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 VOL 12: Chapter 117 - "Clash of Mythical Power!"

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VOL 12: Chapter 117 - "Clash of Mythical Power!" Empty
PostSubject: VOL 12: Chapter 117 - "Clash of Mythical Power!"   VOL 12: Chapter 117 - "Clash of Mythical Power!" I_icon_minitimeTue Jun 27, 2017 8:09 pm

As soon as Seikyo's attack quieted down and went away, the entire arena was scorched, appearing as though someone fired a flamethrower within the ring. Konno, Taisuka, Kaj, and Violouh hovered in the air as Seikyo floated above the smoke rising from the ring, where Fantom was laying. Taisuka turned his head and let out a sigh of relief as everyone there was safe. He nodded to Yitoro, who was looking at him. Taisuka's hair reverted from golden back to brunette and he was startled by someone next to him yelling.

"Are you crazy Seikyo? You could have killed everyone here!" Konno shouted towards the Super Saiyan.

"I warned you to move." Seikyo snickered and peered towards Konno, who grit his teeth.

"That was very reckless of you, Seikyo." Violouh sternly called out, Seikyo scoffed. Kaj rose an eyebrow as the smoke rising from the ground began to disappear, he winced and noticed something green moving on the concrete.

Before anyone could stop him, Kaj burst towards the ground, causing Seikyo to look at him, he realized that Kaj was flying towards Fantom.

"Fool! This is my time to shine, not yours!" Seikyo shouted angrily, his body fizzed out of view and teleported down the ground below.

Kaj managed to reach Fantom as soon as the green ghost got to his feet. Raising a fist and preparing to strike, Kaj felt a force slam against his cheek, Seikyo had slammed his palm into the side of the Potrean's cheek and it sent him flying into the distance.

Fantom growled and raised a fist, preparing to slam it down on top of Seikyo's golden head. Seikyo grinned and crossed his arms, he blocked the fist with his forearms and pushed upwards, causing Fantom to stumble backwards. Before Seikyo could follow up with another attack, Kaj swiftly kicked the Super Saiyan in the hip, sending him tumbling across the ground.

Flipping in the air and sliding along his feet, Seikyo lifted his head and growled as Kaj began to exchange punches and kicks with Fantom.

"I've worked all my life for this moment, I'm not letting a punk like you steal the payoff!" Seikyo shouted, he lunged forward towards the two, but rather than attacking Fantom, he suckerpunched Kaj in the jaw, sending the Potrean skidding across the ground.

"Why fight each other? You have bigger things to worry about!" Fantom seemed confused but quickly shut his mouth as Seikyo glared into his eyes. The Super Saiyan's anger pierced his non-existent soul. Seikyo clenched a fist and shouted as it began to brightly glow red, he jammed his fist into Fantom's stomach and spun around, slamming the side of his foot into Fantom's neck.

Fantom recoiled and spun around, lifting his leg up and blocking another kick from Seikyo. The Super Saiyan spun back around and began to throw a barrage of punches and kicks into the green ghost's chest, but Seikyo was surprised to see his fists flying through Fantom's body. With a laugh, Fantom lifted his fist and thrust it towards the side of Seikyo's head, who grit his teeth and managed to block the punch with his forearm. But he was unable to detect the oncoming kick from his opposing side, Seikyo groaned in pain as Fantom sent the Super Saiyan flying towards Kaj.

"Now's not the time to hold grudges, someone has to take him out quick!" Kaj mumbled under his breath, he dodged Seikyo's flying body and lunged towards the ghost, preparing to attack. With a shout, Kaj thrust his fist into Fantom's chest. Widening his eyes and dropping his jaw, Kaj realized his fist had passed cleanly through the ghost's chest. Without any time to react, Kaj felt Fantom slam his forehead into his own, then swiftly spin around and kick the Potrean in the chest, sending him tumbling across the scorched ground.

"Serves you right!" Seikyo laughed as he got to his feet, he lunged forward as if he were preparing to attack Fantom, but once the ghost turned around to face him, Seikyo slammed his feet on the ground and hopped towards his left, managing to get around the ghost. Flipping into the air, Seikyo slammed his foot on top of the ghost's head and quickly began to exchange punches and kicks with him.

Kaj lifted himself off of the ground and grit his teeth as he watched Seikyo wasting his energy fighting the ghost.

"The two of them are really giving that guy a run for his money aren't they?" Taisuka muttered, looking up towards Violouh. The Namekian nodded and peered over towards Konno, who had his fists clenched as if he wanted to join the fight, but couldn't. It was too dangerous to get in the midst of Seikyo's and Kaj's dispute. Taisuka lifted his head and sensed something in the distance, he could feel incredible powers closing in, but he didn't pay attention to it. A toothy grin crawled along his face as he realized who it was.

'It appears as I've underestimated these two warriors..' Kaj thought to himself as he stared at Fantom. 'I initially thought you were the golden warrior who defeated Zerox, but it appears I was wrong, Seikyo. You're completely blinded by your own power that you're oblivious to the fact that Fantom is quickly making his body intangible to dodge our attacks, but quickly becomes tangible to attack us when we're not expecting it, only for him to revert back. It's an ingenious strategy.'

"I've had enough of this!" Kaj shouted as he got to his feet, causing both Seikyo and Fantom to stop their fighting and gaze over towards him. "With this attack, whether you become tangible or not, at least I get to take out one of you!" Kaj seemed angry.

"Huh?" Seikyo rose an eyebrow.

Letting out a shout, Kaj thrust his arms forward with both of his palms facing Seikyo and Fantom, a red beam quickly fired out of his hands towards the two. Fantom smirked and looked towards Seikyo, who simply raised his hand and blocked the beam with his hand. Kaj smirked and watched as Fantom's body fizzed out of view. Seikyo rose an eyebrow as the ghost reappeared behind Kaj.

'I think I see what you're doing now, Potrean.' Seikyo smirked, he was still holding onto Kaj's beam. Kaj's body fizzed out of view and Seikyo pushed forward, pushing the beam into Fantom from point blank range where Kaj had left.

"Whoa!" Lizz and Lori both shouted from the stands as a massive explosion burst from Fantom's body. Once everything faded, Fantom fell onto one knee. Kaj's body reappeared next to Seikyo and the Potrean crossed his arms.

"I didn't need your help, but what was your plan?" Seikyo crossed his arms as well and turned his back to Kaj, who mirrored the Super Saiyan's movements.

"I figured if we attacked him the second he made his body tangible, it would do massive damage, but he would have seen it coming if only one of us attacked." Kaj scoffed. "Someone had to stop your play date before it got out of hand."

"I like your style." Seikyo chuckled. "You remind me of myself."

"Likewise." Kaj retorted. The two turned their attention to Fantom, who was now half the size of a normal person. It appeared as each time he got hurt, he shrunk drastically. Kaj and Seikyo clenched their fists as they prepared for another fight, but a voice in the distance surprised them.

"That's enough, Fantom! Stand down!" A female voice called out from the distance, causing Seikyo, Kaj, and everyone else in the air and stands to look up towards the voice. They saw a blue and green aura quickly disappear as Jaduko floated in the air above the ring. Next to Jaduko, Churippu was being carried by a man with black hair, Kyuti winced her eyes and figured this man was Nitzu.

"Jaduko!" Taisuka shouted in glee, but Jaduko didn't return a smile. He instead peered down into the scorched ring and looked around at all of the property damage.

"Churippu, what are you doing with these criminals?!" Fantom was shocked to see Nitzu carrying her.

"I said to stand down, listen to my orders." Churippu called back. Jaduko dropped to the ground next to Fantom and walked past him, the ghost reverted back to it's normal form and hovered in the air as Nitzu dropped onto the arena as well. He set Churippu down on the ground as Konno, Taisuka, and Violouh landed on the ground next to Nitzu.

"Should we join the party?" Kyuti turned her head towards the group and everyone nodded. They all grabbed onto each other and began to float down towards the ring.

"I take it you're the infamous Nitzu that Jaduko kept talking about." Konno spoke up, causing Nitzu to turn his head. "It's odd to ask, but in this group, anything is odd. You're a human? You're incredibly powerful for one"

"Yeah, I assume you are? I can feel power brimming from you too." Nitzu extended his hand and shook Konno's hand, he was staring at Konno's red colored hair.

"Yeah, don't mind this, it's just a discoloring." Konno awkwardly chuckled and didn't want to bring up the past.

"How did you and Jaduko find your way back to the arena in time?" Taisuka questioned, studying Nitzu.

"Jaduko knew where to go and we felt massive power spikes as we got closer." Nitzu replied, scratching the back of his head.

"Must have been Kaj and Seikyo over there, they were having fun showing off." Klio spoke up as soon as he and the others landed on the ground. He pointed towards the two and everyone peered over.

As everyone regrouped and began to chat, Jaduko stormed forward towards Kaj and Seikyo, his fists were clenched as he stopped a few yards away from Seikyo.

"Jaduko.." Seikyo muttered, turning his body towards his rival. A cocky grin was plastered across his face as his golden hair softly fluttered in the wind.

"Do you know what you did?" Jaduko sternly questioned, a blank expression was on his face but his eyes were glaring into Seikyo's. "Take a look around, you went too far."

"What I did was surpass you, are you upset?" Seikyo questioned.

"I'm upset at the destruction caused here, someone could have been killed." Jaduko growled.

"Watch your mouth, as far as I'm concerned, I'm tougher than you are right now." Seikyo retorted. Agitated by Seikyo's lack of empathy or control, Jaduko's fists tightened and his hair shot up towards the sky, transitioning from brunette to golden. Kaj widened his eyes, this Jaduko guy was a Super Saiyan as well!

'T-This is him... He's the golden warrior who defeated Zerox!' Kaj's eyes began to shook, he had finally found the man who could help him in taking down an enemy of his.. 'Calm and collected, but ferocious and unforgiving... Jaduko is the one I've been looking for...'

Seikyo uncrossed his arms and grit his teeth, he could feel Jaduko's increase in power and, much to his surprise, Jaduko felt stronger than he did.

"How..." Seikyo growled. "How are you stronger than I am when I've been training nonstop.."

"Maybe it's from the Zenkai that I just received." Jaduko's blonde bangs cast a shadow over his eyes as he and Seikyo continued to glare at each other. "While you were here causing property damage to prove yourself, I had a fight with someone much more skilled than both of us." This caused Seikyo's body to tense up in anger. He took a step forward as if he were about to sock Jaduko in the mouth. But before he could, someone stepped in between the two.

"Save your meaningless disputes for another time, we have bigger fish to fry." Churippu placed her hands on both Jaduko and Seikyo's chests, she was standing in between the two.

"Meaningless?! I'll show you meaningless..." Seikyo growled. He peered up at Jaduko, who reverted from a Super Saiyan back into his base form. "I'll just have to show my strength to you another time, to prove that I've truly surpassed you.." His hair reverted from golden back to it's black coloring.

"D-Did she just step in between two fuming Super Saiyans?" Vitalus questioned.

"Y-Yeah.." Yitoro gulped.

"She's crazy, but somehow got them to calm down." Nitzu crossed his arms. He noticed that Churippu was motioning for everyone to come over. "We have business to discuss, come."

Nitzu, Fantom, and the others formed a circle around Churippu, Jaduko, Seikyo, and Kaj. Churippu chuckled and glanced at everyone in the circle.

"I see mostly everyone here is capable of helping me figure out the mystery behind this man named K.O.N and the Wicked Dragon Balls.." She chuckled.

"K.O.N?" Kaj questioned, he never heard this name before.

"Wicked Dragon Balls?" Seikyo rose an eyebrow, the name intrigued him.

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VOL 12: Chapter 117 - "Clash of Mythical Power!"
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