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 VOL 12: Chapter 120 - "Tampering With Law and Loyalty"

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VOL 12: Chapter 120 - "Tampering With Law and Loyalty" Empty
PostSubject: VOL 12: Chapter 120 - "Tampering With Law and Loyalty"   VOL 12: Chapter 120 - "Tampering With Law and Loyalty" I_icon_minitimeTue Jan 30, 2018 11:23 pm

Despite Kaj having an intense glare on his face set towards Jaduko, Jaduko didn't feel any hostility in the Potrean's face. All the Saiyan did was simply cross his arms and watch as Kaj slowly walked closer to him. The air blew through Jaduko's hair and he noticed Kaj's black spiky hair was actually made of spikes in the shape of hair pointing up towards the sky due to it not fluttering in the wind.

"Your name is Kaj right? I don't think the two of us have formally met yet, I wouldn't wanna get your name wrong and start calling you that. I was able to feel your power back at the World Tournament and I was amazed at how strong you are, you're around Seikyo's level!" Jaduko chuckled as he extended his arm out towards the blue skinned warrior. Kaj simply stared down at Jaduko's hand and then looked back up towards the Saiyan, who had an awkward expression on his face.

"You're the Golden Warrior who killed Zerox on Planet Xerivon, right?" Kaj rushed into his question without shaking Jaduko's hand. The Saiyan slowly lowered his hand and scratched the back of his head as Kaj continued to speak. "I saw you being capable of transforming into one of those 'Super Saiyans' as that black haired Saiyan referred to it as."

"Yeah, I actually was the guy who defeated Zerox." Jaduko didn't like admitting that he had killed him, as it was something he wouldn't ordinarily do. "How do you know about that if you're from this Netherworld place?"

"That's actually why I'm here to speak with you. Originally I had thought it was that Seikyo man who had defeated Zerox but when I witnessed him fight against Fantom over there, I knew he wasn't the Golden Miracle I had heard of." Kaj looked over at Fantom, who hid behind Churippu. "I heard how calm and collected the warrior was before transforming by some of the alien races that were set free from enslavement because of your actions. Despite me travelling into this reality, I made a few pitstops and talked with plenty of people in search of the person I was chasing after."

"Who are you looking for? Did Zerox do something to you in your reality or somethin'?" Jaduko questioned with his fists on his hips, a confused look on his face.

"No, Zerox is actually the least of my worries." Kaj replied.

"Zerox was a simple Chief Officer of Trading in the Planet Trade Organization." Churippu pushed her way into the conversation. "He was one of the weakest members of the leading members of the organization which is why his role is so significant and specific. He's no where near the status of Emperor Morge or the Four Lords."

"Exactly, but I can tell you're stronger than when you last faced Zerox. You've been training haven't you?" Kaj's attention was still pointed at Jaduko.

"Yeah, I have. I train nearly every day to keep myself in shape despite these being peaceful times." Jaduko replied. "You're pretty tough too, how often do you train?"

"I train quite often, it's all I really do, it's what my people had taught me." Kaj lowered his head. "At least, the people who had taken me in and called me their own." He looked at K.O.N as Jaduko turned his head to look at the Namekian.

"What happened?" Jaduko questioned.

"My planet, Kerotyl, was savagely destroyed by the Saiyans of Netherworld." Kaj grumbled, Jaduko widened his eyes in shock. "I'm glad to see the Saiyans in this reality are different than the bloodlusted beasts in my own world. They took everything I had and I was reluctant to land on a planet known as Namek, the homeworld of Namekians such as K.O.N over there and your friend who just left. Seeing people from the race who raised me for the first time in a long time just brought all those hard memories back."

"So they've taught you from a young age to fight to defend yourself so that wouldn't happen again?" Jaduko questioned as Kaj nodded. "I'm really sorry.."

"Don't be, those experiences made me who I am, I'm sure you've been through a lot as well to reach the level of power needed to defeat Zerox." Kaj replied.

"You could say that." Jaduko retorted. "I'll definitely help you out with whatever you need, who are you looking for?"

"Well, the only reason why I know anything about this whole Zerox ordeal is due to that someone I chased through reality ending up here." Kaj replied. "His name is Juzo and I heard from the grapevine that he became the new Chief Officer of Trade within the Planet Trade Organization after Zerox's death. He's a member of the same race as Zerox."

"Well if we ever manage to find him or if he comes to us." Jaduko clenched his fist. "We'll be ready to help you out." Kaj smirked and nodded. Behind Jaduko, Nitzu gave a slight smirk as well as he stared at the Saiyan and the Potrean.

"If we plan on helping Kaj, I think all of us should train for that moment, it'll give us something to do until your friends help find a way to return us back to our reality." Nitzu spoke up, causing Jaduko to turn and look at him alongside Kaj.

"You're right, let's get started! See you guys on the flipside!" Jaduko was excited as he flew up into the air and sped off into the distance with his blue aura trailing behind him.

"The people of this reality aren't too bad." Nitzu chuckled.

"Don't forget that you all are still under arrest once this is all fixed." Churippu sternly looked at Nitzu and Kaj, however before the two of them could reply, they burst off into the sky aiming in opposite directions to begin their training, their respective aura colors trailing behind them. The only ones remaining on the Lookout now were K.O.N, Mr. Popo, Churippu, and Fantom.

"I assume you are still here because you plan on arresting me?" K.O.N questioned looking down at Churippu. "You better make yourself comfortable here."

"Actually, while you're partially correct. There is another reason why I'm still here." Churippu's cocky attitude softly changed as she stared up into the Namekian's eyes. "I want you to tell me where the Locket of Nether is."

"The Locket of Nether?" K.O.N questioned, Mr. Popo's mouth dropped with an anxious expression plastered on his face. "Why would you be wanting to know it's location?"

"Because I have a feeling that it could help in sending all of you Netherworld immigrants back to your own reality." Churippu retorted. "I may keep spouting out about arresting you all, but if I can send you all back to where you belong before your very presence creates a hole in the entire multiverse itself, I'll do that to save my reality before any petty arrests."

"I see you're a woman of integrity that isn't fully engulfed by the darkness of the law you abide by." K.O.N chuckled, he walked down the steps of the entrance to the Temple and began walking towards the edge of the Lookout. Churippu noticed him walking through the row of large palm trees and followed after him, Fantom and Mr. Popo behind her.

"So are you going to tell me where it is?" Churippu questioned. "I don't doubt the intelligence of that Earth woman who plans on sending everyone back, but I believe the Locket of Nether possesses capabilities beyond anything this planet is capable of, it would speed up the process if I found it."

"The Locket of Nether is currently located on the Sacred World of the Kai's. It's being guarded by the Kaioshins who reside there. I doubt that the Galactic Patrol has the equipment needed to travel there as it resides higher than Heaven itself in the cosmos above it." K.O.N replied.

"That's why the Galactic Patrol won't know about this." Churippu replied.

"C-Churippu?!" Fantom spoke out. "What do you mean?!"

"Think about it Fantom, we're assisting in the illegal transportation of criminals through reality itself. We've been here on this planet searching for these Netherworld inhabitants in order to arrest them, yet we're about to commit the very same thing they're wanted for." Churippu looked down at her partner. "We have no choice but to do this on our own."

"Not alone, I can send Mr. Popo there to the Sacred World of the Kai's with you, he knows exactly where it is and we have magic capable of transporting you there within a year." K.O.N stared over the side of the lookout, the others did as well as they stared down at the Earth below. "Are you willing to commit to that for a full year?"

"I may have to come up with an excuse for my leave of absence from the Galactic Patrol, but I'll do it." Churippu looked at Fantom, who started shaking, but ultimately decided to help too.

While the four were discussing their plans for their journey to the Sacred World of the Kai's, they were unaware of another being within the area...

Lifting his head to peek over the entirety of the Lookout, Seikyo noticed that K.O.N and the others were preoccupied. Placing his hand on the concrete of the Lookout, Seikyo lifted himself up and landed on the floor with his feet making a 'pat-pat' sound. He quickly rushed to the Temple as quietly as he could. Something was drawing Seikyo towards those Wicked Dragon Balls that he couldn't resist seeing them at least one more time.

Entering the Temple and rushing into the first door he encountered, Seikyo quickly descended down the spiraling staircase that lead to the core of the Lookout. He had ventured down this spiraling staircase before alongside Violouh prior to the battle with Reybuu, so he knew where he was going.

Quickly stumbling upon the room where K.O.N had hidden the Wicked Dragon Balls with his magic, Seikyo could see that they were encased in a glass casing so no one could physically touch them.

'Hmph, who does Jaduko think he is, assuming I'd use a wish on these Dragon Balls to further increase my strength.' Seikyo thought to himself as he walked up towards the case, his reflection shining back at him through both the glass AND the Dragon Balls.. 'Does that kid not have any faith in me? He should know I wouldn't be the type of guy to cheat my way to power. Besides, it wouldn't be satisfying to surpass him that way.'

Despite staring at the Dragon Balls, denying his will to use them, Seikyo's arm still lifted itself and fired a tiny red ki blast into the case destroying the glass around it. The black stars on the green Dragon Balls softly flashed as if they were reacting to Seikyo just like they had done to Jaduko earlier.

'W-What?' Seikyo rose an eyebrow. 'I didn't mean to break the case, my arm moved on it's own, what the hell?' He was confused and softly lowered his hand. 'I need to get out of here with my sanity intact, Jaduko just left to train, I should do the same and outdo his training..'

As Seikyo turned around to leave the room, his body had frozen in place. Before he could even take a step, Seikyo could swear that the Dragon Balls were calling out to him.

'Ssssseeikyyooooooo...' A sharp voice hissed behind the Saiyan causing him to turn around.

"Dragon Balls can't talk, the hell is going on?" He spoke out, the black stars on the balls flashed in sync with every word he spoke.

'Why turn your back on power?' Seikyo's own voice spoke out in his mind. Seikyo's eyes widened as he wasn't controlling his own thoughts, or was he?

"This power isn't what I want to achieve, it's false power, I want my own, REAL power.." Seikyo muttered as if he were talking to himself.

'The Ssson of Ssshissshito didn't reach the level of power he isss on hisss own.' Seikyo's inner voice slowly started hissing towards him like the Dragon Balls had seemed to do. 'He achieved that Sssuper Sssaiyan form through anger, but you, you did it all on your own, with brute sssstrength.'

"Son of Shishito? I haven't thought of calling Jaduko that in years.." Seikyo's mind was playing tricks on him. "I don't need to use these Dragon Balls."

'But Sssseikyo, you need to free yourssself, free the inner you, the power you desssserve!' Seikyo's inner voice was becoming more convincing. 'Do it to ssshow thossse who mocked you, who you really are..'

"These Dragon Balls don't feel TOO wicked, like everyone makes them out to be.." Seikyo could fel a sense of calm emitting from these Wicked Dragon Balls.

'Free me Sssseikyo, free me..... Free me Ssssseikyo, free me....' The voice within Seikyo's mind kept chanting softly, the black stars on the Dragon Balls flashing with each word spoken in the Saiyan's mind. It was like a trance, Seikyo could feel himself slipping, the temptation of power being right in front of him was something he had always wanted, but knew he had to earn on his own. But maybe this one time, he deserved something for all the hardships he'd faced...

"Free me..." Seikyo repeated the words in his head, his eyes were blank as he stared down at the Wicked Dragon Balls. Those words 'free me' were acting as a trigger for Seikyo to unleash his true strength, to free his true self from the hole inside him that everyone kept covering up.

Seikyo lifted his blue finger tipped black glove into the air and softly placed it on the 7 Star Wicked Dragon Ball without hesitating. The voice in his mind quickly disappeared as if it were never there, but despite this, Seikyo didn't remove his hand from the ball. He could see the Dragon Ball shine a bright green upon being touched and Seikyo's arm tensed up as it grew brighter alongside the other 6 balls. Within an instant, Seikyo gave a slight smirk and closed his eyes as he searched deep inside himself, to free the voice that was calling out to him.

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VOL 12: Chapter 120 - "Tampering With Law and Loyalty"
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