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 VOL 12: Chapter 118 - "Wicked Dragon Balls"

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PostSubject: VOL 12: Chapter 118 - "Wicked Dragon Balls"   VOL 12: Chapter 118 - "Wicked Dragon Balls" I_icon_minitimeSat Jul 01, 2017 2:40 pm

All was silent in the Tournament Ring after all of the tension between Fantom and the Z-Fighters had calmed down. Nitzu shifted his gaze from fighter to fighter, he had to get used to this many people becoming an ally of his. Finally, his gaze landed on Churippu who was staring back at him as if she were making sure he didn't run away.

"I know who K.O.N is." Nitzu spoke up, causing the others to look at him. "He's located up on that floating monument in the sky."

"The Lookout?" Taisuka rose an eyebrow, nothing but shame and regret was on the lookout for him, as it was where he witnessed his future self give his life a couple of years ago.

"I am well aware that K.O.N is on top of the Lookout, but I need to have a word with him." Churippu retorted, she turned her head towards Fantom and gave him a stern look. "I knew we shouldn't have left him and the Lookout before getting more information on him and those Dragon Balls."

"You talked about a set of 'Wicked Dragon Balls', what the hell do you mean by that? They're just referred to as Dragon Balls." Konno spoke up, crossing his arms. However before Churippu could come up with an answer, Nitzu had answered for her.

"Those Dragon Balls are different than the ones you guys supposedly know. There's an evil energy behind them that K.O.N didn't mean to create." Nitzu's eyes sparked with seriousness shutting down Konno from making a retort.

"So you're sayin' this K.O.N guy is a criminal who replaced Dende?" Jaduko questioned scratching his head.

"He's a criminal, yes." Churippu replied with a smirk.

"But he's not evil." Nitzu muttered. "If anyone knows anything about what's going on, it would be him. Follow me to the Lookout, all of you." With that, Nitzu floated up into the air and watched as the remainder of the Z-Fighters floated up as well. Fantom formed one of his arms into a hand and grabbed onto the back of Churippu and lifted her up into the air. Yitoro jumped onto Taisuka's back and Vitalus was lifted into the air by Violouh. With everyone in the air, Nitzu burst off into the sky with Jaduko following close behind, then Kaj, and then the remainder of everyone else.

Seikyo however remained in the air as he watched Jaduko and Kaj flying behind Nitzu. With a grimace on his face, he closed his eyes and burst off into the sky following after them, his red aura flaring around his body leaving a small spark of red floating in the air where he burst off from.

On the way to the Lookout, Kaj peered forward towards Jaduko who had his back turned towards him, the Saiyan was flying side by side with Nitzu and it appeared the two were talking, most likely about their battle from earlier. Kaj narrowed his eyes and could see the side of Jaduko's face cheerfully speaking with the Human.

'I don't understand, every Saiyan I've encountered has had a sour attitude similar to that arrogant Seikyo.' Kaj tilted his head and looked towards the back of the group, Seikyo was in the very back flying with his arms crossed. 'Why is Jaduko different? He's a Saiyan, shouldn't he be a ruthless warrior rather than a gleeful human? I must learn more about this man, as it may just be the key as to why he defeated Zerox, and he may just be the person who could help me...'

Several minutes would pass before the group arrived at the Lookout. With Nitzu and Jaduko flying through the clouds, Kaj widened his eyes as he had never seen the Lookout before, it was very beautiful for a piece of architecture and the way it was floating with no suspension was incredible.
Everyone else in the group kept their faces forward because they had already been here, however Yitoro and Vitalus were shocked just as much as Kaj was, Taisuka and Violouh were struggling to stay in the air due to the two moving around so much to get a better view.

Landing on the Lookout's flat concrete floor with the sounds of 'pat-pat' echoing through the air as each of the Z-Fighters landed, Nitzu wasted no time and waited for Churippu to land alongside Fantom. As soon as the two did, he could feel K.O.N's energy coming closer from within the Temple.

Jaduko lifted his hand to block the sun from his eyes and he narrowed his eyes so he could stare down the row of palm trees on the Lookout towards the Temple. He could barely see a silhouette of a tall man walking alongside a short and stubby one.

"Hey hey! Mr. Popo!" Jaduko shouted out and he lifted his hand into the air to salute Mr. Popo as the short man stepped into view, his red mouth was wide open in awe at the amount of visitors who were all rushing towards him and the silhouette beside him.

"W-What are you all doing here?" Mr. Popo questioned.

"We were told of the new Guardian of Earth's presence and we came to introduce oursel-" Violouh began but was quickly cut off by Churippu who brushed past his shoulder. Fantom phased past him as well along with Lizz, Lori, and Yitoro and floated up towards the front of the group to hover alongside Churippu, Kyuti, Kaj, and Nitzu towards the front of the group. Jaduko hung back towards the back and he noticed Seikyo standing on the opposite side of the group from him with his arms crossed, the two of them were behind Violouh, Konno, Klio, Taisuka, and Vitalus.

"I'm here to learn more about these Wicked Dragon Balls and arrest you for Interdimensional Travel, K.O.N!" She pointed towards the silhouette who stood back behind Mr. Popo. Everyone turned their attention towards him as he stepped out of the shadows, his grey and brown robes softly fluttered from the wind in rhythm with all of the Saiyan's and their spiky hair.

Violouh widened his eyes when he noticed K.O.N step out of the shadows with the new guardian's orange eyes piercing into his own.

"You're a Namekian just like Violouh and Dende?" Klio put his fists on his hips and studied K.O.N up and down, sensing his true intentions and analyzing them to see if he were truly evil.

"That is correct." K.O.N shifted his gaze towards Klio. Churippu's hand was still in the air pointing towards K.O.N, she was shocked as it seemed everyone was ignoring her.

"Give it up, no one cares about your "Galactic Patrol" business." Kaj spat towards her, causing her to whirl around in anger. Before she could open her mouth, Nitzu lifted his hand towards her to quiet her down.

"I'm sorry for telling everyone, but these are people just like me, I thought they could help you with your dilemma." Nitzu spoke up.

"The two of you are in cahoots?" Fantom questioned crossing his ghost arms.

"I apologize for dragging you all into this, according to Mr. Popo here, I had done the Dragon Ball creation ceremony perfectly, but for some reason the Dragon Balls were corrupted by an evil energy I had no control of." K.O.N lifted the cane in his hand and whirled it around in the air in front of him. The group in front of him and Mr. Popo backed up as 7 Green Dragon Balls fell onto the concrete between them and the Guardian of Earth. Lori rose an eyebrow at the color and size of the Dragon Balls.

"That color scheme is very unsettling." Lizz muttered.

"Those are way bigger than Earth's Dragon Balls, those are like bowling balls." Taisuka scratched the back of his head.

"My intention was to make a duplicate set of Earth's Dragon Balls, the ones that Dende had made when he first became Guardian of Earth, they were this size as well but I learned he later remodeled them to match Kami's Dragon Ball size." Mr. Popo lowered his head hearing the name "Kami", the name of the Guardian before Dende who was Guardian before any of our main cast was alive.

"Well it looks like you messed up." Konno looked up at K.O.N

"I actually did the ritual somewhat close to what Dende had done. I have no idea why these balls are corrupted with evil." K.O.N replied with a saddened tone.

"Well why don't you make a new set?" Lizz questioned.

"Unfortunately I can't make another set until I destroy these established balls." K.O.N replied. "The reason why I had asked Nitzu for help in the first place was to destroy these because of that reason, but not only that, these Dragon Balls are more powerful than the previous set as well, they're dangerous.."

Upon hearing that these Dragon Balls were more powerful than the previous, Seikyo lifted his head and paid more attention to the conversation. Jaduko saw Seikyo perk up out of the corner of his eye and didn't stare at him, but softly observed him from the corner of his eye.

"What do you mean more powerful? What have you done to them?" Churippu questioned, crossing her arms.

"I fear that unless if there is a demon in possession of these Dragon Balls, that maybe my being is what is behind their wicked power." K.O.N looked up and noticed most of the group shocked from this. "Do not worry, I am not saying that I am evil, however I hope that this wicked power doesn't stem from me being from Netherworld."

"So you knew?" Nitzu and Fantom both shouted in unison, Nitzu out of concern, and Fantom out of joy.

"I overheard the conversation you had with Churippu during your battle with Jaduko." K.O.N winked at Nitzu. "These Namekian ears aren't just for show." He wiggled his pointy green ears.

"He is right, you know." Violouh chuckled.

Despite hearing his name mentioned, Jaduko's full attention was turned towards Seikyo. The conversation between K.O.N and his friends was softened and pushed towards the back of his mind. Everything around Jaduko became blurry and hard to hear except for Seikyo, who lifted his head and turned his head towards Jaduko. Something was on his mind, something not right.

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VOL 12: Chapter 118 - "Wicked Dragon Balls"
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