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 VOL 12: Chapter 116 - "Seikyo's Hardships - A Third Super Saiyan?!"

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VOL 12: Chapter 116 - "Seikyo's Hardships - A Third Super Saiyan?!" Empty
PostSubject: VOL 12: Chapter 116 - "Seikyo's Hardships - A Third Super Saiyan?!"   VOL 12: Chapter 116 - "Seikyo's Hardships - A Third Super Saiyan?!" I_icon_minitimeTue Jun 27, 2017 5:20 pm

"Who are you?" Fantom called out, he was standing on top of the stairs extending off of the ring, Seikyo's red aura softly fluttered around him until it disappeared completely. He was silent. Taisuka widened his eyes and gave a toothy grin as he peered towards the fellow Saiyan. Violouh smirked, the power he felt within Seikyo was intense. Konno chuckled and pulled himself out of the red brick, his face was still bleeding but at least he didn't need to worry for long now that the new and improved Seikyo was here.

"Seikyo!" Kyuti got to her feet and shouted, waving at her brother who glanced up at her, then quickly looked back at Fantom. The others next to Kyuti began to celebrate as this was the first time they had seen Seikyo in quite a while.

"Seikyo, huh?" Fantom looked back at Kyuti and then back at Seikyo, who tightened his gloved fists. "You wouldn't happen to be the same man as Seikyo Jurei, would you?"

"What's it to you?" Seikyo retorted, causing Fantom to grit his teeth. "Who are you and what are you doing here?"

Kaj walked over to Taisuka and stared down at Seikyo out of curiosity, his hair looked very similar to the spikes on his head with the exception of the bang on the front of the Saiyan's forehead. Without smiling or showing any emotion, Kaj studied Seikyo, his power was massive but it was only about the same as his own, Seikyo was hiding something...

"My name is Fantom, I'm an Elite Member of the Galactic Patrol alongside my partner Churippu!" Fantom chuckled and did the Galactic Patrol pose with his fingers pointing the sky. Taisuka gave him an odd look and Konno laughed in the distance from the ridiculous pose.

"I'm surprised you gave these four some troubles, once I felt that Potrean's power spike up, I came as quickly as I could." Seikyo smirked, he was referencing Kaj's massive Demonic Blast. "But now that I see you're here, I can test my new powers on you!"

"If you are the Seikyo Jurei that I'm supposed to locate, I believe you're one of the people I am required to arrest." Fantom analyzed Seikyo, it was fortunate that the Saiyan fell into his grasp.

"Arrest me? You and the Galactic Patrol?" Seikyo questioned, the muscles on his arms bulged as he bent down as if he were charging up his ki. "Your priority should be calling for backup to save you from myself!"

Opening his mouth and shouting, the ground around Seikyo began to crack and chunks of concrete and grass lifted up around him. The entire ground shook causing Konno to fall out of the brick wall onto the grass, he widened his eyes as the brick around him began to levitate from Seikyo's power. Kyuti widened her eyes in the stands and Lori held Yamada tight as they watched a golden aura rapidly spark around Seikyo's body.

Grunting as his hair color softly bounced between golden and black, his grey eyes quickly turned cyan and then rapidly reverted back to grey as Fantom widened his eyes and watched Seikyo's muscles bulge and the veins on his body begin to pulsate.

"No way.. I can't believe it!" Taisuka mumbled as his jaw hang loose, he and Violouh watched in awe as Kaj crossed his arms. Seikyo's power was rapidly spiking. With golden aura rapidly sparking around his body, Seikyo's eyes became pure white and he jerked his body forward as the ground shook even harder.

"HRUAGHHH!!!!" Seikyo shouted as his black hair quickly shot up towards the sky more so than it already was. A bright white light shot from his body and covered the entire arena, Klio, Vitalus, Yitoro, and Lizz all covered their eyes as wind slammed against their bodies. Lori covered her eyes and Yamada's eyes and looked over at Kyuti, who was wincing into the light in shock, staring at her older brother.

Everything suddenly stopped and the bright light disappeared, everyone in the stands peered down at Seikyo in shock. Violouh, Taisuka, and Konno lifted their heads towards Seikyo and Fantom, the ghost was trembling and all was silent with the exception of concrete falling onto the ground and fighting ring. Seikyo lifted his head and glared at Fantom, his hair was completely golden and his eyes were cyan, just like a Super Saiyan.

'Is he... the golden warrior that those aliens told me to search for.. the one who killed Zerox? Did I finally find him..?' Kaj thought to himself, his expression blank and his arms crossed. He studied Seikyo even more, the Saiyan's power was extremely more powerful than before and he was standing there, calm about the whole thing. Seikyo's golden aura softly fluttered around him and it was the only thing everyone heard for several moments.

"Seikyo! You're a Super Saiyan?!" Taisuka shouted in shock down towards his friend, causing Seikyo to smirk and chuckle.

"Of course I am, kid." Seikyo seemed slightly cockier than usual. "It took me a while, but I finally achieved the legendary status of a Super Saiyan.. the one that you and Jaduko had achieved long ago." He extended his hand, palm facing upwards towards the sky. He quickly clenched his fist and his arm trembled from sheer power emitting from his fist.

"Tell us, how did you achieve the power of a Super Saiyan?" Violouh called down to Seikyo, causing the Saiyan to peer his way. Fantom was still trembling and was unable to move.

"I came to test my newfound strength rather than explain how I did it." Seikyo remarked, crossing his arms. "But if you really insist on knowing, let me enlighten you all.." The entire arena was quiet, so even those in the stands could hear what he was saying.

"You are all aware of my torment as a child, being called weak by my fellow Saiyan peers on Planet Kuristrak, being outcast by the kingdom and set as an example of what a weakling looks like. My father had faith in me but ultimately was sent off before he could raise my siblings or I." Seikyo began to tell his story. "Most of you remember me first arriving on this planet with my sister, Kyuti, and brother, Yamu. I was cocky back then, I felt as if I was the strongest there was because we Saiyans were stronger than any race in the universe, including you Humans."

Seikyo's mind began to show flashbacks of his first appearance on Earth and his brother, Yamu, fighting the Turtle School. Back then he was known as Seiyogi, it was such a long time ago. Those images quickly faded and his mind quickly transitioned over to the first fight he shared with Jaduko in the archipelago. Their speed and strength were matched, blow for blow, the two were keeping up with each other.

"But then I encountered the Son of Shishito, Jaduko.." Seikyo continued. "The two of us were ultimately even in skill and strength, but before I could use my full power against him, we were forced to work together and ultimately our battle never resumed. I knew Jaduko had potential, as did I, and I was constantly reminded of Jaduko's potential during the conflict on Planet Xerivon against Zerox and his soldiers. I owed my life to him after he protected my sister during their face off against Ender's Armored Squadron and ultimately you all taught the two of us how we could be respected, whereas we were never respected on our home world." Seikyo's words caused Kyuti to lower her head, she realized how far the two of them had come.

"But even after Zerox was killed and Jaduko had unlocked the myth known as the Super Saiyan upon my death, and even though I was revived by the use of the Dragon Balls. Despite my change in nature to a kinder and more loyal comrade to you all, my Saiyan heritage and past still haunted me and plagued my existence. Like Jaduko, and much like Taisuka as he grows older, I could never get over my ambition to train to be the best, to prove everyone around me that I was capable of being the strongest there was. But no matter what, Jaduko and Taisuka, two fellow Saiyans, were always two steps ahead of me.

"Soon enough they were both Super Saiyans and they left you behind in the dust didn't they?" Violouh questioned, Taisuka never knew how Seikyo felt.

"Of course, but I wasn't going to sit around and mope as I saw Jaduko and Taisuka,both his present version and the one from the future, transform into Super Saiyans, what had my mind troubled for many years was thinking about how the two were able to accomplish these forms. The two of them both had pure hearts and childlike ambitions and I questioned myself whether or not that was responsible for their transformations. The Saiyans are a warrior race, but the only ones capable of transforming were those with pure hearts, as he had seen with Jaduko, Taisuka, and even Shishito." Seikyo continued. "However, once we were all sent to that parallel dimension within the Locket of Nether, I met with the mirror version of myself who was also pure of heart and had a childlike ambition for combat like Jaduko, but he stated he was unable to transform into a Super Saiyan.."

"What did you do?" Taisuka questioned.

"I beat him, and I realized from then on, I would train my body and mind until I was able to transform, I left it up to chance and I figured the only way I could achieve the form was if I grew stronger. However one day it hit me.. I realized I had already worked hard enough to earn the form, my mind was just clouded. My mind was clouded with jealousy and I needed to let go of my ambition to achieve the Super Saiyan transformation because everyday for my entire life, my stress and hard work was simply holding me back."

Seikyo imagined himself training in the Rocky Desert, South of West City. There he trained there for years, through rain, snow, sleet, and hail, perfecting his mind and body.

"All you needed was clarity that you were already the best in your own mind and that you didn't need the form anyway?" Violouh asked.

"Exactly. I transformed that day, the day I realized that I didn't need the form." Seikyo chuckled. "Now look at me, all that stress and hard work paid off, because it made this form even stronger, even stronger than Jaduko!" He laughed hysterically, he had finally done it, he was the strongest there was. If only his father, Ateuchi could see him now.

"Super Saiyan or not, you admitted to Interdimensional Travel and for that, you must be placed under arrest!" Fantom shouted, ignoring Seikyo's story. The ghost was no longer trembling and quickly lunged at the Super Saiyan, who stood upright and tilted his head, Seikyo glared at Fantom who grew closer and closer.

Extending his fist towards Seikyo, Fantom was shocked when Seikyo leaned back and thrust his fist forward into the ghost's jaw with even quicker speed. Socking Fantom in the jaw, Seikyo smirked as his golden aura sparked around the impact of his fist and a gust of wind exploded out from around the two, Fantom was sent hurling in the air, spinning like a top until he landed on his back in the center of the tournament ring.

"Get out of the way if you don't wish to be incinerated!" Seikyo shouted as he leaped into the air above the tournament ring. Violouh, Konno, Taisuka, and Kaj all jumped in the air as Seikyo's hand began to glow goldenish-orange. He shouted as he unleashed a new attack down onto Fantom.

"NAPALM BUSTER!" Seikyo shouted as he punched his fist down through the air, a barrage of explosions shook the ring and covered everything in between the four brick walls around the grass and ring. From the stands, it appeared as if there was a pool made out of ki explosions.

Everyone was surprised at Seikyo's display of power. Except for Kaj, as he had done the same minutes prior.

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VOL 12: Chapter 116 - "Seikyo's Hardships - A Third Super Saiyan?!"
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