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 VOL 12: Chapter 114 - "The Truth Revealed"

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Jaduko Masurao
Jaduko Masurao

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PostSubject: VOL 12: Chapter 114 - "The Truth Revealed"   VOL 12: Chapter 114 - "The Truth Revealed" I_icon_minitimeMon May 01, 2017 9:08 pm

A cool breeze whirled across the ground, softly pushing against Churippu's face and hair, her blonde locks began to swirl in the wind as she sat on top of a tiny boulder. Her knee was lifted up onto the rock in front of her body and her other foot dangled off of the boulder. Giving Nitzu a quick glance, she noticed he was still standing with his arms crossed above Jaduko, as if he were protecting him from her.

"It's been nearly a half an hour, how long will this kid stay asleep?" Nitzu eventually called out as his long black hair fluttered in the wind.

"Well, he should be dead after going toe-to-toe against a blast from my Vaporizer Arm." Churippu replied. "But he's still breathing, so it's just up to chance as to how long he'll be asleep."

"Just tell me why you're here to arrest me and you can tell him after." Nitzu pleaded, he noticed Jaduko's body rustle below him slightly.

"If I'm here to arrest the two of you, I would prefer that you both knew as to why I'm arresting you so I wouldn't need to repeat myself." Churippu replied. "I can wait all day, my companion, Fantom is keeping his friends occupied back at the fighting ring.

Before either could continue talking, Jaduko groaned and softly lifted himself off of the ground. His arms were shaking as he pushed off of it, scratches were scattered across his body and blood dripped out of his wounds and leaked onto his torn martial arts gi. With a grunt and a shock of pain, Jaduko fell back towards the ground. That blast was stronger than he had anticipated, it severely injured his ribs and the pressure he just put on his right arm broke the bone. He grimaced in pain and Nitzu bent down to lift the Saiyan off of the ground, much to Jaduko's surprise.

"T-Thanks man.." Jaduko muttered as Nitzu lifted the Saiyan's arm up and around his neck.

"Anything, you saved my life despite me trying to kill you. I am in your debts." Nitzu replied.

"I understand, you thought I was someone else?" Jaduko questioned, he hadn't really had time to chat with Nitzu beforehand.

"Yeah, your face is a mirror image of someone I know, he even wears similar clothes as you, except red." Nitzu felt a sense of guilt for attacking Jaduko. "You're just a harmless and innocent kid, I could've killed the wrong person because the guy I know would have never risked his life for my own. You don't even know me."

Before Jaduko could speak, Churippu cut him off.

"Are you perhaps talking about a man named Dajoku?" She questioned, causing both Nitzu and Jaduko to perk their heads.

"Yeah, him!" Nitzu shouted.

"You kept calling me that name during our fight, and I thought you had just gotten my name wrong." Jaduko was surprised. "Is there someone else on the planet with a name similar to mine?" He looked at Nitzu, who shrugged.

"No there isn't." Churippu replied. "Dajoku is you, and you alone Jaduko Masurao."

Jaduko and Nitzu both widened their eyes in surprise and shock.

"Explain, now." Nitzu demanded.

"Dajoku is a criminal on the Planet known as Earth, after defeating an evil tyrant of the Planet Trade Organization named Zerox, he returned to Earth and lived a life of peace until an item known as the Locket of Nether fell into his possession.." Churippu began.

'That sounds exactly like me..' Jaduko thought. 'It couldn't be me.. I'm not a criminal?'

"The Locket of Nether however, had a negative effect on his body and twisted him, he was somehow convinced that after defeating a successful space tyrant such as Zerox that nothing could stop him. A few officers on my crew suspect that something emanated from the Locket causing Dajoku to turn towards a dark side, engulfed by his own power. What leads me to believe this is that a few of his friends were also under the effect of the Locket. Taikaus, Yoksei, and Louhvio."

'I remember that name! Louhvio!' Jaduko's eyes widened. 'It was actually a version of Violouh afterall!'

"I don't mean to butt in but can you explain to me why their names are so similar to ours, and why do you think me and this Dajoku guy are the same?" Jaduko questioned. Nitzu was confused.

"Dajoku and his colleagues names are different from your own and your friends because they are you, from a parallel world within the Locket of Nether that was created upon the Locket's creation. The world within the Locket was meant to house the former God of Peace known as Nether, however after several million years, life just eventually formed on the planets, forming a world parallel to our own." Churippu continued. "Their names are simply different because upon turning evil, they left their old identities behind and re-arranged the lettering of their names to assume new identities."

"So when the others and I fought our counterparts in the Locket from the Future..." Jaduko muttered.

"You were within the Locket of Nether, in the Netherworld. The Netherworld is the universe for Nether and the species within the locket to inhabit." Churippu replied. "Ever since Reybuu's appearance from the future and the Future Taisuka Mouretsu's sacrifice using the Locket from the future, it caused a rift in the space-time barrier separating this world and the Netherworld. Churippu continued.

"How do I know a Dajoku if he and Jaduko are one and the same?" Nitzu questioned, his brain was hurting.

"You, Nitzu Hikaru..." Churippu pointed at the Earthling with a sly smile. "Are from Netherworld, and are a criminal for interdimensional travel."

Jaduko widened his eyes and stared at Nitzu, who was even more shocked than he was.

"H-How...?" Nitzu questioned, letting go of Jaduko and dropping to his knees. Jaduko grunted as he stumbled to stand on his feet.

"Due to the identities of Jaduko Masurao, Taisuka Mouretsu, Seikyo Jurei, and Violouh being transported into the Locket of Nether, whether it be the one from the present or future, the four of them somehow traded places with Netherworld's strongest fighters that shared similar personality traits as their own. Jaduko traded with yourself, Taisuka traded with someone who the Galactic Patrol has not yet identified, Seikyo traded with Kaj Aslolvir, and Violouh traded with a man who I am supposed to refer to as K.O.N." Churippu informed them.

"But Taisuka destroyed the Locket of Nether from Future Taisuka's timeline, that means the locket from the future no longer exists and we were supposed to trade places back with Nitzu and the others weren't we?" Jaduko questioned.

"Not exactly. You four and whoever was alongside you, traveled to the Netherworld in the Future. However Nitzu and the others were transported from the locket in the present because they didn't exist in the Future Locket." Churippu crossed her arms as the conversation dragged on. "So when you destroyed the Locket from the Future, you four returned to your own world and the Netherworld within that future locket was destroyed for eternity, leaving one Locket in the present timeline just like it should be. Nitzu and the others were stuck here upon the destruction of the locket."

"S-So what happens... Everyone I knew, loved, they're all gone and I can't get them back?" Nitzu questioned, looking up at Churippu. "I didn't ask to be transported to a different world!"

"Dajoku and the others would still exist in the Locket from the present wouldn't they?" Jaduko questioned.

"Yes, but I assume that after the time period of when you traveled into the locket and now, I assume that their molecular being has disintegrated at this point due to them being destroyed in the future. If that makes sense, it's what my boss told me." Churippu questioned. "Besides, you should be happy that they're gone, Nitzu and the others came from a time where Dajoku and the others were just barely becoming corrupted by the Locket's mysterious side effects, so not much damage had been done to his world."

"All of this time shit doesn't make any sense." Nitzu grit his teeth.

"There is only one Locket of Nether in existence and it's the one where Nitzu is from?" Jaduko questioned. Churippu nodded, causing Jaduko to think.

"I assume that the negative side effects of the locket were caused by two lockets co-existing within the same time period. With you possessing one, and Emperor Morge possessing the other."

'Morge? Where have I heard that name before...' Jaduko tried hard to think, either his father had told him or Zerox had told him, but his memory was failing him.

"Then the Locket of Nether should be fine to use, so we can send Nitzu, Kaj, this K.O.N guy, and the others back to their own world." He looked down at Nitzu, the Earthling stared up at the Saiyan. "I've grown to like this guy, he needs to get back home."

"There's a problem with that, no one on this world knows where the Locket of Nether currently resides and the only ones that do are the Kaioshins or the Guardians of every living Planet. Word got out of the PTO that the Locket mysteriously disappeared from Morge's clutches after the destruction of the Future Locket. It was stolen from under his nose." Churippu replied.

"Kaioshins?" Jaduko questioned.

"Don't worry about any of the information I disclosed, I've told you all you need to know,
now you're under arrest." Churippu reached in her pocket and pulled out two sets of intergalactic handcuffs.

"Wait!" Nitzu shouted, getting to his feet. "I know the guardian of this world, it's K.O.N!" He had remembered when K.O.N contacted him to destroy the Wicked Dragon Balls and he said he was the Guardian of Earth.

"That Namekian on the Lookout?" Churippu was shocked, she remembered when she and Fantom were surveying the area in order to capture Nitzu and the evil energy within the Wicked Dragon Balls, however she had no idea that K.O.N was the Guardian. "Take me to the Lookout."

"You're not going to arrest him, not before you explain everything to him and help him with those green Dragon Ball things." Nitzu threatened. "Besides I don't even know where it is anymore."

'Green dragon balls? A new guardian?' Jaduko thought. He had an idea.

"I've been to the Lookout plenty of times, I know where it is." Jaduko grunted and the two looked at him.

"Take me to it." Churippu threatened.

"First, you're going to take me and Nitzu back to the World Martial Arts Ring and call off your companion from arresting Kaj and the others." Jaduko bargained. "Then I will take you to the Lookout where you will no longer arrest us."

"I make no promises about arresting you. But if you can show me the Lookout, I'll be fine with that." Churippu put her cuffs away and crossed her arms.

"You're an escort right now, not an enemy or a law enforcement agent." Nitzu replied.

"Follow me." Jaduko told the two as his blue aura flared around his body and he flew off into the air. Nitzu grabbed onto Churippu and his green aura flared as well, he followed after Jaduko back towards the ring.

However back at the Tournament Arena, Fantom was still having a fun time throwing Konno, Taisuka, Violouh, and Kaj around. The four tried to fight the green ghost however their punches went through the little one's body, the ghost was effortlessly tossing them around like a bunch of ragdolls.

"This is getting tiresome, maybe I should allow myself to become tangible so you all can hit me!" Fantom's quirky voice shouted as he tossed the four across the ring and his duplicates shot back into his own body.

Lifting his face off of the ground, Konno grit his teeth and spat blood out of his mouth, blood splattered on the concrete below.

"Tangible?" Taisuka questioned.

"He'd been toying with us this whole time.." Kaj muttered.

"Now is our chance to hit him. Take your advantage smartly!" Violouh shouted to his allies as he watched the green's ghost slightly see-through body become solid, he was ghost that could now be touched.

The fight was about to begin!

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VOL 12: Chapter 114 - "The Truth Revealed"
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