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 VOL 13: Chapter 125 - "Guilt"

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PostSubject: VOL 13: Chapter 125 - "Guilt"   VOL 13: Chapter 125 - "Guilt" I_icon_minitimeMon Feb 19, 2018 7:20 pm

The first place that Jaduko could think to look was The Lookout, he knew he wouldn't find Seikyo there but perhaps K.O.N could help him and he could probably grab a few Senzu Beans while in the area. Within an instant of closing his front door, Jaduko floated up into the air and looked back down at his quiet home.

'Kyuti, I promise I'll be back soon..' Jaduko thought to himself as his blue aura sparked around him. He took off flying towards the location of the Lookout staring at the lights down in North City as he passed over it.

To conserve energy, Jaduko flew at a moderate pace rather than wasting all of his energy to get to the Lookout as soon as he could. Because of this, rather than arriving within a half an hour, it took Jaduko several hours to reach the area around the Lookout. Flying closely towards the ground, Jaduko had to lift himself up into the air to avoid ramming into trees, he gave a quick glimpse down at the Indian Village that was located at the bottom of Korin Tower before he quickly halted in place and burst upwards towards the Lookout located high above the tower. However before he flew too high, he decided to make a quick visit at the tower.

"Yo Korin! Anyone home?" Jaduko shouted as he slowly walked around the tower. Jaduko had only been here about three times ever since he and the others discovered the Lookout. Ever since then, Korin became a friend to the group due to him knowing Master Krillin and quickly became the Senzu Bean supplier for the gang.

"Is that you Jaduko?" Korin shouted from within the tower. "One second, I'll be right up."

"I can't stay for too long, I have to head up to the Lookout and look for a friend of mine." Jaduko remarked as he watched Korin, the tiny fat white cat walk into view holding his cane in his hand.

"I'll make it quick for you then, heads up. I have a feeling you'll need them with the way you're talking." Korin reached behind his back and grabbed a bag of Senzu Beans from his tail and tossed them at the Saiyan who caught them with one hand.

"Thanks Korin! Say, have you seen Seikyo around anywhere? The guy with the black gi and spiky black hair?" Jaduko questioned.

"Haven't seen anything at all aside from you, I was just taking a nap." Korin replied.

"Oh... uh... thanks anyways! I'll let you get back to that nap." Jaduko awkwardly chuckled. "Cya later!" He shouted and ran off the side of the tower, bursting up towards the sky towards the Lookout. Korin smiled and walked back into the tower, every time he saw that Jaduko kid, he reminded him of someone he had known in the past.

Within seconds Jaduko landed on the concrete floor of the Lookout. He just so happened to land next to where K.O.N was standing as he was observing the service of the world as usual.

"You're here to look for Seikyo?" K.O.N questioned without turning his body to face Jaduko.

"Yeah! You seen 'em?" Jaduko questioned with glee, the sun was rising over the world indicating that it would soon be morning.

"I haven't seen him but I do know that the Superior Kai is on this world due to Churippu stealing the Locket, and I know Seikyo used the Wicked Dragon Balls." K.O.N turned his head towards Jaduko who looked perplexed. "Namekians have good hearing, remember? Besides I'm the Guardian of Earth." He chuckled and wiggled his ears.

"I'm sorry K.O.N, I don't have much time to talk and have fun. If you know where Seikyo is, I need to know." Jaduko seemed serious. "Can't you locate him somewhere on this planet or somethin'?"

"Sadly I'm afraid I can't. Any other person, yes, but with Seikyo having that wicked energy within him makes it hard for me to track, as like Superior Kai stated, it's reminiscent of Godly Ki." K.O.N replied.

"Damn... I guess this is going to be harder than I thought." Jaduko scratched the back of his head.

"You mustn't waste any time, get a move on and find him." K.O.N replied, Jaduko nodded and flipped off the side of the Lookout, his aura flaring around him as he burst off into the horizon.

Hours would pass and Jaduko would search from city to city asking random civilians if they had seen a man with spiky black hair and a black martial arts gi flying around. No matter how hard he looked or where he looked, no one had seen Seikyo, not even a glimpse. All seemed hopeless for Jaduko but he had to keep looking, he was hoping nothing bad would happen that would direct him to Seikyo, he just hoped he could find him quick.

Eventually making his way to Satan City, Jaduko saw three old men wearing suits walking down the street, one of them was oddly pudgy. It took Jaduko a moment but he could recognize the man's face and he quickly landed on the ground in front of them, scaring them half to death.

"Yo who is that?!" The pudgy man shouted in shock but he quickly recognized the brown hair and remembered the 4 year old version of Jaduko who had stopped him and his mafia from offing Jerome all those years ago.

"Hey! Remember me?" Jaduko smiled and lifted his hand up in the air in front of his forehead to say hello.

"Whattaya want from us?" One of the mafia members asked, shaking in fear.

"Don't hurt us man!" The other mafia member held onto his hat as if it were a shield.

"I don't want to hurt you guys I just had a question." Jaduko rose an eyebrow and watched the three men ease up, they dusted off their suits.

"It's been a while kid, ya grew up to be a respectable lookin' lad. Whattaya want?" The pudgy mafia leader asked.

"Have any of you guys seen a tall man wearing a black martial arts gi and black gloves anywhere? He has black spiky hair kinda like this." Jaduko lifted his hands up and pulled his hair up towards the sky in the shape of Seikyo's hairstyle. The three men studied Jaduko's hair and looked at each other. They all shook their heads at each other.

"Not a clue kiddo. Sorry we couldn't help." The pudgy mafia leader replied.

"Dang, it's alright. Thanks anyways guys, it was nice seeing you guys again, maybe I'll run into you sometime in the next 16 years too!" Jaduko floated in the air and waved as he flew off, seeing those mafia men reminded him of Jerome, the man he saved who ended up being the leader of the Crane School. If he had to find Seikyo, anyone could help him.

Flying towards the East, Jaduko eventually made it to the "Poporogo" forest. The Poporogo forest doesn't have regular trees but instead has trees made out of bamboo sticks, it often rains there and it served as the perfect environment for Crane School Students to practice their assassin-like skills.

Landing on the ground next to the Crane School building located deep in the heart of Poporogo forest, Jaduko's feet sank into the ground as it was heavily pouring. Staring up at the Crane School building gave Jaduko memories of when he and the other Turtle School members helped Konno and Klio fully escape from the clutches of their evil teachings. It was then that the two of them became Turtle School members in their hearts and truly became friends with Jaduko.

Walking through the front doors of the building, students noticed Jaduko standing in the doorway and recognized his hair from all those years ago when they came to rescue Konno and Klio. Jerome just so happened to be in the room and peered back at Jaduko.

"Ah, it's the Turtle School boy, Krillin's star student." Jerome chuckled. "What brings you here?"

"I'm looking for a friend of mine and I ran into those mafia guys that held you at gunpoint all those years ago. So I just so happened to think of you." Jaduko retorted as he walked into the building with students staring at him, they could sense how strong he was and it was scary.

"Funny how you always end up within these walls each time a friend of yours goes missing." Jerome chuckled and stared at Jaduko. "Who are you looking for?"

"His name is Seikyo, he has black spiky hair and a black gi similar to mine." Jaduko replied. "You seen 'em?"

"Sounds like a tough fellow, but sadly no I haven't seen him." Jerome replied. Without saying his thank you's, Jaduko turned around and began walking out of the door. "I know by now that you are your own man rather than a student who can be convinced. But do give your friend, Lizz, my regards." Jerome taunted and chuckled remembered how he tried to assassinate Lizz all those years ago and how the authorities tried to shut down the Crane School, but couldn't..

Ignoring Jerome, Jaduko stepped into the rain and burst off into the sky hoping he would never see the Crane School again. Jerome and his students would continue their training waiting for the next time they'd come into conflict with the Turtle School.

Looking around some more around the world, Jaduko realized the morning had quickly turned into the afternoon and it was now reaching dusk. Along Jaduko's journey he had planned on finding Rugulo, the man who murdered Lizz's older sister, Yui, and the first martial artist who Lizz had beaten on her journey to becoming the champion of the world. But rather than finding him alive, Jaduko discovered that Rugulo was dead and he had stumbled upon his grave.

'Lizz would be happy to know that Rugulo's menace has finally disappeared.. But I shouldn't bring up that harsh memory to her, she'll find out eventually.' Jaduko thought to himself as he read Rugulo's gravestone. It said that he had died at the age of 48 after suffering a heart attack. He lived from the years of Age 802 to 850.

Moving on from Rugulo's gravestone in a cemetery from the South, Jaduko had decided to move South-West around Satan City towards a tiny town named "Tortello Town", a town located close to Pepper Town close to the Rocky Lands. The town was relative small in comparison to huge cities such as West City or Central City, but it was big enough to support skyscrapers and large buildings like Pepper Town. Unfortunately when Jaduko arrived, he didn't see tall skyscrapers within the city close to the desert.

'No...' Jaduko thought to himself as the sky quickly turned from a dusky dark blue and orange to a pure black ashen sky. Jaduko slowed down his flight and could feel things touching his face as if it were snow but he wiped his cheek and realized it was ash floating around the entire area.

Landing on the ground that was meant to be the heart of the city, Jaduko's feet sunk into a thin layer of ash that coated the ground. He lifted his head and looked around, buildings were toppled over and holes were left in the skyscrapers that once stood tall. Every building was on fire and the amount of ash and the height of the fire showed Jaduko that it had been burning for several hours. He was too late.

Taking his first step forward, Jaduko began to trudge through the ash on the ground. His shoulders and arms moved together as he walked and his gaze was completely blank. He had no emotion on his face as he walked where there was once a huge abundance of civilians that roamed the happy streets of Tortello Town. But rather than there being joyous people, there was nothing but flame.

Fire began to spread where Jaduko once walked but he didn't care to turn around and see it, the flames were beginning to stop anyways, he simply kept his blank gaze pointing straight ahead of him hoping that someone in this town would be alive, anyone at all. Jaduko knew who had done this but deep down, he knew who was behind it and it pained him to know that fact.

Jaduko's foot eventually kicked something buried in the ash at his feet that caused him to stop. Tilting his head downwards Jaduko could see part of the object that he had kicked. Bending over to brush the ash of it and pick it up, Jaduko's heart quickly burned as it was a partially charred teddy bear. Picking the teddy bear up and brushing more ash off of it, Jaduko noticed that the teddy bear was wearing pink overalls with a rose imprinted on the front, it was no doubt a little girl's toy.

With the teddy bear fitting perfectly in the palm of his hand, Jaduko clenched his fist and tightened his grip on the teddy bear. He stared down at the toy in his grasp for several moments taking everything in as the fire began to burn in a circle around him, it was still smoldering but it's almost as if the fire was taunting him and the loss of all of these people, these families.

Jaduko's heart continued to burn at the sight of the teddy bear but it quickly faded when he felt something spark in his mind. Lifting his head into the sky, he looked off into the distance. He sense an ordinary power level, one with wicked and powerful Ki.

'Stay where you are, you're gonna pay...' Jaduko softly lowered the teddy bear onto the ground where he found it and buried it back in the ash but also placed dirt over it. 'Seikyo...'

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VOL 13: Chapter 125 - "Guilt"
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