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 VOL 13: Chapter 124 - "Family Matters"

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PostSubject: VOL 13: Chapter 124 - "Family Matters"   VOL 13: Chapter 124 - "Family Matters" I_icon_minitimeMon Feb 19, 2018 6:36 pm

Peering out the closest window in their house, Kyuti could see that the sun had fully set and the moon was now high in the sky with snow falling towards the ground in front of it. The lights in the room were off and the only thing illuminating the room was the fire in the fireplace.

Turning her head down towards Jaduko who was sitting on the couch to her left, she could see her husband slouched forward with his face in his hands. He wasn't moving or saying a word but was just sitting there.

"Jaduko.." Kyuti muttered, her husband still had his face buried in his hands. She placed her hand on his shoulder and waited for him to lift his head up.

"Why aren't you more concerned about this?" Jaduko swiftly turned his head towards Kyuti. "He's your brother."

"I am concerned about this, I never thought he would resort to such a childish way at becoming stronger." Kyuti replied. "He's not the kind of guy who would cheat."

"I'm not worried about that right now, I'm worried about what those two Kaioshins said about those Wicked Dragon Balls." Jaduko lowered his hands so they dangled off of his knees. "If Seikyo had used the regular Dragon Balls, I wouldn't be as concerned as I am now. I'd be disappointed yeah but I wouldn't care about it all too much. But he's out there Kyuti, he's out there with an evil, evil power that we potentially can't stop."

"But he's not evil, he's changed." Kyuti retorted.

"I know he changed, but you heard that Superior Kai guy." Jaduko looked away from his wife and stared into the fire. "That wicked energy is hiding inside him waiting to be released somehow, sometime. Knowing Seikyo and how much he wants to surpass me, I wouldn't doubt that his jealousy would be a perfect way for the wicked energy to leak out and consume him permanently.."

"You promised that girl that you would find him and stop him, I trust that you can do that Jaduko." Kyuti muttered.

"Those guys said that wicked energy is related to something called God Ki. God Ki!" Jaduko clenched his fists. "I don't even know what the hell God Ki is but if the two of them said that's the reason why I couldn't sense him all this time, it makes perfect sense. If I can't sense Seikyo, that means he's either already corrupted, or he's in a league I will never ever be able to reach just like what he wanted."

"I know you can't beat a god, but you can come pretty damn close to beating anything you want if you put your heart to it." Kyuti put her hand on Jaduko's shoulder and moved him so he was facing her. "Back when we were on Planet Xerivon, back when I first fell in love with you, you remember how scared I was when we encountered Drivu. You weren't scared though, you wanted to beat him to prove yourself, to save your friends and most importantly, you wanted to get me out of there alive safely. I can never ever repay you for that night Jaduko, but your courage and determination to beat any challenge in your way is what made me form some type of connection with you."

"You don't need to th-" Jaduko began but Kyuti put her finger up to his lip and cut him off. She pointed at his chest where his heart was located.

"But when we were on the brink of being killed by Zerox, you saved me by using intuition that came from this, your heart. Your heart told you to save me and yourself, it told you to use every ounce of your strength to defeat Drivu and train in order to defeat Zerox so you could return home with your friends and me." Kyuti replied. "The moment I fell in love with you was when we were alone in that cave after the battle with Drivu, you sitting there motionless and helpless in need of rest isn't what made me fall in love with you. It made me grow more connected to you yes, but the idea that you risked EVERYTHING to help me and Seikyo out that night, the fact that you saved ME rather than leaving on your own. Your actions are what made me fall in love with you." Kyuti placed her hand on Jaduko's cheek. "I'll never stop loving you and I know you're not like any other Saiyan, you gave me a chance and I wanted to give you a family, the family that you lost. Now that we're a family with our own child, I have everything I ever wanted. I know you love me and our son, but I know how much fighting and getting stronger means to you, I know how much it means to protect the world that accepted you, the world that accepted me."

"You're right." Jaduko muttered.

"You have already protected me, but now you need to protect your son. If Seikyo is out there causing trouble, I know you're the only person who can stop it. I know you can change Seikyo back into being the good person that you helped him realize he was. You need to put your heart into it. I don't care if you aren't able to fight a deity or anything, we've fought demons before and have defied the laws of time and reality. But this is your most important battle." Kyuti continued.

"Seikyo is a good person, I know that. But if anything were to ever happen to you or Resei.." Jaduko clenched his fists harder.

"That's why you're not going to let anything happen to us." Kyuti looked at Jaduko as he got to his feet. "Keep your promise to those Kaioshins, you're a hero Jaduko, accept it and go find him and bring Seikyo back home."

Walking in front of the fire, Jaduko stared into it and his entire life flashed in front of his eyes. He remembered the night Rukiro had died and he remembered his journies with the Turtle School, he remembered the events on Xerivon and he remembered how Kyuti had changed during the course of their time together. He knew what Kyuti had said was true and he knew that Kyuti risked everything to save him too, he could never forgive himself if he let her brother fall into corruption.

But something that struck Jaduko most was the telepathic communication he had with Seikyo all those months ago. He remembered what he said about how him losing Rukiro is different than if Kyuti lost Seikyo. Jaduko let out a sigh of relief realizing he would never forgive himself if he allowed the love of his life to go through what he had gone through. It wouldn't happen again. Not to her.

"I'll go find Seikyo, you stay here and keep Resei safe incase something happens." Jaduko turned around and looked down at Kyuti.

"Nothing will happen, you better promise me that." She glared at him, the fire was shining bright behind him so the only thing she could see were his white eyes, everything else was a light silhouette.

With a toothy grin Jaduko lifted his head and nodded.

"If you have to beat the crap out of him, he deserves it. I love you." Kyuti smirked as she watched Jaduko put on his black inner shirt, his blue martial arts gi, and his black belt, boots, and wristbands.

"I love you too, make sure to have breakfast ready in the morning if Resei doesn't keep you up all night." Jaduko chuckled. With that, he walked out the front door leaving Kyuti alone in the light of the fireplace. Putting the fire out so she could go sleep next to Resei, she stared at the door with a frown hoping Jaduko would come back with Seikyo behind him.

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VOL 13: Chapter 124 - "Family Matters"
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