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 VOL 12: Chapter 111 - "Jaduko vs. Nitzu!"

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Jaduko Masurao
Jaduko Masurao

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VOL 12: Chapter 111 - "Jaduko vs. Nitzu!" Empty
PostSubject: VOL 12: Chapter 111 - "Jaduko vs. Nitzu!"   VOL 12: Chapter 111 - "Jaduko vs. Nitzu!" I_icon_minitimeSat Apr 29, 2017 2:43 pm

"So you're the guy who saved the people of Bridgetown?" Jaduko shouted over the winds of the Rocky Canyon as Nitzu got to his feet, the two were on separate rock pillars with Jaduko having the higher ground.

"Why do you wish to know?" Nitzu shouted back, his fists clenched. He studied Jaduko's face and recognized it from somewhere. Jaduko had the same facial structure and piercing eyes as someone he knew.

"A friend of mine told me a week ago and I've been wanting to find you ever since." Jaduko replied, he clenched a fist and smacked it into the palm of his opposing hand. "I'm here to challenge you to a fight!" A smirk spread across his face.

'That's it!' Nitzu's eyes widened as he saw Jaduko smirk. 'That voice, that smirk, those eyes.. I know who this man is!' Nitzu grit his teeth and glared at Jaduko, who rose an eyebrow.

"What is your name?" Nitzu questioned in a harsh tone.

"Jaduko Masurao, I already know who you are." Jaduko chuckled and didn't notice Nitzu's eyes softly widen, an expression of anger overcame Nitzu and the Earthling grit his teeth even harder than before.

"Dajoku! I thought I was rid of you!" Nitzu shouted, his fingerless gauntlet gloves squeaked as he tightened his fists.

"Dajoku? No, my name is Jaduk-..." Before Jaduko could finish his sentence, Nitzu's body fizzed off of the rock pillar he was standing on and immediately appeared in front of Jaduko. The Saiyan widened his eyes and quickly went into action as Nitzu bent his arm and slammed his forearm towards him. Jaduko lifted his forearm and blocked the attack, mimicking Nitzu's stance. The two struggled for dominance as their arms began to tremble. With a shout, Nitzu thrust his opposing fist through the gap between his forearm and his face towards Jaduko.

However Jaduko lifted his hand and blocked the punch with the palm of his hand. The two warriors lifted their knees and kicked off of each other, they backflipped off of the sides of the rock pillar and began to fall to the ground below.

"Incredibly fast for a mere human, I'm impressed!" Jaduko was beginning to have fun, he was shocked as he saw Nitzu running along the rocky surface along the pillar towards him. Without any warning, Nitzu slammed his fists down onto Jaduko's head, causing the Saiyan to fly even faster towards the ground below. Flipping, Jaduko extended his hands and caught himself on the ground, he pushed off of it and flew backwards just as Nitzu slammed his feet into the ground where he landed.

"How are you still alive?" Nitzu questioned as he lunged forward towards Jaduko, thrusting his foot towards the Saiyan.

"What are you talking about? I have never even met you before!" Jaduko shouted as he blocked Nitzu's kick and pushed it away from him, the Earthling spun around and placed his hand on the ground, he pushed off of it using his momentum and slammed his head into Jaduko's chin.

"Last time I saw you, you and I were in the midst of combat in Parsely City, I thought I had killed you but by the time I was able to gain composure, I was in a whole new location." Nitzu replied as Jaduko flipped backwards to gain distance between him and Nitzu.

"I have no idea what you're talking about, you must be confusing me for someone else." Jaduko let out a sigh and wiped dirt off of his chin as he smiled and glared at his opponent. "But if mistaking me for someone else is what gets you to fight at your full power, bring it on!"

Nitzu roared in power as he shot towards Jaduko with immense speed, the two began exchanging a flurry of punches and kickes, rocks began to rise from the ground all around them. Jaduko lifted his arm and pushed Nitzu's foot away, but the Earthling spun around and kicked him in the gut with his opposing foot. This guy was incredibly talented with his feet in combat.

'He's talented, whoever taught him martial arts must have been a genius!' Jaduko thought to himself as he recovered from the kick and slammed his fist into Nitzu's chest, the Earthling spun around and lunged at Jaduko, thrusting a fist towards his head. Jaduko tilted his head to the right and allowed the fist to glide past his neck. 'But I was taught by people better than whoever taught him!'

Lifting his arms and grabbing Nitzu's fist, Jaduko spun around and slammed Nitzu onto the ground, creating a crack in the rocks below. Spinning around to get to his feet, Nitzu tried to break free of Jaduko's grip but the Saiyan used this to his advantage and jumped over Nitzu's body, using all of the strength in his body, he threw Nitzu into the sky.

"That's not going to help you out Dajoku!" Nitzu shouted as he flipped and caught himself in the air, he was facing downwards towards Jaduko.

"My name is Jaduko!" Jaduko shouted, he extended all of his fingers and placed them together, he aimed his palm towards the sky and shot a Kiai towards Nitzu to prevent him from flying back down. The invisible blast smacked into Nitzu hard enough to spin him around. Jaduko twisted his feet and burst from the ground towards Nitzu. Clenching his fist, Jaduko was ready to strike Nitzu once he was within range. He was getting closer, just a few feet more.

Upon catching himself, Nitzu spun around and laughed as he pointed his palm towards Jaduko's face, who was now a few feet in front of him. Jaduko widened his eyes and grit his teeth. A green aura burst from Nitzu's palm and slammed Jaduko in the face, causing the Saiyan to wince in pain as he was sent flying back towards the ground below. Taking this as an advantage, Nitzu thrust both of his hands towards the ground and began to fire a flurry of green ki blasts towards Jaduko.

Slamming his back on the ground, Jaduko bounced up and opened his eyes just in time to see the green ki blasts flying towards him. Before he could remark, Jaduko's body fizzed out of view as the blasts slammed into the rocks, sending them flying. Jaduko's body reappeared several yards away and he began flying in between the rocky pillars of the canyon. He noticed that Nitzu's ki blasts were still following him as they laid siege to the ground below. Jaduko noticed that the top of his navy blue gi had been slightly torn and that half of his black undershirt was now revealed.

Dodging all of Nitzu's ki blasts, Jaduko began flying up towards the sky, causing Nitzu to aim his beams upwards, the beams flew across the sky and slammed into nearby pillars as he noticed Jaduko was flying towards him.

"Gotcha!" Jaduko shouted as he slammed his fists onto Nitzu's head. The Earthing let out a groan of pain as he went flying downwards towards the ground. However, he caught himself and flipped backwards through the air, landing on a rocky pillar.

Jaduko's body teleported in front of Nitzu and he slammed his elbow into the Earthling's cheek. Nitzu closed an eye and winced in pain as he was sent flying off of the rocky pillar and down towards the ground below. Jaduko followed closely behind and began delivering a flurry of punches and kicks into Nitzu's chest, stomach, and face until the two finally hit the ground below. Nitzu flipped backwards, his gi was now town up as well, revealing his blue undershirt.

Recoiling from the attack, Nitzu began kicking towards Jaduko's chest, the Saiyan quickly bounced his forearm back and forth to block the kicks but was caught off guard when Nitzu flipped and slammed the side of his opposing leg into the front of Jaduko's neck. Jaduko fell backwards but Nitzu flipped again and used his other leg to kick the back of Jaduko's neck, sending him forward. Nitzu lifted his arm and grabbed onto Jaduko's brunette hair and let out a powerful shout as he slammed Jaduko's face down onto the ground.

"What do you have to say now? Any jokes you wanna pull?" Nitzu questioned as he had a firm grasp on Jaduko's hair.

"You're talented in the way of martial arts, I'll give ya that, Nitzu." Jaduko replied as Nitzu pushed his face farther into the dirt. "You're tough for a Human, but as a Saiyan... I'm even stronger!" Jaduko's hair spiked up, causing Nitzu to lose his grip, power exploded around Jaduko's body as he jumped to his feet, sending Nitzu flying backwards. The Earthing flipped and landed on the ground, he placed his hand in front of his feet and slowed himself down after he slid across the rocks.

"I-Incredible.." Nitzu was mesmerized by Jaduko's power increase.

"You may have the technique, but you lack the power I have." Jaduko cracked his neck and watched as Nitzu stared at his golden hair, it softly fluttered in the wind inside his golden aura. "This is called a Super Saiyan."

"Super Saiyan huh?" Nitzu was impressed. "You're definitely not Dajoku, I've never seen him have such a perfect mixture elegance, technique, and power in any of our bouts. Perhaps you aren't so evil after all.. But you still make me intrigued about this power."

"Well, come at me and we'll see whether power or technique is more important in a fight!" Jaduko shouted, Nitzu shouted back and the two lunged at each other.

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VOL 12: Chapter 111 - "Jaduko vs. Nitzu!"
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