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 VOL 12: Chapter 113 - "The Galactic Patrol's Elite Power!"

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Jaduko Masurao
Jaduko Masurao

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VOL 12: Chapter 113 - "The Galactic Patrol's Elite Power!" Empty
PostSubject: VOL 12: Chapter 113 - "The Galactic Patrol's Elite Power!"   VOL 12: Chapter 113 - "The Galactic Patrol's Elite Power!" I_icon_minitimeMon May 01, 2017 6:00 pm

"Arrest me? Earth's protector?" Nitzu questioned, pointing to himself. Churippu slowly nodded and her piercing green eyes glared into Nitzu's grey eyes, the Earthling blinked and looked down at Jaduko. "Friend of yours?"

"I-I've never seen her before in my entire life.. She's wearing a goofy outfit, haha..." Jaduko muttered, still clenching onto his gut. Churippu's eyes narrowed in anger as she transitioned her glare down onto Jaduko.

"You... you dare mock the Galactic Patrol's most Elite Member?" She shouted in anger, but realized she had to remain cool on her mission. "I suspect you're the one named Jaduko Masurao, are you not?"

"Y-Yeah.. Do I know you?" Jaduko questioned in a weak tone, he was slowly regaining his strength back but was still laying on the ground.

"No, but I know you and I have a warrant for both of your arrests. I appreciate your little battle that the two of you just had because it allowed me to track you to this canyon, and I appreciate that blue beam being sent into the sky to alert me of your exact location." Churippu snickered and continued pointing her blaster at the two warriors.

"A warrant for our arrests? Can't the two of us have a friendly duel?" Jaduko questioned.

"Quiet, you'll only make the situation worse." Nitzu scorned Jaduko and lifted his head back towards Churippu. "What did you say we were under arrest for?"

"Illegal Interdimensional Travel." Churippu repeated. "The two of you are guilty of the same crimes as Seikyo Jurei, Kaj Aslolvir, Taisuka Mouretsu, two other Namekians who I assume are named Violouh and K.O.N, and another unidentified criminal."

'K.O.N?' Nitzu thought, he remembered hearing that name. 'Oh yes! He was the Guardian of Earth back on that Lookout who wanted me to help him destroy those green Dragon Balls!' Nitzu peered down at Jaduko. 'I wonder if the power of this so-called Super Saiyan would be enough to help K.O.N in destroying those evil wishing orbs..'

'Seikyo? Taisuka and Violouh?' Jaduko thought to himself as both of his eyes widened and stared at Churippu. 'Interdimensional Travel huh? She could possibly be talking about us travelling into that world that was inside the Locket of Nether could she? Why didn't she say Kyuti, Lori, and Konno's names? Forget it, i'm glad they're safe and sound, they shouldn't have to deal with this.' Jaduko grit his teeth and imagined the face of his wife.

"Excuse me miss, but I haven't done any travelling lately, especially none of the Interdimensional sort." Nitzu replied.

"That's where you're wrong, scum. I have studied you alongside these criminals for the past several weeks and you may consider yourself a hero amongst the Earthlings here, however that doesn't excuse you for the crimes you have committed." Churippu's blaster grew brighter. "You can't fool an Elite Member of the Galactic Patrol!"

Churippu's blaster began to change and morph in appearance, mechanical parts extended out of the side, changing the appearance of the standard blaster into something larger and more menacing. The small blaster had now became a large cannon that attached itself onto Churippu's arm, Jaduko and Nitzu watched in astonishment as a red beam of light gathered energy and immediately fired from the arm cannon. The beam was too big for Nitzu to dodge so all he could do was cross his arms and hope for the best, he could sense the energy emitting from the beam, it was enough to vaporize him on the spot.

Closing his eyes, Nitzu prepared to be obliterated for the supposed crime he committed, but a few seconds passed and nothing happened. The Earthling opened his eyes and saw Jaduko standing on his feet in front of him, he was holding the beam with both of his palms, the rest of his gi was tearing in the wind and his undershirt began to rip from the pressure of the beam. Nitzu lowered his guard and watched as Jaduko struggled against the beam, his brunette hair fluttered around from the power he used to push the beam forward.

"HIYAAAGGGHHHH!!!" Jaduko shouted, he took a step forward and the ground underneath him began to crack, he was using every ounce of energy left in his body to protect Nitzu.

'W-What is he doing?' Nitzu's mouth was wide open in shock. The man he just fought to the death and nearly destroyed for the sake of humanity, was defending him with every last inch of breath. But why?

Nitzu was amazed at Jaduko's sheer willpower to never give up, he risked his own life to protect Nitzu's, a man who was eager to kill him minutes before. Something clicked in Nitzu's mind as he watched the young Saiyan push himself forward against the beam. This wasn't Dajoku, he wasn't a trigger-happy and evil madman out to destroy the world, he was here to protect it. Nitzu could sense in Jaduko's actions that he would never slip into a dark place that he wouldn't be able to pull himself out of, he knew that this kid, no, this man, had true potential to do good in the world. He was fighting not for family, not for a friend, but for a random stranger who entertained him after a fight. Nitzu's mouth closed and he knew that there was something special about this man. Maybe he was alright after all...

Using every ounce of his strength, Jaduko blasted the beam back towards Churippu, who casually stepped to the side and allowed the red beam to slam into a rock pillar behind her, completely destroying it and changing the hue of the area to a dark red for a few seconds.
Churippu's gaze didn't drop from Jaduko and she didn't even blink as she watched the Saiyan huff where he stood.

"Why protect the man who attempted to kill you?" Churippu questioned, glaring at Jaduko.

"Because I protect my friends." Jaduko muttered. Nitzu's eyes widened. "This guy, Nitzu, he's a good guy... whatever you're arresting him and I for, we didn't do, because we're good people... at least I think we're good."

"You humans are odd with your emotion of friendship, the bond I created with my companion, Fantom, was formed out of a job, not out of a hobby of fighting." Churippu watched Jaduko black out and fall forward, Nitzu leaned forward and grab onto the Saiyan's belt. This event between the two would cement their relationship for a long time, no matter what. The two of them were truly alike, willing to sacrifice their lives for a friend, or any living thing possible.

"Looks like you and I were both wrong about this kid, he's got heart." Nitzu remarked, glaring at Churippu as he picked Jaduko up and slung him over his back.

"That's something you two have in common, but it's best I wait until he's awake to explain why the two of you are under arrest." Churippu's arm cannon reverted back into a blaster and she slung it around her finger, sliding it into it's holster. The two would then remain still for a few minutes until Jaduko regained consciousness.

Back at the World Martial Arts Tournament Arena, Fantom was left to guard Kaj, Taisuka, Violouh, and Konno as Churippu left to engage Jaduko and Nitzu. Kyuti, Lori, Lizz, and Yamada were still in the stands watching as Klio, Vitalus, and Yitoro came back to join the four in the stands after they successfully evacuated the civilians out of the tournament.

"I told the Tournament Announcer to cancel the tournament for the year, it's best for everyone's safety." Klio began, Lori nodded.

"What did we miss? Yitoro and Vitalus said simultaneously.

"That small, green ghost down there is supposedly talking to the others, that chick has been gone for a while." Lizz replied.

"He doesn't think he can take on all four of them, does he?" Kyuti questioned. "What if they chase after his partner?" The others shrugged their shoulders and Yamada waved his arms down at the ring towards his daddy, Konno.

"I apologize but the four of you are prohibited from leaving until Churippu returns with the other culprits." Fantom spoke as he floated in the air, his ghost tail wiggled.

"Again, what are you going to do to stop us?" Konno questioned, he walked forward and prepared to flick the ghost in the nose, but the ghost quickly flapped his fingerless arm and slapped Konno in the face, knocking him back towards Violouh.

"Oh that is it.." Konno shook his head and pushed off of Violouh towards the ghost, he threw a punch into Fantom's stomach, but it went right through the ghost. Konno blinked, unknowing of what he would expect to happen. Fantom lifted both of his arms and wrapped them around Konno's neck, he flipped in the air and slammed Konno's head onto the concrete ground.

"Hey, no need for violence!" Taisuka lunged forward to grab Konno, but Fantom's body split into two and his duplicate flew towards Taisuka as the original Fantom continued slamming Konno onto the ground. Taisuka widened his eyes in fear as the ghost flew towards him and latched onto his face.

Violouh grit his teeth and extended his arm towards Taisuka's face to pull him away from Fantom, but two more duplicates emerged from the duplicate, one flew towards Violouh and another towards Kaj. The Namekian and the Potrean jumped back and refrained from using ki blasts, as if they used them, they would attack one another instead.

"W-W-What the HELL?" Konno shouted as he tried to break free of Fantom's grasp, but all he could do was roll along the ground. "How is this fair?" He shouted.

"It's not supposed to be, now feel the power of a Galactic Patrol Elite Member!" Fantom shouted, he hadn't felt this powerful in a long time as he was taking on (or annoying) multiple enemies at once..

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VOL 12: Chapter 113 - "The Galactic Patrol's Elite Power!"
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