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 VOL 13: Chapter 122 - "The Kaioshin Descent"

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Jaduko Masurao
Jaduko Masurao

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PostSubject: VOL 13: Chapter 122 - "The Kaioshin Descent"   VOL 13: Chapter 122 - "The Kaioshin Descent" I_icon_minitimeMon Feb 19, 2018 4:51 pm

Later that night Jaduko, Kyuti, and Resei had left the hospital and returned back to their home in North City. Konno and the rest of their friends were invited over to a dinner party to chat eat delicious food and they were currently on their way to the Masurao residence.

"I can't believe Jaduko and Kyuti have been living in North City for a couple years now and we're just barely visiting there for the first time." Konno muttered as he rode in the back of an elegant and fancy car that was just arriving within North City's borders. Charles, Lori's father, was driving or rather hovering the car throughout the city streets to find the address of Jaduko's house. Klio was in the passenger seat and everyone else was in the back.

"Well usually Jaduko and Kyuti are the ones to come over to our place since we were the ones with the kid and they weren't." Lori replied, Konno was bouncing Yamada up and down on his knee so he could stare out the window at all of the civilians on the street. Konno noticed Lori tinkering in the seat next to him and her concentration was so heavy that she didn't even lift her head when she spoke.

"You can take a break for that Netherworld project for just one night Lori." Konno spoke up, causing Lori to turn her head towards him.

"I promised Nitzu, K.O.N, and Kaj that I would create a gateway to their reality as soon as possible and if our reality is in danger due to their presence here like Churippu said, I don't want Yamada suffering because I couldn't muster something up." Lori scolded her husband. The rest of the drive was silent as Lori cooled herself off and Konno decided to leave her alone, he would just stare at all the people wearing coats out in the snow and how many different colored coats he could see as time passed.

Meanwhile in the air above North City, Taisuka was flying through the air with Yitoro riding on his back.

"So it's true that you helped Jaduko save this city from an alien?" Yitoro asked in awe.

"Yeah, it was before I even met you but the two of us are considered heroes here because of it." Taisuka chuckled as Yitoro peered down onto the ground, she could see that the civilians on the street noticed Taisuka in the air and were pointing up at him, clapping.

"It's nice you get recognition you deserve." Yitoro giggled, she was proud of Taisuka. "I don't think you just helped Jaduko, I think you defeated that monster on your own huh?"

"Well..." Taisuka blushed. "I was the guy who finished the job but that doesn't mean Jaduko didn't help me against Shiver." He chuckled as Yitoro herself shivered from the cold air just as Taisuka muttered Shiver's name.

"Maybe you and I could live here one day." Yitoro talked to get her mind off of the cold, this statement caused Taisuka to severely blush and almost drop Yitoro off of his back.

"You'd like me that much and for that long.. to think of living together?" Taisuka turned his head and stared up at Yitoro out of the corner of his eye. She nodded but instead of becoming awkward, Taisuka chuckled. "I wouldn't wanna live here or else people would be knocking on our door constantly. We should live somewhere peaceful, like South City, or even an island, or the forest."

Before the conversation could continue, Yitoro recognized the Macadmi Car down on the street below and noticed it was driving up a hill towards the cliffs of North City. Jaduko's house was one of the few buildings that overlooked the entire city with other buildings being regular skyscrapers that served as landmarks for the city.

Landing on the ground in front of Jaduko's medium sized house, Taisuka let Yitoro off of his back and the two waited for Konno and Lori to drive up the hill towards them. Taisuka peered down over the edge of the cliff and was stunned at the beautiful sight of the city. Yitoro was shocked too as snow softly fell from the sky towards the large city below. Finally, the Macadmi Car reached the parkway in front of Jaduko's house and softly floated down towards the ground with the sun slowly setting in the distance through the grey snow clouds.

Everyone knocked on the front door and watched as Jaduko opened up the door, he was wearing a long sleeved black shirt with the Macadmi Technology logo on the front along with jeans and white socks.

"Hey you guys made it! Come on in." Jaduko ushered everyone inside with Lori being the first to enter. Immediately, she looked around and noticed how casual and comfortable Jaduko's house was. It looked like a generic house with decorations inside that fit the personalities of both Jaduko and Kyuti. Jaduko's martial arts gear from his time with the Turtle School and Rukiro were hung up on the wall in the living room.

"This is a really cute house Jaduko." Yitoro spoke in awe as she followed Taisuka into the living room. Violouh, Vitalus, Klio, Master Krillin, and Marron were already sitting on the couch waiting for everyone else. There was a TV sitting on a shelf above a fireplace that was replaying old clips of Lizz's matches as the World Martial Arts Champion.

"Thank ya, but this is all Kyuti's doing." Jaduko looked around and noticed Kyuti cooking in the kitchen alongside 18, Marron was holding Resei at the dinner table.

"She's got a nice sense of style." Lori's father complimented as he made his way over to the couch to sit next to Master Krillin and Violouh.

"Make yourselves at home everyone! Dinner will be ready soon." Kyuti shouted throughout the house and she slowly tilted her head to see Jaduko and Taisuka talking, their fists clenching as they began to carefully spar in the living room in front of everyone as if they were catching up on training. Master Krillin stood to his feet and smacked the two of them on the head with his cane stopping the fight. He began to lecture the two Saiyans as they held their heads as if he was teaching them it wasn't proper to fight in a house, just to relive the old days of him teaching the two of them.

Kyuti lifted her mouth into a smile at the serene feeling of having a full house. It felt right to her and it gave her a warm feeling inside her body, but her smile softly dropped into a frown as she knew her brother, Seikyo, would not be joining them that night.

Hours would pass and dinner would be served to everyone in the Masurao household. Laughs were to be had as the entire gang chatted amongst themselves. However all of this stopped when the doorbell rang.

"Are we expecting anyone else?" Kyuti turned her head towards Jaduko who stood to his feet from the dinner table.

"Maybe it's Nitzu, Kaj, or even K.O.N or Seikyo?" Klio questioned.

"No, it's someone else." Jaduko muttered as he made his way to the door. Swiftly pulling the door open, a cold breeze rushed into the house as snow blew into the foyer. Churippu and Fantom were in the doorway in front of Jaduko.

"I never took you as a person who wore anything aside from your blue martial arts gi." Churippu taunted Jaduko who stepped aside so the two could enter the house. Before he shut the door, Jaduko peered his head outside to see if anyone had followed the two Galactic Patrol members. They couldn't have been here for a quick wine and dine.

"If it isn't Churippu and her little ghost friend." Konno taunted as he saw the two enter the household. Fantom glared at Konno as if he were intimidating him into remembering what he was capable of.

"Where is this Lori woman that K.O.N told me of?" Churippu stared at the gang who were all at the dinner table. "I never really had time to meet any of you personally aside from Jaduko and Nitzu, who I am surprised isn't here."

"He was busy training." Jaduko replied as Lori got to her feet, Yamada was sitting in a booster seat in between her and Konno and he stared up at his mother.

"You must be Lori?" Churippu questioned, Lori nodded and walked over towards the tulip skin colored woman. Without hesitation, Churippu grabbed onto Lori's hand and placed the Locket of Nether within it. After seeing the Locket in Lori's hand, Jaduko widened his eyes.

"What's that doing here?!" Taisuka shouted as he got to his feet pushing the chair onto the floor behind him. With the loud thud of the chair hitting the wooden floor, both Resei and Yamada began to cry causing Konno and Kyuti to pick them up. Violouh got to his feet as well and stood next to Taisuka.

"How did you obtain the Locket of Nether?" Violouh growled.

"I confiscated it from the Sacred World of the Kai's." Churippu retorted.

"B-But why did you give it to me?" Lori's eyes were shaking and her body softly trembled as if the Locket had some sort of effect on her body.

"K.O.N informed me that you along with your colleagues were attempting to create a portal to return everyone to Netherworld." Churippu began causing Konno to look at her with an angered look.

"We believe that the Locket of Nether can help you out in your project due to it already displaying capabilities of time travel as you all are aware of what happened with Taisuka Mouretsu from the Future and Reybuu." Fantom continued from where Churippu left off. Yitoro lifted her head and peered up at Taisuka, who had his fists clenched and his entire body was trembling after hearing the name of his future counterpart.

"Considering it was capable of performing feats that transcended time and space in order to pull people from somewhere else into this timeline, we thin-" Churippu was cut off by Lori.

"You think the Locket is capable of doing the same with reality.. You think it can push people into another reality similar to how it pulled someone from another timeline into ours." Lori looked at Churippu's eyes, the Galactic Patrol woman nodded.

"If you think Lori is going to try and manipulate that thing just so you can avoid becoming a criminal due to stealing a mythical object then yo-" Konno angrily began, but Lori cut him off as well.

"I'll take a look at it, if you two are willing to help me and the others at Macadmi Technology, I'll do anything if it means saving this reality." Lori peered down at the golden locket in her hands.

"You sure about this Lori?" Jaduko questioned. "That thing killed both my father and Future Taisuka.."

"It won't happen to me, I promise." Lori assured Jaduko, Jaduko looked around her and noticed Konno conflicting with himself, he didn't want his wife to get hurt in any way. Klio placed his hand on Konno's shoulder to assure him that it would be okay.

With everyone on the same page and everyone calming down from Churippu's sudden appearance, no one was prepared for what would happen next.

Hearing a knock at the front door, Jaduko lifted his head and watched as the front door opened. Two silhouetted figures stepped into the house causing everyone to stand to their feet as if they were preparing for a battle but Jaduko could sense something different about these two silhouetted figures. The light emanating from the fireplace and the lights in the house revealed these two figures of a species he had never seen before.

"K-Kaioshins..." Fantom muttered as he hid behind Churippu, who began to sweat behind Jaduko. The Saiyan rose an eyebrow and remembered Churippu muttering the species "Kaioshin" back during his fight with Nitzu.

The shortest of the two figures was a young Kaioshin girl with pink skin and light violet hair that rested on her shoulders. She was wearing golden Potara Earrings and had on a white Kaioshin vest with red trimming that was supported by a red belt and sash. Underneath the white kaioshin vest was a long sleeved yellow shirt and yellow gi pants that were tucked into grey boots.

The tallest of the two figures was a male who stood a couple feet taller than the girl. The Kaioshin male had light purple skin and orange hair that spiked upwards from his head, he had on golden Potara Earrings like the girl next to him. He was wearing a green Kaioshin vest that had gold trimming on it, it was supported by a blue belt and a blue sash. Underneath the vest, the man had on a long sleeved, blue colored shirt and blue gi pants that were tucked into yellow boots.

"Who are you?" Jaduko questioned with relative ease, he felt that these two were non hostile.

"I don't have a name but you can refer to me as Superior Kai. I am the Supreme Kai of this universe." The male Kaioshin spoke out.

"My name is Saikku! I'm his apprentice!" The girl seemed cheerful causing Jaduko's friends to ease up and stare at these odd intruders. Saikku lifted her hand into the air and waved at everyone but the only one to wave back was Lizz because everyone else was too confused at the situation.

Studying Jaduko up and down, Superior Kai could feel a power emanating from Jaduko that was very odd for a mere mortal to have. He seemed TOO powerful, having potential within him that remained untapped. Within seconds of analyzing the Saiyan, Superior Kai could fully understand how powerful Jaduko was and who he was.

"It's a pleasure to meet with you." Superior Kai bowed in front of Jaduko and smacked Saikku on the head so she would do the same. "Son of Shishito."

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VOL 13: Chapter 122 - "The Kaioshin Descent"
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