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 VOL 13: Chapter 126 - "Thickening Power"

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VOL 13: Chapter 126 - "Thickening Power" Empty
PostSubject: VOL 13: Chapter 126 - "Thickening Power"   VOL 13: Chapter 126 - "Thickening Power" I_icon_minitimeMon Feb 19, 2018 8:39 pm

While Jaduko was off searching across the entire world for Seikyo, Central City had it's own issues to worry about. Lori and the other scientists working for Macadmi Technology began to gain some progress on the portal to Netherworld thanks to the advanced help of Churippu and Fantom along with the mythical aid from Superior Kai, Saikku, and the Locket of Nether.

Walking into the laboratory in the building's basement, Konno looked around at the hundreds of scientists quickly rushing to make this portal fully functional. Gazing around the room, Konno's eyes quickly fell on Lori and he rushed over to meet her.

"Hey, where's Yamada?" Konno questioned as he placed his hand on her shoulder. Lori flipped around and her white lab coat whirled in the air in synch with her black hair.

"My dad's watching him while we're all at work down here. Wanna help me for a second?" Lori questioned, Konno nodded and she placed his hands on a pipe that she was working on. "Push on this to get it to go into place, you're gonna be the muscle down here."

"Got it." Konno cooperated and used his entire strength to fix all of the kinks in the pipe that Lori was writing on. "I sent Taisuka and Violouh off to find Kaj and Nitzu then head up to the Lookout."

"Good thinking getting them all in one place, with those Kaioshin fellas over there and with the advanced technology of the Galactic Patrol," Lori lifted up a futuristic looking object and Konno could see Churippu smirk in the background behind Lori. "We should be able to get this portal up and running within the next twenty-four hours."

"Really? It took you guys nine whole months to make as much progress as you did only to get it all done in a single two days just cause you have magic on your side?" Konno was surprised.

"Well those nine months were pretty agonizing, we managed to come up with a logical way to set up the portal, how it was going to work, and we had to get and create proper materials." Lori glared at Konno who chuckled.

"I'm just glad that this will all be over soon and then we can REALLY get on with the peaceful times." Konno looked around to see if anyone else needed help around the laboratory. "Say, how's the portal going to work anyway?"

"You'll have to wait and see when it's done, I don't want to get your hopes up." Lori smirked and Konno rolled his eyes.

Meanwhile on the other side of the world, Taisuka led Violouh, Kaj, and Nitzu up towards the top of the Lookout to meet up with K.O.N. The four of them landed on the Lookout and noticed K.O.N peering over the edge with a concerned look on his face, he was staring towards the South-West.

"Something wrong K.O.N?" Nitzu questioned crossing his arms. K.O.N almost stumbled off the side of the Lookout as if he was startled.

"N-No, nothing is wrong. Why are the four of you here? Jaduko was here earlier." K.O.N questioned.

"He was?" Taisuka rose an eyebrow.

"He must have been looking for Seikyo, correct?" Violouh asked, K.O.N made a grunting noise indicating that the Namekian was correct.

"The boy told us everything on the way here, we know that Seikyo was the one who used the Wicked Dragon Balls." Kaj muttered. "I should have known something was up his ass back when I first saw him at the World Martial Arts Tournament.."

"Either way, we could have never anticipated that Seikyo would actually use them." Nitzu replied.

"Nitzu is right, it was unlike Seikyo to use those Dragon Balls to cheat his way to power, he's not like that." Taisuka looked up at Kaj.

"Well apparently he ended up using them didn't he?" Kaj retorted causing Taisuka to grimly look down.

"Ease up on him. Taisuka is just as confused as we all are." Violouh defended his friend. "K.O.N, where are these Wicked Dragon Balls as of now?"

"I brought them out and placed them in front of the temple over there." K.O.N pointed towards the center of the Lookout and all four warriors peered towards that direction. "I figured that since they were already used and weren't fully charged with wicked energy anymore, they might as well be waiting for when Lori and her scientists can make that portal to Netherworld."

"You know that the Dragon Balls aren't as wicked anymore?" Taisuka questioned.

"Indeed, super hearing." K.O.N wiggled his ears indicating that he heard the conversation back in Jaduko's house. Taisuka looked up at Violouh who chuckled.

"Do you think those Kaioshin guys were telling the truth about all of this?" Kaj questioned as K.O.N looked at him. "As far as we know, Jaduko and the others are only trusting them because they seemed powerful, looked weird, and were able to tell him about the things he had done."

"Kaioshins are perhaps the one species in the entire multiverse that you would want to trust." K.O.N replied. "Netherworld had it's own set of Kaioshins, but they're unfortunately either all gone or are working with Nether, the former God of Peace who resides within the Locket."

"What do you mean working with? Who is it?" Taisuka questioned.

"I assume you and Violouh know who The Watcher is, don't you?" K.O.N questioned.

"T-That guy... He was the guy that showed up during the battle with Reybuu and he showed me how my dad died, wasn't he..?" Taisuka questioned.

"That is him, yes.." K.O.N replied. "I would say that he and Nether are the only two Kaioshins that you shouldn't directly trust."

"Why not? Have you met them?" Nitzu asked.

"I haven't directly met them but with this job as Guardian of Earth comes connections to the godly realm of the entire multiverse." K.O.N remarked. "Kaioshins in this multiverse are mostly all good except for a select few over the years, The Watcher is one of those Kaioshins that were created inside the Locket of Nether once Nether was sealed within it. He's not entirely evil, but Nether has corrupted him to the point of brainwashing him into doing whatever he sees fit."

"So is that Nether guy evil? I thought he was the God of Peace." Kaj rose an eyebrow.

"He WAS the God of Peace and he IS a Kaioshin, infact one of the first ever Kaioshins. All Kaioshins in both our reality and in Netherworld are either modeled after or are descendants of Nether in one shape or another. Nether was actually a good guy at one time but he wanted to prove himself further to the remainder of the Gods throughout the multiverse. He wanted to prove he was better than all of the Gods of Creation, Gods of Destruction, Gods of anything really, and that's why he created the Demon of Destruction known as Reybuu." K.O.N continued.

"I think I've heard that somewhere, maybe it was when I destroyed the future Locket... but it makes sense now.." Taisuka muttered.

"Reybuu proved to be too much for Nether and thus the demon was sealed away in a Crystal Ball whereas Nether was stripped of his godly powers and sealed away in a Locket that would become the Locket of Nether. However Nether was still too powerful that his soul had somehow created it's own reality within the Locket. It's a reality within this reality that we are in now and Nitzu, you've been there along with Kaj." K.O.N peered over at his human ally.

"All this time, we've been living inside a guy's soul?" Kaj looked disgusted.

"Loosely speaking, yes. But while trapped within the Locket of Nether, Nether can only support the reality and not do anything else in our reality or anything of the sort. That's why he has The Watcher, who does his dirty deeds. Nether uses him so that one day he can break from from the Locket and take his revenge on the gods that sealed him away." K.O.N shook his head.

"So much for being peaceful." Violouh crossed his arms.

"Agreed, as of now there is no God of Peace because no one has claimed it's title yet. But I feel as though that may come soon, very soon." K.O.N muttered as the wind picked up around the Lookout.

"Do you think the wicked energy within the Wicked Dragon Balls is due to Nether and The Watcher?" Nitzu asked.

"Perhaps, but we can never truly determine if that is true until it's revealed to us. But I wouldn't doubt that this is his way of distorting reality in his favor, just like what he did with Reybuu." K.O.N muttered.

"That son of a bitch is the reason why my dad had to die? Why Jaduko's dad had to die?" Taisuka grit his teeth. "He needs to learn to stay put rather than mess the lives up of every living being just so he can get a chance to talk with old friends.." Taisuka's hair spiked upwards in anger and his hair transitioned from brunette into a golden color causing Kaj and Nitzu to step back in shock.

"Contain your anger Taisuka. I fear that if Nether IS behind this, Seikyo may have been corrupted similarly to how The Watcher was.." Violouh peered over at the Wicked Dragon Balls.

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VOL 13: Chapter 126 - "Thickening Power"
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