as he watched Kaj raise his fist again, only to slam it back down onto the cat's face.
Punch after punch, Kaj continuously pounded Duve into the ground. Raising his hand, Duve's body began to shake and the crowd went silent as they watched Kaj's ferocity. Before Kaj thrust another punch down onto Duve's face, the cat blacked out.

"Enough! Get a stretcher out here! Kaj Aslolvir is the winner!" The announcer roared, the crowd was mainly silent and shocked but there were a few who roared at Kaj's violent actions, they thought he was great.

"He's gonna kill Lizz.." Lori repeated as she watched the medics carry Duve's body out of the arena on a stretcher. The final round would begin immediately after, so Lizz hardly had any time to prepare. She had watched the entire fight however, studying Kaj's moves so she knew how to survive. She too could sense how powerful he was and figured she would have to trick him instead of beating him in raw power.

Violouh raised an eyebrow as he noticed the green ghost back up from the top of the arena, as if he were talking to someone. Twitching his ears, he heard the ghost talking to a female about interrupting the final match but that was everything he managed to hear. The Namekian noticed the female lean in towards the ghost and he noticed that she had tulip colored skin and blonde hair.. He would have to wait and see what they planned on doing to interrupt the match.

"Everyone, sorry for the delay, welcome Lizz back onto the stage to take on Kaj!" The announcer shouted into his microphone a few minutes after Duve was carried out of the arena.
Lizz gulped and walked out of the Tournament Building and began her trek down the path leading to the arena. She noticed Kaj turn his head and glare at her as she stepped up the steps onto the arena. Walking over to her spot, Lizz and Kaj never removed their eyes from one another as if they were locked in a staring contest. Lizz removed her hairband and re-tied her hair up into a pony tail as she glared at Kaj, hoping to be intimidating back towards him.

"GOOD LUCK LIZZ, KICK HIS ASS!" Klio shouted from the stands, Konno and Lori both grabbed onto his shoulders and pulled him down. They shushed him hoping he hadn't stirred anything in Kaj's mind.

"I can sense it, you were with the man who defeated Zerox and his portion of the Planet Trade Organization were you not?" Kaj randomly spoke out towards Lizz, who shuttered at the name 'Zerox'.

"H-How do you know that name?" Lizz questioned.

"Were you with him? The man who beat Zerox?" Kaj repeated, he was getting impatient.

"Yeah, I was. Why do you want to know? You're not one of Zerox's old cronies are you?" Lizz spat back. "If you are, I have multiple friends who can kick Zerox's ass around like it's a soccer ball.
So don't try me." She threatened.

"Perhaps I am reluctant to have run into you during this tournament. Your friends can help me in my journey.." Kaj muttered, he lifted his mouth into a slight smirk, making Lizz feel uncomfortable. She was also confused at what the Potrean meant by 'help him'. He wanted help? What was wrong with him? The announcer began the match before she could reply.

Kaj's body fizzed out of appearance and reappeared in front of Lizz, catching her by surprise. Lifting her arms up to block the attack, Lizz noticed Kaj disappear once again. Feeling something slam into her back, Lizz flipped in the air and noticed Kaj had teleported behind her, she flipped on the air and slammed her foot on the ground, kicking off of it just as Kaj rushed towards her to deliver a kick into her back. Wind gushed across the ground as the two warriors bounced around, Kaj was definitely stronger than Lizz, but she was faster and more nimble than him.

Konno, Taisuka, Kyuti, Klio, Violouh, and Lori jarred their heads back and forth as they watched the two warriors chase each other around the ring. Lori let out a sigh of relief that her friend had not yet been killed. Yitoro and Vitalus struggled to keep up with the match.

Lizz grit her teeth as Kaj's punch rapidly slashed past her cheek, it moved fast enough to cut her skin and cause blood to start flying through the air. Lizz slid her head to the left and right as Kaj rapidly punched at her. Getting annoyed at her dodging, Kaj ducked and spun around sliding his feet around underneath Lizz. This caused her to stumble and fall on the ground.
Kaj lifted his fist and a red aura began to form around it, he grit his teeth and shouted as he slammed it down towards Lizz's head, who had just barely landed on her back. Her head bounced on the concrete floor.

Opening her eyes in time to see Kaj's fist slamming down onto it, she was too slow to dodge but was lucky to have Kaj stop his fist centimeters before making contact with her nose. Wind rushed past Kaj's fist and blasted Lizz in the face, it gushed out around the two and blew across the ring.

"Wh-What?" Lizz was surprised that Kaj didn't finish her off, he could have killed her with that attack.

"MOVE!" Violouh randomly shouted from the stands, his ear twitched as he heard the tulip colored female and her green ghost enact their plan.

Quickly lowering his hands, Kaj grabbed onto Lizz's shoulders and dove forward across the stage, pulling her along with him. The two jumped out of the way just as a giant red and green blast slammed into the ground where they once were. A massive explosion burst in the air causing wind to slam into the civilians in the stands and the announcer to fall backwards on the grass next to the ring. Once the blast cleared, our heroes in the stands opened their eyes and noticed a giant crater in the ring where the blast made contact, a quarter of the Tournament Ring was destroyed.

"Oh god.." Yitoro muttered.

"He saved her?" Konno was surprised to see Kaj holding onto Lizz's shoulders several feet away from the blast.

"T-Thank you.." Lizz was shaken up as she watched Kaj slowly stand up, he wasn't looking at her. He was looking up towards the top of the arena. Taisuka noticed Kaj staring up into the sky and he turned his head, noticing Violouh staring in the same direction, the Namekian was on his fist with his fists in the air. The group of heroes noticed the tulip colored woman standing above a group of frightened civilians, she was wearing a purple and grey outfit with a black symbol on it and her blonde hair rustled in the wind. Her arm was pointed at the Tournament Ring with a gigantic, smoking blaster in her hand signifying that the blast came from her gun.

It was Churippu, the member of the Galactic Patrol! Next to her was her floating ghost companion, Fantom. She glared down at Kaj.

"Kaj Aslolvir!" Churippu shouted. "You are under arrest for Illegal Interdimensional Travel! Put your hands in the air or I will shoot you into oblivion!"

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VOL 11: Chapter 109 - "Kaj's Ruthless Power"
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