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 VOL 12: Chapter 112 - "A Whole New League"

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VOL 12: Chapter 112 - "A Whole New League" Empty
PostSubject: VOL 12: Chapter 112 - "A Whole New League"   VOL 12: Chapter 112 - "A Whole New League" I_icon_minitimeSun Apr 30, 2017 4:34 pm

Locking fists and pushing off of one another, Nitzu fell backwards onto one knee a few yards in front of Jaduko. The Super Saiyan's golden aura softly fluttered around him and his piercing cyan eyes stared down at his opponent.

"What's wrong? Scared of my power?" Jaduko chuckled as his fists were clenched at his sides,
he was standing upright. Nitzu was panting on the ground below him, clutching onto his arm where his black gi had been ripped.

"No, I'm letting you trick yourself into believing I am." Nitzu laughed through his huffs and looked up at Jaduko, who rose an eyebrow. Nitzu's body vibrated and he split into two different people.

"Don't you know your power is cut in half each time you perform the Multi-Form technique?" Jaduko questioned. "My master taught me that when I was around 6 or 7." He was surprised.

Without answering, both of Nitzu's bodies fizzed out of appearance, leaving Jaduko alone in the rocky area. The Super Saiyan didn't tense up or get into a fighting stance, he stared straight ahead and could sense Nitzu's energy closing in on both sides of him. Without turning his head, Jaduko noticed the two Nitzu's appear on the left and right sides of his body, the two of them dashed towards the Super Saiyan with their fists extended. Before their fists could make contact with Jaduko, the Super Saiyan's body teleported out of view and the two Nitzu's flew past one another.

Turning their heads, the two Nitzu's noticed Jaduko in the air a few feet away, he was in the air and was holding his arm at his side.

"Hyagh!" Jaduko shouted as he thrust his palm forward, a yellow ki beam burst from his hand and smacked into one of the Nitzu's, it was the fake one. The fake Nitzu's body disappeared in a puff of smoke and Nitzu used the opportunity to teleport behind Jaduko.

Jaduko continued flying backwards through the air but was immediately stopped in his tracks when he bumped into Nitzu's chest. The two warriors froze in the air as the wind blew through their hair, their torn gi's, and their martial arts belts.

'H-How did he.. get behind me? It's as if his speed is in an entirely different league than my own..' Jaduko thought to himself, he was staring straight ahead and slowly turned his gaze to the side, Nitzu was staying still.

Without hesitating, Jaduko quickly spun around and thrust a kick towards the side of Nitzu's hip. The Super Saiyan widened his eyes as he noticed Nitzu lift his knee and block the kick with his thigh.

"Take this!" Nitzu shouted, a green light emitted from his palm and he thrust it towards Jaduko's chest, a green ki blast burst from Nitzu's fist and sent Jaduko spiraling towards the ground as the ki blast grew bigger along his chest. Lifting his arms, Jaduko pushed the ki blast into the sky back towards Nitzu but noticed that the Earthling was too quick, he had deflected it away and was already flying downwards towards Jaduko.

Before smacking the ground, Jaduko caught himself with his hand and pushed backwards, his body was horizontal with the ground as Nitzu's feet slammed onto the rock and he lunged forward towards his opponent. A green ball of energy formed around Nitzu's fist and he dove forward to strike Jaduko midair. Jaduko crossed his arms and blocked the punch, but the energy exploded, causing him to fly backwards along the ground.

Thankfully, Jaduko flipped and slid along the rock with his boots, he lifted his head and noticed Nitzu was gone. Trusting his instinct, Jaduko slammed a fist forward in the air, gusts of wind flew past his forearm as if it had pierced the air itself. Nitzu's body reappeared as Jaduko's punch made contact with his nose, the Earthling was moving fast enough that even a Super Saiyan couldn't see his physical body. The punch sent Nitzu tumbling along the ground, the rocks tore at his gi, leaving half of his chest bare as he struggled to push himself up from the ground.

'Incredible, he's keeping up with my Super Saiyan form with pure speed and sheer technique.' Jaduko huffed as he watched Nitzu wipe blood from his mouth and nose. 'I thought I knew all there was to learn about technique in martial arts, but this guy... this guy taught me something else..' Jaduko smiled and Nitzu grit his teeth.

'The strength behind his punches are outstanding, if I get smacked by another hit like that, I'll be a dead man..' Nitzu thought as he watched Jaduko's aura flutter around his golden hair. 'This Super Saiyan form is something else, this guy may not be Dajoku, but if he were to ever go rogue... he would be a serious problem..' Nitzu smiled back as he thought of a plan.

"Ready to go a few more rounds? It looks like you're starting to get into it." Jaduko taunted.

"That last punch was amazing, I've never had someone keep me on my toes as much as you do." Nitzu replied, he was being truthful, Jaduko was the most challenging fight he had ever had up until this point in time.

"Say, I don't think I ever got to know a little more about you." Jaduko began as the two warriors circled around each other. "How old are you, man?"

"I'm 26 but I don't see how this relates to our fight." Nitzu was studying Jaduko as the Saiyan talked, he was thinking of weak points and how he would get to them.

"26? You're a little older than my buddy Konno and a little younger than my friend Seikyo!" Jaduko laughed. "I'm sure you'd fit right in."

"Fit right in with what? You trying to recruit me for something?" Nitzu was surprised at Jaduko's naive attitude. "Just how old are you?"

"19, almost 20." Jaduko replied, he wriggled his fingers getting ready for another round.

"You're a kid?!" Nitzu was surprised. "Your power isn't something a kid should naturally possess, but your attitude makes sense."

"I'm not an ordinary youngster like you think I am." Jaduko smirked. "You think any Human could go Super Saiyan?"

"Enough talk, I've got everything I need to know!" Nitzu shouted, the Earthling lunged forward at his opponent with intense speed, Jaduko immediately hopped into action and slammed his fist upwards, hoping to uppercut Nitzu. The Super Saiyan was surprised to see Nitzu quickly jolt his torso backwards, avoiding the uppercut.

Nitzu grabbed onto Jaduko's wrist and bent it to the side, causing the Super Saiyan to fall to his knees. Nitzu slammed his knee upwards into Jaduko's nose and Jaduko was caught off guard by Nitzu's quick adjustment in battle. Grabbing onto the back of Jaduko's golden hair, Nitzu thrust his arm to the side and used all of his might to slam Jaduko onto the ground, back first.

Attempting to spin and sweep Nitzu's legs out from under him, Nitzu was caught off guard and fell to the ground. Jaduko got to his feet and kicked Nitzu in the hip, sending him flipping in all directions across the ground.

"Ka..." Jaduko held his hands in front of his body, he had to finish the fight soon or else he would tire himself out. "Meee..." He pulled his arms to his side.

"Ha..." A blue ball of energy formed between Jaduko's palms on his side. "Meeeee..." The light grew quicker as he prepared to fire the blast at Nitzu, but the Earthling had gotten to his feet and jumped into the sky to avoid the beam. "HAAAA!" Jaduko shouted, he thrust his fists forward and a blue beam fired from his palms, the Super Saiyan quickly aimed his arms upwards and caused the Kamehameha beam to tilt upwards into the air, towards Nitzu.

Straightening his fingers, Nitzu deflected the Kamehameha into the air, and his body disappeared. Jaduko, surprised that the Human was able to deflect the Kamehameha, even though it was a weaker version of the beam, was caught off guard when Nitzu appeared next to him and kneed him in the stomach. Blood spurt from Jaduko's mouth and his hair reverted from golden back to it's base, dark brunette color. The Saiyan fell forward onto his knees and clutched his stomach, he was hungry and tired from the battle, Nitzu had knocked the power out of him and he couldn't fight any longer.

"Your powerful, but my technique in battle proved to be superior." Nitzu remarked as he stood over Jaduko, who was clutching onto his stomach. "Your power however, is a danger to humanity." The Earthling lifted both of his arms in front of him and pointed them at Jaduko, a green light began to circle in front of both of his palms as if he was charging a super attack.

"I had fun, Jaduko." Nitzu had remembered his name. "But you're a danger to this world and must be forgotten! NOMADIC ERASER!" Nitzu shouted, but before he could fire the incredible green beam, he saw a shadow dash across the sky above him. Nitzu lifted his head and noticed a tulip skin colored woman standing on top of a nearby rock formation. It was Churippu.

"Nitzu Hikaru?" Churippu questioned as she lifted her blaster out of her belt. "You are under arrest for Illegal Interdimensional Travel." A red beam began to form at the end of her blaster, it was pointed at both Jaduko and Nitzu. With one eye open, Jaduko noticed Churippu standing in front of him and his former opponent.

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VOL 12: Chapter 112 - "A Whole New League"
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