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 VOL 13: Chapter 123 - "Plea of the Godly Beings"

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PostSubject: VOL 13: Chapter 123 - "Plea of the Godly Beings"   VOL 13: Chapter 123 - "Plea of the Godly Beings" I_icon_minitimeMon Feb 19, 2018 5:56 pm

"How do you know who I am?" Jaduko rose an eyebrow but quickly brushed it away, who didn't know he was the Son of Shishito anymore? "You guys don't need bow or anythin'!" He awkwardly chuckled and motioned for the two to get up.

"I can't believe it's you, I've heard stories about you!" Saikku jumped up and down. "I can't believe I'm standing in front of a-" Superior Kai cut his apprentice off.

"A hero! That's who she's talking about." He chuckled. "We being Supreme Kai's are aware of everything you've done over the course of your entire life."

"Really? How old are you guys?" Jaduko placed his fists on his hips. His friends slowly walked away from the dinner table to get closer and stared at the two Kaioshins.

"We're too old, let me tell you that." Superior Kai chuckled. "My apprentice here, Saikku, is a huge fan of you because of... because of all of the horrible things you've prevented across this universe. I myself couldn't thank you anymore either, as it's our duty to prevent these horrible things, but occasionally they slip by us."

"It's no issue, but I didn't do it all by myself." Jaduko motioned around the room towards his friends. "These guys have helped me along the way."

"Ah yes, they've stopped you in freeing those alien slaves that Zerox had captured during his stay on Planet Xerivon." Superior Kai peered over at Violouh and Vitalus who were standing side by side. Violouh crossed his arms, closed his eyes, and grit his teeth.

"You guys also stopped Reybuu and saved the entire universe!" Saikku gleefully stared up at Jaduko. Taisuka lowered his head.

"But we destroyed an entire timeline, isn't that something terrible that we've done?" Taisuka questioned, holding in his thoughts about his future counterpart.

"Y-Yeah isn't it i-illegal?" Churippu muttered nervously, these Kaioshins must have come for the Locket she stole from them.

"Normally yes, for destroying an entire timeline could result in punishment." Superior Kai replied. "However it was our mistake to let the Locket of Nether out of our grasp and let it slip into the grasp of Emperor Morge, so you guys saved the entire multiverse in exchange for one little timeline. We're lucky that The Watcher returned the Locket to us after your journey in the Netherworld."

"It's ironic you're here, we were just talking about because now we have some guys from Netherworld trapped in our reality due to them switchin' places with us or something along those lines." Jaduko replied.

"What are you doing?!" Churippu muttered behind her grit teeth.

"It's fine Churippu, we already know you took the Locket from us. We are just here to take it back." Superior Kai peered behind Jaduko at the tulip skinned woman.

"But you can't! Not yet at least." Lori blurted out.

"Why not?" Saikku questioned.

"Because we need to use it in order to send everyone back to their rightful realities and maybe even use it to cure those Dragon Balls of their Wicked energy." Lori replied, she slid the Locket in her pocket. "Then you two can have it back. But only after you help us. Your mythical power could come in handy."

"Yeah, we'd love to help!" Saikku volunteered the two of them. This relieved a lot of stress from both Lori and Churippu as the Netherworld project might be easier now.

"Oh right, those Wicked Dragon Balls that K.O.N mistakenly created." Superior Kai shook his head. "I almost forgot."

"Forgot what? What are you talking about?" Kyuti questioned, she seemed irritated that everyone was bursting into her home.

"Our initial reason for travelling to Earth was to recover the Locket of Nether and bring it back to the Sacred World of the Kai's so no one disturbs it, we noticed it was gone seconds after Churippu had taken it due to the former God of Peace's energy residing within it beginning it's voyage." Superior Kai looked down at Churippu and Fantom as if to say that Kaioshins weren't stupid.

"But when we arrived on Earth and got a closer feeling for the wicked energy behind those Dragon Balls, we realized that they had been used and that our main focus was on them rather than the Locket." Saikku continued from where Superior Kai left off. "We think someone used those Dragon Balls previously causing a massive rupture in the wicked energy.

"Someone used those Dragon Balls? That's impossible." Konno retorted.

"Apparently not because the wicked energy within those Dragon Balls has been transported from the balls over to that person who used them." Superior Kai replied.

"Who would use them, do you know?" Kyuti questioned.

"We believe it was the man named Seikyo Jurei." Superior Kai answered. The entire room fell silent from the shock.

"No, you're lying to us." Jaduko crossed his arms in anger. "Seikyo wouldn't have used those balls, he wouldn't have used them to-" He was cut off.

"To reach a power higher than you?" Superior Kai had his arms crossed behind his back, his face was completely blank as Jaduko lifted his face and glared into it.

"He wouldn't.." Kyuti muttered.

"It's unfortunate to say, but we believe his greed took the best of him and he ended up using them several months ago when the Wicked Dragon Balls were first conceived." Superior Kai muttered, Jaduko blankly stared down at the ground, his eyes shaking in both anger and shock.

"If anyone can stop him, it's you Jaduko." Saikku looked up at the Saiyan as if he were her savior despite the two never meeting before. "You want to save your friend from corruption don't you?"

Jaduko closed his eyes and grit his teeth but slowly nodded.

"So if he used them... you're saying that wicked energy transferred from the Dragon Balls into him?" Master Krillin spoke up.

"Indeed. Those Wicked Dragon Balls still have wicked energy within them, but most of it has been transferred over to Seikyo sitting within his soul, dormant. It's only a matter of time until it releases itself and takes over him completely." Superior Kai softly muttered.

"Then why haven't any of us been able to sense him? We think he's dead!" Klio questioned, Kyuti was standing next to him with her face blank and pale, Resei looked up at her.

"The wicked energy from the Dragon Balls is on par with Ki that is too advanced and complex for mortals to pick up on. Deities across the entire multiverse refer to it as "God Ki" meaning that the energy from the Dragon Balls and the Locket of Nether are one in the same and it's why none of you have been able to sense it, you're mortals and you can't sense God Ki." Superior Kai informed them.

"God Ki? This is too much for anyone to handle.." Lizz muttered. Krillin and 18 looked at one another as if they knew what God Ki was.

"We aren't sure how the Locket of Nether and the Wicked Dragon Balls are connected. But we'll figure it out." Saikku spoke up.

"Yes, and now that someone volunteered us to work alongside you guys in order to find a way to teleport everyone back into the Netherworld, we will have more time to study it as we help create the portal with you two." Superior Kai looked at Lori and Churippu. Jaduko and Kyuti were silent as they were thinking about Seikyo and what he had done.

Eventually the gang decided to pack up and leave the Masurao House. Everyone thanked Kyuti for dinner and congratulated the two on having their baby. One by one, everyone left the house with Lori leading Churippu, Fantom, Superior Kai, and Saikku back to Macadmi Technology to begin the final stretch in inventing a way to return Nitzu and the others to Netherworld.

With everyone gone, Jaduko and Kyuti were silent the remainder of the night until they put Resei in his new room, a room they had spent weeks preparing like any other married couple would do. Once Resei had fallen asleep, the two walked back out into the living room and sat down on the couch to take in all of the information dropped on them.

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VOL 13: Chapter 123 - "Plea of the Godly Beings"
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